Problem of records multiple iCloud leaves

How directly where my pictures go if I have more than one folder for sharing iCloud?  When I try to add a new image, it will to the new folder, even if I want to go to the other.

Once you click on 'share the icloud button' on the bottom of the pop up it will give you the last shared album, clicking on it you will be directed to your album list where you can choose.

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  • I have problems keeping records and files of the administrator and the user separate in my laptop (HP Pavilion dv6700) under Windows Vista Home Premium.

    I have problems separating records and files of the administrator and the user. My computer is a laptop (HP Pavilion dv6700), used as a home computer only by myself, I like to keep the two distinct roles, but am unable to as Vista seems to be considered as one and the same. This scenario has arisen as follows:

    Initially, when I bought the laptop - approx. 18 months back - Windows Vista Home Premium was preinstalled, with the name 'Administrator' as an administrator. To customize the operating system and to use safely, I installed a user 'Renault', as a Standard account user.

    After awhile, I changed the name of the Director of "Renault", for reasons I have can not remember now. This caused Vista to combine folders and files of the two "users" in one, I found difficult to deal with, that I could not operate my laptop as just a Standard user, but is still considered the "administrator." On the one hand, this greatly increased spam in my email accounts. So I tried to reset the name of the administrator as 'Administrator' itself and keep my user name as "Renault", as originally the case.  But Vista me has failed to create a new user under the name "Administrator". So I created a new user under the name "System administrator", with administrative privileges. This has been accepted by Vista.

    But I forgot to change the user account for 'Renault', on the Standard account, so there was BOTH administrator accounts at the same time on my laptop! I realized that now only. The net result was that all the files that I created under the system administrator user were still being displayed under the user account of Renault. A few days back, I realized this and tried to separate the files correctly, but it has not been possible. No matter what I copied the account of the user in the files under the system administrator account, the files have been copied on account of the user himself.

    I tried to fix this by changing the name of the user account in something very different, AND as a Standard user. but this also does not work, as all folders and files under the administrator account system shows it as being under the user account of "Renault" only!

    Then, I deleted the user 'Renault' from the list of the user, but he was not yet of any help. Whenever I tried to create a new file under the system administrator, Vista responds with the message, "C:\user\Rajaram folder is not present. Will I create a new? ", which defeat the same purpose of my tent to isolate the administrator account and the user account.


    I would be always grateful for a quick and helpful response.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your reply. It was very helpful / sorry your proposed solution has not solved my problem. Kind regards. -Rajaram77

    Better to delete the user account except the one that was built in the administrator account that you renamed. Before this backup all your data files of these user accounts.
    Then rename the buil into account administrator as 'administrator '. Then you create another administrator account and use it and never the user built in Administrator account and leave it alone.

  • Facing a problem to connect to icloud


    I am facing problem that log my icloud account. When I entered my username and password and enter to connect it showing that you use several free accounts on this iphone. So I can't connect to my account icloud and unable to update my ios on my iphone so please help me on this issue

    thanking you

    Connect to iCloud on another device or computer, and then return to connect on the phone,

  • I can't call anyone on Skype, he said only: "problem with recording device" help?

    Could someone help me? my lack of Skype let me call anyone, when I try to call or answer a call it comes a message saying "problem with recording device"-does anyone know how to fix this help please!

    You can install this "driver - Lyd" (Realtek High-definition-lyddriver (HD)) =

  • a problem in passing multiple values in the loop settings for

    Hi all

    I am facing a problem in passing multiple values in the loop settings for.



    tab type is table of NUMBER;



    Select the COLLECT LOOSE pr temp_tab pr_id;

    I'm in 1.TEMP_TAB. loop of COUNTING

    PR_ID: = temp_tab (i);

    end loop;



    pr_id = 234578

    in the example above, I'm only a value as an out parameter. but I send you PR_ID of the loop.
    why I don't get all the values that the parameters.please offer a solution for me.

    Thank you my friend.

    More clarification, let's look at your code...

    -- create a procedure and have a single numeric out variable
      -- declare a type as an array of numbers
      type tab is table of NUMBER;
      -- declare a varianble of that array type
      -- query all the values from the table into the array
      select pr_id BULK COLLECT INTO temp_tab from pr;
      -- loop through each value in the array
      for i in 1..TEMP_TAB.COUNT loop
        -- set the value of the single OUT parameter, OVERWRITING any previous value it has
        PR_ID := temp_tab(i);
        -- loop around to the next value
      end loop;
      -- end the procedure with the final value of PR_ID
  • Start up problem when having multiple databases on the machine

    Start up problem when having multiple databases on the machine:

    I installed two databases.

    When I stop the database and try to start using

    Startup pfile ='... location... " ;

    I get ora-12514: TNS: listener is not currently know of service rquirest in connect descriptor

    When I try again after 3 seconds, I get a new error, ora-01041: internal error. Hostdef extension doesn't exist

    Stop and start gave no problems when I had a database. Why I get problems when I have two databases?

    I use: show the pfile parameter. SPFile; to make sure that I have the right parameter locations, the error should not be the location.

    I never installed two databases on a single machine, then perhaps that I make mistake of a first - timer.

    Anyone know how to get this working, i.e. start and stop DB without problems?

    The oracle 11 GR 2 on Windows 7 64 bit, everything works normally.

    Thank you

    Published by: aymanzone on June 15, 2011 09:27

    aymanzone wrote:
    My oracle_sid is set to the name of one of my databases

    echo % oracle_sid %

    shows me the name of my first database.

    Still does not.

    When I start the services of two databases by using Services, I can connect and run queries both the database.

    Published by: aymanzone on June 15, 2011 11:47

    First of all... the Oracle Service for the instance must be started for the DB that you try to connect or start.
    Next... from the command prompt:

    Set oracle_sid =

    sqlplus sys as sysdba

    Startup pfile = 'location of the pfile respective db.

    Now, if you want to start or connect to another DB, which is on the same server (again assuming that the Service is STARTED)...
    From the same command prompt or other session...

    Set oracle_sid =

    sqlplus sys as sysdba

    Startup pfile = 'location of the pfile respective db.

    Published by: Srikanth on June 16, 2011 12:27 AM

  • Presentation of recording Multiple merge problem


    I have a document that I have set up for a merger. And I have the data source.

    My goal is to have pages in landscape mode, side-by-side photos captions.

    When I saw it, it's absolutely perfect 100%.

    When I do the merger, it's 50% great and terrible of 50%.

    I have a picture on the left side of each page.

    The right side of each page is empty

    then, there's another picture to the right of the page... right on the white space off the paper,

    and another of my "frames" to the right of this!

    I'm sorry if this explanation is not very good - I've attached a screenshot

    I appreciate your help-


    mtpaper wrote:

    Thank you Daniel.

    1. I don't use columns

    2. I removed everything from the right side of the page

    3. it works perfectly.

    Thank you-

    Somehow, I thought that I would need to add the items non-love on the right side of the page - and, in doing so, pushed the merger out of the page.


    Everyone he did it the first time.

  • Problem with 'treat multiple files' quality?

    I have pictures for my online store which can be really big zoom without distortion.  So I leave the dpi to 300, and run several tests on my mac all with the exact same start/size of the picture everything.

    1. I'm resizing in PSE 14 without using several files processing.

    2. I'm resizing in PSE 14 using several files processing.

    3. I resize preview and don't use all PSE.

    In these contexts - each time, the size of the file is greater with PSE with preview (547KO vs 114ko) - which is a big problem when I have lots of images per page.  The quality of these tests are all to minimal difference range - it is negligible.  However, the quirks start when I add a watermark to the image by using the function 'treat multiple files' - this is where it goes south on me!  Using the preview resized OR resized ESP - anyone, as soon as they get a watermark (and we are talking about only a line of tiny text at the bottom right), the quality gets worse.

    After tattooing, the size of the file on the PES to PES "multiple files" resize watermark (test 1) version will 547KO to 79 KB - and the photo quality is a noticeable difference as well.  Using the preview resized, then PSE "multiple files" (test 2) for watermark, it passes from 114 kb to 83 KB.  Not much difference in size - but I would not have expected a big difference in both cases honestly since I'm not actually resizing - but only watermarking.  But the quality of 'Trial 2' is still significantly different from the version "nothing other than the Preview" without watermark (hands down better on the version without watermark).

    I'm completely stumped on how to make good quality, very "zoomable", a watermark images that remain small in size, while maintaining quality.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you


    gametrailgirl wrote:

    Michel - what wonderful assistance you gave me.  Now I need to play with the different save options and bulk 'watermark' to see the quality.

    Since I'm a mac user, unfortunately the link you gave does nothing for me because they provide only a windows product.  Also, I can't find any reference to the elements + anywhere.  Maybe the premier elements (?) which I did not...  I would like to be able to record actions and who could help with the logo, but honestly I have no idea about how to put the logo on the images (or if it would affect the image quality for the zoom).  If you know how to explain these things to this relative Rookie of photoshop, I'd be most grateful.  In the meantime, I'll play with a few economies, sizing and options "my watermark".

    Thanks again for starting me on the best way.


    There may be specific tattoo of Mac software, maybe other Mac users can give you suggestions.

    For items +, see:

    On the elements.

    It's an incredible lot of extra features for $ 12...

    Since the use and customization of scripts is not so obvious, that I should mention that the author, Andrei Doubrovski helps in the following forum:

    Home page | Photoshop Elements & more

    Your question would be interesting for many other users of the forum.

    Adding a watermark logo .png file is easy and guarantees the best quality.

    Premiere Elements is the video editor.

    To check the maximum quality that you can get in your current workflow while maintaining a small output file, just the first step of resizing PNG, tiff, or psd. You might not get the best results. For the second round of tattoo to "treat multiple files", check the final rating different compression options. Using "high quality jpeg" should not create a visible difference. The limit for users to "zoom out" is 1000 pixels size.

    I have a question: you say that with preview, you can resize, rename and crop your images? Can you clarify this "cropping" method?

  • CS5 - data merge - create merged Document - record Multiple - ignore the title / other objects on the page?

    When I create a document merged with multiple records, items are usually right, but the problem is the title or header of the page is usually also replicated in each line.

    Anyway is to separate certain objects/images/text/etc so that when I create the merged document (multiple records), he would not repeated those elements?

    This tutorial can make:

    But does not explain how he keeps the title, separation points, etc., to reproduce with the fusion of data.

    Thanks for any input

    You have the objects you don't want a copy of the master page?

  • How to solve the problems of synchronization with iCloud photos? The point, reset sync requested version mismatch.


    I have trouble downloading to iCloud the photos app in OS X.

    It seems pictures are being developed and download is underway, until I reached a point where the download starts from the beginning again and the console shows the following message is displayed:

    25/07/16 09:31:36, cloudphotosd 148 [315]: Reset Sync asked! Reason: Domain = CloudPhotoLibraryErrorDomain Code = 1 "version mismatch" error UserInfo = {NSLocalizedDescription = Version mismatch}

    Does anyone know how difficult or can help me debug the problem?

    It seems that the problem is related to evolution of photos from hidden to visible, and vice versa. or remove the tags to images (maybe generally, no changes to photos) before the download is finished, because that's what I was doing in the meantime.

    Thanks for your help!


    OS X 10.11.6 (15G 31)

    Photos App Version 1.5 (370.42.0)

    one thing to try is disabling ICPL on all devices and disconnect from iCLoud then reconnect you and put on a device at a time and see if that clears it


  • Problems with pictures on icloud

    I hope someone can help me with this problem I have when I sign in iCloud and try to download a picture or empty the freezing of the app, here is a screenshot of this happens every time someone has ever met cela or knows how to fix the problem, any help would be thank you very much

    Probably try again later

    You can your story of compensation of Safari (safari menu == > clear history), in restarting yoru Mac and try again


  • Whatever the problem of recording which guarantees in Croatia


    I bought my Toshiba Satellite C50-B-12V on December 31, 2014 at the store Elipso in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.
    I tried to register my phone on any guarantee Toshiba pages to get 2 years free, but I could not complete the registration.

    It says some kind of registration issue.
    So I called a store where I bought the laptop and they promised to solve this problem.

    But I have not received on my registration confirmation mail!
    I also contacted Toshiba about their mail ([email protected]) with my receipt, but I have not received registration confirmation yet!

    I have read the terms of warranty and he said I will receive the confirmation e-mail with all the data on my registration...

    Kind regards

    Mila Miler

    I know the NMWG is always a temporary promotion.
    In case this isn't promotion valid more, recording is not possible.

    On this page you will find all the details and the following information:

    + We would like to inform you that the latest edition of this promotion has expired the 14.01.2015 and it is more possible to register new devices that have been purchased after the 31.12.2014 +

    Here deatailed on registration info I found in

    + Connect to within 14 days of your purchase and make a record of promotion. Please note that registration NMWG automatically includes a recording of the standard warranty. This recording of the standard warranty is also free. +

    + Register your TOSHIBA laptop for promotion on by filling out the online registration form. The registration form must be complete. +

    + After you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from
    * [email protected] * confirming your registration and send the registration number that you should keep for any future correspondence and / or claiming. +

    + All applications without promotion valid registration number will be refused. +
    + All entries must be received no later than January 15, 2015 and complaints against the promotion not later than 31 December 2015. Please note that you must register your laptop TOSHIBA newly purchased within 14 days after the date of purchase online under

  • Problems w/password access iCloud


    So I changed my password to iCloud and now I tells me there is a problem with my account of iCloud [email protected]. The password work online and on my login screen.

    And when I enter my password in the dialog box turns the wheels and either says he was an "unknown error" or just keep turning the cancel grayed out button.

    I looked this problem but not found any help — a thread advised to delete some files in the iCloud hard disk folder, however I do have a folder to iCloud.

    Any help really appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hello tmlnhm,

    I understand that you are having problems, access your iCloud on your Mac account after changing your password. Let's see if we can get this sorted out.

    The first thing I would say to your iCloud sign instead of updating the password. Once you have signed out, you will be able to sign in. Pay attention to a two-factor authentication you have to do or even create a specific app password to access your information.

    Take a look at the articles below, such that it will go to troubleshooting of your Apple on your Mac, as well as more information about the authentication ID to two factors and specific app passwords.

    iCloud: Troubleshooting account

    Two-factor for Apple ID authentication

    Passwords using specific app

    Take care

  • "Problem with recording device" - with no Microphone

    In short, despite not having a mic that I usually use Skype calls to be able to listen to friends when you play and do stuff in general. However today all of a sudden when we tried it auto-a ended the call with an error 'problem with the recording device '.

    It happens both with echo and simple restart does not solve the problem either.

    Apparently, with the new codec NGC (new generation call), which is now used for all calls from Skype, it is mandatory to have a microphone connected to the computer. Without a microphone, Skype calls will not work.

  • The problem with recording

    Well, just at the moment where someone starts calling and he wants to take he writes "the problem with the recording" he calls here Echo and all the time the same... They advised you'd like?

    In Skype, open Tools-> Options-> Audio settings. Which device is selected as the Microphone. You have several options available in the select box?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Transfer of purchases of old Apple ID to new Apple ID

    Hi all I recently created a new Apple ID and would like to transfer my AppStore and iTunes purchases of old Apple ID. How can I achieve this, or is it possible? The two Apple ID are very different and I tried the update of the old ID to the new ID wi

  • Problem of evil of Safari fonts

    Hi, guys. I recently installed Office 2016 on my mac. As it is stated on the microsoft Web site, I deleted all the files associated with the earlier versions of Office. However, now in Safari I get fonts badly on some sites, for example Arial or Time

  • Satellite A210-15Y - how to install Windows XP?

    I had Windows Vista and I improve it with Windows 7. Now, I really want to install Windows XP.When I put the Windows XP CD in after awhile I get a blue screen whit an error. pls tell how to install Windows XP on my laptop and if I need some drivers d

  • Parameters of the T610 IE not taking effect

    Hello world Here is some basic information: -HP T610 with WES7 6.1.701.279 (I think that the latest version) -SP 2 4.5 HP Device Manager Capture image and image deployment are not a problem. But last week I tried to change the homepage of a particula

  • Satellite A100 - is compatible Ram 667 Mhz module

    My question is if the memory module PA3512S-1M1G (bus 667 MHz) will be fully compatible with my A100-906 and won't have any problematic cooperation with my 1 GB ram PA3511U-1M1G (bus 533 MHz) base. Toshiba site shows that PA3512S-1M1G is not compatib