Problem of Smartphones BBM blackBerry after upgrade 'do not associate.

My son has been promtpted to do an upgrade on its 9320 Tuesday after doing so now its BBM is non fucntioning. It is permenantly trying to 'associate the Blackberry ID with the phone' and never connects.

There remove the update App and reloading. We checked his Blackberry ID and he is OK with the password. He tried to remove the 7.0 upgrade and an earlier version, but when he tried to find I have to load it, it loaded automatically the version 7.0.

Nothing seems to work, and after three days, it is extremely frustrating.

Solutions please?

How it can remove it and find a version that works? If he goes to Appworld to try to load a previous version, it loads just the version 7.0. How do you find a previous version? Is there one online you can download?


Try to install this from your phone's browser:
Is BBM 6.2
You can see other versions here as well:
I hope this helps!

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM MIA after upgrade

    I updated my phone today and now BBM is missing in action. When I go to App World it is installed, but I have no access. Can anyone help?

    • On your 9810, go to options > device > application management.
    • Remove the BBM, in this case.
    • Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.
    • Now, using the BlackBerry browser, go to and download and reinstall.
  • Camera problems of Smartphones from blackBerry after 8100 Firmware update to v4.5

    Hi all

    It is a known issue for me that I'm updating all the handsets of our work with the Blackberry firmware for the company that I work.

    After updating the firmware on multiple handsets to the latest version of the Blackberry 8100 4.5, there is a problem with the camera.

    When you are in display mode and the outside (even if covered) the screen turns white as if the lens opening is open wide.

    Even when you take the picture, the result is white all over.

    Please see examples here:


    Two of these photos were taken inside with just on fluorescent lights.

    However if I return to the firmware to a lower level the problem no longer exists.

    I tried to change the settings for the White Balance on the handset and no matter what setting I put it on the same results occure.

    I was wondering if there is a patch or I have to wait the next release for a bug fix?

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Updated the combined software and the camera problem no longer exists.

    Can I get some laurels to solve the problem myself? Laughing out loud


  • Battery problems of Smartphones from blackBerry after updating the operating system

    Hello world:

    I have updated my OS (Torch 9800) and after that, battery life decreased significantly. You have an idea on the problem/solution? I replaced the battery and the problem remains the same!

    Thank you!


    On device, go to Options, device, application management is a great way to see what your applications with your use of the CPU on #Torch. Simply drag bar greater than CPU and see what happens. Also touch the CPU menu to see other time variables. I discovered that an application has been eroding CPU cycles on my own

  • BBM blackBerry Smartphones icon disappeared after upgrade

    Hi, I recently updated my BBM, and the icon is missing.

    Have you tried soft and hard resets

    reinstalled from devices and the internet.

    Have checked and double checked that ALL the icons are visible

    Bold 9780

    OS 6.0.0


    carrier - Orange Israel

    Can someone help, please?

    Thank you in advance...

    Cure found... I hope...

    I don't have the technical knowledge - no knowledge at all - so I can't explain why this solution, on the whole, worked:

    I disengaged the cellular network and then deleted the bbm application, then played reset material, re-installed the bbm on the BB site (not via appworld - doesn't like that), then disengaged the network once again, performed a hard reset, recommit to the network and everything returned to normal - the icon of bbm is alive again.


  • Problems of network of phones smart blackBerry after upgrade

    After upgrade today, my entire calendar disappeared... and google sync fails!... says connection failed due to network problems, check your settings... Don't know what that means...

    Any ideas? THX

    I also got an error that there in no browser configuration. and to contact my provider... what the hell?

    1 restore your calendar with Desktop Manager > Backup/Restore > advanced. Search your backup file "loader" most recent ending by ".ipd" and restore the database calendar.

    2. for the browser and other connection issues:

    Options > Advanced > host Routing Table > Menu > register.

    If still nothing... send your books to your BIS service provider site.

    And finally, as always, with the BlackBerry device switched on, disconnect the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry problem

    I used to be on a former rate (Tesco) and I had not all services of blackberry, but for some reason, I went on bbm and entered a random name and what not, even if I knew that I would not work (stupid, I know) I have blackberry services on my new tariff, I can't really the bbm to work?

    This statement can to solve your problem,;jsessionid=97381B84CAE4236B4384C6C76A2C5029?...

  • Problems with HTTPS access site after upgrading to FireFox 30.0

    I have problems to access our HTTPS Corporate sites after upgrade to FireFox 30.0 of the Mavericks MAC or receive an error message "user not authorized" or the page does not load. I was able to access Web sites mentioned above when you use 29,0 FF. I have read and tried all the items on support to clear the cache and cookies, remove and reinstall the software, trying to change the SSL level & remove the cert8.db and cookie files in the profile.

    Internal just to validate that it was not a problem with our Web site, I tried and was able to access these sites via Safari for MAC Mavericks. I'm looking for what anyone help possible.

    Thank you

    Many issues of the site can be caused by corrupted cookies or cache.

    • Clear the Cache

    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.

    Windows; Tools > Options
    Linux; Edit > Preferences
    Mac; name of the application > Preferences

    Then Advanced > network > content caching Web: clear now


    • Delete Cookies

    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.

    Windows; Tools > Options
    Linux; Edit > Preferences
    Mac; name of the application > Preferences

    Then confidentiality.
    Under historical, select Firefox will use the custom settings.
    There is a button on the right side, called View the Cookies.

    If there is still a problem,
    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}
    While you are in safe mode;
    Press < Alt > or < F10 > to display the toolbar.

    Windows; Tools > Options
    Linux; Edit > Preferences
    Mac; name of the application > Preferences

    Then Advanced > General.
    Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Dig safe web sites and see if there is still a problem. Then restart.

  • Problem with opening Windows store after upgrade to 8.1 Windows

    Original title: cant access window 8 app store

    I had a 8.1 window update to my laptop.but 8 window whenever I try to open appstore, I gives me error that cannot cannot to the authentintion, due to errors, .i tried to open AppStore 3 g, wifi and broadband connection.but I still get the same error.

    Help, please.


    Please contact Microsoft Community. I understand that you have a problem with opening Windows store after the upgrade to Windows 8.1. I appreciate your efforts to solve this problem. I've surely you will help solve this problem.

    To better understand the issue, I would need more information on your side.

    1. are you able to open other Apps of metro?
    2. What is the full error message?

    This problem might have occurred because of these reasons:

    1. Corrupt the App Store.
    2. Incorrect settings App.
    3. Corrupt system files.

    Try the steps listed here and see if it helps:

    Method 1:
    I suggest to try the procedure described in the article to reregister the App Store and check if that helps.

    Note: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information on how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, I suggest you perform the Scan SFC (System File Checker) and check if it helps. SFC scan will search the system files corrupted on the computer and replace them.

    Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an up-to-date report of the issue so that we can help you further.

  • Problems with sleep and stopped after upgrade to Windows 10


    So I'm going to sleep problems and stop once I have upgraded to Windows 10 laptop won't sleep or stop correctly. The screen turns off, but the power LED remains lit and fan as well. If I chose the sleep he wakes up little matter what I try, and I have to make a hard stop at every time.

    Any solution to this problem?

    Thank you.

    1. Download version 9 or 10 of the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver.
    2. Download the Package of troubleshooting Windows 10 "show or hide updates" (
    3. Change the Windows Update Services automatic (delayed start) parameter to the manual.
      • In Control Panel, select administrative tools, and open Services.
      • Go to Windows Update and double-click it to view its properties.
      • Click on stop to stop the service to run.
      • Change the Startup Type to manual, and then click OK.
    4. Install version 9 or 10 of the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver.  If you receive a warning dialog box about the replacement of a newer version of the software, accept it.
      • NOTE: You have NO need to uninstall version 11 before installing version 9 or 10.  The presence of a version of the driver is required to 'upgrade' (or demote in this case).
    5. Run the Windows 10 Troubleshooting Package 'Show or hide updates' and hide the updates of the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) driver.  (This will block your system automatically reinstall or display of updates for version 11 of the pilot).
    6. Change back the setting of Windows Update Services to manual automatic (delayed start).
    7. Restart your computer.
    8. Rejoice!  You can finally sleep and stop again.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM display picture changes do not

    Having a problem with my BBm display picture changing, sound does not change for the past two weeks, am really need an Assistant to resolve these issues

    WATS really feel me enter this wen thing forum that there is nobody around to help

  • Problems of Smartphones from blackBerry to Blackberry App World Server connection

    I got a new Storm2 9550 and some of my applications didn't work properly when transferred from my Storm 9530. Among them Blackberry App world gives me the error:

    BlackBerry App World is having problems connecting to the Blackberry App World Server. Check your network connections, and then try again.

    I downloaded and reinstalled app world several times that I can count to no effect. I rebooted my phone, returned my service books and re-entered my THS several times, and it's not helping.

    Help, please. I need to reinstall some of the apps I got go to app world and I can't do it until the app world features.

    In fact, I understood the question myself. Apparently when it is attached to the WIFI, Blackberry App World does not want to connect. When WIFI is off (or out of range) and I use Verizon EVDO network, App World works fine. The RIM should be looking at why App World will not work on a WIFI connection.

  • Q10 BBM blackBerry display name do not change

    Hi, I use blackberry Q10 and BBM contacts display name do not change what it says in the updates they changed their name, but in chat and contact list lists always the same! This problem has been apparent since 10 days ago

    Finally, I fixed the problem... Simply open the profile of my friend and refresh its updates!

  • Lost after upgrade ios10 notes

    How is it possible to recover all the local notes that disappeared after upgrade to iOS 10?

    (On the iPhone 6)

    Thanks for help :-)


    If you have backed up your data, as Apple recommends the update to iOS 10 - official Apple Support, you can restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch backup - Apple Support

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not find the BBM icon after upgrade on Torch 9850

    Hi all

    I did an upgrade to my flashlight this morning by a message to upgrade the BBM this morning and everything looked like, it went well and I rebooted the unit and NOT of BBM ICON...

    Can someone help me?

    I tried to display, etc., and I'm not.

    I tried to download it but it says that it is on my device.

    Thanks for any help

    Sorry, I misread it, because the missing icon AppWorld was rumored for many, and I jumped in with this solution too quickly.


    • your options > device > Application, highlight and then delete BBMessenger.
    • Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart.
    • The, after reboot, your browser for BlackBerry, go to and download/install again.

    Once again, my apologies for this initial misunderstanding.

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