Problem of sound with 6735 s through a station

I have my laptop connected via a docking station HP REPLACEMENT-S01X and my speakers running through the docking station. Whenever I start my computer, the sound works normally for a few minutes, and then when I play something, it begins to Crackle, then finally cut completely and don't come back until I restart my laptop. I tried to update the sound card drivers, but that has not helped. I also tried three sets of speakers, USB or wired connection, and does so with each of them.


It turns out that I have for my laptop's model bad docking station. HP technical support recommends the FQ834UT.

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  • Problem of sound with Skype only - HP Pavilion laptop Windows 7 x 64

    I have problems with the sound with Skype only - all other software that requires a sound work fine.  I don't hear my correspondent.  My Skype settings seem to agree and I get no error message.

    I run 7 x 64 window.  I have a laptop HP Pavilion G7.

    Any help?


    Sorry, you have problems. For Windows 7, try this:

    Sign in to Skype. Click Tools at the top of the window, and then select Options in the menu drop-down. Click Audio settings in the left pane. Under the speakers, you can:

    • Use the Volume slider to adjust the volume.
    • Click on the arrow down in the drop-down menu to select the appropriate stakeholders.
    • Test the speakers by clicking on the green arrow next to the drop-down list of speakers.
    • Click on the link to make a free test call to make a test call.

    It may be a good idea to plug a headset as a test to see if it works. You don't need a headset with a microphone; Just use any headset allows you to listen to your music on your iPod. The nice thing about using a stereo headset is that you can always talk through the microphone on your computer, but only you will hear responses from your correspondents, and is as much your comments.

    Skype has a document of support practice that may help you: I can't hear my friend... (Windows desktop) .

    And now, the delicate question: it is possible that your friend accidentally cut his microphone? Or what is happening with all of your calls?

  • Problem of sound with windows 8

    After the installation of windows 8, the sound became much less that he used and the program disappear the beats.

    I tried to install the driver from the hp website, but I do not have the software of beats.

    You might think, I do not work for HP, I posted this question on a Privy Council here, hoping to get answers from HP employees.

    I don't even see it for W7 on the drivers page, could be a problem of distribution with bat Electonics LLC licensing

  • Windows Movie Maker, a problem of sound with the "Split"?

    Well, that makes me extremely crazy because I'm unable to download videos on youtube. So I have this video which lasts 7 minutes. I decided to split the video into two (at halfway accurate). Then I inserted a photo in the middle of the video. The problem here is that after the image in the Middle, the second part of my video plays fine except for the sound (my voice). He decided to play my voice from the first part of the video response and bacsically everything for the second clip! I tried everything in my power to make it work. I even tried to cut the second part, while he was alone and recording, but guess what? He still played my voice of the first part of the video! It is making me upset moajorly. I also have the updated version if you were wondering. It is much too difficult to work with, especially since I'm used to the other older, so I think I'm missing a certain button or article or something. I don't even know. So my question is, how to split a video by half, add a picture and make sure that my voice is match with my mouth & video. Moreover, I do not have voice on it or add audio. Quite simply, I filmed a video of me talking.

    Since you use Movie Maker 6 and not Live Movie Maker, what follows
    tutorial composed originally for XP, Movie Maker, you should get started

    For the timeline, drag a second copy of the video to Audio / Music
    follow and drag it left or right to align on the Audio track.

    Then right-click / mute the Audio track.

    Now, you can split the video anywhere you want... CTRL + L... and delete
    a section... then insert a Photo and give it the same length as the
    segment you removed.

    Here's another method:

    Split your video clip on each side of the area where will be the stills.

    Now... drag the part cut on the audio / music. BTW... If you want to
    to add a second 5 again... Remove 5 seconds of the video clip. (info below
    splitting if you need it)

    Drag your fixed shots to the timeline and drop it off at the place where
    you have deleted the video.

    The Audio clip on the audio / music can be dragged to the right or left to
    adjust its position.

    More information about the Division...

    "Split a Clip in MM2.1.

    Drag the audio clip on the timeline.

    Play the video/audio by clicking on the 'Play' button under the display screen.

    You will see the playback indicator (vertical line), advancing through the

    Click on the "Pause" button at the location where you want to cut and type...
    CTRL + L or click the "Split" button at the bottom of the display screen.
    (you can also make adjustments by dragging the playback indicator)

    Make splits as much as you want and remove unwanted in law clips
    Click on / delete.

  • Problems of sound with Satellite A500-13F

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A500-13f and it's very good, but
    My problem is that the * sound cut when you're listening to music and returns after 30 seconds * and also * a product of her pulse in the left internal speaker sound when the frequency of the high musical rhythms *.

    Please help, please


    What are the strange sounds that even with factory settings, the sound cuts. I can advise you to update the audio driver no form page driver Toshiba but from here: 9889ed65f5c7d5453

    If she's not always you help, there may be a hardware - related problem.

  • Problem of sound with BDV-E770W

    Having a problem playing DVD movies on my new home theater. Trailers, scenes cut, etc. work fine, but in the actual movies the vocal track is muffled and distant. Other DVD, for example the TV series, seems to work well. All other inputs (TV, etc.) work fine.

    Sound mode set to auto.

    Everyone experienced it / have a solution?

    Problem resolved - after call to Sony technical support - re-run auto-calibration and it showed the center speaker connection was bad. I guess that TV DVDs are recorded in stereo (tracks so vocal still audible) but the movies are 5.1 and song come through from the center speaker.

    We learn something new every day!

  • problem of sound with inspiron 3421

    Hello, I bought the laptop a few months ago, now I'm having problems with sound problems, the laptop sound is inaudible, its system so that the speakers are inaudible even at 100%. Please help me solve this problem.

    Hello. I apologize for the delay in answering your question.

    I suggest that you go to Inspiron 14 3421 Dell html page and download and install a new copy of the Realtek audio driver. Select the latest version for your operating system. Scroll down to the Audio category and you will see the drivers Realtek for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (WB64A) and Win10 (WT64T or WT32T, which means win 10 64-bit or 32-bit)...

  • Problem of sound with video gallery swf imported


    My problem is this - I created a xml driven flash video gallery that I imported into catalyst. Playback is ok, but when I want to go on another page of my site, if a video is in progress, the noise of her does not stop (and as well as the video). So, I want to stop the video, when the user edits the page, or at least to stop the sound of the video, not to the State of video gallery. The swf file that I imported have only one image and the controls are created in AS 3.

    Thanks in advance!

    Interesting problem.

    Initially, I thought that this could be easily solved with action sequences on the imported SWF file.   Action sequences will control the visibility, play(), stop(), and go to the chassis, he keeps the audio that has already started to play in the imported SWF.

    I worked around this by

    1. place an empty block '0' in my Flash .fla with SoundMixer.stopAll (); in the ActionScript code - then reoutput the SWF
    2. Import the SWF file and then set an ActionSequence to go to Frame 0 and stop when I left the State where I wanted that my game SWF
    3. Also set an ActionSequence to go to frame 0 and play when I wanted my SWF to start playing again

    See the source .fla and .fxp here:

    Best wishes


  • Problem of sound with Windows8 Satellite A300-1 ms

    last month I italled win8 in my laptop. The problem is that sound does not work!

    anyone whith the same problem?



    If the sound does not work, it means that you have not installed the audio driver.
    AFAIK the A300-1MS supports the Realtek ALC268 audio chip.
    If you should download audio Manager Realtek Realtek HD page and should install it.

  • Problems of sound with my A60

    Is it normal that the A60 to always play the sound through the laptop speakers when headphones are plugged? I reinstalled the drivers but no luck, this is a hardware error? Thank you.

    Hello David

    Normally Laptop speakers should be disabled if the headphones are connected. But in your case, it is possible that the small switch inside the headphone port is default.

  • I found the solution for the problem of sound-acpi with Satellite P100-219


    I found the solution for the problem of sound-acpi with Toshiba P100 (it works with P100-219 at least). I can provide the source modified and compiled table DSDT, but I would like to know if it is possible to get these changes in the next update of the BIOS?

    See you soon,.

    Hi Mik

    As you know that it is not possible to find info on the next BIOS, especially if you want to have some information about the Linux operating system. Just wait and see if some forum users pointed out something on the subject.

  • External Usb Audio Card Popping and cracking sound with Satellite L500


    My name is Boyan and I am from Bulgaria, and a year ago, I bought a laptop satellite l500 series (I can't tell which is exactly the model at the moment because my computer is not currently with me and my user manual, the only thing that is said is that it is for L505/L500/L500D / L505D.) But from memory I think it was the Satellite L500D-ST5506 which is currently not at my dispossal, because I gave him for repairs for the same problem that I say down below)

    The problem with my laptop, is that when I plug in a Usb Audio card in my laptop I have a crackling sound during live sound is played hollow map external speakers/headphones. I tried several sound cards and speakers/headpohnes which work perfectly well with other computers, including laptops, but the problem continues even when I use an external sound card to connect to the laptop not appearing in my laptop speakers/headphones.

    The problem is important only when the signal passes through an external audio card and it is very disruptive since I use my laptop to create music and I bought a sound card expenssive and speakers that can not be used with the laptop. I tried 3 types of sound cards:

    M-Audio Fast Track Pro

    BEHRINGER uca 222

    and a simple 3d audio usb audio card external and the problem persists.

    At first, I thought that the problem is software and I should install the new drivers, windows 7 automatically recognizes and installs the drivers for the devices and I have its in (but with the cracks and educated) so I tried using the official drivers sold for me with the sound cards, but without success: the problem was still there. I tried to find the new drivers of the sound cards on long official distributors and I downloaded it but the problem was still there. Then I tried to delete all the audio drivers on my computer and just use the external sound card for sound but this eighter helps force. I updated my drivers for my sound card build - in as well but again - no luck.

    After substantial thing frist I did when (2 weeks after I bought the laptop) was to contact the store where I bought my audio card and they said that the problem may be so eighter latency or high voltage of the laptop they advised me to try to reduce the latency of the parameters or to try and see if the problem persists if only my laptop running on battery power. I tried two things, and they did not help. Audio cards worked without problems on all the other computers I tried them but me. So they told me that the problem could not be audio cards.

    What I then was that I gave my laptop for the Distributor official of toshiba in my country so that they can solve my problem. What they told me, is that a problem with the version of windows which was preinstalled on my laptop and it was not compitable with the sound cards (which was bizzar survey because I tried them on the same windows and they worked, only on other computers). So I'm back from my laptop and passed under my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system to Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64-bit and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition on all versions, that's the problem: whenever I activate a low of passes of audio signal and Audio Usb card he heard cracks and educated. I even tried isntalling Windows XP, but the laptop want spesific SATA drivers for the Windows XP installation which although I found - they helped me install XP and I didn't go the BIOS of the computer to try to put a new and so on, because I'm not sure about that and I could lose my warranty so I said in the official repair shop for Toshiba in my city to put XP on my computer to solve the problem but they can't because they are not liscened to work with software that isn't a recipt for its purchase (which I did not because I bought my windows xp a long time ago and I lost the recipt)

    I gave her to get it repaired for the second time by telling them that the change of my operating system has not solved my problem and what they were doing was they changed the motherboard on my computer, indicating that the build in the device realtek audio on my computer is good enough to support a card usb audio or it may be broken and they change the whole motherboard because the generation of card is stuck, so they did it, but my problem has not been resolved. They told me that although I use and map external audio usb signal always going trough my only internal and I have to disable so I tried to disable this trough Control Panel, but this does not solve the problem and I don't have a BIOS option to disable my sound card build-in. Another thing I thought that maybe the problem is that two audio cards do not work on the same bitrate and Hertz so I put both cards to 16 bit 48000 Hz DVD quality (also tried the other options on the 3 cards that I have) but it's the same thing.

    They told me that it's just my luck and the construction of the sound card does not support this external sound cards and I would had been more careful when they choose to my laptop first.

    I couldn't accept this awnser for several reasons:

    (1) this sound card works on a lower version of windows and are supported by many older models of Realtek and a lot of old computers (one of them bought 2000! and my laptop is of 2010!)

    (2) the guys who were the apperantley of fixing problem don't go so deeply into my problem because they didn't know that in fact the problem was that only they knew that there is a problem with the audio card and the computer interact with them, they knew not that it cracks during the direct play the external audio card.

    (3) I can't accept the fact that Toshiba is manufacturing of models with maps audio chipset that cannot support a simple external Usb Audio card. It is totally unacceptable to me, and I sincerely hope that this is not the case!

    (4) they have tried my audiocards on another laptop of the same series, claiming that they have not at their dispossal at the moment so I'll go tomorrow at a local store and try the sound cards by myself on the same computer in the store.

    What I have now, it was that I gave my laptop for repair requesting a statement of the problem in wrtting with details of the problem so I can go to court or ask for a new laptop, but I'll be charged with little money because according to them there is no problem in the laptop and the problem is that my external sound cards are not compitable with the build in house chipset sound card. If I give my laptop for repair, and there is no hardware problem, I'll have to pay the money. I will do this, but I'm now crazy, because that does not solve my problem and I am wasting time and money.

    What I ask here is, if you can not help me solve my problem and advice me what to do to fix it, please give me the details of the chipset built in Driver sound card on my motherboard, so I can check if it is compitable with my external sound cards and contact the dealers of the sound card to ask them their opinion. Or if you can tell me what it is compitable with and what not, that would be great. Personally, I think this laptop should have no problem at all with a simple external usb running sound card, but I ask you, if you know something more about it.

    If a problem with the build in chipset then Toshiba is manufacturing (or at least sell) audiocards which are not in a normal standart but unfortunately I can not do nothing except complain to Toshiba and never treat whith such productgs more. Otherwise, if this is not true, then my laptop has a problem that is different and I have to go to court with the mans for mounting repair is not my laptop or do not give a new one when I guarantee will not fault of Toshiba and it will be in a way solve my problem.

    I hope that you understand how important it is for me and I hope I have fix the problem as soon as possible.


    I want to say that I am familiar with grammar mistakes, that I did in the text below, and I would ask your excuses that I'm not a native speaker of English.

    Hi, I would just say that I had a similar failure although I wouldn't be surprised if she causing of yours, but you never have knowledge, my fault was the lid of my laptop [9 months], it contains the mic and when the lid has been in a certain angle cracks could be heard worse when I got my external sound card all the time it happened, luck, PS, it's a defective membrane [lid to the body] easily missed by engineer because he was the same angle you English is very good

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  • Satellite click on Mini - sound distortion when looking through Blinkbox

    My mini click has been fine and I watched several programs via blinkbox, listened to and downloaded. Last night, I was watching a program and the sound is distorted. I tried another Tablet, and the sound was very good, so that's obviously a problem with my mini click.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Perhaps you should simply reinstall / update the audio driver?

    But it would be interesting to know if the sound distortion is noticeable through connected headphones.

    Where properly sound using headphones, the sound issue could be related to a malfunction of the speaker...

  • The drivers are all workers, but still no sound with windows 7

    I have a frustrating noise problem. My sound worked completely fine until yesterday. When I start my computer, I realized that no sound came out. I went through many forums to find the solution and I checked all the simple stuff like making sure my devices are activated, an active audio service, reinstalled / updated audio drivers etc... I even went into the BIOS and loaded by default and still no sound. I've gotten to the point where I don't know what I can do. Help please!

    Hi all

    I'm sorry that you are running in this issue of no sound. You get any sound with headphones?

    Also, I would suggest trying a hard reset as the next faster and less invasive stage. This can sometimes fix strange problems because it drains all the electricity unit. Here are the steps for a Hard Reset.

    I hope this helps! Let me know the results, if you have a chance

  • I can't not all sounds with Firefox, but I have a sound with Internet Explorer

    I'm not all sounds with Firefox. I have a sound with Internet Explorer

    Hi bholmes,.

    Have you looked at the article Knowledge Base, what to do if Firefox will play all of the sounds? There are many good advice on troubleshooting in there. You might have its just accidentally disabled for Firefox.

    There is also a chance it's a plugin problem. If the first article does not help, take a look at common audio problems and graphics issues.

    Hope this helps!

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