problem of speech recognition in Windows Live Mail on Windows 7

I use speech recognition with Windows 7 software. When I am dictating an e-mail in Windows Live Mail, sometimes a small box appears and dictation appears here, and I have to keep saying 'OK' for the words appear in the e-mail message. But sometimes the disc text right into the email as if I type it. Why is this happening? Only, it seems to happen in an email, not anywhere, so far.


When you use Windows Live Mail and the question you have posted is related to Windows Live, so it would be better suited in the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

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  • Problem with speech recognition in Windows 7 and MS Word 2010 - strange window opens

    I have been using speech recognition in Windows 7 to dictate in Word 2010.  Yesterday it worked fine: I did a number of training records, added a few new words in the speech dictionary and dictated a part of a document.  No major problems.

    Today, however, when I begin to dictate, rather than insert the words directly in my Word document, a secondary window will appear next to the insertion point and text appears here, with small buttons that say "insert" and "Cancel".  It's rather annoying - get the text dictated in the document, I must stop dictating and say "insert."  Is it possible to prevent that from happening?  As far as I know, I don't have any changes to the settings or program options to cause this.  Help!

    Thanks for the answer, but now I can't seem to reproduce the problem.  I don't know why what started, but it doesn't seem to be the case more.  Thank you.

  • Speech recognition in Windows 7 does not work with several sentences

    I use speech recognition with Windows 7 and Word 2010. In the past, it worked fine, but now it has developed several questions:

    1. When I say 'OK _', he responds with "this command is not available now.
    2. When I insert a period at the end of a sentence, it puts a space between the last word and the period.
    3. When I say "He went out", he responds with "this command is not available now.

    The only change I made is the upgrade to Office 2010, but I have Office 2010 on my laptop and it works fine there.

    Is there a way to fix the voice recognition program?

    I'm having the same problem.  Windows Speech recognition (WSR) IS NOT playing well with Office 2010.  A very disappointing setback because it appears to praise them to the improvement of the accessibility features THAT WSR will not dictate in Word 2010 without having to accept the text in the window on the other.  Very slow process is the result of the incompatibility and effectively stops to dictate.  :-(

    I have exactly the same problem, Word 2010 (32 bit on 64 bit systems) leaves me only the replacement window allows you to dictate text and many features learned during the training now work well in this mode.

    It really does not need speech recognition. However, there is no problem using the dictation in Internet Explore.

    To fix this (remove the dialog box) right-click on the translation of the speech tool, then go to options, then uncheck the "enable dictation Notepad '.

  • French speech recognition on Windows ITO?

    Hi all

    I developed a Windows 10 as a CEP application. This application uses speech recognition to the french language. Now, I would like to use this app with my raspberries FT2 and Windows ITO. But in fact, the speech recognition on Windows ITO only works for the English language.

    Do you know if it is expected that the languages (such as french) are added on Windows ITO for speech recognition?

    Thanks for help.

    Samuel LIOULT

    Hi Samuel,.

    I suggest you post your query in the following forums to improve assistance in this regard.

    Thank you.

  • Speech recognition in Windows XP

    I have windows xp o/s - office 2003 Msft and Msft Office 2007, I installed. I can't get the ability of speech recognition (the tab does not appear, so it seems that I need the engine), guideance please?

    Original title: lack of speech recognition - need guideance, please

    Hi jpggolf,

    You can check the link about how to install and configure speech recognition in Windows XP below:

    You can also view: speech recognition with Windows XP:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to get a number to appear in the speech recognition in Windows 7. ?

    Speech recognition in Windows 7. How can I use speech recognition to enter numbers?  When I say a number, SR inserts the text spelling rather tha number I want.

    I would like to be able to use the numbers in Internet Explorer as Excel.

    I am currently using Office 2007 but will move to 2010 as soon as it is available. So, if it a problen which has been fixed in Office 2010, I can wait.

    Check out this site. Take a look at the section "Navigation". I think that's maybe what you are looking for!

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M.
    Windows outreach team

  • How to get speech recognition in Windows Vista?

    I have windows vista Home premium. It is able to run windows speech recognition, and, if so, how can I get this program?

    Yes, it can.

    Windows speech recognition

    How to use speech recognition in Windows Vista

    How to use speech recognition in Vista

    The tutorials above should help you.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Speech recognition for Windows 7

    Russia is available as a language pack for speech recognition in Windows 7?  Can someone give me advice on how to use ity, what pitfalls to avoid, and what equipment was used?

    Russia is available as a language pack for speech recognition in Windows 7?  Can someone give me advice on how to use it, what equipment was used and what pitfalls to avoid?

    A Russian Language Pack is available. However, the language packs are only for display of menus, dialog boxes and other user interface elements.

    WSR, Windows speech recognition which includes the dictation commands and navigation of the user interface. Apparently, only the following languages are supported for WSR:

    English US

    UK English





    Chinese Traditional

    Chinese Simplified

    Marty Markoe,

  • How to disable or turn off speech recognition in Windows 7?

    I want to Turn off speech recognition in Windows 7. Is there a way?

    Hi Rammudiraj,

    Looks like you already have the settings correct, but just in case:

    Start > Control Panel > speech recognition Options > Advanced speech options (top left) > under "User settings" uncheck "run speech recognition at startup.
  • speech recognition with Windows 7 no longer works

    I started using speech recognition in Windows 7 a few weeks ago. It was working great until yesterday when he stopped working for no apparent reason. I used the troubleshooter without success. Help, please. Thank you!

    I started using speech recognition in Windows 7 a few weeks ago. It was working great until yesterday when he stopped working for no apparent reason. I used the troubleshooter without success. Help, please. Thank you!

    When you say that it has stopped working, can you be more specific? For example:

    • When you try to start the WSR (Windown Speech Recognition) the speech bar appear?
    • Are you able to turn on the microphone?
    • Have you tried runnning utility all microphone of the Control Panel, speech recognition Options?
    • What mic do you use? Have you checked to see if it is connected and correctly connected?
    • If the microphone is connected properly, there as default recording device?

    Marty Markoe, , eMicrophones, Inc.
    Microsoft 2011 MVP

  • Speech recognition error Windows 7

    Hello world. I have a windows 7 64-bit. My speech recognition does not work. Whenever I click it, it says:

    "Speech recognition could not able to start because the language configuration is not supported."

    The recognizer language must match the language of the user interface. Please change the recognizer language in the control panel of the speech recognition under Advanced Options»

    Here are some of the few things that I had already done, BUT my speech recognition still does not work:

    • First thing I tried to do was to check to see if my region was correct and that my language has been updated with English
    • I had already gone to Regedit and put ctfmon.exe in the correct folders. (When this does not work, I then installed the actual ctfmon.exe, run the file and then merged it)
    • I have restarted and shut down my computer several times for updated software (I also made sure my windows 7 has been updated)
    • I have trained default speech profile several times and has also made a new speech recognition profile in advanced speech options and then also formed the new profile a few times.
    • I had unchecked the box that says, "Examine the documents and mail to improve accuracy" and he then applied on
    • I had set up my microphone already and it works perfectly. (I also went through the speech recognition tutorial)
    • I checked if my speech has been disabled (but it wasn't)

    Everything I tried seemed to not work which is strange, because so many people have so much success to all the steps I did above. I hope someone might have a solution for me.

    I understand that it's frustrating when things don't work as expected. I appreciate your interest and your efforts to solve this problem. Don't worry, I will help you on that.
    Try the steps suggested by Marilyn O replied on 29 June 2010 article of Microsoft Community mentioned below.
    Hope this information helps. If not, please write to us, so that we can help you further.
  • Speech recognition in Windows 7: what MS Office Word, not wordpad or Notepad?

    When I trained with speech recognition, it seems pretty well put together.

    The controls are a bit different from Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but much more user friendly.

    The problem is that it works well with notepad and wordpad, but don't integrate well with MS Office Word. In Word, you must dictate in a staging area, and then insert the unformated words in Word.
    What a shame, it's a good program otherwise.

    All information, whether it is it? Is the inclussion of the Word as a usable on the horizen program? With Office 2010?



    Office newsgroups

    Discussions of general issues of Word.

    They will help you with your question Word when repost you in the Office discussion groups above.

    Use this forum to discuss the Word 2010 Beta.

    For any question on Windows 7:

    Link above is Windows 7 Forum for questions on Windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • problem of speech recognition language.

    I don't know what started it, but when I go to open the speech recognition, a message pops up saying this;

    Recognition speech could not start

    because the configuration of the language is

    not supported.

    the recognizer language must match the language of

    the user interface. Please change the recognizer

    language in the speech Control Panel

    under Options, advanced.

    I tried to understand where advanced options are, but I'm not. help someone?



    I tried to understand where advanced options are, but I'm not. help someone?

    You don't say what version of Windows you are using or which device (computer, tablet or phone)? Not knowing, trying to go to the control panel. Click speech recognition. In the window that opens, on the left side, click Advanced speech options. Make sure that the language corresponds to your language and Windows keyboard. The illustration below shows US English.

    If the language is correct, try changing the language to something else in the list and click on apply. Restart the computer. Then return to your language, apply and restart.

    If the above still does not help, try creating and training a new user profile with a different name than your original profile.

  • speech recognition in Windows 7?

    It actually works?  come to find out (dummy!) he tried various methods to let him go, using microphone into a webcam. voice training etc... When you try to start it out... keeps telling 'recognizer language must match the user interface' cant really see where this or I can do among dialog boxes, properties or options advanced... would like any advice on how to get to actually go.

    looked at the previous articles on this issue.


    Hi again WRS, sorry to be a pain - see my most recent post on the WSR / win 7 question?   any other suggestions? at least, it goes on my laptop in victory 8 now.

    Thank you

    You are not a pain. Haven't seen your post as re Windows 7. If working on Windows 8 try for all settings in the control panel - speech recognition - speech advanced options. Then match the settings in the control panel - language. If still not working, install Windows 8 on Windows 7, or better yet upgrade to Windows 10.

    Marty Markoe,

  • Speech recognition in Windows 7 could not be started because the lauguage configuration is not supported

    I looked at what others have said to solve this problem, but it still doesn't work. I changed the language and then restarted then changed back, I went in the regional language settings and change those, but so far, nothing has worked. I made the train together your computer once again and that works but then I try to open the program and it gives me the same statement again on the configuration not supported. Any help with the situation?

    Did you go to the control panel - language to see if your language is listed here? Also, what language you want to use? Speech recognition is only available for the following languages:

    English (United States and United Kingdom)




    Mandarin (Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional)


    Marty Markoe, MyMSSpeech

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