problem on iPhone with gmail account - winmail.dat


I have iPhone 6s + upgrade 9.3.1 with a configured gmail account.

When I get my co-workers me sending the invitations to our exchange at work, attachment winmail.dat.

I asked them to send it to their iPhones gmail account - but they got it OK as one. The ICS file.

Two important things I checked:
1. I set up a Gmail to a friend in my iPhone and sent the invitation even exchange - it got it OK as an ICS file, I recived winmail.dat (on the same iPhone!)

2. I have installed the Gmail application - in the app I receive the file of the invitaion as ICS - OK.

Anyone know the answer? Is there a setting on the account gmail or iPhone, that I missed?

Thank you



found the solution:

contact address was recorded in the global address list on the Exchange.

I asked the Manager to change a setting for the contact and it solved the problem.

in the Exchange - properties of the contact - theres a setting, you can change: change the rich text format - Auto/always/never.

We changed it to 'never' - and the problem solved :-)

Nice day

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    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

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    If problem resolves mark message (s) as a 'Solution', so that others can use.


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    Do you mean Apple ID password or GMail email account? If the first case, go to and check your settings, if the last and make sure that your account is

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    So right click on the gmail account in the folder tree and select settings.
    Composition and addressing uncheck "keep messages for this account on this computer. This will mean that the information used to build summary lists to download. The rest will be downloaded only when you click on an email to see. It is the most stingy bandwidth setting.

    Make a right click the Gmail account again and this time choose to subscribe. Deselect all messages and other files that you don't really want to see. Important is one that I have clear as they are in the Inbox anyway. This will reduce more downloads and duplicates in all mail will be not downloaded nor will be unsubscribed folders.

  • Problem with the mail app / Gmail account to reply to an email

    Hi all

    whenever I try to send a response to an email in my Gmail on my Palm Pre2 (webOS 2.1) email account would be in a folder called "Outbox" and nothing is sent - I use the email app, I don't use a The "Outbox" folder is not synchronized with the IMAP server.

    How can I fix it / is this a bug?


    Have you tried to remove the gmail account and add it again? If this does not work, try to verify the settings that you use for your gmail account.

    1. go to the e-mail application

    2. press on the upper left corner which should say "email".

    3. Select 'Preferences and accounts '.

    4. Select 'Google' under accounts

    5 scroll down to "change connection settings.

    6. Select "Manual Configuration".

    7. make sure that the incoming mail server says '', that username is correct "username", retype your password, encryption is set to 'SSL', port is set to '993. '

    "8 make sure that the outgoing mail server says", ' 'use authentication' is set on "on", again to surey our user name and password, encryption is set to 'SSL', port is set to "465".

    I hope this helps.

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    When I configured first, I got Wi - Fi active (other than BIS, I don't have a data plan as my main focus is email). As it was my 3 services e-mail (Gmail, Hotmail and my prived ISP service) all the connected without problem. It was only after I turned off WiFi that I discovered that while my other two services work fine, my Gmail account has become "not connected".

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    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might try?

    BasinGroup wrote:
    Two problems with your comment about BB10 supporting not BIS: 1), a BB subscription service would be nuts not to provide support and 2) my 2 other E-mail accounts work fine with BIS.

    You may be right about Gmail not supporting ActiveSync, but on the device the Z10 was supposed to replace (Torch 9860 running os 7.1.0) no problem with Gmail and BIS, so there must be something unique about BB10 on the Z10.

    BIS is not used on BB10. BB10 access directly servers of e-mail now.

    Have you tried to configure gmail so that the signal from the carrier and not on wifi?

    In Gmail, you enable IMAP access and not use two-factor auth

Maybe you are looking for