Problem reading video Flash on Win7

I have problems of video playback with Adobe Flash player on Firefox.
The video flashes (flashes a screen blank images 2-3) and random poster of the mpeg artifacts.

Here is the link to the video;

Same video plays well with IE and Chrome on the same system.
I am running Firefox 40.0.3 with Adobe Flash Player v18.0.0.232 on Windows 7 EU x 64 SP1.


I don't find any problem with the video.

Check this box:

  • see if there are updates for your graphics card disk drivers

  • Disable protected mode in the plugin Flash (Flash 11.3 + on Windows Vista and later versions)

  • turn off hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
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  • Fixed problem reading video Firefox

    Since at least Firefox version 9, I found that my AOL-Netscape Web page wouldn't play videos. On Google and IE9, I had no problem.

    I decided to start Firefox (latest Version) on safe mode and disabled the extensions that I felt would affect video playback. The extension of Ghostery found the cause. I removed the extension and now video reads like a charm. I don't know if other people have had this problem but it fixed mine.

    So read your details to do this, it seems that uninstalling Ghostery fixed your problem? You can try this reporting to the developer of the add-on, search and maybe out a fix.

  • Problem reading video HP HDX16T

    I just bought a HP HDX 16t with Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit), 3 GB of RAM DDR2, 250 GB 7200 RPM laptop / MIN HARD drive, NVIDIA GeForce 130 M GT (1 GB) with the Blu - Ray player.

    I tried to play 1080 p and 720 p Blu ray movie rips on my laptop, but the video is still lag and very hectic. I tried using VLC Media Player (my default player) with Windows Media Center(with KLC Lite codec pack) and the video is still trolling. I don't know what is the problem here, because my setup should be more able to play these movies. I've already updated my Windows as well as the HP update and the problem still persists. -What did I do wrong here.

    My next step is to buy a real Blu - Ray disc (which I already bought) and I will try to play that. If that plays properly, so I'm sure that we have a problem here.

    Any suggestions?

    I found the problem! Let me describe the steps I took:

    • Called HP support. Although they were as helpful as they could be that they could not identify the problem. Technology HP told me to get the drivers updated and also update the HP software (which I did). He also told me to try another other than VLC Player (its should be noted that VLC plays all formats). Then he told me it might be a problem with some codec. Then he told me to buy a real blu ray and try and if it does work then I should call technical support. As a result, overall it didn't ask me the obvious question (that I listed later)
    • Then, I updated all my media software and even downloaded the latest version of VLC (again), just in case my old copy has been altered somehow. I also downloaded 3-4 different codes which have been unable to solve my problem.
    • After searching on Google and various problems of navigation, I finally found the problem. VLC has not been using the power of two hearts and my computer has been underused. WHY do you ask? Because my laptop was set to 'Power Saver' mode as soon as I changed it in Performance mode and that's all worked perfectly.
    • Conclusion, if the tech support guy just asked me if my computer has been in "Performance" mode I would have saved all this trouble. So just for later use if someone has ever all the problems associated with applications that require a lot of computing make you sure you set your laptop in performance mode...
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  • Problem reading - video/audio files play for less than 3 seconds and then stops

    I have the first items 13.1 installed on a Dell XPS 8700 with 10 Home Windows (64-bit), Intel Core processor i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 GHz with 8 GB of RAM.

    When I add an audio file (MP3 or M2TS) and then insert it to the timeline, the file will play only 3 seconds or less before stopping automatically.

    I have always run SmartFix and make the work area before playing.


    Based on your video source...

    Manually set the project preset



    1080i25 Full HD

    Do follow the following scenario

    • Open the project in the workspace Expert and go to file menu/new project and change the settings.
    • In the settings, set the project preset to the foregoing. OK to get out of there.
    • In the dialog box new project opens, rename the project and make sure you have a checkmark next to the "Force selected setting on this project." OK to get out of there.
    • In the Expert workspace, import your source media with the help of add media/files and folders.

    Your files that you see 50i designated are not 50 frames per second. The 50i is 50 frames per second, which equals 25 frames per second interlaced (25i).

    Once you drag the first video on the timeline, new note if there is an orange line on the content of the timeline, not the orange line (stretching) running through audio and video clips.

    When I used the clips of 1080i from your camera in my Premiere Elements project, I came across a large number of problems that have not remedied by applying Options for interlacing preview fields. But all this "ironed out" export when I selected the export parameters progressive who essentially deinterlaced export.

    Please take into account and then let us know if the foregoing had positive effects on the results.

    Thank you to discover additional troubleshooting suggestions.


  • Problem reading video image from the camera IP Axis - confusion of variant data buffer.

    Hi there;

    I am writing a VI for an Axis IP camera.  He went to work, but I need to extract individual video stream images so I can overlay text using the functions of text IMAQ overlay.

    The thing is when I take a picture using the axis dll library (GetCurrentFrame), it returns a buffer size and a Variant representing the raster data.  The data is = 921 640 bytes representing a 40 byte header, and then the 640 x 480 x 3 raster data.  When I run the vi, I get a correct value for the size of the buffer (921 640) so I know it works.

    What don't understand me, it's the video image is placed in a buffer of type variant.   I don't quite know how to extract the raster data of the data type of "buffer" which is a type variant.  My apologies, I'm a bit ignorant in how to handle the types of "Variant".

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    This is the VI

    Hi Peter,.

    Just to confirm, what IMAQdx version do you use?  You want to get the version 2010.3 since it is the latest version:

    The next issue would be that the Ethernet cameras discover is not necessary and that it is only used for GigE Vision cameras. The VI was named before IP camera support has been added and the name is unfortunately confusing now. In any case, the discovery of cameras takes place in the background and is automatic. The VI list must list your camera. It may be worth trying just to see if the camera appears in first MAX. Note that the IP camera must be installed on your local subnet, so it can be discovered.

    Regarding the examples, virtually none of the IMAQdx examples included in help-> find examples should work.


  • Problems with Adobe Reader and Flash Player

    I have IE 9 on Vista SP 2 that I was using the latest versions of Adobe Reader X (10.1.8) and 64-bit Flash Player.  When I try to open a file off of websites, I get a message that I need to download Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player.  I checked using the tools from the Adobe site, and both are installed correctly.  I can also open Adobe Reader and Flash files that I have stored on the computer.  It is a new problem on the two Adobe products in the past week.  Ironically, I have four computers with four different versions of operating system and IE.  10 IE with Windows 7 is also not identification Reader or Flash.  I also ran scans of complete system with Norton 360 and Power Eraser and found no problem.  I can't find a solution to these problems and the Adobe site has 'High Volume' so I don't know if I could even get help through Adobe directly.  It is the first time ever I have had problems with any Adobe application and use the Internet for literally his first days.  Any help would be appreciated.  I can be reached at [email address removed] although I can be gone for an hour later today.  Thanks in advance.

    Regarding Flash Player, see

    About Adobe Reader, make sure you run IE10 / IE11 in 32-bit mode.

    See also

  • Video Flash problems

    My video flash on this site load locally without any problems, but when uploaded to the server, I just get a white screen.

    A that someone has experienced this problem and offer possible solutions.

    Thank you very much


    Thanks for your help and your time, it worked.

    God bless you

  • problem with video in Flash Pro 8

    Hello world! I'm doing a real video, flash animation and I am facing a problem. The animation will loop continuously and seamlessly, but not inside the animation videos. Each video is mark the second 17 17 seconds long, so once the sections of animation, videos stop playing. Only the first frame of each video stands while the rest of the animation continues to go!

    IDEAS or suggestions on how to get the videos to loop would be very appreciated.

    Furthermore, I turned the clip in a movie clip symbol in order to get the effect of infinite scrolling (see Maybe this can be done successfully with real videos?

    Thank you!

    Out of the movieclip - again it's easier...
    Name the instance as vid component and use this code on the chassis, on which it is located:

    var vidList: Object = new Object();
    vidList.complete = function() {}
    VID. Play();
    vid.addEventListener ("complete", vidList);

  • Problems to install Reader and Flash

    Help! I can't get Adobe Reader or Flash Player to go beyond step 2 of 3 when I install the. I'm using Windows Vista (I know, right? "But it's there). To do it please help.

    Use the installation offline programs:

  • Can not read the Flash video in Chrome 64 bit

    I can't play videos Flash on Facebook when I upgraded my Google Chrome on Windows 8.1 to the last 64 bit v.37 and Flash player v.15. The error message was "unable to load plugin '. I activated the Flash players in the plugin section, reinstall Chrome. Nothing worked until I "passed" my Google Chrome 32-bit. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    Restarted Windows and it works. Note for later: it's good to restart the system after a few weeks.

  • Portege R700 - problems with video playback with resolution more 360 p

    I have this problem of video playback on the first day. While for example on YouTube, video resolution than 360 freeze while the sound is ok.

    I contacted Toshiba whereby I had a linke for the bios and latest drivers. After the upgrade question persists. Sometimes I get a green screen by watching the video flash as well. I guess it's a hardware graphics card problem. Any ideas? Thank you! (Portege R700 19 L, win7 pro 64)

    Do you have this problem in full-screen-only mode or in full and normal mode?

  • Having previously worked now Readyboost does not activate flash on Win7 ultimate x 64

    Hi people,

    I use a SanDisk cruzer micro 8GB flash drive for awhile with win7 now and I alternate between use as readyboost and storage.

    But recently the readyboost option stopped on the AutoPlay list. Then, after a restart it came back, but every time I select the flash drive > properties, there is no readyboost tab to be seen.

    The only changes to the system are that I added a USB printer and scanner USB. What the hell is happening?

    I tried to format, reinstall SanDisk U3 launcher, I tried diskpart own all etc, etc. But nothing seems to give me the option
    to enable readyboost.

    Anyone got any ideas? The really strange thing is that readyboost was working fine last time I used the flash drive with Win7.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hi Khaled,

    Nope, none of that helped.

    But I think that the reason for the problem of readyboost is that Win7 didn't like the fact that I had hacked an install of my Nikon Coolscan 5ED the USB and Canon LIDE35 USB devices to work under Win7 using old drivers 64-bit XP and Vista.

    I have now re-installed Win7 and I can confirm the two my SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB and 16 GB USB key work correctly with readyboost again.

    On the plus side, I realized that I wasn't not take full advantage of my computer RAID storage. I have a controller matrix RAID Intel 10CHR and after having read up on the site intel I have now installed Win7 with a RAID0 to 3.4 volume and super fast and a volume RAID5 1 TB on a range of 5xHDD 5xHDD.

    anyway thanks for the help guys.


  • I have a PROBLEM with Adobe Flash Player

    I use Windows 10 Pro UPDATE with the latest updates.

    My system is a processor intel Core Duo CPU E8500 @3. 16 GHz with 3 GB or Ram.

    I use Fire Fox Version 47.0b8

    I have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player Version

    I asks me to update my drivers window, I.

    I asks me to update my video drivers, I.

    I asks me to update my Adobe Flasy Player, I.

    Adobe suggest for me to uncheck the "enable hardware acceleration". Yes, I did.

    When my Flash Player freezes or crashes. I send error reports.

    I spend hours looking for answers to my questions with nothing doesn't.


    If you notice there are a few missing details about these error messages. They tell us SQUAT about what is the problem or error.

    Why Adobe cannot put it on a stable Flash Player which does not crash or freeze?

    From what I've read on this issue, since a problem going on Windows 7

    I'm sick and tired of trying to do something on my computer when your program crashes or freezes. If you would put a program to help us diagnose the problem. It would help us. But instead, we send your company only intel to help make it better. Well guess what... I'm tired of being a Crash Test Dummy for Adobe. My comments are not good for Adobe.

    I found the problem why adobe flash player freezes or crashes.

    There is a glitch in 10 Windows this software from 3rd party effects like adobe and causes windows to freeze or crash.


  • one or more files were not imported because he had problems reading of their

    How to import a video to Flash Professional CC 2014? It's already a .flv file but I still get the "one or more files were not imported because he had problems reading of their" pop up


    Flash Professional CC 2014 support FLV videos but make sure you import your videos into Flash AS3 or AIR doc-types only. WebGL and Canvas of HTML5 doctypes do not support videos and therefore import video option is disabled in these types of doc.

  • Need to disable notifications update for reader and flash player

    I hope that I ask this question in the right place.   Please direct me if I don't.

    Due to some problems with many of our applications that support web and rely in IE.  When are 1500 + users get invited up to date drive or a flash drive, they do not have to disable the 'optional' box to download and install chrome.

    This cause many helpdesk calls because their web applications do not work properly in chrome.

    We found the documentation:

    to turn off update notifications, however check machines both xp and win7, the key to page 16 of the pdf mentioned above, did not exist in HKLM, but he found in HKCU.   Tried to create the iCheck and iCheckReader in the two places, but not sure if they work effectively.

    Here are our real goal: we want not only to users, you are welcome to update player or flash because the installation of chrome drive.   We do not want reader or flash to update 'automatically '; We always want the possibility to update manually.

    How can we turn off all automatic update feature and create updates so that users never see them in both applications?

    We currently have users with reader, 8, 9 and 10.

    If you can provide the detailed steps, documentation, etc., registry keys.  I would be very happy.

    Thank you


    You must use featurelock key to disable updater for Acrobat and Reader. According to the documentation,

    you got, has all the information.

    See section 2.5.2

    For example, use the following registry to disable the Player 10 on 32 bit OS update.


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\10.0\FeatureLockDown]

    "bUpdater" = DWORD: 00000000

    I have no idea on how to disable updates for Flash. You must post in the Flash Forum.

Maybe you are looking for