Problem restoring last Session in Firefox. It restores the last session without asking for password

whenever computer stops because of the cut to the top or any other reason while you work in Mozilla Firefox as the use of Facebook. When you turn on the computer and open Firefox it stores the session, without asking for password or username that the effects seriously privacy.i has been using Facebook on Mozilla and my computer shuts down after a few minutes, another has turned on the computer and it went into my account on Facebook because of the last session of restoration. Please, do something about it. This is a larger problem in Firefox

You can set the browser.sessionstore.privacy_level pref 2 (never) or 1 (no HTTPS, default in the Firefox 3 versions) on the topic: config page to disable the registration of cookies via session restore.

To open the topic: config page, type Subject: config in the address bar (address) and press the 'Enter' key, as you type the url of a Web site to open a Web site.

If you see a warning then you can confirm that you want to access this page.

  • Use the filter at the top bar of the on: page config to more easily spot a preference.
  • Preferences that have changed see the bold (user set).
  • Preferences you can restore the default value or change via the context menu.

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    Good bye

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    Is it asking for the password, or the web site of Firefox? The only time that
    FF you will be asked a password is if you have the active master password
    in the Password Manager.

    Open the Password Manager. There is a search bar on top of the
    page. Enter the name of the site. Press the button view passwords.
    What's the correct information? Note: maybe more then one entry there.

    Left on the icon in the address bar. A display of site information window should appear. Select more information. At the top of the window, select Security. Now select passwords saved view.

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    All that s!

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    I'm not sure what means 'normal' - I assume that means you had recently but has changed.  Do a system restore to a point at the time the text was the right size and format you want - BEFORE it changed to what you don't want.  Here is the procedure:  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days worth of restore points.  If this does not work at first, try a previous restore point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software or updates installed between now and the point of restoration - but you can make updates through Windows Update.

    As an alternative, you can go to start / Control Panel / customization / display settings / and set the resolution to a different setting.  Click on apply, and it will ask you if you really want to change based on what you see now.  Click on your answer and either output or try another setting.  It is a more difficult way to do a system restore because it is difficult to choose the same size you had before.

    Good luck and I hope this helps. Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

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    Best regards


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    New Object() {selectionEvent},
    new class [] {SelectionEvent.class});
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    String selectedAttr = (String) selectedValue.getAttribute ("PaymentScheduleName");
    System.out.println ("selected program name:" + selectedAttr);

    I want to put a brake before calling the expression to define collectionModel.makeCurrent and if the check fails, I don't want to edit the selected line.

    But even if I don't call ADFUtils.executeMethodExpression (...) above, the selection always changes in the user interface, but the line current still points to the previous selection.

    How to fix this?

    Jdev/ADF version:

    Thank you.


    Maybe this can help:


  • Firefox cannot find the profile he's looking for. I tried using Terminal but it can not find the file to review

    Using OSX 10.5.8 on macbook 2.1 GHz Core 2 duo, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Firefox previously worked flawlessly 16.0.2,

    Thanks, I found the file in a different location, but it works

  • seem to be two versions of Firefox on my computer and I keep asking for help Firefox whenever I use Firefox

    I have two versions of Firefox on my computer, and whenever I use Firefox, I continue to be asked to help Firefox in answering a question about the product.

    Not sure I understand you. You want 2 versions of firefox running on your computer? Or it happened accidentally?

    I uninstall firefox, make sure that both versions have disappeared and then install again. You will not lose your settings because the profile folder is not removed by default.

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    On which sites? It is possible for sites to tell the browser does not let the user to record their name to username/password

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    The most common cause to stop suddenly a computer is an overheating problem.  Normally, the fan runs faster the CPU heats up.  If you have noticed that your fan runs fast most of the time, that would be your first clue.  Also, if the fan is not spinning, this can also cause overheating. If the fan runs, the most common cause of overheating is an accumulation of dust inside the computer.  You can download the following freeware program which should indicate how hot your CPU becomes:

    Core Temp: <> >

    If it detects overheating, try blowing compressed air into the vents to loosen and remove dust.

    Suddenly a second cause is problems with the RAM chips in your computer.  Try to run a test on your RAM memory.  Keep in mind that most of the tester memory programs also stress on the CPU, so if overheating is a problem, a RAM test could lead to a stop of overheating as well.

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