Problem some CD rippping

I have a few that ripping CD to my PC have problems.  RIP a CD, then another by the same artist.  The other torn replace the torn premiera and also uses the titles of the songs on the first CD but has the music from the second. Music from the first CD has disappeared.  Cannot retrieve the two CD it will replace this one.


You say you have a 'little' CD that do this. This means that it works very well with other CDs of the same artist?

Is there something special or different about the Conference on disarmament, have this problem? They are actual records purchased at a store, or are these serious discs?

When you put the CD in the drive, an option that the disk should pop up on the desktop or in my computer. It should open and display the different song files. What happens if you save them to a folder on your computer, say a folder on the desktop. Then import them into iTunes or Windows Media Audio

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  • iTunes problem, some artists are sort separately

    So I have been rebuilding my music library, (got a new computer and all my music is lost on the former) so I imported all my CDs. Some of the music is sorted funky. When I sort by albums, it's all good, but when I sort by artist some artists are all split!

    For example, on the left side where it lists all the artists, I like 6 Micheal Jacksons! Some are same album but divided into two or three artists!

    Now, I checked and double-checked and rechecked than all the info from the album is the same thing... that's a promise. The thing that continues to be I click on 'get info' then click on the "Sort" tab and I see that is where are some differences, but in space ' sort as "letters are gray and when I try to enter something different it activates automatically the return!

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

    It should also note that I have tuneup and I don't know if it's the cause of all my problems.

    Help, please

    If iTunes displays multiple instances of an artist or an album then generally what works is to select all the associated tracks and use read the information to add say an end X for each of the areas of the slopes have in common:

    • For an album. Album, Album artist, and artist (if the artist is the same for all tracks) *
    • For an artist; Album artist (and the artist unless there are comments/featured artists listed which should not be changed)

    Apply the change which merges things together, then remove the excess characters. Occasionally, it can help to close and reopen iTunes between two renaming operations.

    * If the titles must be synchronized to a non - iOS device, there should be a common artist or the album must be defined as a Compilation.

    Use the view of songs and display fields, Album, genre, Album, Album artist, genre artist Album, artist and genre artist side by side to see you whether or not it is necessary to change the artist and if sorting values could be the cause of additional problems. See grouping in albums, titles for help if necessary.


  • 46TL963G - DVB-S reception problem some programs


    I have a problem of receiving some programmes of satellite with a 46TL963G.
    The latest firmware is installed (6.9.9D.1).

    For example the Czech free news channel CT24 ist available on Astra 23.5 ° / 12525kHz/V/27500Ks/s.
    I added this transponder manually, but there is no signal when I open the manual search window.
    I get this string on another receiver in my house with the same LNB.

    Thanks for your answers in advance


    The 46TL963G supports DVB-S and DVB - S2 (HD)
    It should be possible to find all the channels broadcasting by Astra
    Maybe you need to reset the Tv back and should again seek channels.
    In the system configuration menu, press the up arrow or down arrow to select Reset TV.

  • computer keyboard laptop problem some keys

    Laptop: compaq presario cq62 core i5

    recently, some of my keys are are unresponsive or work when I press them. I have not spilled or left my laptop falling, but all of a sudden, my backspace,------, and various enter key will not respond when I try to use them. It is very annoying to not be able to use my back bar and it's bugging me! I tried my laptop for virus scanning, but nothing was found. I'm not sure if it could be a problem of circuit or something, but I need to fix, as soon as possible because I need my laptop for class. Help me please if anyone knows what may be the problem!

    Thank you!

    I guess it's a problem with the keyboard...

    the only thing you can try is to open your laptop and connected to search if the keyboard cable is always good, otherwise, you can install a new keyboard...

    recently, I had the same problem with my laptop, when I discovered that the display cable was not well connected...

  • Portege R500 screen problem - some artifacts appear

    Hello world

    I bought the R500 at the end of August 2008 and from the beginning I had problems with my laptop screen.

    Indeed, after two days of use I see it on the screen an artifact as if something had hit.
    Of course not ;) so I called the support number to replace the notebook (less than a month after buying it).

    I get a new, and I checked the screen immediately. Perfect, no artifacts and everything seems to be good...

    But for 1 month (end of November), I saw again new artifacts! In fact, the artifact are really visible if you don't look at the screen perfectly in front of me. Indeed, in this position, the objects are less visible...

    So my first question:
    -Someone else you have this kind of problem?
    -I have to contact TOSHIBA support to replace my screen once more?

    ... It's really frustrating to buy a laptop more than 2000 at a society that says to had produced solid and have twice the same problem...

    Thanks for you comments and help...


    I've got 3 different laptops Toshiba, but something like that never happened to me.

    I think you should contact the ASP from Toshiba (certified partner) and should ask verification of the laptop / screen again.
    It certainly looks like the issue of the material and the affected part must be checked and replaced.

    Good luck

  • Backup/restore problem: some files not restored

    My hard drive died.  Fortunately, I had a recent backup.  I managed to restore most of my files and also finally got access to my file of Microsoft Outlook data (due to gurus on these forums).

    I'm now trying to recover the data for my financial program.  I checked the files in the backup folder, and they understand the data I want to restore.  However, when I go through the restored files, I don't find them.  I try to avoid having to enter again about 1 1/2 years of data.

    The backup was performed on a laptop Dell running Vista Ultimate and was stored on a USB external drive.  It was made using the backup/restore program that comes with Vista.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.

    I'm now moving extra files on my USB key for added security.

    I would like to know if there is an easy way to remove duplicate files that take up more space on my hard drive.

    However, the original problem is now solved.

    Thanks again.

  • Print problems, some parts are not printed or overdrawed white

    Hi @ all

    I try to print a canvas in Flex. First it worked fine, but suddenly, some parts were white overdrawed.

    var fpj:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();
    If (fpj.start ())

    If (someint! = 0)

    fpj.addObject (this, FlexPrintJobScaleType.MATCH_WIDTH);
    on the other

    fpj.addObject (Chart, FlexPrintJobScaleType.MATCH_WIDTH);
    FPJ. Send();

    If only the table is printed, it works fine. But if everything is printed is the white parts. Any suggestions?


    And this bug:

  • I have problems some time with the Mail application.  I don't know if it's since I started recently in El Capitan

    I'm unable to receive mail via IMAP Apple iCloud.  I receive my messages from the iCloud online server, but the mail doesn't come to my Mail application.  I have several other accounts who work.  Activity monitor shows one CPU % usage large amount of the Mail application. Then he made me force leave because he was using all my App memory.  The mail app tried to download the messages that I can see on the activity monitor, but it freezes and will not download.  I entered into System Preferences and turned mail/off voltage.  I have tried everything I know not how.  Any help?

    Now my memory of the application in memory pressure is so high, I had to force it give up twice.

  • Problem: Some devices are detected, some are NOT detected.

    Dear Sirs,

    We are NEITHER-FBUS Configurator Ver 3.2.1 with PCMCIA-FBUS.

    There are three field devices on the segment, i.e. Rosemount 644, Rosemount 3051 and Fisher DVC6200f.

    Power goes to the segment of services through the hub and power conditioner.

    The LCD screens for issuers of Rosemount show information correctly as below.


    However, NEITHER-FBUS Configurator show only Fisher DVC6200f and their blocks.

    These two transmitters of rosemount are missing!

    I appreciated if someone is able to advise the solutions!

    Hi aarontseng,

    Please refer to the Manual of Configurator - Appendix B Troubleshooting and frequently asked Questions.

    Page 109 has lots of suggestions on issues as "a device does not appear in the tree of configuration.", "the device does not appear in the NOR-FBUS Configurator", etc.

    Please first see if those who might work for you.

    FYI, the latest version of NOR-FBUS is 14.0. You can switch to it free if you have a valid license for the older versions.

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    Turn off the Numlock.

  • Windows live Hotmail problem - some "email sorted as conversation" is not merge all e-mails from same "sender-recipient".

    Well, when organizing my inbox as 'conversation' view, I noticed that it is e-mail that have not been merged into the conversation. Make multiple conversation with the same transceiver...

    I would like to be in a position of manually merge these email in another conversation, so I can't browse hotmail to find another mail received by the sender who would be merged to form the block of conversation


    You will need to create a post on for questions and assistance in connection with the Windows Live programs and services.

  • problem syncing iPod touch with iTunes

    Hi, I had a problem syncing my iPod touch with iTunes. I get a message indicating that there is not enough free space to hold items in the iTunes library, which indicates that I need about 43 GB.

    I tried to take as much data on my laptop thinking it would make more space available to my iTunes library which is held on my laptop.

    I had a problem some time with the storage of data files and program files. I divide the hard drive and I have a Macintosh HD 2, but also a main drive of the HD. I find that I have an iTunes library in two HD players, so I think I have a duplicate library.

    My iTunes app shows that I have a size of music library of-33,40 GB containing elements of 6940. My iPod touch has 6920 songs and 33 videos, 15 photos, 14 applications. The ability of the iPod touch is 56.4 GB, with 2.8 GB available.

    If the problem is the duplication of library, can I remove in double track of the HD2, and how to change tp parameters to stop duplication.

    Duplication of audio content seems to be a concern for you. If you have a desktop Mac, open iTunes/library/display the duplicate items. You can view and edit tracks easily.

    If you do not have a Mac desktop computer, the question is a bit tricky; There is no way to detect mp3 duplicates except manually.

    The good news is that the majority of your data bloat is likely to be in the 33 videos. I could most of the videos of archives and see what happens. (I have banned all THE videos of my iPod Touch and I couldn't believe how much I got space).

  • Several problems with my Satellite A200-1QZ


    I'm sorry to open a new thread, but I already looked around for awhile and has failed to find the answers I need.

    Since I have several different problems, some of which are probably unique, I thought I might as well start a new thread.

    So lets start with the less important bits and get more important issues to light:


    I have some problems with my FN keys. While it seems that I can use some of them (FN + ESC, F1, F3, F6, F7, F10, F11, F12) there are also some that I can't use FN + F2, F4, F5, F8, F9, basically.

    How is it that some work and some do not, and what I need to do to get them all to work again?


    There are times, when the my screen goes black suddenly while I work, play or surf.
    This does not appear to be linked to specific programs or something, it happens completely at random.
    Sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks, sometimes, it happens two times a day.

    Normally this does not really pose problems, since all I had to do was turn the idle mode (power-led flashes orange), log in again and everything worked fine.
    But unfortunately 3 problem, so it no longer works.


    When I click on the power button - or even chose standby mode via the menu stop - the laptop won't "idle" mode, but the screen goes all black.
    As soon as I move the mouse or do something else, I wonder you connect again, so instead of the idle mode the laptop seems to go in sleeping mode.

    The main problem is that this sleep mode is not sufficient to treat the problem 2, so ultimately, my screen goes black and all I can do is to close completely by holding the button power for 5 seconds.

    Sorry for my English is not my mother tongue. Thanks for all the help in advance.


    Hello and welcome to this forum of technical support.

    I'm not an expert but will try to help you.

    # I put t know what operating system you use, but try to please install or reinstall Toshiba Value added Package.
    # Huh... never heard of something like this and this in standby mode is the solution to this. It means books works as usual but the display is suddenly black?
    # It is not easy to say what the problem is here. You can use Hibernate mode properly?

    By the way: are all hardware components installed correctly (Device Manager)?

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