Problem Windows Update KB3114409

Update Outlook KB3114409, when installed, will cause your outlook to open safe mode. This happened to all of my users who received this update. For now we have uninstalled the update and restarted the computer, and then declined this update being subject to a WSUS server push, which solved the problem.

Is there a timeline when this issue will be resolved?


I suspect that you are not up-to-date with the latest developments on the issue that you raise.

Outlook 2010 opens in safe mode after you install 3114409 KB

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    Hi all. I had a big problem, I get viruses on my computer and a friend who is an expert in computer science, says that I have to reinstall my Windows Vista Home Edition Premium, the virus is impossible to remove. I reinstalled who, install all drivers card mother plaplapla... Can I get the problem. When the computer install updates and restart the computer, just tested something: ' installation updated 1/3 0% "you know, it is allmost allways, but then comes the message as (sorry its Finnish and I translate Finnish to English., but I try):"configuration of updates failed. Updates to repeal. Do not close computer. "And then like 15 minutes and the computer to reinstall and updates are not installed. Even my friend don't know what to do, then, he said, that I should ask here. Sorry on my text, now is 04:15 clock, I tried to fix this several hours. I have reinstalled this about 2-3 weeks ago, first of all, I think it's a small problem, solved itself. Then I start looking for help and finally ask my friend and now I ask the help of your part. I'm sorry, I'm so tired, so I can't say to my hardcore computer, ask more, I have to go to sleep. Thank you.

    Perhaps this may be relevant-

    The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista

    When you try to install an update from Windows Update on a computer that is running Windows Vista, you may receive the following message: Configuring updates step 3 of 3. 0% complete
    After you receive this message, the computer returns to the screen that displays the same message. In addition, the update is not installed successfully, and the computer restarts.

    or see: Description of the preparation tool system for Windows Vista update -.

  • Problems Windows Update after reinstalling XP Pro.

    I had a hard drive go bad a few days before the April 8 end of XP support.  So, I installed a new drive and reinstalled XP Pro, sp2, then free AVG2014, then Microsoft Download Manager, and then sp3, then IE8.  I turned then automatic updates, but it did not work.  I tried to go to automatic updates directly via the Control Panel, but get the following message is displayed:

    [Error number: 0 x 80245001]

    The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below may help you solve the problem.

    I tried a lot of different things from this web show, but nothing refers to the following [error number: 0 x 80245001]

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Hi Joseph,.

    Apologize for the delay in response. Let us know if the problem has been resolved or do you need help on this question. We will be happy to help you. In the meantime, you can also check out this article that talks about this problem:

    I hope this helps.

  • High utilization of the processor problem Windows Update

    I still have a recurring problem. CPU runs at about 50%, until I have disable microsoft update, when it goes back to normal, I had this happens twice before, and in both cases it was provisionally fixed by downloading and installing an update from Microsoft. Is there something like this circulating again? Perhaps by coincidence, he started to act up on Patch Tuesday. Is anyone else out there of similar problems? The last two times a LOT of people have had this problem.

    We have identified KB3161664 as the day of this hotfix update must be installed in advance. Download links here:

    Best regards, VZ

  • Windows update fails-G62-225DX - bad startup a factory?

    My nephew came to me recently with a G62-225DX HP, concerned about safety.  Given this machine is several years old (recently handed down from his father - I quickly understood why), I was surprised to see she was always being basic Windows 7 Home Premium.  Without SP1.

    My first attempt to resolve this was to run Windows Update - no luck - immediately fails with "cannot run - services is not started.  Of course, verification services, yes I see WU and BITS running.

    So, like any good tech person, I check in the case where the logs and see various errors, including the constant complaints on the Crypto database being corrupted.

    Then, up to be Googling for these symptoms/messages.  I see many people with the same problem and a lot of suggestions on how to fix this (re - reg WU, STRANDS of clear/reset, flush/empty C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, catroot2 flush/empty, etc.).  Even seen one on the Intel hard drive problems due to replace it with a drive of more than 500 GB (this unit still has the original 320).

    Spent hours trying all the suggestions there, especially when people said 'Yes, that fixed', nothing helps.

    Since it was not something of value on this machine, I decide backup and restore "factory".

    Imagine my surprise when, after reset of the image 'factory', it has exactly the same problem - Windows Update fails, out-of-the-box on the right!

    I think to myself, it's crazy.  The machine is faulty from the start and everyone was naïve to not get Windows updates, AT ALL!

    I even decided to try the Windows Update Checker (supposed to perform before installing SP1) and it fails with ' Windows Update Standalone install encountered and error - 0xc80000247 ".

    So, I decided to run through the suggested fixes (from M$, no less) and all of a sudden, that Windows Update works.

    I thought, it's fantastic.  He immediately calls to > 130 fixed critical.

    After a few hours of download and installed, I restart only to get a BSOD - STOP 6 b - AAARRRGGGHHHH!  Tried to go through Windows restore previous checkpoint but that too fails with a mysterious error.  In addition, many Google hits on the 6 b says that it's a hardware problem.  But he was executed until the Windows update, with nothing in the case where newspapers to indicate hardware problems.

    Then, I decided to do a restore from the image of what I started with.  At least it ran, even though she could not be updated.

    I no longer dig and see a bunch of updates to the firmware/software for this machine, including the BIOS.  Even saw some strange 'Windows updates' HP.  I thought maybe it was something like the fiasco when the power management update for Intel processors had on machines AMD, thus paralyzing them!  Still nothing - WU still does not work!

    Tried again to return to the original image, hoping that maybe to install all updates of office/hardware/driver on a virgin machine solve the problem.  Nope-WU still does not work.  Even went back through all the suggested fixed (saved as .bat files everthing).  Nothing, nada...

    So, I'm posting here in hopes that someone has a miracle cure that I missed.


    I don't have a magic bullet...

    The same thing happened to me while working on a friends HP 8100 Elite CMT, Windows 7 Pro, HP original image.

    Would not install SP1 or Windows updates. I tried every trick in the book and after spending more than two hours, going nowhere, including restore from the recovery discs, I decided to install a plain OS W7 clean add drivers myself using the product key for W7 on the PC.

    It has worked well.

    You can do the same thing if you can read the product key of W7 on the bottom of the laptop, and your nephew can't live without programs that was shipped with the PC.

    In addition, if you format the drive and just install W7 on current partition, you can probably find the program of the installation files for the programs supplied with the PC in the SWSetup folder.

    Here's how to do when you don't have installation of W7 media.

    Use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. The link below. You need a DVD or a 4 GB flash drive using the USB compilation method.

    Use the product key of windows 7 of 25 characters to activate your installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below. Download the Windows 7 version that is on your product (Home Premium, professional or ultimate) key to apply.

  • automatic update of Windows updates is no longer

    The automatic update simply collapsed updated

    Windows provides a built-in utility that can automatically find and fix some common problems Windows Update.

    • Open Windows Update by clicking on the button start troubleshooting tool , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting tool, then clickTroubleshooting. Under system and security, click Fix problems with Windows Update.

    Hope this works for you if in case it doesn't work try the manual way of Windows update.

    Open Control Panel and change the see:large icons and click on Windows update , and then click thecheck online for updates from Microsoft update.

    Computers have a lot of memory, but not imagination. The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.

  • 0 x Windows update error 80070003

    Problem: Windows Update coming out of the forever loop "check updates...". »

    WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab cannot remedy:

    Windows Update error 0 x 80070003(2016-07-10-T-07_05_29A)

    Tried: FixIt Solution: , which does not set it.

    Tried: go back to the first Restore Point (April), that didn't fix it.

    Hint: I have two identical computers. We're working very well. The other has this problem.

    The only difference is: when I click on the 'Get Windows 10' icon in the status bar...

    the good computer: wonder if I want to Win 10.

    the Bad computer: suppose I want to Win 10, but can not, due to application.

    I can only assume that on the wrong computer I clicked on something by mistake that

    Microsoft did think that I want to win 10 installed, I don't!

    Fortunately, the installation of Win 10 has been blocked by an "incompatible" application (Acronis).

    So, how to get Microsoft to do more assuming I want to install Win 10?

    Way the easiest way is to change your update settings to exclude the recommended updates to be installed in the same way as the important updates.

    1 small box check uncheck.

    Ignore the whole section of updates Option where 10 would be in

  • Windows Update options are grayed out?

    I use Win 7 64 bit.

    I'm not able to change the settings, then download and install the updates. Anyone know a solution?

    Have you checked your update service?

    In addition, Windows provides a built-in convenience store that can automatically find and fix some common problems Windows Update.

    • Open Windows Update by clicking on the button start troubleshooting tool , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting tool, then clickTroubleshooting. Under system and security, click Fix problems with Windows Update.

    Harold Horne / TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011. The information has been provided * being * with no guarantee or warranty.

  • After you have installed the latest Windows updates, my Bluetooth stopped working

    I installed the last set of updates to the window and it caused my Bluetooth to stop working.  Reinstalled drivers from the dell website and it still does not work. Fact a restore point and devices have started working again. Updates were the only changes. No other programs or updates installed.
    What updates do interfere.

    Dell E6530, Windows 7 64-bit, Intel core i5, office 10

    Original title: bluetooth

    Are you set for Important updates only (which is recommended)?  If not, was an updated device driver?  It is best not to let Windows Update process device drivers.
    If you cannot reduce it any other way, you can try to install the updates again one at a time.  I have not heard about recent blue tooth switn of the problems Windows updates recently.

  • Windows update error: your PC is not connected to the internet. connect to the internet, and then try again

    Original title:

    Windows Update


    When I open the store windows I get an error saying

    your PC is not connected to the internet. connect to the internet, and then try again

    is there an internet setting before the update of win8 or one of the applications

    Thank you

    How to solve the problems of connection with Windows Update

    How to troubleshoot problems connecting to Windows Update or Microsoft Update

  • Windows update error 80072E2

    even after the resolution of the problems windows update error 80072E2 comes.i need the updat kb2871389 bfore updated to windows 8.1, please help

    Hi Kiran,

    This problem occurs when some files in the update are missing, even if the update is downloaded and extracted successfully. I suggest you try the steps mentioned in this article and checking:

    If the problem persists, then I suggest you to download and install the update and check manually:

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results for assistance.

  • Why text is distorted after windows update and how can I solve this problem?


    This morning my windows vista made some updates. Subsequently the Firefix text is exampe is bad, sometimes unreadable, attached. The text is not bad in IE, but change the return isn't desireble. Text was OK before the reboot of Windows Update. Disable ClearType exacerbates the problem. I tried to reset as described on, no help.

    Acer laptop Travelmate (6 years), running fully updated Windows Vista, Danish language. Firefix 35.0.1.

    What to do next?

    Regards Lars Jensen

    an option may be to tackle this particular update for now until there is a fix from microsoft or you could also look at if there is a graphics driver update available on the Web site of the seller (intel/amd/nvidia) which could also be solved this problem in some cases.

  • I just downloaded the latest Windows updates, now online videos don't work on Firefox but on other browsers, does anyone else have this problem?

    After that download the latest version of Windows Update, I found that I could not play videos on YouTube or other sites. Switching to other browsers I found that I could play these same videos now without any problems. So I did a system restore to determine if updates of Windows had hit video play using Firefox. The restore point has been updated with the day before the download of Windows has occurred. After System Restore has been completed I could now play videos using the Firefox browser.

    To ensure that Windows Update has been the problem, I downloaded again the most recent Windows updates and once more could not play videos on any site using Firefox. System Restore has been used to put my computer on the eve again and once more the OE videos would play in the Firefox browser.

    In fact, your answer took me in a different direction and I found this on the Adobe site:

    The extension of RealPlayer for Firefox, the download and registration, has problems of compatibility with Flash Player 11.3. If RealPlayer is installed Flash Player content does not appear. YouTube provides an error message when you try to view a video.

    To work around the problem, do the following:

       Start RealPlayer.
       Click the RealPlayer icon in the upper-left corner and select Preferences.
       Select Download & Recording in the left menu and deselect Enable Web Download & Recording for These Installed Browsers option.
       Click OK and restart Mozilla Firefox.

    Once I did this I could replay now videos in Firefox.

  • Satellite Pro C850 - problems with WiFi after Windows update 8.1


    I was wondering if someone could give some advice on a problem I have.

    Had an adjustable C850 Pro for a few months and worked well on Windows 8.
    I myself am then harassed and intimidated by Microsoft Update in order to install Windows 8.1 and in a moment of weakness, I succumbed (got sick of the nagging).

    Since that time, my wifi is very intermittent; either I'm on another computer write this and the laptop is essentially not connected to the internet.

    For some reason any (although I didn't try it before), I can not connect via ethernet either, so I think it's probably the driver problems. (I also tried to connect the public wifi but fails).

    I tried to install the driver WiFi Toshiba 8.1 but that has not solved the problem.
    Then I noticed that I'm supposed to install a bunch of drivers in the order.

    Maximum setting to do it, but the first package (associated with bluetooth) said I have to remove the current driver... I try by "turning off", then "Uninstall" but 8.1 seems to re - install automatically and I don't know how to disable this option (I can try to delete the driver file, I guess, but I'm sure 8.1 covered too and will probably launch a drone to try me out ", if I do). *

    Any kind soul there suggestions on a way forward? Pls.

    I see in the instructions of Toshiba Windows Update 8.1 should I have uninstalled the drivers before the update, but there is not much I can do about it now. :(


    > I don't see in the instructions of Toshiba Windows Update 8.1 should I have uninstalled the drivers before the update, but there is not much I can do about it now
    All your problems with the Windows 8.1 update related to the fact that you have not upgraded the Windows 8.1 system as recommended by Toshiba.


    Back to Windows 8 (reset the system back to factory settings)
    Then, install all updates and patches for Windows 8 and follow along with the upgrade of system as described on the Toshiba Windows 8.1 upgrade page

    On the page of the Toshiba UE driver, you will find all the instruments that must be installed in the correct order and Windows 8.1 driver!

  • Satellite L650 - 11Z - Windows update problem 800706BE/800706BA


    I have problems with the automatic update on windows 7 64 bit. I bought this laptop (Toshiba Satellite L650 - 11Z) last July.

    When the computer begins to do the automatic update, there a while and reports the problems mentioned in the subject.

    I tried to find help for Windows support, but there is a statement, that if windows is installed in the laptop before buying it, I should consult the producer of the computer.



    I found this info on the 800706BE error:
    + Error 800706BA is a standard Windows error with many causes. It more often refers to Microsoft COM Internet Services (CIS) on the call of client DCOM Distributed Component Object Model (RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE); the RPC server is unavailable (Windows Event ID) 1722. That's when a RPC request expires and 800706BA error results. +

    I found this here:

    Here are also a few details and proposals for solution of Microsoft:

    Hope this helps

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