Problem with activation by using two hard drives (XP on one) and Win7 on the other

I have XP sp3 installed on a hard drive and Win7 on another. I never use XP, I only keep there to keep my Win7 works great.

I do not remember how did I installed win7, but I pretty sure I booted from a USB key and installed on a new hard drive.

It seems that XP hard drive is in charge the boot settings, or something because I have set as the boot default HDD (in bios), and then select Windows 7 in boot menu that follows.

If I select the hard disks Windows 7 the default boot hard drive, Windows restores activation. Select the hard drive with XP and win7 then choosing in the start menu, works very well, the activation is OK again.

I'll install Win8 (that I already bought), but I still need to figure out what to do with this situation, because I need to replace the hard drive where XP is installed and install Win8 and have a double Win7 and boot 8.

It is possible to solve the problem of activation, without having me call Microsoft? I use a utility called EasyBCD 2.2 and I was wondering if maybe this program could help fix me.

Any thoughts?

Disconnect the drive xp, fix the win7 installation and activate if necessary

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    Hi dude, on average

    A. from when what happens?

    B. recent changes made on your computer?

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    First of all, I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Norton using the Norton Utilities disk and check if the problem persists.

    Second, you may have to perform an auditor of the system files on your computer in order to replace the files corrupted on your computer.

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  • Satellite P300-135 system issues using two HARD drives

    About a month ago I bought a faster hard drive for my laptop (because it wasn't hard drive 5400 RPM by default), and computer technicians to the store where I bought my laptop has recommended a Seagate Momentus 7200.4 250410.

    The first couple of days everything went smooth, but after that, every second, restart my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit) reports of problems with my video card, sometimes 'Windows cannot initialize the device of this hardware driver. (Code 37) ", the other time"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. " (Code 43) ", and when this error occurs, the keyboard and the keyboard do not work too.
    I made a simple and primitive diagnosis by deleting the second hard drive and rebooted 5 or 6 times, and everything went very well.

    So I think the problem is that the laptop has not enough power for two hard disks. Is it true, or is my phone begins to fail?

    Sorry for my mistakes of language, but English is my second language.


    Usually the second HDD should not affect the performance of the system, but it of impossible
    So maybe you should test the specifications and performance of OS using another HARD drive maybe a HARD disk that takes in charge of 5400 RPM

  • Can I use two hard drives in the Qosmio G40-10th

    Anyone know if it is possible to install two hard drives in this laptop. I read simewhere that it had to be two slots hard drive in it?
    If so where is it located?
    Ther would be all issues around extra heat that could be generated etc.?

    I have had mine for about 5/6 months and have had a screen replaced (defective backlight).
    Many other people have had problems?

    I wonder if its worth buy the extended warranty.

    See you soon.


    As far as I know this laptop takes support only a single HARD disk.
    Check the underside of the laptop. Do you see a second slot (cover) the second HDD?
    I imagine that it has a single HARD drive Bay, and so only a single HARD disk can be used.

    I m not a G40 owner and, therefore, I cannot comment on any other issue.
    But each computer technology may start to malfunction it is why I always recommend buying an extended warranty.

    Best regards

  • Problem with installing Windows on a hard drive, HARD drive does not get detected after installation

    Original title: help with hard drive of the computer.

    Flow of the problem:

    My aunt tried to install windows 7 on the previous copy of windows 8. Needless to say that it doesn't work and it has messed up the hard drive. So, I bought a vacuum. I formatted the hard drive using my other windows computer to have 2 partitions: a boot partition and system partition, and then used the program WinToUSB to install windows on the hard disk. The reason I did it is, because no matter how many times I changed the BIOS in my laptop of aunts, it wouldn't boot from the DVD player to load the windows software. After a few hours, I found WinToUSB. Once windows has been installed, I plugged it into the laptop. For a few hours, I didn't know what to do, because the computer does not recognize the hard drive (he said: "Not detected"). I decided to start from legacy, and then the screen deals

    «intell...» »

    and a bunch of dates, etc all the stuff on the screen to load legacy if you know what I mean.

    He said "not plugged in the media. Check the power cord.

    Then quickly changed screen before I can read almost anything and it goes to the normal windows screen black (with 4 colors). I said to myself, how can he be loading if the hard drive is not detected... Once it is loaded, he brought me to the blue screen (blue screen of death, if you want) I turned the computer on again, always noticing the hard drive was not detected. I ran all the recovery/repair options I could and turned off the laptop. I came back a few hours ago and I loaded the computer again and went into the BIOS.  He said that the hard drive has been detected and said the news about this, as usual. However, at the start of the legacy of windows loading screen, it said still not detected.  I then started to windows to see since it is now detected if that fixes the blue screen. Yet, there is no. I tried to go to the normal windows and screen remains blue. any ideas?

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, it seems that Windows was not properly installed on the hard drive. I'm not sure how to work the software from third-party manufacturers WinToUSB and reliable installation process is. Microsoft does not recommend using any third party tool to install Windows on your computer, the use of these third-party tools can cause serious damage to your computer.

    I would say to format the hard drive once more and try to install Windows through normal Windows installation process.

    Refer to the section "using the installation option custom if no operating system is installed" in the thread below.

    Installing and reinstalling Windows

    If you are not able to install Windows on the hard drive at all, I suggest you to contact the hard drive manufacturer to obtain a diagnosis of material performed on the hard drive.

    Do not hesitate to write back for any further assistance with Windows, we will be happy to help you.

  • My windows XP on my computer has 2 equipped with hard disks for it, but only the master hard drive showed. How can I make if I use two hard drives.

    The master drive is showing that the C: drive but my other hard drive does not appear. How can I solve this problem...

    Sorry if I can't give full detailed descriptions Im new to XP.

    When the computer starts, press the right key combination.  Check the manual of your computer, or see the article by Michael Stevens' Access/Enter motherboard BIOS .

  • Satellite M30X: Problems with external USB 2.0 HARD drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M30X. I bought recently a 200 GB external hard drive. It has its own power supply. If I connect with USB 2.0 on my laptop, it happens to disconnect and reconnect leads him. Sometimes it works, so I can put data on the disc. Then again, he diconnects and reconnects repeatedly. I've tried a different USB Port, but there is no difference. It's very strange, because I plugged the external hard drive to many other computers (Laptop and Tower) and it STILL works! It is that with my cell phone, it disconnects and reconnects all the time. As I said, not always. Sometimes it works for a half an hour or two and then the action begins again...

    If anyone can help?
    Oxford Lutz


    I put t know if this can help, but you can try to connect a USB hub with an external power supply. Then try to connect this external HARD disk to the USB hub.
    I know that it of not a exactly the solution but maybe it will help you to solve this problem of USB.

    Good bye

  • The urge to Ultrabook 6 problem with recovery after failure of hard drive (out of warranty)


    Please can someone tell me if it is true that to use HP factory recovery disks, hardware must be exactly the same as when purchased.

    After hours wasted trying to get the recovery disks to work, I find myself with the same "failed to retrieve @ screen and some unnecessary lines of code."

    In reading the various posts, it seems that I have a replacement for HP HARD drive of the same type that came with the computer. If this is the case, then the links on the support pages should say this before I have pay £39 for a set of disks.

    For me, a hard drive is a hard drive. I replaced a drive fried (1 month out of warranty expires) with a good brand replacement, but larger. Disks won't load.

    However, I could load W7 form an iso file and get that to work. I need the recovery because I do not know how to configure raid which allows the QuickStart on this laptop, and I don't have the time or no further inclination to make it work.

    Partly a rant, sorry, but I'm wrong, and is there a solution?


    I have seen others with this problem. Unfortunately, the only working solution, I remember the top was where a guy removed the player cache Msata, ran recovery then reinstalled.

    On a single charge of Win 7 I think you could install the Intel Quick Start software, then use it to activate the quick start. I have more a laptop Win 7 with Msata to test, but I remember the software could be opened from the icon beside the system clock and used to toggle the quick start.

  • Using two hard drives

    I have an Asus laptop. I filled out a hard drive and I still have another one to use. Is there an easy way to share and use both of the hard drives?

    This is an internal hard drive means you have two partitions, not two disks.

    Have you done your recovery disks according to the instructions of Asus, it is important that you do before you procceed!

    Computor check what drives are displayed, probably C & D it should show xxgb free xxgb for each drive - you need to check this

    Or look in disk management

    Ensure that your data is backed up, then use the free Partition tool,

    To combine with C D

    (I assumed that d is the other partition)

  • How can I transfer my files from old computer with Windows XP to new computer with Windows 7 using a hard drive external?

    I have a computer with Windows XP and I just bought a computer with Windows7, can I transfer files to the new computer by using an external hard drive?  If so, how?

    Hi BarbKe

    Try to use this tool, it's called Windows easy transfer, I don't know if it works with an external hard drive or if you want to just manually, you can transfer the file using the method of copy paste...

    Hope this works

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    How externally is formatted? the last time that I answered this problem 2 days ago the person was externally formatted in NTFS and it must be Mac.

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    I have problem with my laptop HDD digital West sometimes when I plug it to my computer, my computer does not recognize it. But when he recognizes I can access the drive, but sometimes it is crash and restart once again it always happens... .this which should I do please help me! I have 9 a quick response...

    Other usb devices work on this PC?

    WD provides a free test utility, Data Lifeguard

  • Problem with activation by using the product key.

    Hey guys my computer came preinstalled windows 8. It will break the other day I update so I wouldn't lose all my flies. and now my product key was gone, it has not been activated more. I try to get online but nun does not work. n, now it tell me my activation will expire tomorrow can someone help me!

    MI buy slui.exe 4 has worked in Guyana... I have to call the number they give me...

    This laptop has been buying in new York.


  • problems with a Toshiba USB external hard drive?


    I have a Toshiba external HD, USB, formatted in FAT 32 connection and I wanted to use it with my MacBook (Mac OS 10.11.3).

    This Toshiba HD just don't climbs on the desk or the show up in disk utility.

    Anyone has the same problem?

    Is there something to do?

    Thank you.

    I have a Toshiba of 3 laptop USB works fine. Typical things to try are:

    1. Restart the computer
    2. Launch disk utility and see if it appears. It cannot be mounted and requires a repair
    3. Reset the SMC reset management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support
    4. Connect the drive directly to the computer instead of the hub
    5. Try a different cable

    And if none of these works, try to connect to another computer to see if it works elsewhere.

  • My imac (El Capitan 10.11.6 - 2 Terabyts) complete and FCPX disk will not work. I moved a few fcpxbundles library to an external hard drive (seagate 2 trabyte) and erased from the iMac. NowFCPX said that missing data as effects therefore can not shar

    Help!  My FCPX (v - 10.2.3) does not work because my iMac drive is full (iMac 21.5 inch has 2 terabyte w / v OS El Capitan 10.11.6) I had tried to free up space by moving tons of files on a usb disk Seagate (2 terabyte) speedboat that barely made a dent. then on the advice of a friend I found (in movies) a file called Final Cut backups. There were 4 files with extension, ".fcpbundle" I have three of them moved to another drive to Seagate usb - they had 2.82 GB, 21.6 GB and GB 68,21 that I thought should be enough and them removed from my iMac drive - bad! It says I have only 13.46 GB free on my 2 terabyte iMac total!

    The fourth fcpbundle it's TB 1.72! But before leaving that I returned and opened FCPX and found the warning triangle around my library... While my last project looked OK I couldn't / the share of exports because the pop-up says FCPX has no data for efx etc (the media looked at and display fine) and cannot be taken out.

    FCPX can work with the "beams" moved to another drive? How the detectable in a new place? Or how to put them back?
    How can I make sure that future packages clutter my iMac again?

    Do I need a RAID disks? If yes which?

    I found other folders in folders 'Make files' and records backup for projects with the .fcpbundle inside files

    How can I get this sucker working again?... and what should I do to keep him from doing the same thing in the future?

    Thank you


    :.. then on the advice of a friend I found a file called Final Cut backups (in movies). There were 4 files with extension, ".fcpbundle" I have three of them moved to another drive to Seagate usb - they had 2.82 GB, 21.6 GB and GB 68,21:

    The backup files are only the database files (no media) and must be low, not gigabytes, do not know what is happening there.

    Media libraries stored in the bundle of FCP X library or stored outside?

    If stored at the breast, called managed media, simply copy and paste the library to a different location.

    Make sure that library books newly located correctly before you remove what either.

    Perhaps check your settings of the library.

    Click the library icon in the browser and it appears in the Inspector:

    By clicking on change settings shows this:

    Move the mouse over the media and it will reveal the path where things are sent.

    Then you might be able to track down what goes where.

    From you description, it seems that most of the media files and rendered is not be moved successfully.

    Some screenshots would be useful if you can't find where stuff is.


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