Problem with BBUI / Web database / asychronous timing: untreated by BBUI.js query in HTML format

I think I solved most of my problems with getting my data to be used in various functions, etc... but the problem now (which may have been the problem basic all along) is related to the asynchronous nature of the treatment of Web database.

I get my markup returned as a

with all the 'data-bb-type' attributes etc, but based on the statements of 'alert' I sprinkled throughout my code, database results are processed after the 'onscreenready' event is over and "ondomready" began.

I know that if you generate markup for use with BBUI.js, he must enter the screen "" before the screen "" is passed to BBUI.js BBUI can do everything it's the stuff of fantasy for her.

I tried to make sense, but it escapes me. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction for a good tutorial that explains clearly what is happening behind the scenes, and then I guess I'll have to rip my code share and put back... or at least call functions in a different way or from a different location or use the callbacks more liberally (I'm not exactly clear on the use of reminders either).

The approach you describe would be necessary in the sense that an asynchronous call in the onscreenready function will allow this function to progress / probably finish and BBUI continue on treatment until you can completely change the elements with the data returned by the database.

Content, while not ideal, front-loading is a valid route.

The other option, depending on which time of control you're filling, would wait for ondomready and then use the JavaScript APIs for the control (if any) to be completed after the fact. For example, the ImageList controls have JavaScript APIs to refresh their content with an array of elements, once the element has been created / BBUI-means.

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    I have checkd my browser settings and they are default and also my wifi settings I have reset the... the problem still persists?

    any idea wats going on?

    Please help is needed I'm annoyed about this problem...

    Thank you

    MR. KIWI... Good news... .i went to my carrier service center... Solvedo Problemo!

    Go to your service books and remove directories of service WAP browser in all directories of service WAP 3 I don't know the exact name, but all are related to the browser... WAP config something like dat... Just remove dem... .and HARD restart your fone... and try to use only wifi on your device with your carrier network off...

    mine worked... Let me know on urs... so now, the browser uses my wifi instead of my network provider when both are running...

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    There is a problem with the service or it could be a local problem?

    Thank you


    @ursuss - what you see in the creative Cloud Files folder on your computer must match what you see on the site Active CC to

    Use the collector for the Adobe Log tool to and newspapers as well as the explanation of the problem by e-mail at [email protected]. Please provide additional information indicated by Warner Harress in this Adobe forum post

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