Problem with JAVA on Sateliite Pro 6000

I have problems running versions of Java 1.4 and higher. My laptop freezes and has to be restarted. Since I found that other users of this model of laptop in our society have the same problem.

Is there a known problem with the Satellite Pro 6000? The problem does not appear to affect personnel with laptop computers Tecra.

Any help appreciated.
Thank you


Can you give us more information on this subject? What OS did you use?
I put t know if it helps but you can try to update the drivers (graphics, etc.) and the BIOS.

Good bye

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    It seems that you are facing problems with Java during the visit of the gaming sites.

    1. This problem occurs on all the gaming sites?
    2. Other sites work well?
    3. What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    You can Remove all existing versions of Java on the computer and reinstall the last being. We know the result.

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    1. what anti-virus software you have installed in the computer?

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    Windows Update can occur if one or more of the following conditions are met:

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    First; There, please do not type in uppercase.  It is considered rude and make your post less readable.

    The version of Java to use depends on the browser.  Firefox is a 32-bit browser therefore uses the 32-bit version of Java.
    Internet Explorer, for example, has a 32-bit and 64-bit version in Windows 7, the two versions of Java may apply depending on whether you are using.

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    Thank you


    Why Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 hang after that I have visits a web page with Java applets?

    Install Java in Windows Internet Explorer 9

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    You see the same problems if you test with another Windows user?

    You are running version 64 bit or 32 bit IE 9?  Even if you're a machine 64-bit by default IE 8 or 9 should be the 32-bit version.  This is the version that runs on 64-bit computers by default.  If you use this version, then the problems would disappear.

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  • Problem with the HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer: clean the print heads each time it is turned on

    Hello everyone,

    the printer HP all-in-one Officejet Pro 8500 (A909a - product n. CB022A) clean the print heads whenever I turn it on. This problem affects any HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer, it is not a problem only of this one I bought. It is a boring bug and annoying because each power clean print heads on involves two bad disadvantages:

    1. waste of ink (each heads cleaning process consumes little ink);
    2. too much time (2-3 minutes) to prepare the printer after plugging.

    I upgraded my printer with the latest firmware available on the HP site (firmware ver. DLM1FN1006BR), but the bug is still present.

    At this point, I ask:

    1. There is a way (or procedure) to disable automatic cleaning this useless to all power on?
    2. Can we communicate with the HP engineers or tell me how to contact directly one of them to indicate the bug and request a new firmware updated?

    Please don't tell me to leave the printer on all the time or that the printheads to each cleaning power is normal behavior! Where then are power and ink savings claimed for this printer model?

    I hope that a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance to everyone will help me!

    Maintenance when the printer is turned on is normal and is required to keep the printheads in good health (not blocked). See here for more information.

    With respect to energy savings, the printer automatically goes to low power mode when the don't feel not for awhile.  It is not necessary turn the unit on to save energy.

  • Problems with multitasking on Satellite Pro P200

    I am the owner of a new Satellite Pro P200.
    I use this laptop to use software such as photoshop, indesign, etc.

    * Now I have problems with multitasking! *
    It is not possible to run 3 programs at the same time.
    That I have to restart my laptop again and again.

    Does anyone know what is the problem?
    Can someone help me with this problem?

    For two weeks I have P200D. I use it for work and use different applications at the same time. So far, everything is OK and I am very satisfied. Maybe you should try to optimize the operating system:
    -remove all software, you do not need
    -disable the startup of unnecessary software of automatic startup (MSCONFIG)
    -customize the appearance
    -information on the open performance and Control Panel tools and use tasks on the left side to improve the performance of computer s

    P200 is powerful enough and must be able to manage with a few applications running at the same time.

  • Problem with the formats video pro update 2.0.4


    I have a problem with FCPX that appeared after I installed that formats video pro update 2.0.4 (very probably related to this update because had no problem before it). Final assembly runs very slowly and when I try to quit smoking I get a message that says 'Cancellation tasks background' with a progress bar that never begins. I opened the window of background tasks and there is no background running task. Only force leaving the application closes.

    System specs are:

    FCPX version 10.1.4

    Mavericks OSX version 10.9.5

    MacBook Pro 15 "in early 2011, intel core i7 at 2 GHz, 8 GB of RAM"

    Any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you

    Start by removing the preferences. Press the command and option keys at startup and confirm.

  • Problem with Intel WM3945ABG Sat Pro P100 wireless

    I formatted my Satellite Pro P100 and re-installed XP Pro SP2 (after the driver installation guide for the Web from Toshiba site). Originally, when I installed the WiFi drivers, I didn't install the Intel wireless client as I wanted Windows XP zero config to do all necessary things. I came to use the WiFi on my Tosh yesterday with my wireless network and was faced with not being able to find either of my 2 AP - so after switch double check the WiFi was on, I started my spare laptop and found them immediately.

    Fortunately my spare laptop also has an Intel wireless card so I made sure that all my settings in the properties of the device match (best I could since one is a model of diff), but the default settings matched. I then continued to update the drivers from the Intel site - this time, I installed the Intel Wireless Client. I noticed that the Intel client icon in the system tray is lit blue (so I guess that its on), then changes the clear logo with a red on X. When I open the Intel customer and try to turn on the Radio via the menu dropdown but I get an error saying "the intel pro/wireless network connection is still disabled. Use your hardware switch to enable it. Although the wireless switch is on and the light orange light it up! Utility troubleshooting Intel said almost the same thing and the observer of events of Intel wireless display not all entries after cranking up what I am trying to turn on the radio via the client and the message I can get is "Radio off by IWA.

    In my frustration, I noticed that my keyboard has a function (FN + F8) key to activate wireless however I tried to load the hotkey Toshiba (& common Modules) wireless drivers U200 its not listed for the P100. Alas, no money after pressing FN + F8 will make any difference - I checked and the Toshiba Wireless HotKey (toshkcw.exe) runs in the 'process' of the Task Manager. Unfortunately, I've never tried this shortcut when I still had XP Home installed so I can only assume that HK is not supposed to not work.
    After that, I tried to uninstall the drivers again and reinstall the drivers from the Toshiba site downloads and always end up with the same problem.

    ... Is being short of formatting again and from scratch there anything else that I missed?

    Cheers for any help you guys can give!


    It is really not easy to say what is missing here. As far as I know that satellite Pro P100 is already preinstalled (comes) with WXP Pro and I really don t understand why you try to install this new but without recovery media. Perhaps because of the other language?

    In any case, you can also install your own operating system. All the drivers, tools and utilities must be installed in the correct order. Check the document facilities instructions on the download page.

    It will be really interesting to know if it was the problem with the factory settings. You cannot mix designed models of different laptops Toshiba tools because it is not the same (U200 tool for P100). This FN + F8 option should appear if the right tool or utility is preinstalled, but please don t ask me that one. It's really different from unit to unit and facilities plan is similar but not the same thing.

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    What said Teodor, the jQuery library is not found as can be demonstrated when we follow him - - link you have placed in your document online.

    The only reason why there is a 404 error is because the file is not in the specified location, it has not been downloaded to the location of i.o.w..

  • Problems with opening files Acrobat Pro 9 PDF

    Hello. We use Acrobat Pro version 9.0.0 to convert our files of Word of documentation produced in PDF format. In recent weeks, our clients report a problem more with the opening of these files. We usually deliver those on a DVD with Acrobat Reader 5 or an older version. (Please do not ask me why we are always on these older versions!) Anyone done the experience of similar problems with Acrobat Pro 9 PDF files and older versions of Acrobat Reader? Acrobat Pro version 9.0.0 works without problems with the most recent Acrobat Reader 9.1 download?

    Please post your comments. Thx a lot - Kay

    You must save them to be backward compatible. You can only set your printer Adobe PDF option. In Acrobat, you do not save, but use reduce the size of file or PDF Optimizer for backward compatibility. You might have added something that was specific AA9 that causes the problem. Depends on if you create forms or what. When you are dealing with a company, it's probably a good idea to keep backward compatibility at least version 6, but it looks like 5 for your case if you distribute Reader 5 on the CD. I maintain AA5 compatibility of files that I create.

  • problem with Java mail for oracle 9i

    Hi all
    I want to send messages from the oracle 9i server to my mail server (
    Please see this link * [] * and I try to follow their guidelines.
    Everything is running successfully. The part where it's written on this document "Install Java Code to send emails with attachments. When try to run this code as scott/tiger schema, then I got an error which is in the below:

    ATTENTION: Java created with compilation errors.

    After the words when I ran to see what the problem with the execution of this order "display errors java source 'SendMail'" it's generating error information below:

    error starting
    JAVA SOURCE SendMail errors:

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    0/0 SendMail:25: class Session not found.
    0/0 SendMail:25: name of variable or class not defined: Session
    SendMail:29 0/0: MimeMessage class not found.
    SendMail:29 0/0: MimeMessage class not found.
    SendMail:34 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:34 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:34 0/0: Undefined variable or class name: InternetAddress
    SendMail:41 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:41 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:41 0/0: Undefined variable or class name: InternetAddress

    SendMail:48 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:48 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:48 0/0: Undefined variable or class name: InternetAddress
    SendMail:55 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:55 0/0: InternetAddress class not found.
    SendMail:55 0/0: Undefined variable or class name: InternetAddress
    SendMail:60 0/0: msg Variable may not have been initialized.
    SendMail:63 0/0: Multipart class not found.
    0/0 SendMail:63: class not found MimeMultipart.
    SendMail:67 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.
    SendMail:67 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.

    SendMail:79 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.
    SendMail:79 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.
    SendMail:80 0/0: Class FileDataSource not found.
    SendMail:81 0/0: Class FileDataSource not found.
    SendMail:90 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.
    SendMail:90 0/0: MimeBodyPart class not found.
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    SendMail:91 0/0: Class FileDataSource not found.
    SendMail:99 0/0: msg Variable may not have been initialized.
    0/0 SendMail:105: name of variable or class not defined: Transport
    SendMail:106 0/0: MessagingException class not found.

    0/0 info: 33 errors
    end error

    Even if I try to compile the source file java Oracle database 9i «schema-> Scott-> Source types-> Java Sources»
    But could not compile. There show "status as invalid.

    Please help me

    Published by: André on June 4, 2010 20:21

    Published by: André on June 4, 2010 20:22

    Published by: André on June 4, 2010 20:23

    is there a reason why you need to use JAVA for this? Oracle email can be easily done using UTL_SMTP - I've been using this package for years with great success - running like a charm 9.2

  • Problems with the new Macbook pro 15' maxed out

    Here's a quick post about my experience so far with the new macbook pro. I just got a brand new fully maxed out in spec macbook pro 15 inch 1 to SSD 16 GB RAM AMD R9 370 m GPU (set to automatic switching is not always) and a 2.8 to 4 GHz i7. I turned on and set it up which was nice and took 2 minutes. Then experience decreased a little when I saw an EST 05:36 hours of battery life remaining to 94%. So I loaded 100% and it is still 60% of battery life announced and no program running that I literally just signed a brand new machine.

    Then I tried to use the migration wizard to import a backup of my iMac 5 k so I can do everything on this clone for my laptop. After having successfully connected (he told me if my password for time machine was incorrect or not) it froze and did nothing, continue did nothing.

    Then place had to call support, was a guy on the phone in 30 seconds and I unplug and restart the machine time, always that same question so I transferred to a guy with "more training". The new guy I could say knew a little more and knew that I knew how to set my password or if I walked in their properly for a bit but they all have been set for the same password just for this. I created a second admin account called "test" under his leadership, and when the migration assist froze on this account, he was surprised and proceeded to transfer me off.

    I preceded to restore fully the machine into thinking that my account setup is causing trouble with the migration assistant, and it turns out that the closure of that laptop it can only continue to 'download additional components', while that connected for 30 minutes so all last night was wasted, and now I guess he's got 5 left 12 hours to download original 'things '. Keep in mind that I can download 5 GB in one hour... After he wake up this morning and ending up where I left it last night :/ he says 84 hours go, now 72 and 51 and it is not updated even once in seconds, it took 20 minutes to 84 minutes to 51, it's literally a day 2 reset extravagance or what? Just to download it I can only imagine the actual plant until I can install my programs.

    The cost of the laptop was about $3600 but paid ~ $2900 after headphones were included and $250 off for delivery to students and other issues on the agenda of the process itself that is not my complaint, what happens, but sitting with a new camera and support useless just to ask me if I can use actually tomorrow at this price are unacceptable.

    I would like to continue using it for a while.

    You can try to reset the SMC

Maybe you are looking for