Problem with keyboard on Satellite L500-128

Hi all

I'm having some problems with the keyboard on my Satellite L500-128 - essentially; 8, 9, i, o, k, l and comma and period keys do not work.

All other keys are working perfectly fine (I use an external keyboard if people wonder!)

I'm technically minded but I was wondering if its worth disassemble the laptop and have one eye or if someone has had this problem with this laptop before - or if someone has any ideas with what he could fix.

I tried to do a reset of the laptop (battery and pressing power button) I reinstalled the operating system, but the keyboard still has problems in the BIOS too.



In my opinion and as suggested by Liam, it looks like a simple keyboard malfunction and to solve this problem, the keyboard needs to be replaced.

The Toshiba service in your country partner could replace the defective
Otherwise, you could try to replace it yourself, but if you are a beginner and if you have no experience, ask a support technician.

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  • Strange problem with touchpad on Satellite L500-19Z

    I have an older one month by Satellite L500-19Z running on Windows 7 64 bit.
    While using it to edit photos, he began to behave strangely. It was as if someone was quickly down the left button of the mouse. I have been unable to leave any program or use the Start Menu to restart.

    After turning off the power supply and the battery, I started it in Mode without failure, but the problem was still there. If I flew over any icon that he raised the window several times. By disabling the touchpad through Fn + F9, I was able to use a graphics tablet to re - start and it works normally. I hesitate to use the recovery of the system or the recovery disks that I created when I bought it because of the number of third party programs that I would lose.

    Everyone knows the problem please? What should I do to activate the touchpad see if it works fine now?
    Thank you very much


    Can you turn the touchpad by pressing FN + F9 as usual?

    In your case I would also update the driver for the touchpad. You can download it here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    If an external mouse works but the touchpad is still problems, I think that you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. After that, you have the same settings as on the first day where you bought the laptop.

  • Serious problem with keyboard on Satellite M70-267

    The Lanaguage keyboard is in the United Kingdom. The keyboard is messed up seriously and I can't understand why.
    I can press any letter / number and it will give me something totally different, like for example when I press space bar the screen resolution appears the entire keyboard is seriously messed up.

    I've only had this pc for a week and it's all new, it's a M70-267.

    If anyone can help solve me this problem would be great.

    Thanks scott

    Hi Dino

    Don't wait long. I recommend you preinstall unit with recovery delivered DVDs. On this way, you will have "factory settings". Test again. If the problem persists, contact your local dealer liquid.

  • Satellite L500-128 - slow connection to wireless network

    I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L500-128.

    After I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, my laptop is very very slow at startup. He hangs on to my wireless network connection or non - wireless (no matter whether I am connected to a cable). At this point, Windows has already started, but has not loaded al my applications yet. After 1.5 minutes or so when it is connected to my network (or has decided that he cannot connect because I'm not connected to a network), it continues and all is well.

    I already installed the latest network drivers. I have a Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller and an Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN.

    Is there anyone who has this problem and fixed it?


    I had a similar problem on Windows XP... The problem is that I used my router DHCP service it takes up to 1 minute I could use the laptop. I searched a bit here in the forum and I tried to use static IP addresses instead of DHCP from my router service: the problem has been resolved! :)

    Please try static IP addresses and update the firmware on your router!

  • Satellite L500-128 - FN keys do not work with Win 7 64 bit

    Satellite L500-128 - FN keys do not work with the help of the operating system Windows 7 x 64


    Satellite L500-128 belongs to the series of PSLJ3E.
    The European driver Toshiba page contains all drivers for this unit.

    Next to the installation of value-added package, you will need to install the Flash Cards Support utility v
    Buttons controls the FN Flash Cards!

  • Low speed Intel(r) WiFi Link 5100 AGN - Satellite L500-128

    I bought Toshiba Satellite L500-128 and have already 300N Sitecom Wireless Router

    The new laptop has a wireless lan card with the 802-11 Draft-N support
    I don't know the speed of my new laptop buth is continue about 48 / 54 Mbps

    I have a second computer with a supported 802-11 Draft-N Wireless card and works very well with speed more than 136Mbps

    I tried several things to change in the configuration of the card wireless buth without any results.

    Does anyone have an idea? How to solve this problem?

    Thank you


    Check if the wireless network adapter using the Draft N standard.
    You can choose this in Device Manager-> properties-> Advanced tab WLan card

    As far as I know that the WLan card is Intel 5100AGN.
    Check if an update of the WLan driver would also help

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite L500-128 - how to restore factory settings?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-128. A couple of months, I installed the upgrade to windows 7. Now, I want to clean my computer laptop everything. I want to restore the factory settings, but I have no idea how to do that. Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem?

    Thank you


    What do you want exactly?

    Normally it is easy to restore the factory settings. You need only the Toshiba Recovery disk you created, I think. Therefore, enter the disk and start it. The Setup menu will be loaded and you can follow the instructions on the screen. Factory settings will be restored with all the drivers and tools.

    Also, don't forget to backup your data. Everything on the HARD drive will be erased.

  • Is it possible to upgrade the processor on my Satellite L500-128?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-128 with an Intel Centrino duo core proccessor with duo core 2 technology and wanted to know if it is possible to
    pgrade whether a quard core proccessor or a core I3 processor?

    Thank you


    Hi Oscar

    In my opinion the SSDS are quite expensive in that time and I think that you shouldn't spend a lot of money for it now.
    I think that you should increase the RAM to the maximum level and make the right configuration of the OS and you should be satisfied with the performance.
    I don't know what you're doing with your laptop, but for every day activities, it will be enough.

  • Satellite L500-(128) & start a Linux Live USB Stick


    Can someone tell me if it is possible to boot from a USB stick (for example with Xubuntu 9.10 on it) on a new Satellite L500 (-128)?

    She has the necessary options USB - HDD it in the BIOS for this?

    The owners of any Satellite L500 there able to give accurate information? would be appreciated. I could do with the knowledge before you buy one.

    Thank you very much.

    Yes, the L500 can boot from USB Flash Drives. I believe that all 2008-2009 Toshiba laptops can boot from USB :)

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite L50 - has


    I have the model L50 - A Satellite and all typing today, whenever I type a letter on the /eyboard (of the previous word it should be easy to understand what letter it is!) it is replaced by / (slash).

    My computer is only a couple of months and is very well cared for (without food or liquids allowed near him!). I've heard many people having a problem with the letters being substituted by numbers, which I think is a num loc / problem. I've tried, even restored computer to factory settings, but still no luc /!

    I hope someone may be able to help out me?
    That / s :)

    > tried, even restored computer to factory settings, but still no luc /!
    I m there is a problem with the hardware of the keyboard, and I guess that everything would work correctly using external USB keyboard. If you do not have to test this in the past, I would advise you do this just to confirm that the use of the external keyboard wouldn t be a problem.

    I guess that there is no other way for you to replace the internal keyboard with a new one.
    I assume that the warranty is still valid, because the L50 - A is new to the market and therefore, you should contact the Toshiba authorized service provider to get it fixed for free.

  • Satellite L555 - 11 L - problem with keyboard


    I have a keyboard problem with my SATELLITE L555 - 11L. I noticed the first week after I bought it, so I think he's always been there.

    Description of the problem:

    It's as if some characters were swallowed, fairly regularly. It is not a specific key, it can happen on any character, about all 20 characters. Sometimes, on the contrary, some letters are doubled.
    It happens when I write fast. And this isn't always but: when I just plugged in my computer, it works fine. It seems that this happens after having been plugged in for a while. But I was not able to assess this 'time '. Sometimes, it is quite short (2 hours).
    If I keep a key pressed (all), the characters do not commonly appear on-screen. There are regular "jerks" (each 20 characters? I can't really measure).
    This is a very annoying problem, it annoys me when I write an email, that I often...

    What I tried:

    -It happens in every text field (Notepad, in a text box in IE, Firefox and Chrome, in MSN, etc...)
    -I am on WIndows 7. I tried on a CD bootable Linux (Ubuntu), the same problem appears
    -J' tried to write with an external USB keyboard: I do not reproduce the problem
    -with or without battery: same problem
    -J' I updated my BIOS with the update that is available on your site web (from 2010.03.12 if I remember correctly), but it changed nothing.

    I wrote my problem in a forum format hardware. Only one seems to have the same problem as mine. He returned to his PC to Toshiba, they changed the keyboard, but the problem is still there.

    I would like to know if this is a known issue and if you have suggestions of everything I could try before you contact Toshiba and let my precious computer for several weeks... (with the risk that it may return to the same State :().

    Thanks in advance!



    I read in some forums on the same keyboard problem.
    Some characters were not displayed when you type faster
    I read that an update of the BIOS has helped a lot of guys has disabled the touchpad too and this has improved the performance of keyboard

    So I recommend you try it.

  • Satellite A500 / big problem with keyboard

    Hello everyone, first sorry for my English, I'm French!

    Anyway, since 2 days now my Satellite A500 has a big keyboard problem and I don't know how to fix it. I used it as usually, just cleaned each week arriving at work with a simple cloth and after starting my computer, when I started typing, I realized that the keyboard has disappeared as a "madman".

    Some keys are reversed, others like the space bar just doesn't work anymore, capslock button now unlock with the key has and another example, when I press D writes 'CD' and other stuff like that. It is simply impossible to type correctly. I'm running on Windows 7, I have the first test to look for any kinf of viruses, vain, so I formatted my hard drive, reinstalled Windows 7, then after I did the update to the Bios and now everything is clear and clean, but the keyboard problem is still there.

    The fact is that I have this laptop since August 2009 and my warranty no longer applies, so before I should send my computer to any computer repair store I want to know if it's really a problem of keyboard/equipment which can be fixed, "softwarely" or if there is always some kind of alternative for me.

    Thanks to all for your future responses.


    Crazy keyboard?
    Hmm. Don t think that it s software or related bios looks more keyboard problem.
    You can try to plug an external USB keyboard to check if the problem would be also available
    If it s not available using the external USB keyboard, then it s internal problem of keyboard and the part needs to be replaced.

    Keyboard replacement is not difficult. The keyboard is secured by two or three screws that are hidden under the cover of thin plastic above the F1 - F12 buttons.
    Remove the plastic cover, remove the screws, lift the keyboard, disconnect the cable (notice, two tiny locks on the connector needs to be moved).
    Then, you would be able to remove the cable of the flat keyboard which is connected to the mobo.

    But if you have no experience, then you this replacement must be done by laptop computer technician.

    Welcome them

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite L670 - 10 p

    Google Transtale:
    I have a problem with my laptop, I of course put him a served in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And they called and said I need a new part.
    This problem, my keyboard does not work, so not much. Served told me I need a new part.
    They showed me how much is a new keyboard.
    The hit series I don't know because my laptop is just in the served...
    I can only give you the following:
    Toshiba Satellite L670 - 10 p
    So, I only reported as a keyboard normal wiel costs about... I know that it.
    Why should I ask this
    Because only these people steal money... and I note as indicated.
    Thank you.
    Just for you that has this problem...

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismar

    Hello Ismar

    To be honest I didn t understand your ad very well, but if you have laptop new and registered with valid warranty do not pay anything if Notepad or any part of the material is defective.

    While the time guarantee everything that needs to be done, I want to tell all the costs will be covered by the warranty.

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite L735

    (In English) I have a problem with my laptop model Satellite L735-sp3102w not use the CAPS LOCK SHIFT CTRL, x, v, m, know me how I can exclude a keyboard error or an error of configuration keyboard

    (Whenever I turn on the laptop turns on but the button Caps Lock off instantly) I hope that your help thank you

    Double post:

  • Satellite C660: problem with keyboard - double or missing characters


    Last week, I bought my first laptop - a C660.
    A few days after I bought it, I noticed that he was typing double characters or completely miss the characters.
    Now, maybe it's that I'm adjusting to the keyboard, but I was wondering if there was any problem with the keyboards?


    Perhaps, there is a defect in material of the keyboard. Are you running Os with the factory settings? Otherwise, contact the after-sales service. they will fix for free.

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