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My Messages application does not work correctly. I have traditionally used it as a portal for my pseudonym AIM (preferring to use Gchat directly through the google Web site), but sometime in the last month it stopped connecting and refuses to bring to the top of my list of friends. I use a Mac at work and have regularly pass machines and did not normally question to remove the account from anyone who used this right before mac and enter my information and pulling upward with my GOAL information in Messages. For some reason any on my own computer at home, however, he simply stopped instead of allowing me to remove the account from Messages and add it again as a troubleshooting and connection, the negative is grayed out and I cannot remove the information as it exists. I feel as if I could restore the default state of the Messages and add accounts that I use that it would work, but it is not let me delete anything, and it crashes right on 'connection' when I restart the application and click 'enable '. It won't let me change the password on behalf of the GOAL, which is also grey. What should I do to fix this?


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  • Problem with messages sent by post El Capitan: my sent messages appear only when someone answers, not in my "Sent" folder as they did.  Can anyone help?

    Problem with messages sent by post El Capitan:

    My sent messages appear only when someone answers, i.e., in the context of a thread.

    not in my folder "sent" as they did.  Can anyone help?

    The mailbox list is divided into categories with such topics on my Mac. When you position the cursor on one of these positions (with the exception of the mailboxes), you should see the Word display / hide it on the right. Click view, if that's what you see.

    In the category of the mailboxes, the mailboxes are arranged in groups, such as Inbox. To the left of each group is a small tip of arrow. If the arrow points to the right, click it so that it points downwards.

    Also note that you may need to scroll the list of mailboxes upwards or downwards to see it all.

  • Problems with DPS on Mac OS 10.8.2


    Two of my students (Digital Publishing to SintLucas Eindhoven, Netherlands) have problems with their inlays of Folio and Folio Builder. They work on Mac OS 10.8.2 and Folio overlay Panel is there, but it simply doesn't work.

    In the Folio Builder, there is a message "you don't have a plug-in edition compatible digital camera" with a download link. They have downloaded an installed this and the Application Manager says that everything is up-to-date, but the Folio overlays Panel still does not work and Folio Builder has always the same message.

    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

    Den Ronald Bekker

    Digital Edition of teachers

    Try this:

    1. uninstall Adobe air.

    2. restart the Mac.

    3 reinstall the DPS of the tools from:

  • Problems with Flash for Mac OS x (10.5) and FF/Safari

    Because there are REALLY knowledgeable people out there-no matter which cannot help?  PLEASE, I BEG YOU!

    I usually run Firefox (3.6), but also have the same problem with Safari (4.0.4).  After recently updated Flash Player, Shockwave, Flip4Mac and Java in Firefox, on some websites, the image opens, I see the gray circular loading animation and then... nothing.  Just a white box. Cannot access controls and right click brings up a menu that includes: 'Settings' and 'on Flash Player 10 ".

    Here is an example of a site where it's going:

    I deleted and reinstalled the Flash player and Shockwave several times, but no resolution.  I tried to reload the latest version of Firefox, but who have done nothing either.  I got in touch with Adobe, which replied that everything they do is supported installation/uninstallation - and then directed me to a procedure for Internet Explorer!  (That said, a second request referred me here, so maybe not a total waste of time!)  I'm not a programmer, just a moderately sophisticated user, then you are my last, best hope!  Thanks in advance...

    Here's some of the info I sent Adobe:

    Control-click and selecting "about Flash player 10' poster version # 10,0,45,2 (even though it says 45.0 on page FF control plug-in). Click settings to display the Adobe Flash Player settings: display/activate the acceleration hardware checkbox (checked). You cannot uncheck the box here. I did go to the flash site and try to see if changing any of the settings may help, but it did not.

    It started to happen after I installed the latest version of the Flash Player and Shockwave. It happens in Safari and FF (my main browser).

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, flash, shockwave and flip4mac several times. The two seem to work when you go to the appropriate page on Java also seems to work (according to the Java test page).

    Help, please!

    Here are my FF plugins:

    -Shockwave Flash 10.0 r45
    -QuickTime 7.6.4 plugin
    -Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5.6
    -DivX Web Player version
    -Plug-in Silverlight 3.0.40818.0
    iPhotoPhotocast - iPhoto6
    -Java Embedding Plugin
    -Google Earth plugin
    -Garmin Communicator plug-in Version
    -Flip4Mac Windows Media Plugin 2.3
    -Microsoft Office Live plugin
    Office Live Update v1.0
    LogMeIn - Plugin
    -Hulu Desktop Plugin Support

    Browser: Firefox

    Operating system: Mac OS X (10.5)

    H s2foster2, thank you. I can tell you that the Flash Player plug-in is correct. However, I'll give you a thread

    the link that one of our very well informed those sought on this issue contained in part 3. Page down through the messages until you find the one posted by "sergioazenha" 

    This procedure has solved just a matter of someone else, so I hope it solves your.

    Thank you


  • Problem with message PadExe.exe occurs at boot

    On booting, which takes anything up to 30 minutes and more, I get a message that there is a problem with PadExe.exe
    Padhook.dll seems to be the problem. Put PadExe or PadExe.exe in the search engine on the Toshiba site reveals no response.

    Anyone know how I can fix this problem? I can live with the slow start (just do not cut!)
    Thanks for any help.

    This could be a part of the Toshiba Touch and launch software.
    Toshiba Touch and launch offers easy movement and the freedom of navigation of programs with TouchPad
    I see only one way to resolve these error messages. Try to remove this software from the operating system and after removal clean and start you should install it again.

  • Windows vista problems with message hotmail hotmail was not able to complete this form

    When I click on NEW to new email in Hotmail, I get a message from Microsoft, "Windows Live Hotmail was not able to complete this

    request.  Microsoft may contact you about problems that report you. "I can receive emails, etc..  can not change the font or point size of police or fat, etc.

    Hi Mike,.

    Since you are facing problems with Windows Live mail, you can view the query in the Windows Live Forum for assistance.

    Windows Live Support

    For more information, refer to the following links:

  • Problems with Javascript on Mac, but not PC

    I run into some strange problems with a script in which Mac another user stops on a line nothing stores more than one State of history to the variable "actHist" while PC to run the script very well.  We will test the script one Mac to another later today, but I was wondering if there are any known issues with running scripts in Java on Mac vs PC database?  Here is a screenshot of the problem:


    I can't understand WHY it stops on this area.  I tried of asigning the variable outside of the cause of the else statement that I was out of ideas, but it's the same no matter where I declare it.  The odd part is, that the same line is used elsewhere in the script without problems, it doesn't seem to work in the same place on a Mac (PC has no problems with it).  No idea why this is only a problem for the Mac and not any PC?

    Tom's right. It is a known problem and Adobe has been alerted to this topic. This error can also occur when you try to access the activeLayer of a document.

    I used this code for embarrassing lines like this and it worked for me:

    try {
       doc = app.activeDocument;
    } catch  (e) {
       var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
       desc.putEnumerated(cTID("Stte"), cTID("Stte"), cTID("RdCm"));
       executeAction(cTID("Wait"), desc, DialogModes.NO);
       doc = app.activeDocument;

    It did not work for others. Someone suggested using the:

       try {
          doc =  app.activeDocument;
       } catch (e) {
          doc =  app.activeDocument;

    I have not tried because I don't have a reproducible test case.

  • Problem with PSE 8 (Mac)


    I have the following problem with the PSE 8 on my Mac:

    When I want to draw a line, or use the lasso, or straighten tool, I can only draw at 45 °-degree-steps. It seems that I changed a few settings, but I have no idea where to reset that...

    Thanks for the help,


    You can read this post for other possible causes:

    What relates to the full photoshop, but there may be a solution that

    works also for items.

    It seems to be a problem with 10.6.5 and full photoshop

    so far.


  • Anyone having problems with messages of script with the new version of GMail and Yahoo Mail? All the others seem fine and no problems with other browsers. With the help of FF25

    Gmail and Yahoo mail are very slow to load. I get a message from the script almost whenever instruct me to continue or to stop the script. Everything I have shut down or restart the browser goes blank and hangs. So, I have to restart Firefox. I followed suggestions on the help pages for the slow e-mail accounts or issues. (cleared cache etc, reset etc.) nothing solves the problem. I only noticed the problem since the first update of FF25. Scripts to stop even on these pages is not acceptable, because you are directed to the pages who insist you must restart scripts. It's a nightmare! Gmail both Yahoomail are very slow to respond to clicks more.

    Your list of details of the system shows that you have a user.js file in the profile folder to initialize some preferences at each start of Firefox.

    The user.js file appears only if you or another software created, therefore, normally, he wouldn't be here.
    You can check its contents with a text editor if you do not create this file yourself.

    The user.js file is read whenever you launch Firefox and initializes the preferences to the value specified in this file, so set of preferences via user.js can be changed temporarily for the current session.

    You can rename or delete the prefs.js file and numbered possible prefs-# .js and the file user.js to reset all default prefs.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)

    Note that the folder "Application Data" in XP/Win2K and the "AppData" folder in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and later versions are hidden folders.

  • Problems with P2414H on Mac

    I recently bought a Dell P2414H monitor for my office work. Since I'm on a Macbook air, I also bought a docking station to connect with all of my devices. While all seem to function normally the screen that I have connected the hollow as a display port or VGA goes into energy saving mode, and certainly no, she let him. I've read tons of messages about it but was not able to solve the problem. Can someone help me please. Thank you

    The docking station must obviously be 'pilot' even on a mac. I installed them on the belkin site and the screen now works correctly.

  • Sudden problems with Adobe on Mac

    I have a Mac I-.  Used for years with Adobe to read and print PDF files.

    Yesterday, all of the sudden many questions.  Could not print some documents.  Other documents looked very strange, with black background and green type.

    Today, the message is that Adobe Reader cannot be opened.  As a result, cannot view or print PDF files.

    What is the problem?

    Hi jattogox96140952,

    Please provide the exact point of the software & OS installed on your system. Also check if it is there any update available for the software after crossing "" help > check updates "»

    Follow this thread to reset the Acrobat preferences:- How to reset preference settings in format Acrobat.

    Would like to know is what is happening with some or all of the documents.

    For printing issues, please refer to this article:- print troubleshoot PDF in Adobe Acrobat and Reader

    If the problem persists, then would you please check with the account of another user with Admin rights to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


  • Problem with installation on mac OS

    Hello, I just subscribe to a subscription creative suite package and well I installed photoshop, illustrator and indesign on my laptop. The problem is on my 2nd computer fixed at home, a mac with OS X 10.6.8 operating system... I started installation and get a message that the operating system is no longer compatible pour the new version of photoshop. Do you know if there are solutions? my mac is not old and I would really like to work on it. Thank you

    Adobe Creative Cloud is only compatible on Mac OS X 10.7 and above versions.

    However, for any Mac OS version as version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, you can install Adobe Application Manager using which you can connect and install the version of Adobe apps compatible with your computer.

    Only few CC as InDesign version can be installed on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Other applications, you can install the CS 6 version.

    Example: elements

    You can see CC 2015, CC 2014 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.8 but the CC version is.

  • Updated my iPhone 5 ios 9.3.3 and problems with messaging

    Many of my applications were unusable, unless I upgraded (it has been a long time) but when I did all my old messages disappeared. And if that wasn't bad enough when I now get a message there is no notification. AND the content of incoming or outgoing messages will disappear in 1-2 hours. Just left with the name or phone number. I thought I the phone turned off and save but which only made it worse. Even the name / # disappeared. I am a foreigner and I am relying on texting but looks like I made a big mistake. These problems appear in beta? Googling - it's a known issue. Makes me want to never be updated again! Help!  I'm still traumatized from upgrading my MacBook Pro and lose iPhoto. Not impressed by the sign (less) Photo.

    Travel-Shotz wrote:

    ... unless I upgraded (it has been a long time)

    If you updated / upgrade every time new Apple software have been revised, you would probably avoid many of your questions.  You would replace it with several small updates / upgrade for a huge.

    So that's my advice for the future.  One thing you can also do right now is to check the settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (under storage) and make sure that you have absolutely no less than 10% of the total free storage of your device.

  • Problems with WiFi on Mac Mini / problems of Wifi on my Mac Mini

    (English version is below)


    I recently bought a Mac Mini/2.6GHZ/8GB/1TB‑FRA. In recent days, he regularly Öhlins of WiFi.

    Wifi is enabled, spots of it appears in the bar, my networks are found, but as soon as I click on it, he may tell me that it cannot access.

    All my other devices, not LUN MacBookAir connect to wifi on these same networks in the same room.

    I used the diagnostic tool, without effect, I checked my router, not more...

    In addition, he rowed a little, but regularly. For example, the seizure hits of EST programming problems... so:


    Thank you in advance


    ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________

    Hi, sorry for my weak English level...

    I recently bought a Mac Mini/2.6GHZ/8GB/1TB‑FRA. For days, he can't catch wifi network.

    WiFi is on, it appears on the screen high taskbar, my networks is in the list... but when I select them, he cannot access them.

    All other devices, including my MacBookAir, can use WiFi and access to my networks in this room.

    I tried the diagnostic tool, with no effect, I checked my router modem, nothing weird...

    In addition, now, my Mac Mini seems to have some slight delay. For example, typping is slightly off of the consultation on the screen... so:


    Thank you very much


    The guarantee gives the right to the free phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

    If you bought the product in the United States directly from Apple (not a retailer), you have 14 days from the date of delivery where to Exchange or return it for a refund. In other countries, the return policy may be different. If you purchased from a reseller, its return policy applies.

  • Problems with my Bill (MAC)

    Hi, I bought a Macbook year last on the Apple website and today I need the invoice of the mac.

    But I can't find this Bill in my account and when I find the mac with order number, a message appeard 'we are sorry.
    the account connected do not have access to this command. »

    Who can help me please?

    (Sorry for my English, I'm not English)

    You start here > ? Choose "print invoice"?

    Give us action step by step a start URL, the error verbatim and the URL of the page

Maybe you are looking for