Problem with NI Switch Executive - test Panel

NI Switch Executive - Test Panel, I connect routes I created previously, which are then displayed to connected, without error. However, the corresponding relay is not activated (what I mean by monitring DMM). Using NOR-SWITCH Soft Front Panel, I can make the same connections and everything works fine, no idea why connections are not deployed in the Test Panel?

Here is what I use:

PXI-1033 on a PCIe bridge

Matrix 4 x 32 PXI-2530 switch on slot 3

PXI-4071 DMM on slot 2

Hi DeadMeat,

Looks like the NI PXI-2530 is simulated in the IVI configuration.

OR Switch devices Executive virtual peripheral references by their logical names.  Each logical name to a Session links pilot Max (Measurement & Automation Explorer).  A setting in the pilot Session allows you to simulate a device.

I recommend to open MAX, expand the IVI Drivers > driver and check the general tab that the fake it with the drop-down list selection is set to do not simulateSessions.

I hope this helps!

Chad Erickson

Switch Product Support Engineer


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    What is going on? Has anyone been able to abandon an async write using the VISA test panel in MAX?

    I think I stumbled on the answer. If the length of writing is short (I do not know the threshold or if it documented anywhere), MAX or VISA (don't know who) force in synchronization. I wrote a more time control and running async and allows me to have an abortion.

    I'm not sure that this behavior is the idea. Let's say that you write a short command that takes a long time to complete or hangs with the instrument. By forcing the synchronization of Scripture, you will need to wait for a timeout. However, the advantage of the current approach grows short synchronization command is probably faster. The good news is my instrument vxi-11 async stops behavior works by the reads and writes!

  • Connecting two pxi-2527 with NI Switch Executive

    Hello world

    I want to build a test equipment to measure the resistance of the wires. My stock of material contains two cards-MUX pxi-2527 and a pxi-4070 DMM. Each pxi-2527 is connected (via a TB-2627) of a cable harness of the 26 son (name of the harness "6YDA" and "6YDB", see photos).

    The two beams is absolutely equal in the Assembly and naming (for example the sons are named from A to Z).

    First of all, I want to set up a self test function. For this purpose an adapter was built to connect the two cables to driver.

    The adapter connect cable A to the first harness with cable A second son, the first B b to the second and so on.

    For the auto test, simply measure the resistance of adapted connections 26.

    Now I tried to create a virtual device with roads and routegroups via Switch Executive and insert it in my LabView 2009 program.

    But I m not sure if my virtual device is correct. (See pictures attached)

    Unfortunately I have not found an example on the connection of two cards-MUX pxi-2527 together, I need your help.

    I would be very happy to get help from you!

    Thank you very much!


    E Tec

    Hi E-Tec,

    Looks like you have already setup the roads and the routegroups in SwitchExecutive.  Now let's launch LabVIEW and make some magic; Some examples of code that will test each routegroup:

    The first thing we need to do is log on to your virtual device:

    Then, you must configure our DMM and call certain route groups:

    I made many assumptions on what we are trying to accomplish.  My code does the following:

    1. opening of the session for your named virtual device.

    2. the opening of session for DMM... it has more parameters I have hidden for clarity.  See DMM examples in help"Find examples | "" Material input and output"modular instruments and devices" NOR-DMM ' unique measures ' measure resistance if you want to see the entire feature set.

    3 close your RouteGroups one at a time, measurement of resistance, opens the Routegroup, then measure resistance again.  I put only the first 5 routegroups in this code.

    Which should help you get started.  Sorry to expect if a long time keep .  Have a great day!

    John Sullivan

    Switch Product Support Engineer

    National Instruments

  • Problems with tdms built executable; memory.cpp write error


    I have a problem with writing tdms files in bed which executable, that I created with the Builder application in LabView 8.2.1.

    I created a small requesting readings some channels in the DAQmx. This schould results written in a PDM file. All this happens within a while loop, even the steps open-entry-closing-PDM.

    This test in the development environment everything is fine. But if I create an executable file and try this on the same and other computer, I received an error warning.

    The error that says: error on line 342, memory.cpp

    Is there anyone who has any idea what is the problem? What I have to insert something in the creation of PDM application designer?

    best looks, T.Malec

    The problem of TDMS is special to 8.20. However, you cannot run the executable with a new runtime, because the compiled code is not compatible between major releases (example: code compiled with 8.5.0 will run on 8.5.1, but not on 8.6.x).)


  • Problem with GS716T Switch

    This morning we plugged a phone Avaya IP (5621SW) to our network. It synchronized to the top, as it was supposed to, but we started to receive calls on PC hide. After some research, it seems that all PCs connected to a GS716T switch indicates no network connection when the phone is connected. Unplug the phone and turning the power on/off switch everything returns to normal. No other Netgear switch have been affected. We have replaced the GS716T with another switch (not a GS716T) and connect the IP phone has no effect. Wondering what it might be on the GS716T which makes it sensitive to the IP phone? Any thoughts?

    Hello Kelley,

    Well, this isn't the configuration that I expected. The model number of the phone was 5621SW, so I thought that the connection is PC > phone > switch. I tried searching a few cases reported on the GS716T and did not find anything related. This problem is, I should say a little weird, since they do not use the same switch. But let's start the update of the firmware.

    We will wait for your update.

    Thank you

  • Problems with aspire switch SW5-012 10

    New to the community. Just bought an Aspire SW5 - 012 Switch 10. Upgrade to Windows 10 before use. We use Office 365 with Onedrive for storage. After a week, the machine connects to the wifi, but not the internet. I ran 10 Windows diag on connection and got "wifi is not the valid IP configuration". I could get it to make the connection if I went to the command prompt and did; ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew. I discuss with Windows 10 tech, to see if problem with Windows. He clearly had me Winsock, Tcp, Int and reset. Nothing has worked. Then he told me to uninstall the network adapter driver and reinstall. Once I did, I can't go past media disconnected (State of the media). Everyone has problems of this kind. We have (badly) need this tablet to work.

    Problem solved! After posting here, I found a blog, Geeks in Phoenix, who gave the commands to reset the network card. I followed their instruction and it worked! We're back in business. How to reset the network adapter in Windows 10: go to the administrative level command prompt and run these four commands. netsh advfirewall reset, then enter. netsh int ip reset, then enter. netsh int ipv6 reset, then enter. netsh winsock reset, then enter. Restart the computer to complete the reset. I'm guessing that we had something change in the firewall settings, in the configuration of the adapter. The Windows 10 technician, that I have chatted with earlier, couldn't do that to me.

  • Brightness problem with aspire switch 10

    Hi all

    I have a gene with a switch screen aspire 10.
    The brightness level is constantly changing. It is not dependend on the ambient light, because I turned off Adaptive brightness. (When I put a flashlight on the light sensor that does nothing).

    For example: sometimes when I switch between the metro and the desktop mode. Notable stage screens turns a bit more or less clear. It also happens when you watch movies, opening programs, almost always when the image changes.

    Does anyone know a solution to this?

    Kind regards.

    To resolve this problem, I did this.

    On the desktop, right-click. Properties of the graph. Power. I turned off the screen of the energy saving technology.

    I hope this works for you also.

  • Problem with the license to test on both machines...

    I'm a developer I have two Win 7 Machines. On machine 1 install the trial went on a fine and DW, PS and I have been installed. This machine brings 30 days left in the trial when apps to start. He pointed out on machine 2, after installed, adobe application manager apps (I just installed on computer 1) ' day' (cannot be installed yet). FYI - Yes the logins and passwords to connect to adobe are the same for both machines. After researching the topic, I have cleaned with AdobeCreativeSuiteCleanerTool of the Adobe Site and reinstalled manager adobe application. Then the adobe application manager has indicated that all programs were available to 'try' but when I installed PS and started it - he said that "the trial is over - you can open just one more time" and now nothing opens. Therefore, machine 1 says 30 days trial and machine 2 it is expired? What I'm missing here? Your servers don't know my login ID (even) what's happening? It seems that track licenses Adobe has problems, and I fear that I will have problems with 2 machines after I commit to a year of monthly payments... Please don't even think to ask me to reinstall my system, or spend hours to install/uninstall registry tweaking, or trying this or that (in all fairness-ok software is complex I just haven't the time to spend hours to hunt the bugs with your software (I have enough debug with MY OWN CODE...)). I need a solution that I know I can count on the support of Adobe. Adobe's somone please answer this problem and help me to solve it as soon as POSSIBLE?

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    Adobe trial software has expired at the beginning

    There is no support for tests in other...


  • Problem with LOV Switcher ADF + ADF BC


    I have a problem with the list of switch values, missing a piece of the puzzle

    In the object view I have:

    a notation attribute that has 2 lov defined for it - lov_a and lov_b
    a Type attribute which can have a value of 1,2,3,4 or 5
    a passenger attribure LovToUse which has the following expression: Type == 3? 'lov_a': 'lov_b '.

    In other words if the Type is 3 I would like lov_a to show otherwise, I want lov_b.

    I created an a jspx to edit and change the data in my view object.

    The attributes and the Type are on the jspx.
    Type is an autosubmit and side has a partial trigger on Type

    The idea is that when the user changes the Type via the user interface rating will change his lov depending on the Type.

    The problem I have is that when Type is changed to note without changing his lov because I guess the LovToUse attribute is not updated / refreshed.

    How to refresh LovToUse when Type is changed through the user interface and that is all I have to do to get note to use the correct lov?


    You may forget to set the dependency of your attribute LovToUse.

    Check this box:

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    Since I changed my hotmail to outlook my computer runs more slowly, in an e-mail its jumpy and erratic, when I connect first to send the page looks like html with blue bars highlighted then I disconnect and reconnect and then send load, outlook does not work properly, I am running windows xp home edition 2002, service pack 3 , pentium (R) 4 cpu 200 ghz, 1.99 ghz 512 MB of ram, 2 hard drives 1 for 1 of the data for the operating system. never had this problem with hotmail, can I uninstall and reinstall outlook because I know that hotmail will disappear


    You must not use, there are other emails on the web.  For your number current okease try this

    Have you tried to access your account using a different browser or computer?
    The same problem occur?

    I recommend that you clear your browser cache and temporary internet files to ensure that they are not causing your problem.
    This is often caused by a corrupted in the browser file.

    Please delete your browser cookies by following the instructions on the link below:
    For the Internet Explorer browser: press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click on remove
    For Google Chrome: Simultaneously press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click clear browsing data
    For Firefox: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, and then click clean now
    (other browsers are similar)

    For a great experience, you need to update your browser to the latest version and make sure that the latest version of Microsoft Silverlightinstalled   and running for browsers that support it. is optimized for the following browsers: Windows Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10; Google Chrome 17 and higher; Firefox 10 and higher; and 5.1 on Mac Safari. is good on the following browsers, but some features may not display properly: Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 5, Firefox 9 and 5 and Safari 5.1 on Windows or Safari on Windows and Mac 5 and 16. is not supported on the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Google Chrome 4 and higher, Firefox 4 and higher, Safari 4.x and more.

    Wanikiya & Dyami-team-zig-zag.

  • problem with power switch only works a 'cold' start after pushing several times.

    Original title: power switch problem

    The power switch on my computer doesn't work as a 'cold' start after pushing several times.
    Could I have accidentally re-set one "true or false? spend in the registry while trying to solve another problem?


    Looks like that the power switch has developed a problem, probably about to fail.

    Whatever settings are they should be consistent and not need to several tests.

    Check with a real computer store (the one that makes its own internal and no service
    leeks and glances at a Best Buy or other stores) or system manufacturer support
    (for systems custom Integrator system and the manufacturer in the case of construction of House).

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Problems with the switch statement

    There everyone,

    I tried to build a page with 4 buttons. Each button is a symbol that contains 2 png´2 who are the drawings of the key. If you click on the button 1, he has to move on the screen. If you click it again it should back off. and if you click on another button button1 is active then button1 should return to the starting position and button 2 should come on the screen.

    I use a switch statement and a variable.

    composition ready, I used


    to set the Variable

    each button (one of the png within the symbols), I used:

    var = sym.getComposition.getStage.getVariable ("current") courses;

    switch (current)


    case ' ':

    SYM. Play ("in");


    case button1:

    SYM. Play ("out");


    by default:

    sym.getComposition.getStage.getSymbol (current) ("out") .play;

    SYM. Play ("in");



    announcement each animation buttons are labels for the entrance and animation. There are also triggers that change the current variable on the stage

    sym.getComposition.getStage.setVariable ("current", "button1");

    If I test inside a browser and click the button nothing happens.

    I m what do not know my mistake.

    can someone help me?




    Some errors of syntax in red:

    class var = sym.getComposition () .getStage () .getVariable ("current");

    switch (current)


    case ' ':

    SYM. Play ("in");


    case "button1":

    SYM. Play ("out");


    by default:

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .getSymbol (current) ("out") .play;

    SYM. Play ("in");


    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .setVariable ("current", "button1");

  • Problem with bind in Execute Immediate

    Hi all

    Scenario 1:
    It works very well.
      V VARCHAR2(20) := ':X';
      X VARCHAR2(20) := 'Hello World';
      RES VARCHAR2(20);
      QRY VARCHAR2(100);
      QRY := 'SELECT '||V||' FROM DUAL';
    Scenario 2:
      V VARCHAR2(20) := 'X';
      X VARCHAR2(20) := 'Hello World';
      RES VARCHAR2(20);
      QRY VARCHAR2(100);
      QRY := 'SELECT '||V||' FROM DUAL';
    X invalid identifier. 
    Necessary 'X' as the output.

    I could do to make it works very well for both scenarios with small changes in the code?

    My code can't handle scenario 2.

    You can change to sth as follows:

    SQL> declare
      v     varchar2 (20) := 'X';
      x     varchar2 (20) := 'Hello World';
      res   varchar2 (20);
      qry   varchar2 (100);
      qry := 'SELECT ' || case when v not like ':%' then ':' end || v || ' FROM DUAL';
      execute immediate qry into res using case when v not like ':%' then v else x end;
      dbms_output.put_line (res);
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> declare
      v     varchar2 (20) := ':X';
      x     varchar2 (20) := 'Hello World';
      res   varchar2 (20);
      qry   varchar2 (100);
      qry := 'SELECT ' || case when v not like ':%' then ':' end || v || ' FROM DUAL';
      execute immediate qry into res using case when v not like ':%' then v else x end;
      dbms_output.put_line (res);
    Hello World
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
  • Problem with on (rollOut) executed

    We want to create an effect on a clip that starts when the mouse is over it ends (and returns to its initial state) when the mouse goes.
    We did, but we still have a problem. If the user is moving the mouse, the event of we (rollOut) does not work properly and so the clip is not the starting point.

    If some of you had the same? Can you help me?

    Thank you very much

    We can view the code where it would be useful

    I'm sorry but I have not read all the previous posts on this issue. Now, I found the asnwer in this topic: = 1230799 & highlight_key = y & keyword1 = deployment

    Thank you very much anyway.

  • Problems with networking


    We have a vmware infrastructure still in version 4 on a HP Blade Center works for a few years without problem.

    However, 2 days ago, we noticed the VMS has been very slow. We have reduced the problem of network connectivity, even if we do not find what is the problem.

    On VMS, if we try to ping another server (inside or outside the confines of the blade), it loses a large number of pings. Ping by the ESX host everything well without loss of ping.

    This happens on all esx servers 4.

    On the other servers blades on the same box (blades not with hypervisor installed), we don't see any problems, and they work very well. The affected only blades are the esx servers.

    No changes were made to the environment that could have an impact on the virtualization servers, nor there was any firmware update, patch or sw in this infrastructure.

    Do you have any suggestions on what this could be and how to perform troubleshooting on this issue?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Hi all

    Thank you for your help. We have already identified the problem. It was a problem with the switches on the blade case. Raise them solved the problem.

    Kind regards

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