Problem with old PE 1750

Also has anyone seen a situation where a PowerEdge 1750 refuses to accept a full 8 GB of RAM? I have a system that's been completely upgraded BIOS A12 level (later), and everything else works correctly. He started 2 GB (4 512 k sticks) and I swapped the first Bank for 2 GB sticks to 5 GB. That worked fine, but then swap Bank 2-2x2gb (maxing out from the machine to 8 GB) causes the machine resets itself automatically as soon as he finishes the rotation to the top SCSI drives.

I tried several sets different modules, all registered/ECC and the correct specification, but none works. There seems to be nothing wrong with the Bank 2, as I can put in there 2 GB modules with 512 k in Bank 1 and the system boots. It's just that it fails to 8 GB (Windows 2008 32-bit is installed). I heard from one source the USB built-in to support BIOS no definition could help, but that didn't work.

Any ideas appreciated.


Hi, I had the same problem and have a solution.

In the bios there is a setting of redundant memory slot.  By default, it is set to disabled.  Setting to enabled the server start properly and do all 4 slots available to the operating system.

I am able to run Windows Server 2008 (x 86) Enterprise with 8 GB of ram.

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    When the ipad is intended to be used by someone else, you must disable find my iPad in the settings.

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    You and your husband please have your own apple ID, but do not both use the same.

    See you soon


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    CS5 and 10.11 are not supported and will never be supported by Adobe or Apple.

    However it works for some, more actually, but not all. There are sporadic problems with Illustrator, Photoshop seems to be the best. Do not expect an improvement and keep in mind that anyone from Adobe, Apple or anywhere else will fix it.

    Do a clean install

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    h ttps://

    Make sure you have your serial number and if you are having problems with the serial number or the serialization however adobe of web server will not support your problem.

    update the application via photoshop.

  • seems I'm not the only one having problems with safari after update 9.3 cannot follow the links. Safari blocks. hope it gets fixed quickly. jaa shooting allows to follow the link, but the Web page is not out of good old days. any oher ideas?

    seems I'm not the only one having problems with safari after update 9.3 cannot follow the links. Safari blocks. hope it gets fixed quickly. jaa shooting allows to follow the link, but the Web page is not out of good old days. any oher ideas?

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  • Old problem with Spotlight and Word .docx files

    There is an old problem with Spotlight not finding the Word .docx files.  You can find old discussions about it since 2008.  But despite this problem being old has never been resolved.

    The essence of the issue is that Spotlight relies on a variety of software modules for the index files.  Projector selects the module suitable for each type of different file of the index.  These indexing modules all have the suffix of file .mdimporter.  Name of the module for indexing Microsoft office files is "Microsoft Office.mdimporter" and it can be found with a few other modules of .mdimporter in/library/Spotlight /.  The "Microsoft Office.mdimporter" module has rights author of Microsoft inside its packaging info so we know who wrote it.  But this module is included with all new Macs from Apple.  This is perhaps why this problem has never been corrected - the software is written by Microsoft, but delivered by Apple.

    The symptoms of the problem are that Spotlight will find no content in some .docx files.  It is unclear why it fails on some .docx files, but not others.  This problem does not affect other Microsoft formats such as .doc, .xls, .xlsx, etc..

    Because Apple wants to sell Macs to business, and companies make heavy use of MS Office in general, we could think that it would be a priority to fix.  But given that this problem is 7 years old and still not resolved I do not.

    Any suggestions on possible alternatives would be welcome.

    After further investigation, I discovered that the problem is not with "Microsoft Office.mdimporter" as I had thought.  If we run the mdimport(1)-d1 you can see what importer is used. It turns out that for the .docx files, the importer is called 'RichText.mdimporter' which has a copyright by Apple.  And if you use mdimport(1), the file will then be found by Spotlight.  If the issue is not the importer, but rather everything that is triggering the importer to run the .docx files updated.  Here's to blame Microsoft for this one...

    As a workaround, I force indexing my files .docx with a Bash script, which is started by cron.  The script indexes all the .docx that have been modified in the last 24 hours and runs every hour via cron.  If someone is interested in the details just post here and I'll include the script in another post.

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    For hardware problems, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the computer. Here is a link for your convenience.

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  • Problem with an old Dell desktop computer

    Hey guys :) first post here! Happy to be part of the community!

    My father has so some of these old Dell desktops at work that were purchased second-hand and some of them don't work at all. I was asked to provide assistance and we managed to get most of them and running outside.

    Long story short - when you plug the power cable into the PC, the fan runs for a very short time and the power light flashes green light after that the computer is ready to go.

    The problem with this particular computer is that when you plug the power on the computer the CPU fan starts to spin and power light blinks with a light orange and never stops. By pressing the power button has no effect. The power supply of the computer has been replaced, but the same problem persists (the power supply works normally on other computers). All the problematic capacitors have been replaced on the motherboard (which fixed this issue with other computers) but this has still not had any effect.

    The computer has been tested with its minimum parts bare, stripped of all readers of storage, RAM and anything else, but is still unable to boot to the BIOS or do anything.

    My question is - is this a known problem and what measures would be a good thing to determine the cause of the problem?

    Unfortunately, I do not know the exact model of the computer, but I have some pictures of what you can find here:

    Feel free to ask for additional information if required.

    Thank you in advance!


    It is an Optiplex GX280 SFF.  Regulatory model DHP

    Shipping date: November 30, 2004, country: Denmark

    The model is written around the ring on the power button.

    The behavior is a Committee with bad traffic and bad diet.

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    OK, so when I was about 9 or 10 years old my aunt made me a Microsoft account to my xbox using e-mail, known as * address email is removed from the privacy * but his was a good few years I used that email so that when I connect I have to use my one email that I added to identify you , but I can't really do anything with my account because only with the email from yahoo because it is now removed because I have not used in more than 12 months, if anyone has any advice please and thank you.

    Hi Jesus,

    If your * address email is removed from the privacy * account is deleted, you must contact the support of yahoo for the re-opening of the account. You can also create a new account from Microsoft, then sign using your new Microsoft account and use your Microsoft account with your Xbox.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

  • First 10 items does not work with the latest NVIDIA drivers, and adobe and NVIDIA will not solve the problem, why should I pay a fee to upgrade to the latest elements when you fix it, and I find myself with old drivers that affect the game?

    I have the question well documented with newer NVIDIA drivers impacting on the preview of the videos in the first 10 elements. Download driver of 5/2013 has solved the problem, however, there whims... which I do not think that I would have to pay for an upgrade of the elements to get rid of the question with my video card. What can we do about it? $89 for your problem is not something that I like...

    This is a user to user forum, so I'm not sure how to answer your question.

    Problems with the version 10 and nVidia drivers began about a year or two ago - when version 10 was already on two years and two generations of old. So I'm not sure that adobe is going to offer a fix for an old version of the program. Particularly when the nVidia drivers seem to be originally.

    Certainly, you can contact Adobe Customer Service and see if they go on you some sort of agreement on another version of the program. Or you can take a copy of old or second-hand version 11, 12 or 13 on Amazon or eBay for pretty cheap.

    I heard about people who work around this problem by loading a previous version of a driver from nVidia. But those who seem to be options. The least likely scenario is that Adobe will award a fix for a four-year program.

  • Problems with Creative Cloud Desktop on the migration of the old MacbookPro to new MacbookPro

    It is not a question but more my recent experiences with migrating from an old (mid-2010 MacbookPro 17 ") to a new MacbookPro (mid-2015) and the consequences regarding the CC Apps.

    I didn't know that he would have problems with creative cloud during the migration process (or I don't think there should be), but clearly there is something about how Adobe Connect all of the CC following your computer as part of the license agreement which means that you cannot migrate right and it will be honky dory (that's Aussie for you beauty or top notch or large if you) prefer) just like any other piece of software on my laptop that comes with a software "KEY" to the license.  Every other piece of software migrated perfectly and works perfectly without having to reenter the KEYS so he beat me that Adobe makes it so damned awkward... but anyway... it is what it is.  The fact that the license agreement allows you to have the software installed on 2 machines is another reason it intrigues me that you cannot migrate seamlessly.

    What alerted me on an issue after that migration was that Desktop CC crashed suddenly on a cold start.  So I looked at these forums and found a thread that explains how to remove Desktop CC and reinstall.  It worked but later in the day after a reboot it CC Desktop crashed again.  Put it back, once again failed.  Discovered that the preferences Office CC file has not been deleted by the CC Office uninstall App manually deleted, empty the trash, rebooted, reinstalled and it worked.  Next reboot, it crashed it again.  What the...

    Now I'm about to throw the laptop out the window, but it became clear that I had to remove every single application under the CC and then clearing debris NOT removed by uninstall of applications. It became a nightmare after nearly 6 hours of effort.

    From 23:00 last night I gave her one last shot.  Uninstalling, cleaning of CC tool, kill everything, throw it in the trash, reboot and reinstall.  Sam with my fingers crossed and poof, it just.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  Click on install both applications LI and PS, then set the computer laptop do not sleep and stop at the bed.  In the morning, she did, and after a reboot, everything is good.  SO FAR.

    Hope this might help someone else who is having similar levels of grief.


    Thank you John, but I already figured that out as you would have assumed my post.  Also, I've marked as supposed message answer because I've sung on the first sentence was that it was more a comment for the benefit of others who experience the same issue.  Not sure how it has changed state is an unanswered question.

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    Since Acrobat Reader downloaded DC I can't sign my PDF documents. It does not give me the option more and yes I am connected. On the old version, I got no problem with clicking on "signature" and draw the area where I needed my signature, put the password and "POOF" my signature would be there. With this new version, it won't do that or give me the option. The online help is useless. I need to explain to me how connect you as I used too?

    Hi nicholass35183848,

    I assumed that you had a digital signature created in your player application of old and whenever you use to fill out a pdf with a signature field signed you it. But in order to draw and then sign you must use Acrobat Pro DC no DC drive.

    Thank you


  • IPhone update (but an old having problems with the screen Activate iPhone and Apple ID)

    I have an iPhone 5 that, by chance (Pocket escaped), is stuck on the screen of the iPhone 'Find your phone' Activate.  The iPhone does not accept my Apple ID.  He is looking for an address  I can't honestly remember a set up, and I tried a number of variations on the address (using the 'index' system provides) and passwords with no luck.  Do not have any problems with my Apple ID - I can see my phone & details on my screen of the user, when I connect my account (via the office).  Subject to my cellular service provider, I tried to force a restore on the phone via iTunes, but after that he asked me a few questions of initial Setup, I'm just at the "Activate iPhone" screen

    To be honest, I was going to pick up a new phone this week anyway.  My concern is now that I don't want to not suddenly faced with the same problem.  This lock, I meet - is - this quite specific for the phone itself? If I get a 6 plus and use this Apple ID to activate it, I ask in trouble? I admit that I am a twit when it comes to activation codes, the Apple ID, SIM cards and others.

    It was my first smartphone (+ 3 years now) and the installer was made by my employer, so strange things could happen at the beginning.

    Thank you all for any help

    If the implementation was made by your employer, they can put in something different from your Apple ID to find my iPhone. It also seems that if something was damaged in the fall. Who can contribute to the problem.

    If, when you receive your new phone, you make sure you use your Apple ID to find my iPhone, you should have no problem.

  • Problems with the old game; Total Annihlation. Display a horizontal bars, turns into a rainbow of colors. Help, please. I love this game.

    I have display problems with a game that I just downloaded. The game is Annihlation Total; the game does not appear correctly. He works for a few seconds, all the graphics turn Rainbow and I can't seem to stop. Tried to run in compatibility mode; did not work. I hope there is a solution because this is one of my favorite games...

    Hi razorbladeapple,

    (a) what operating system do you have? And also to indicate the version?
    There is currently no information on the compatibility of the game with Windows 7.
    (b) is the display horizontal bar change only whem you play the game?
    (c) you have installed the updated display drivers?
    Some devices have drivers you need to install yourself. If you download a driver that is not self-installable, follow these steps:
    You must be logged on as administrator to perform these steps.
    Contact GT Interactive and check what they have to say about the compatibility of the game with Windows 7 because they are the best people to offer support.

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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