Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim

Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim

Party a pole / zero analysis is linearizing circuit using an operational RODC analysis, in which a driver acts as a short circuit. The problem is that in your circuit, the inductor in parallel with a source of internal tension unit.

Use a small resistor (1mOhm will do in your case) in series with the generator output functions to break the loop short-circuit.

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    Sorry, mate, but you ad confuses me a little and be hones I m not 100% sure what you take on
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    I've found another thread on the setting of the external screen as main screen:

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  • HP Photosmart 6520 and problems with the air IPAD using IOS 8.0.2

    Used APPLE IOS 7. No problem with printing to the 6520. Now, I've updated to version 8.0.2. now, to get a message on the IPAD, saying: 'no printer not found '. No printing from laptop to printer and no problem shows on laptop as the printer selected in the folder devices and printers. Y at - it an update of software of HP to run version 8.0.2. .

    JERENDS, thanks for your response. I had already tried the "hard restart" at the suggestion of the Apple Tech Help, but that doesn't seem to help. But late last night after posting my question Imtried print again and IPAD are my printer without problem. Why he couldn't find yesterday morning but has been able to find it later in the day is one of the mysteries of life, I guess.

  • Problem with lines in Illustrator using the Wacom Tablet

    Hi all

    I have no idea why I'm having this problem in Illustrator. I use the small Intuos Pen Tablet (CTL-480), and my lines in illustrator is really strange. Even when I turn off the pressure in the brush settings, there is a gap in the line (it takes just one line of the same thickness). The Tablet works perfectly in Photoshop, but because I use the tablet to create art using plates (typography), it is easier and better for me to use illustrator. You are not sure that someone else had a similar problem or know maybe a setting I could change or try to fix it?

    I have attached a picture of the problem.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 7.58.21 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.46.21 AM.png

    Thank you for your help.

    This is a known issue.

    If all you want is a line single width, do not use brushes. Use the pencil tool and a simple blow

    If you apply a calligraphy brush, apply the effect zig - zag to it with a value of 0, then a setting of about 100 (turn on the preview to adjust)

  • Seeking help with a problem with the LR I use LR CC on a laptop, when you try to export a picture to an external hard drive, I am now without apparent reason to get the following message, "could not create a JPEG sponsor limit you 92 k Bytes.Plea.

    Seeking help with a problem with the LR

    I use LR CC on a laptop, when you try to export a picture to an external hard drive, I am now without apparent reason to get the following message.

    "Could not create a respondent JPEG limit you 92 k Bytes.Please increase the size limit files
    . (1).


    I tried to increase the size of the file several times,

    I left LR

    I restarted the computer.

    Any help or advice for this problem will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance


    Not because of the number of pixels, in this photo and the chosen level of quality there is no possible way to create a JPG file to the size of file you requested. You must change your export settings.

    Show us a copy of the export dialog box, so we can see clearly the part file setting and the size of the Image.

    Also indicate the number of this image (width and height) pixels after cropping (as appropriate) and prior to export.

  • Problem with the compilation by using the new compiler (Compilation failed during execution: compilation-abc)


    Since the release of the fast compiler, I experienced problems with the compilation of the version release with it.

    As it was still in beta, and since it was still possible to use the legacy compiler, I chose to use the legacy compiler each time (especially since it was more stable).

    With this 64-bit iOS requirement came into play on February 1, the legacy compiler is no longer available because it has been completely removed from AIR 16 (and all future versions).

    Now, I can no longer compile release versions (debug versions are works well) because I have the following error every time:

    Error occurred during the application of packaging:

    Stack dump:

    0 program arguments: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64 Bit)\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722\AIRSDK\lib\aot/bin/compile-abc / compile - abc.exe - mtriple = armv7-apple-ios - filetype = obj - sdk C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (Bit)\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722\AIRSDK\lib\aot/lib/ 64-fields C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64 Bit)\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722\AIRSDK\lib\aot/lib/air-fields.)) arm-air.txt-O3-ane-symbol = MmgCmApiExtInitializer - ane-symbol = MmgCmApiExtFinalizer - ane-symbol = MmgRbApiExtInitializer - ane-symbol = MmgRbApiExtFinalizer - ane-symbol = MmgStoreKitApiExtInitializer-ane symbol = MmgStoreKitApiExtFinalizer-ane symbol = MmgGoViralApiExtInitializer-ane symbol = MmgGoViralApiExtFinalizer-ane symbol = MmgGaApiExtInitializer - ane-symbol = MmgGaApiExtFinalizer - ane-symbol = MmgGAIDFAAccessApiExtInitializer - ane-symbol = MmgGAIDFAAccessApiExtFinalizer - ane-symbol = AFExtensionInitializer - ane-symbol = PushwooshExtInitializer - ane-symbol = PushwooshExtFinalizer elease-temp\AOT\AOTBuildOutput4982262150932522887.tmp\ABCFilesList.txt-abc-file-list=C:\BingoIslandWeb\Client-branch-1.06.05\BingoIslanMobile\BingoIsland\bin-r

    Compilation failed during execution: compilation-abc

    I tried to pin-point the source of the problem leaving specific things in the code, while removing all the rest,

    But so far, all I could find is that he has a problem with the classes that extend EventDispatcher.

    Anyone encounter this problem and knows how to work around it?

    Thank you!

    I had this problem also with other things. It was difficult to solve. Remove all const and var conversion in the Document class solve my problems

  • Calc problem with fact table measure used in the bridge table model

    Hi all

    I have problems with the calculation of a measure of table done since I used it as part of a calculation in a bridge table relation.

    A table of facts, PROJECT_FACT, I had a column (PROJECT_COST) whose default aggregate is SUM. Whenever PROJECT_COST was used with any dimension, the appropriate aggregation was made at appropriate levels. But, no more. One of the relationships that project_fact is a dimension, called PROJECT.

    PROJECT_FACT contains details of employees, and every day they worked on a project. So for one day, employee, Joe, could have a PROJECT_COST $ 80 to 123 project, the next day, Joe might have $40 PROJECT_COST for the same project.

    Dimension table, PROJECT, contains details of the project.

    A new feature has been added to the software - several customers can now be charged to a PROJECT, where as before, that a single client has been charged.
    This fresh percentage collapse is in a new table - PROJECT_BRIDGE. PROJECT_BRIDGE has the project, CUSTOMER_ID, will BILL_PCT. BILL_PCT always add up to 1.

    Thus, the bridge table might look like...
    123 100.20
    123 200.30
    123 300.50
    456 400 1.00
    678 400 1.00

    Where to project 123, is a breakdown for multiple clients (. 20,.30.50.)

    Let's say in PROJECT_FACT, if you had to sum up all the PROJECT_COST for project = 123, you get $1000.

    Here are the steps I followed:

    -In the physical layer, PROJECT_FACT has a 1:M with PROJECT_BRIDGE and PROJECT_BRIDGE (a 1:M) PROJECT.

    -In the logical layer, PROJECT has a 1:M with PROJECT_FACT.

    -Logical fact table source is mapped to the bridge table, PROJECT_BRIDGE, so now he has several tables, it is mapped (PROJECT_FACT & PROJECT_BRIDGE). They are defined for an INTERNAL join.
    -J' created a measure of calculation, MULT_CUST_COST, using physical columns, which calculates the sum of the PROJECT_COST X the amount of the percentage in the bridge table. It looks like: $ (PROJECT_FACT. PROJECT_COST * PROJECT_BRIDGE. BILL_PCT)
    -J' put MULT_CUST_COST in the presentation layer.

    We still want the old PROJECT_COST autour until it happened gradually, it is therefore in the presentation layer as well.

    Well, I had a request with only project, MULT_CUST_COST (the new calculation) and PROJECT_COST (the original). I expect:

    123. $1000 $1000

    I'm getting this for MULT_CUST_COST, however, for PROJECT_COST, it's triple the value (perhaps because there are quantities of 3 percent?)...

    123 $1000 (correct) $3000 (incorrect, it's been tripled)

    If I had to watch the SQL, you should:

    PROJECT_COST used to work properly at a table of bridge of modeling.
    Any ideas on what I got wrong?

    Thank you!


    Phew, what a long question!

    If I understand correctly, I think the problem is with your old measure of cost, or rather that combines with you a new one in the same request. If you think about it, your request as explained above will bring back 3 rows from the database, that's why your old measure of cost is multiplied. I think that if you took it out of the query, your bridge table would work properly for the only new measure?

    I would consider the migration of your historical data in the bridge table model so that you have one type of query. For historical data, each would have a single row in the bridge with a 1.0 BILL_PCT.

    Good luck


  • Problem with Textfield autocomplete--&gt; only use the INSTR function

    Hello team dev,

    I use the new "textfield autocomplete" item type APEX and you have a crazy problem with it.

    I have a table with an index on the same column I want to search with AutoComplete field.

    Select which is automatically generated by APEX 4:
    SELECT   a.*
      FROM   (  SELECT   DISTINCT postcode AS RV
                  FROM   TEST.GEO_DATA
                 WHERE   country_id = :P1_COUNTRY
              ORDER BY   1) a
     WHERE   INSTR ("RV", :p$_search_string) > 0 AND ROWNUM <= :p$_max_rows;
    -- plan
    SELECT STATEMENT  ALL_ROWSCost: 4,308  Bytes: 45,31  Cardinality: 1,97            
         2 SORT UNIQUE  Cost: 4,307  Bytes: 45,31  Cardinality: 1,97       
              1 TABLE ACCESS FULL TABLE #TABLE# Cost: 4,306  Bytes: 47,311  Cardinality: 2,057  
    The APEX 3, I used the addon of Tyler Muth with my own Select:
                postcode AS DV,
                postcode AS RV
         WHERE   country_id = L_COUNTRY
         AND    postcode like l_search||'%'
         ORDER BY 1
    -- Plan
    SELECT STATEMENT  ALL_ROWSCost: 840  Bytes: 152,867  Cardinality: 13,897                                
         8 SORT ORDER BY  Cost: 840  Bytes: 152,867  Cardinality: 13,897                           
              7 HASH UNIQUE  Cost: 838  Bytes: 152,867  Cardinality: 13,897                      
                   6 VIEW VIEW index$_join$_001 Cost: 836  Bytes: 232,111  Cardinality: 21,101                 
                        5 HASH JOIN            
                             2 BITMAP CONVERSION TO ROWIDS  Cost: 31  Bytes: 232,111  Cardinality: 21,101       
                                  1 BITMAP INDEX RANGE SCAN INDEX (BITMAP) #INDEX#
                             4 BITMAP CONVERSION TO ROWIDS  Cost: 45  Bytes: 232,111  Cardinality: 21,101       
                                  3 BITMAP INDEX SINGLE VALUE INDEX (BITMAP) #INDEX#
    Is there a chance to get my INDEX used by the new element of the APEX? I do not. But I still want to ask before I just rebuild. :)

    Best regards


    Hi Tobias,.

    I guess that you are currently using "contains and case sensitivity ' to the attribute of"search ". Have you ever tried out "Exact and case sensitivity? Because that internally uses the LIKE operator as does your original query and the % is at the end, she must allow the use of an index. But it might still work, because ORDER BY can be run at a different time in your original example, but it's worth a try.

    My Blog:
    APEX 4.0 Plug-Ins:

  • anyone having problem with export to Quicktime using H.264 in PE4

    Everytime I try to export a project 720 x 640 or 1280 x 720 P4E uses Quicktime container with H.264 compression, my system hangs somewhere in the conversion process.  Everyone knows about this problem?  Can I export using the iphone preset on H.264, but I can't export 720 p with this preset AFAIK.

    I think also, I would like to be able to export to Flash Video files using H.264 but PE4 limit myself to spark Sorensen or On2 VP6.  PE7 allows to FLV to perform using H.264 compression?  Am I missing something here?

    Thank you!


    First is that you have updated your Quicktime? Rather than export via Quicktime why doesn't not export directly to the H.264 format? Using the export MPEG option, select a preset H.264 and go to advanced and set the size of the image in 1280 x 720.

    Export so not help Flash not a lot here, I'm afraid.

  • problems with IE7 in the use of tables and onLoad

    Thank you in advance for any help. I have a table that is used to store the names of. Files to load into another SWF. SWF video. When I call the "onLoad" method, it works in all browsers except IE7? See the example below:

    prod_a = new Array;
    prod_a [0] = 12; number of products in the table. Currently, this feature is not used...
    prod_a [1] = "product1.swf";
    prod_a [2] = "product2.swf";
    prod_a [3] = "product3.swf";
    prod_a [4] = "product4.swf";
    prod_a [5] = "product5.swf";

    onLoad = Function)

    When the file opens, it loads the '2' slot flash file in the table in the "loader_mc" EXCEPT IT DO WORKS NOT IN IE 7? any ideas or help would be great! IE7 handles the different "onLoad"? I made a mistake?

    Thank you Sly one, but that's not the problem I currentl having a Java work around for this. I tried a few different solutions to the problem "click to activate". I found that none of them made a difference.

    I resorted to a solution of 'disorder' but effective. -items I've been hainvg problems with were dynamically loading the text and images. I had the problem by placing the images and the text which was to load 'onLoad', in the boxes as _mc objects. in this way the images were already there and didn't need to be loaded.

    The only two problems with this is
    (A) Firefox and Safari users (including other) screen "Refresh" the image loading. and
    (B) the size of the file was more than 35 KB.

    Thanks for the help everyone, the final is good enough for Government work...

  • Sound problems with the Portege M600 using WXP SP3

    I had problems with my laptop and feel so frustrated his ongoing - please help!

    I downloaded the audio driver (abt a million times - and tried to uninstall and reinstall)- and repeatedly get no icon of volume on top of desktop and a message saying "no sound driver are."

    I managed to repair once - when I had WIndows Vista installed - by finding a dark patch - but this time - no solutions.

    Can anyone help - it's so frustrating!

    If I m remembering well, you need to install all the service packs and KB888111, KB835221.

    Please, do it and see the results.

  • Problems with Windows Installer after using System Mechanic.

    I had a problem with my Dell 2 years and was told by the Support Dell buy iolo System Mechanic. However, now I have problems with Windows Installer (it is not installed correctly) and I've read that this can be caused by the registry cleaner in the iolo System Mechanic.

    So, really two questions: 1. do I need iolo System Mechanic? 2. how to correctly install Windows Installer?

    Thank you!

    original title: Registry Cleaner/Windows Installer

    So, really two questions: 1. do I need iolo System Mechanic? 2. how to correctly install Windows Installer?

    1 no, the registry cleaners can give you immediate relief, but they are a big pain in the long term.

    2. follow the four methods listed in the resolution section of the following article:

Maybe you are looking for