Problem with Qosmio F50 - 10G

Hi all, I've had this laptop for over 4 years now and the problems started about a year at the time where the laptop started to close shortly after throwing a heavy game.

Since then, it has progressed to the point that its closure when I run any game. A temporary solution I used was to disable the video card that has stopped closing down because the computer did not as overheated as before and so I resorted to games that didn't take a lot of graphics memory.

In any case, since the last week or so the laptop fan started making loud grinding and the roar of noise (change back and forth between the two). During the whirring noise, windows download hanged and when it goes back to the grinding noise the laptop becomes ok.

But overall, I observed a slowdown and the fact remains that my laptop is overheating and shuts down if I turn on the video card (Yes, now just turn on the video card is enough, games is not necessary).

Any help that the community can suggest? Thank you

Also, is there a guide somewhere on how to open this model so that I can try and clean the fan? I can't find a guide for this model anywhere.

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  • Weird problem with Qosmio F50-108 - power power button


    I have strange problem with button / stop on Toshiba Qosmio F50-108 - pressing the power button won't start the computer. Now, the computer starts only when I press the first button to the right of the power button (Toshiba button Support).

    It's as if the buttons have been activated. The power button is still able to stop the laptop or put on standby when you press on, but it no longer starts. Recently, I had my laptop on the service, but I put t know if it has been opened or not. Is it possible that the problem is hardware related or is - this serious just of system configuration? It would help if I Flash the BIOS? Otherwise I will take to the service again.

    Thank you for the answers!


    If the laptop was on the service, please call them and explain the situation. Start button / stop is only the button that can be used for the specification of switching on and, as far as I know, it cannot be changed with certain parameters.

    I assume that there must be a contact problem.

    Call and see what they say on this subject.

  • Qosmio F50 - 10G drivers for Windows xp?

    Hello everyone I had a few problems with windows vista and games, I get a lot of delays when playing warcraft III

    in any case, I want to ask you for the Qosmio F50 - 10G drivers for XP

    Can I get them?

    Thanks for reading


    It seems that Win XP drivers are not available at this time on the European driver Toshiba page.
    I also not very well if the XP driver will be released in the future of m.

    So do many laptops Toshiba are equipped with the same features.
    That's why drivers from other series of laptop XP can run on the F50 series.

    Try to install some XP drivers one of the series of portable which is equipped with the same features.
    Unfortunately, but that's all I can say for now.

  • Qosmio F50 - 10G - Windows Vista 64 bits and drivers

    I use Qosmio F50 - 10g to end 20 days now.
    It has 32-bit operating system on and I think that there is still no support for 64-bit drivers.

    If I'm not wrong x 305 series have support of 64-bit drivers and configuring two laptops are similar.
    I was hoping to create a 64-bit backup Dvd, but there is no 64-bit, if I'm not mistaken on my pc.

    So any suggestions regarding the use of 64-bit on those computers drivers?
    Or should I just wait for Toshiba to release 64-bit drivers?



    It seems that, at the moment, only the BIOS and the BT stack was published for Vista 64 bit OS.
    But I'm sure other drivers 64 bit Vista will be released in the near future.

    So I would recommend waiting until the 64-bit drivers are online!


  • Virus or a technical problem with Qosmio G30?

    My laptop is Qosmio G30-149. When I turm to YOU, I see that the screen is not 100% black, but it has some small little clear white points. When Windows logo to come, the entire screen has 10 white vertical lines (each line manufactured with something similar to the sign!), then calculate get frozen and encoding becomes dark. ID, I run Windows in safe mode, then it is OK. What is - this: Virus or a technical problem? My Norman antivirus software reports any problems with viruses. Help, please!

    Looks like a hardware problem, and in this case that it cannot be solved by a laptop user simply common.
    For the most part a defective part needs to be replaced.

    The G30 seems to be a new series and the guarantee to be valid.
    SO, don t waste time and communicate with the technicians of the ASP.

    Good luck

  • Some problems with Qosmio G30-179 - remote and TV

    Hello, (I am French and my English is bad)

    I have a Qosmio G30-179 and I can't use my remote when the computer's power on. But I can use the remote to turn on my computer and I can use it when I use the TV and media keys (on the right of the power button).

    Another problem: I get nothing when I search for a signal TV on Media player. Even if I'm in a place where I already receive all TV channels. Maybe they had some problems undetected...

    All these functions have already worked and I realized that they do not work there is little time. But I don't use them for a long time, since I have received my computer, when he came back guaranteed (I send them because he had a problem in the bars of RAM.)

    Then, I think that there was a problem with the service. But I'm not sure.

    What do you think about this? Should I call them?
    Or this problem can be easily resolved?
    Thank you in advance.

    In this case, it is really not easy to give advice quite simply. If you are looking for the simplest solution I recommend you save all your data and install OS using recovery DVDs. After that make this laptop will have factory again and I hope that it will work as before.

    Good bye

  • Batterys that can be used with Qosmio F50?

    Batterys that can be used with the Qosmio F50 (exept oem 3640u-1brs)?


    Accessories compatible with Options & are listed on the Toshiba support page.

    I think it's only relevant source where you can pick up information about all of the stuff available for your Qosmio F50.

  • WinDVD problem with Qosmio X 770 - 11 c


    I have a huge problem with the WinDVD for Toshiba that comes with Qosmio X 770 - 11b for playback of Blu - Ray discs!

    I installed WinDVD and when I ran the first time, he said that I should update the keys to AAFC.
    After downloadnig and installing "keypack' from the homepage of Corel, WinDVD closed itself and after it runs again, it says that I must update some modules.

    When I click on the link, the site says that there is no update available and I have to send a message to customer service.

    The problem is that I need to get in touch with them, the serial number of my product to save it.
    The number must be found on 'About' in the program.
    But when I look, I can only find the product number.

    I also tried to download the update of the Toshiba home page, but it says that I can't run this update with my version of WinDVD.

    Please help me, I have no idea of what I can try!



    The update of WinDVD can be found and downloaded from the European driver Toshiba page:

    You can find the WinDVD for Win 7 64 bit v10.0.6.110 - updated

  • Media center problem with Qosmio G35-650 - error message

    Hi all

    I have a problem with media center on qosmio g35-650.
    When starting live TV, an error message is displayed and written "enforcement failed Please restart your computer again. If the problem persists contact again with your hardware support"
    It worked yesterday and today, something happened.
    Also, there is no tv signal available. Is this a hardware problem?


    CEM mete


    It's not easy to tell if it s a hardware or software problem.
    You can check for certain shortcomings Device Manager.
    If there is no yellow exclamation mark then I recommend reinstall the driver first.

    But on the question: did you run the MCE?
    In such cases, you can try to restore the operating system to the beginning.

  • Wake up the Qosmio F50 - 10G system mode 'sleep' and boots account locked window

    Why when the laptop is put to sleep and left for a while, flashing light and stops when you press the power button / laptop will wake up showing the BIOS screen then boots in the window account locked?

    Why I get this is event viewer? Source ACPI
    The embedded controller (EC) data returned when none was requested.
    The BIOS may try to access the European Community without synchronization with the operating system.
    These data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; However, you should check with the manufacturer of your computer for an updated BIOS.

    When Windows 7 starts, the icons on the desktop, menu start and records are white then start then normal fill when seen once again, any reason why?

    I used Windows 7 drivers.

    Thank you

    Hey mate,

    I have too many Qosmio F50 and you can change the option if, after hibernate or stand-by the account should be locked or not. As far as I know that this can be changed in power management.

    About this window of Event Viewer, I never heard talk about this and my Qosmio F50 works fairly well with Windows 7. You have installed all the drivers for it? You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    I also used Windows 7 drivers, but did you download from the Toshiba page? These drivers are pre-tested and normally should work pretty well.

  • Potential problems with access to 10g EUL with 4i discoverer desktop?

    Hi all

    We have recently upgraded to Discoverer 10 g of 4i and still have a number of computers of the users with the old 4i desktop client. They have the ability to access the 10g EUL using the 4i client and I would like to know of any potential problem with them doing so.

    Thanks in advance, and any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    A 4i Desktop cannot access a 10g EUL. When you did the upgrade you probably enriched by using the same schema, alias name of EUL.

    What's happened is that Discoverer 10 g installed a brand new 10g EUL in the same schema. 10 GB objects that all start with EUL5, the discoverer 4i objects while all begin with EUL4. The upgrade was non-destructive, which means that your old 4i posts clients and Desktop 10g clients can coexist, however they not have access the EUL even. 4i clients will connect to the old discoverer EUL 4 and your new or those connecting through a URL, will be connected to the 10g EUL. Any changes made in one as all new workbooks will not appear in the other.

    If you are satisfied with the upgrade, you must install Discoverer 10 g Desktop on any machine that still has access by computer, and then remove the installation 4i. If you want everyone to use a browser to connect you need to uninstall all versions of office 4i.

    In addition, if you have many versions of office you use is no longer, you should ask your Oracle sales representative if they will convert these licenses in other licenses for you. You paid good money for them and they are still valid as long that you have to pay the annual maintenance and support. Some sales representatives do not realize that it can be done.

    Hope this helps explain

    Best wishes

  • Several problems with Qosmio x 305-q701

    So my laptop worked very well and all that and it ran like a dream. He then became a nightmare. I put t know what it is, but it all started when the CD player does not open for nothing.

    I tried all push the button like 4534958345 time, then I tried right click and eject and that work has not been tried to force restart to restart regularly and then I finally opened manually it with the manual open on the CD player. Then, it worked fine from there.

    Then as two days later, whenever I play a game like call of duty like Stronghold 2, he will be trolling after 5 minutes and I don t know what it is. The only games that don t im guess is Warhammer online or World of Warcraft, because they are all right on my hard drive. I deleted a bunch of programs I've ever seen before, etc etc system restore and defragmentation, disk cleanup all things and it still does nothing.

    now, I m guessing its something to with the CD drive itself, but the thing is that I had problems with the CD player before I called technical support and there was a file I looked upward into the search bar and I had to delete the 2 files. When I did this as magically worked again. Now, I m in Iraq but if my internet is limited and I can only call numbers 1800 t here who is so boring. Can anyone please help me very important?

    Also when I hit the function key it used to have a drop-down list at the top. idk what happened but that isn't happening more I think it has something to do with it. Is there a link where I can speak directly to Toshiba or can someone please help me solve this problem?


    You have bombarded us with questions and different issues and it is not easy to make a choice and start with a concrete question. To be honest, who knows what you have done with your computer laptop last days and how to offer a magical solution.

    In my opinion, you must perform the installation of clean operating system and see how it works with factory setting. I'm sure that the Toshiba is going to say the same thing. Probably you have installed so many different things, and no one here will be able to say with certainty what to do.

    I recommend to any new OS install, optimize and start to install your favorite games.
    I'm also sure that the optical drive works well again.

  • Video problem on Qosmio F50 - 10K

    I connected my Qosmio F50 on a projector and watched a few movies and everything worked fine. But when I started playing an EA Sports NBA 2008 the system has collapsed and the image of the screen and the missing projector.

    I rebooted and tried again but after 10-15 minutes it collapsed again. I installed the latest version of the graphics driver nvidia a few days ago. Any help is appreciated, sorry for the bad English.

    > monitor and projector
    Can you please explain what exactly do you do?
    Choose a single device (monitor or projector) and test again.

    I hope you didn't just try to see the same image (cloned) on three different screens.

  • Problem with Qosmio X 500

    Sorry for my bad English:


    I would like to have your opinion and advice.
    By mistake I plugged in Qosmio putting the wrong decision.
    Of course, it comes that way, but for a first contact, I heard a slight noise!
    Normally connected because there is no light that lights up. On the other hand, with the battery, it works fine.
    This could be the internal or external transformer?

    Waiting for answer of voice, thank you in advance.

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    Sorry man, but it is not easy to understand, you and your problem.

    Please try to explain that it a bit detailed.

  • Re: Problem with Qosmio F30-140 VGA card

    Hi all

    My Qosmio F30 suddenly developed a green lines/pixels on the screen. The same problem exists even before logining windows.
    The card (nvidia go 7600) video under the device manager has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside. I tried reinstalling the VGA driver, but nothing has changed.
    I think it is a hardware problem (GPU), but I don't know if there is anyway to fix it. Please notify.

    It's certainly the hardware problem. What you can do to confirm this is to connect external monitor to your laptop to see if the same thing will happen. If so, the GPU is defective and if not display's troublemaker.

    What you can do to solve this problem? Not much. Material exchange is your only solution.

Maybe you are looking for