Problem with recovery partition

I have HP DV6 6051ea laptop, my problem is when I try to recover my OS (win7 Home Premium) provided that the factory by the recovery partition, it says use created recovery disc. I created them but I really ned to use the partiton to recover OS not Disk.Please help me solve the problem.

Sorry, I don't have your answer. If you have the recovery partition INTEC and no manor goes to MBR (not yet cleaned), NICU f11 is the option.

If the f11 also doesn't work, I have a work around but there is no bail if it can work in all cases.

Use winpe using USB or CD (you can download for free the winpe image of all the online sites such as BartPE. and create disc/USB using image writer). Now start your PC with this application image and launch ghost32 (most of the images online has already, if not download ghost32 utility to use and copy it to USB).

Once the Ghost is running, disk/partition image. give the location of the source ofrecovery partition) and the partition of the destination in the drive c. which will extract the image of C:

Good luck!!!

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  • Problem with recovery Partition(After i got a Virus)

    Hi all

    I use HP Envy 15 laptop with windows 7 Home premium x 64 bit installed. I don't create the recovery discs since I've had this laptop and what happened is that I had a virus on the internet but I have fixed almost all the defects of the system caused by the latter, but the main problem for me, is that it changes all the Player main file name in Virus1232 for example (d:\recovery converted d:\virus1234) and I spent hours on the internet for the names of folders and files right and I got them all but only a single file, not sure. My problem is when I enter the Recovery Manager it detects none my recovery partition (but the virus is not responsible for any deletion of file it just caused some change system) and just to talk I've also corrected the names of folders and files in the c: drive, since they are necessary also.

    What are the names of files I got in the D: drive: bootmgr - BT_HP.flg - CSP. DAT - DeployRp.log - HPSF_Rep.txt - language.ini. and let him file name is the one im not sure of: "HP_WSD.dat" (it's a file of size zero).

    The recoverymgrdump.txt just works & "leaving CSBRMgr::GetRPTOOLPartIndex!
    then he said to me:

    "Win32 System Info Code = 3, Message Info = the system does not have the specified path."

    and he also said:

    "CSBRMgr::HpcdFlgIsExistInUP : \WINDOWS\hpdrcu.prc does not exist."

    I don't know if this is normal, but also the deployrp.log gives me this error:

    "The package does not exist: c:\RM\Tools\DeployRp\WinPE_LangPacks\64\

    of course there are errors more in both files, but I guess that those who are the most important.

    So my question is: the attributes of file in the d: drive would be responsible for this error (I changed all the attributes to be hidden and read-only system)


    If anyone has a solution please tell me what to do.

    Thank you.

    You are the best to order that a set of recovery disks from HP, doi a full restore using those.

    You can order here recovery media


    Or call HP on the phone to order a set.


    Everywhere else

  • DV 6-6170 ee problem with recovery partition

    my restore partition does not work when I try to start by F11 shows a partition allocation failed message, I did an extra partiton tool so when the problem of recovery occurred I removed this partition and when I tried to set the partition as active I can't rely on it because it is disabled.

    in the window manager, that it shows that I have 4 partitions C, system recovery, Hp tools is true and how do I reactivate my recovery to work properly, please advice me.

    After you apply the changes - restart the laptop at least once. Then, stop and restart after 1 minute - press F11 to check if the recovery work.

  • Problem with recovery dvd - Win 7


    After you perform a clean installation of Windows 10 I had problem with closing down my pc, it's a bug to win 10. So I decided to reinstall Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire M3920 of my recovery DVD made by Acer eRecovery management.

    The problem is, Setup stops and the #1 restore disc pops out after that the files were loaded from disk and is ready to begin the installation.

    This is the message: "there isn't enough free disk space on the drive for the files needed to continue the operation.

    PS: Before installing Windows 10, I deleted all the files and partitions on the hard drive. Maybe it's the origin of the problem?

    Someone who can help me?
    Download the .iso file
    then use a software to burn CD/DVD or USB flash drive and burn the .iso file
    Once completed, put the CD/DVD/USB on your PC, boot from CD/USB (maybe you need to start under the legacy if you have the UEFI BIOS)
    Press F12 on startup and choose the CD or USB
    at the level of the Office
    Select your HARD drive
    Right-click on the icon for your HARD drive and choose completely erase your HARD drive (it will erase any GPT or MBR at the disk), choose the first option after selecting the clear function.
    Exit the wizard partition, boot from the BIOS, UEFI return of the Legacy (if you have the UEFI BIOS) and boot from media erecovery.

  • Satellite C655D - problem with recovery

    I have the Satellite C655D-S5515 with no additional DVD.
    I want it back or fabric.
    When, during boot press 0, not getting no RECOVERY option not only choose the operating system (Windows 7 only).
    How can I make laptop recovery?

    At first, I must say that since a long time, Toshiba and many other manufacturers of laptop also, doesn t offer disk facility with new laptops. Recovery image is saved on the HARD drive and the laptop owner should create backup recovery, recovery media creation. Its operation is clearly described in the document s user manuals.

    In General, when your laptop has a factory settings and changes nothing, you should be able to begin the installation of HARD drive recovery. I don't know what the problem with your machine and what is the reason why this option is not available, but what you need now is the installation of recovery disc.

    If you don't you should be able to order it. For making this visit

    Good luck

  • M1V66UA: problem with recovery media disk drive

    my laptop is HP envy x 360 bought around December 2015(it is still guaranteed).

    Today, I had a problem with my laptop (inaccessible boot device error) and a HPteam even could not able to solve it and told me that the recovery order media disk.

    the problem is:

    I bought the laptop in the United States when I was a customer place and now I am in India .

    HP India has informed me that they will not consider my request for recovery media order disk since I bought the laptop outside the India and told me to contact them.

    My question is

    How can I order the disc of recovery in India?


    First of all, you can download microsoft iso and burn it to DVD or USB without needing a key, so do a good job of it for future use.

    If you have a real Windows 10 installation the system map is saved as your key with microsoft, so you do not need a new.

    Once you have fixed starting problems, MAKE YOUR OWN RECOVERY MEDIA IMMEDIATELY.

    Jelly Beanstalk will find your product key for future use, but it is locked to the system board.

    Piriform Speccy and Belarc Advisor will also add your serial number for a knowledge need.

    If in doubt please ask.

  • satellite 2410: problem with recovery CD

    I had problems with laptop computer virus and decided to use the recovery cd

    At the end of installation, I get the message extraction failed and that there are currently no operating system on the laptop.

    How can I fix this problem?


    check the BIOS settings? Turn on the laptop and immediately press the ESC key, load default settings and change the CONFIGURATION of the DEVICE to 'Installation of the OS' and try again!

    Second step: is your CD ok? Is there anywhere a scratch?

    Hans Bye

  • Hard drive with recovery partition failed, how do I restore Windows on the new drive?

    How can I get my sons pc working again?

    Hard drive failed and restore vista on a partition on the disk.  No backups.  Replaced the hard drive but obviously not Vista.  I have the genuine key.  Can I download the trial or something then activate with the existing key?

    Contact the manufacturer. They should provide you with recovery disks.

  • Problem with bootcamp partition resized

    I recently resized my bootcamp with winclone partition to accommodate a few extra steam games. Alls works fine when I boot into via bootcamp, but merger throws an error (I've included a screenshot).

    Any advice?

    I tried to delete the file he is mentioned, but then it gives an error of missing file.

    Thank you guys

    Try this: Quit VMWare Fusion using its menu Quit to make sure it is not running.  Then delete (or move to the temp directory of the library directory) all 'Boot Camp' directory and its files under your direction... Home / Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/puis start Fusion, and he should be able to find the boot camp partition and recreate the folder structure you have deleted or moved.  You may have to redo you settings for this virtual machine, but it's easy.

  • Z210: Bad support/problem with recovery of an Z210 system when changing the RAID configuration backup

    My Z210 accompanies stripped Bay RAID-0, which currently consists of 2 x 1 TB HDD where the OS partition. I want to change that in RAID-1 mirror, but as the application of TSRI does no such RAID level migration, I thought I would try another approach.

    As a solution, I'd do a backup using the Windows backup and restore application. Then, I would change the table using the Boot ROM TSRI before restoring the backup to this new array. But obviously backup 1.9 TB in a table of 932GB will not

    So, to make a backup, I firstly disabled 'System Protection' and the file 'Page '. This allowed me to reduce the OS partition to about 50 GB using disk management. Then I re - activate 'System Protection' and the 'Page file' before making the backup and the creation of a system recovery disk. This resulted in a backup of 35 GB that I stocked up on a USB external drive. And now a backup of 35 GB can fit on my reconfigured 932GB RAID - 1 mirror

    As such, I cold booted my system and during the boot process, I pressed CTRL-I to get the State of mind RAID Intel Boot ROM. you, CTRL-I've worked only if I started cold and the HP USB keyboard directly connected the first USB slot at the back of the system. The first USB slot is at the top left when you look at the back with the portrait of the tower. Connect the HP USB keyboard in USB port or in the hub of my Dell monitor does not allow me to access the ROM to Boot Intel RAID!

    HP should really study this fault

    In any case, when I could access the Intel RAID Boot ROM, I deleted the RAID-0 stripped existing and created a new RAID-1 mirror. Obviously, the process is destructive and wipe the BONES of the table but that's what my backup was to

    Then I started on the Windows system recovery disk, plugged the USB external drive and proceeded to recover my system.

    Everything worked as expected with the operating system partition uses about 50 GB. A simple trip to disk management enabled me to extend the volume to occupy the space allocated, as presented by the RAID-1 array. As such, I find myself with about 932 GB partition that appear in the windows disk management tool. After a check disk and reboot (which fixed some minor issues) all seemed well.

    But no, everything was fine

    Well that ROM boot RAID Intel sees that a mirror RAID-1 about 932 GB and the operating system sees a partition about 932 GB, both as expected, demand for Intel RST in windows States the following:

    I don't seem to have indication of what type of table, it is, an options to change the name of the table or an option to check the integrity of the array through the TSRI application in windows. If something is screwed

    But after the update for the application of iRST version Intel (the newest HP of) version (version Intel got very practice), the question seems to correct itself. Now the RAID, Windows boot ROM and the request of TSRI in Windows all agree that the table is indeed a mirror RAID-1 932 GB.

    I don't know what caused the problem, if it's related to something that was wrong with the process that I used, if she is simply resolved by reinstalling driver, or if this is a fix for a known issue that Intel has included in their questions later from the pilot.

    But what I know is that Intel has resolved a number of issues in the version driver (which is the latest version for the Cougar Point chipsets) compared to the old driver version HP has on its support page for the Z210.

    And HP seems unwavering in his lack of interest in the Intels test pilot and then make it available on its support page for what is a product still under warranty

    It is a mediocre service if you ask me...

    Some HP forum administrator or HP support person hide these forums should impose it in the HP management station and get it looked at. The Z210 is still under warranty for some customers and HP needs to pick up the latest drivers available to all suppliers, test them and then release them to their customers via the support page for this product. All the rest is little change us all.

    I was able to resolve the application problem Intel RST by updating to the latest v11.2.0.1006 Intel driver but it has highlighted a few points that HP should address, see linked post above.

    PS: Add this post so I can mark the thread as solved.

  • problems with recovery / disaster assistance recovery

    I have a compaq mini 110 with xp. I accidentally compressed disk hard when I tried to get some free space, so Xp is unbootable.

    I'm doing the emergency recovery according to the instructions in my manual. I created the recovery initialization program disaster (SP42226.exe) to my USB and it starts the program of Roxie BackOnTrack, but the problem is that it requires a 'game' (*.) SIB_DR) and I can't find any files anywhere. Should I have created this file when the OS worked it back up to an external drive and it is now too late? Where can I find that this restoration put somewhere, or maybe create one with another pc? Which folder these files sib_dr of roxie backontrack would be located if I have them?

    Is there another way to restore my pc? Preferably something that costs nothing and I don't lose any of my files! Oh and if there is a restore partition (F11, F6 regardless), I can't get that either, given that the Boot Manager is compressed. Anyway is to decompress the drive without having to restore everything?

    I'm getting desperate, so any help is very appreciated!

    Okey I've now managed to start xp!

    I found a windows xp recovery cd that I got for my old pc. So I installed to a flash drive (using Novicorp WinToFlash) and booted from that. I am now unpack the drive and will try to boot from there after that I'm done. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  • NB520-108 problems with recovery


    Be careful on my English. I'm from the Germany.

    Earlier, I have deleted all data on C: to install a different operating system. Data D:\ I left intact to reset the system later.

    But now I can not get back the original with this guide system

    When I start with "F8" and "repair your computer" I don't have "Toshiba HDD Recovery" in the Options list.

    How can I reset my system now to the factory setting?

    Thanks for the tip.

    Best regards

    Michael, I assume you didn't not create recovery USB support, right?
    What you have done, it was not the right way. Problem is you don t have access to the recovery image. You can install recovery image using recovery media only.

    Anyway, I have the same machine and I installed the own version of Win7 Home Premium and it is much better than the original Win7 starter.

  • The urge to Ultrabook 6 problem with recovery after failure of hard drive (out of warranty)


    Please can someone tell me if it is true that to use HP factory recovery disks, hardware must be exactly the same as when purchased.

    After hours wasted trying to get the recovery disks to work, I find myself with the same "failed to retrieve @ screen and some unnecessary lines of code."

    In reading the various posts, it seems that I have a replacement for HP HARD drive of the same type that came with the computer. If this is the case, then the links on the support pages should say this before I have pay £39 for a set of disks.

    For me, a hard drive is a hard drive. I replaced a drive fried (1 month out of warranty expires) with a good brand replacement, but larger. Disks won't load.

    However, I could load W7 form an iso file and get that to work. I need the recovery because I do not know how to configure raid which allows the QuickStart on this laptop, and I don't have the time or no further inclination to make it work.

    Partly a rant, sorry, but I'm wrong, and is there a solution?


    I have seen others with this problem. Unfortunately, the only working solution, I remember the top was where a guy removed the player cache Msata, ran recovery then reinstalled.

    On a single charge of Win 7 I think you could install the Intel Quick Start software, then use it to activate the quick start. I have more a laptop Win 7 with Msata to test, but I remember the software could be opened from the icon beside the system clock and used to toggle the quick start.

  • Pavilion G7-1328dx: I have a problem with recovery disks

    I have recived a message error (error bios 501) was one that says windows could not start at this point I did a system restore, it worked then it instaled updates and when I turned it off it seamed ok a few days elapsed before I go back and it didn't start so I tried to do the same restore point who had worked but im guess I chose the one bad because after that I could get in the bios for the test command and start system and info windows recovery tool not forbear even so I am really crazy and just ordered the HP recovery disks have tried a couple of times he says it didn't I saved a copy of the details , but I don't know how to open it so I can copy and past I also tried putting it in a windows disk because I realized that one problem I had is a new hard drive my boyfriend out the HDD without asking and wiped it and put it in his laptop, my friend was helping me with the laptop, but cannot stop now can someone please help

    Assume your drive recovery is ongoing demand... because the 501 error has not might be related to your operating system... or the hard drive...

    Maybe think I didn't read clearly on your description, but it seems that you already have recovery files broken, or the HARD drive is on form, no? Suggest that you call service help find someone help on data recovery. If the HARD drive has already been fomatted, it will take a few HARD drive recovery professional technician to do this action, using special equipment or tools. Sometimes it can get the restored data sometimes it breaks down, according to the State of the HARD drive. If he's already got formatt low level, it would be very unlikely to recover data... Then... you'd call better help service. Hope you can recover data.

    If you have already saved data I just re - install the operating system. It is easier. Alternatively, you can call the service provide the recovery disc number (printed on the label on the disc) see it's the right disc for your device. And try to use the right disc for re-installing.

  • Problems with Recovery Manager and wireless

    Hey everybody,

    I have an a HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx with Vista 64 bit.

    My HARD drive crashed after that the computer was hit. I bought a replacement hard drive, but could not use the HP Recovery Manager because my recovery disks were lost when I recently moved into a new House.

    I managed to get the Vista desktop of base up and running again, but without video card or wireless capability. To resolve this problem, I tried to re - install my drivers for hardware manually via

    However, whenever I try to install Recovery Manager, I get say an error message: "this Setup program cannot be installed on this system, Installation with abandon!" InstallShield.

    Also, I tried to download and install all drivers wireless on the HP site, but I can't always operational wireless capability. Even after that I installed all drivers, Device Manager still does not recognize the wireless device.

    Any thoughts on solutions to these problems? Buy the HP recovery disk or install a new operating system Windows 7 would help solve these problems? Is it possible any other hardware become damaged when the computer was hit, and that is what causes these problems? Thank you.



    This problem solved-I had the drivers for the wireless and then updated the rest of the material from there. Thanks again for your help!


Maybe you are looking for

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    Some time ago, I was doing a job on the partitions, and it appeared that my computer has a hidden partition of V: on my HARD drive.  I hid not considered uses 47.2 MB of 54.7 MB Disk space (v) and contains files such as DELL , diagnostic tests , and

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