Problem with remote desktop on Windows 7

On my Windows 7 machine, when I try to use the remote desktop connection, after entering the password it waits a few seconds and then hangs with the message: remote connection Deskptop has stopped working. My work around was to use the DRC in the Windows XP virtual machine. I'm working on a new project where I need to access a Windows VPS Server 2012, which does not allow connections to Windows XP running. I've disabled most of the local resources in the DRC but no luck.

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  • Problem with remote desktop in Windows 7 Home Premium

    I have two laptops running Windows 7 Edition Home Premium.  I do a simple administration of a 2008 R2 remote server, for a friend and all of a sudden, remote desktop will not connect to the server on one of the laptops.

    I checked all the settings, of course, and the problem is NLA.  I get the error message: requires NLA (Network Level Authentication) that your computer not only supports the remote computer that you are trying to connect to.

    I thought it was strange that I never set the server to require NLA.  I know I should but anyway...  I checked that the server is in fact not the value require NLA, so this should not be preventing the connection.
    Now, two laptops have DRC version 6.2.9200, but non-functioning LT said that NLA is not supported in the "information" window.  Two portable computers support Remote Desktop Protocol 8.0 
    Even if NLA is not required on the server, if it is set to the work of LT, why not at least try?  Even if it's just to eliminate a point of failure.  None of this is hard, right? Bad...
    I went in the LT does not work to change the DRC to allow the NLA (System, remote control properties) However, there is nowhere where do...   There is an option to "Allow remote access" button and an "Advanced" button.  Under the "Advanced" button, there are two elements to control the limits of the use of remote assistance.  There is an option button to enable remote assistance and the other to set the amount of time that the remote computers can be connected.  Nothing to control NLA.   On the functioning LT, which has the same version of the DRC, IT IS A PLACE to CHANGE NLA.  I'm confused.  How the same version of DRC can have two different menus?
    Just for fun, I tried even to DRC running in compatibility mode.  Nothing...
    Is there a registry change that will allow me to activate it?  I do not always have access to the laptop works.  I need to bring both work.


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  • I have a problem with remote desktop,

    Original title: Remote Desktop

    has worked before, since the evolution of the modem, it does not work


    In addition, I would have you post here as well.

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  • Problem with remote desktop access

    Hi, using windows xp service Pack 3. and when I try to connect with the help of remote desktop shows error like "the service user profile Service does not log. User profile cannot be loaded. "and sometimes as"the Group Policy Client service does not log. access is denied. "  can any body help on this problem? .

    I tried to solve the problem by deleting the existing user profile and create again new profile, but the issue is not resolved.

    Can I get any solution for this?

    my pc configuration is:

    Windows xp, service Pack 3.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello pcsekhar,

    For this specific issue, please post to the address provided below.

    Remote Desktop services

  • Connection problems with remote desktop connection

    Good somehow I try to connect to my remote friends computer and it has a windows 7 and I already configured on his computer. I already forwarded Ports on his computer, his static IP, added exception to the firewall, including Norton Internet Security Firewall 2013, so his remote desktop connection is good. But my computer is a Windows Vista Home Premium, but somehow, it wont let me connect it keeps telling in a dialog box with this error:

    Say this 'Remote Desktop disconnected"
    "Try to connect again. If the problem persists, contact your network administrator or the owner of the remote computer.

    But it's is not my friends computer problem, its my computer, I would have never been able to use Remote Desktop on my computer, I have no idea why. I also configured with my router Embarq EQ 660 - R in the NAT rule SUA Port 3389 with my routers IP. But somewhere in my firewall, it doesn't let me use the same TCP 3389 port, it won't let me enter any number of his strange. Well, I have the screen shot a photo so I'll attach the image so you can see what I mean. But I already have my friends computer sent a static router IP configured on him and on his router port everything worked fine, but the problem is mine, don't let me not the port before my router only if I use the NAT option and entering into the rule of SUA, in which I made with port 3389 , and my default gateway static IP.  I also added an exception to my Windows Firewall and also my Norton Internet Security firewall, 2013 including the application, but still somehow, it does not work. On my router, if I try to put the port range: 3389 to 3389. Added the name of Service like RDP, Type of Service: TCP. Also, I made my public computer static IP a little go. A how's my friends computer it works

    Thanks I would really appreciate it

    Hello Cristian,

    I understand that you can not connect to connect to the computer Windows Vista Home premium to Windows 7 computer using remote desktop.

    I wish to inform you that you can not use Remote Desktop connection to connect to the remote computer (host) running the following editions of Windows Vista:

    ·         Windows Vista Starter

    ·         Windows Vista Home Basic

    ·         Windows Vista Home Basic N

    ·         Windows Vista Edition Home Premium

    You can also view the below article for more information.

    Remote Desktop connection: frequently asked questions

    Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop connection

    I hope this helps. If you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • Weired problem with Remote desktop and WLan on Tecra M7


    I regularly use Microsoft Office remote to connect to my work PC to my laptop (TOSHIBA TECRA M7 Tablet) home.
    However, since buying (not had long), the remote desktop connection drops and I can't reconnect to the Toshiba laptop.

    It seems that when I connect to the start via Remote Desktop and the connection start screen appears after a short time 10-25mins laptop Toshiba Wifi connection drops.
    When I try to reconnect it does not allow me to do.
    I have to physically come back home and logon to windows XP and then re - activate the wifi.

    I did the following to here.

    1 UPDATE the latest BIOS



    Do you use the Intel Proset utility to configure the WiFi connection?
    Try to configure the WiFi network using this tool and check if the WiFi network would disconnect again.

    I m also interesting this driver Wlan did you use?
    Did you use one page of Intel?
    If this is not the case, check the Intel page for the new WLan driver version.

  • If I configure Windows XP for automatic logon, then I can't access with Remote Desktop in Windows 7.

    I have Windows XP on my old computer and Windows 7 on my new.

    I have my old computer with auto-logon installation as described in, when it starts, it will automatically in Windows XP.

    However, if I try to connect remotely from my new computer with Windows 7, I can I connect, but as soon as the old computer hangs on the spot, the automatic connect feature kicks in and the old computer connects again locally, actually expel the connection at a distance in a few seconds.

    Please notify. Thank you.

    I think that this is normal, you cannot establish a remote desktop connection to a Windows XP computer when automatic login is enabled, I believe that this has been changed in Windows 7.


  • Problem with Remote Desktop using router WRT54GC

    Hi all.

    My husband and I travel with a computer and an iPhone each, so 4 wireless devices, when we travel, we use the WRT54GC to connect to DSL or broadband from the hotel and then create a LAN in the room using the WRT54GC so we can connect all our devices through the router to the internet.

    Key steps are:

    (1) connect to the router from the hotel to rent a computers IP address.

    (2) do an ipconfig to get the IP address leased the hotel, over the subnet, DNS servers, etc.

    (3) hook a computer into the WRT54GC and give him the IP address and other parameters and clone the IP address of the original computer used to connect to the hotel so that the hotel think that our WRT54GC is the same device.

    (4) connect the router to the wall to talk to the router of the hotel and to connect our devices on wifi LAN created by the WRT54GC and we're good to go.

    Everything works very well and always, but with one exception: we normally use connection software Office Microsoft standard to logon remotely to our computers at home.  We use dyndns to update the IP address of the computer and were marketed in the House so that each computer is accessed through our home router when a query of the DRC between the use of this port forwarding port.

    However, all of a sudden we cannot Remote Desktop our personal computers through the WRT54GC.

    If we put the original computer used to access the router from the hotel directly to the connection to the local network, then there is no problem and that computer can successfully remote desktop, but once we put the router in the equation, we cannot do.

    Any thoughts?  It's certainly something about the configuration of the router, but I checked the firewall and DNS, and those who are not suspects.  The router configuration has not changed in recent years and has always worked previously.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks for the tip!

    We have recently started using  There is no charge for simple remote desktop, but the monitor resize and things is easier with it as the version of Microsoft, and for a small fee, you can activate on the management of files, allowing you to do things like file transfer between your home and remote computers easily.  I had tried to do in the past using DRC and it was too slow, but not also with

    That's why we have not been totally freak out the problem, because we had a backup solution with this product, but my husband has a phone in his office, he can connect to while overseas to make calls since in Australia (where we live) while he gets a charge local calls only, and it does not work with logmein , that is why we must get Microsoft DRC will once again!

    In any case, we use dyndns to administer a dynamic update of our IP address for our home router, is to make our computers at home and in a last ditch effort, I had a look at our account and re-joined our IP against our dynamic naming.  Hop, DRC said work again after that.

    It is most strange, because the IP listed was the good IP, but somehow it seemed temporarily do not resolve correctly.

    In any case, it's all fixed.

    At least, it was pretty obvious that it was something somewhere between the router and the House, because of the way he acted. It's usually pretty obvious when your home network has fallen... we knew that is that since we could communicate by other means.

    Thanks for the tip on the other remote tools.  I will certainly check.  There is never too much!

  • Problem with Skype desktop snap Windows 10.

    First of all I want to clarify one thing: I don't speak of Aero Snap.
    I want to talk about the automatic ability of Office Skype to align a corner of the screen when it is quite near the corner of the screen.
    Given that Microsoft has made the invisible window borders in Windows 10 (without actually removing them), Desktop Skype seems very strange when broken. It always behaves as if the window border was visible and so we see a gap between the edge of the window of Skype and edge of the screen when Skype is engaged. I know this isn't a huge issue, but it would be still nice if you have patched this flaw on.

    It seems that the latest version of Skype has solved this problem for most. Skype has now aligns with the edge of the screen of the Visual border, not the border entering. The only problem is that he throws still broken by the border entering, but you can break it then manually to the Visual border, which was not possible before.

  • Problem with remote control in Windows 7 Ultimate

    Hi guys,.

    I encountered a problem since I upgraded my HP Pavilion Elite m9651me from VISTA to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    the remote control has stopped working & I tried to look for a solution but no luck.

    Please can you help me with this problem

    Thank you.

    Published by looks on 02/11/2009 04:51

    Hi Jajomafa,

    My problem was resolved a few days ago.

    There was that an update of microsoft scored an important in the updates of windows, those I have installed my remote update started woking as if it were before.

    The name of the update was (AVerMedia AVerMedia - Streaming Media and broadcast devices - receiver consumer infrared)

    I suggest that you run the automatic update.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards.

  • Problem with remote desktop connection

    OS: Windows 7 Professional SP1

    When trying to connect to any computer, an error message appears indicating "an internal error has occurred."   There is no additional information for the error message.  When you look through the logs of applications (Applications\microsoft\windows\TerminalServices-ClientActiveXCore), there is an entry corresponding to the attempt which says:

    EventID 1105 - multiple transport connection has been disconnected


    EventID 1026RDP ClientActiveX has been disconnected (reason = 4)

    Anyone working in it, or know what could be the problem?  Thank you!

    (Moved to programs)

    Hi Kris,

    I suggest you post the question on the link below. The link below is the support forum for Windows 7 TechNet for networking. This team is a team dedicated to the issue that you are facing.

    Feel free to write us if you have any other questions about Windows.

  • Install RDCman 2.2 the use Remote Desktop on windows server 2003 fails with the error: incompatible version of c:\windows\system32\mstscax.dll

    2.2 RDCman install remote desktop on windows 2003 server util fails with the error: incompatible version of c:\windows\system32\mstscax.dll


    Hi Mordi26:

    This could be because windows server 2003 is not updated with the latest version of the Terminal Server client. With terminal services client 6.0 update... It should solve the problem. Here is the link to download:

  • How to access Windows 8 PC on the Internet with remote desktop connection?


    Can someone tell me how to access Windows 8 PC on the Internet with remote desktop connection?

    I'm good with the software and I have used many Microsoft software since the 1980s. So I like Microsoft products, but since they have outsourced their tech support, you can't support quality even if you pay for it. I followed all the instructions in the Windows 8 will help about DRC setting screens, but I can't connect unless I'm on the same home network. Here are the details:

    I have a desktop PC with Windows 8 Pro and I have authorized the DRC. I tried two settings in system properties:

    1. Allow connections to this computer remotely.
    2. That allow the connection of computers running Office remotely with authentication NLA.

    I also turned on both private and Public Windows Firewall settings > allow an App or feature through Windows Firewall.

    I have installation then DRC to my laptop with Windows 8 (standard edition, not the Pro version). I have a DRC using the full name of the computer and other DRC using the static IP address for my ISP Desktop connection.

    I use the user account administrator Windows for connections of DRC of the laptop.

    I cannot get this to work on the Internet from a location outside my house with another ISP connection. The only way it works if I'm uncomfortable with the laptop using the same network home.

    I called Dell tech support and it is always useless and just a more aggravating waste of an hour to talk to their support of technique outsourced in India (who barely even understand English) and then they hang up the phone as it was supposed to be disconnected. I also called Microsoft support and lost more than an hour to speak to their outsourced tech support in the Philippines (and as support of the India, they hang up or 'disconnect' when they cannot answer your question and they go account learn you more about Windows while they do). U.S. tech companies use AMERICANS more for their technical support so their customers can get people who actually care about doing a good job and can actually understand English?

    So if someone who knows using Windows 8 for DRC on the Internet has some tips, then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!

    P.S. If anyone is offended by my comments about the ugly, incompetent, stupid providing "technical support" in India or the Philippines - Nevermind! You go ahead and waste hours of your time talking to some Morón in these countries, who barely understands English and then 'disconnects' the call when they know that you realize that they are clueless and have all the answers.

    Take a look at no - or, and then use your host.domain:3389 of no.-ip/dynDNS or run RelaVNc SErver that is running on port 5900 by default.  Server options allow you to change the port as well if necessary.

  • Remote Desktop for Windows 7 Professional hangs at welcome screen

    Setup: 2 machines on a private network. Trying to remote desktop of Windows Vista Edition full of Windows 7 Professional.

    The host machine is running Windows 7 Professional. This Windows 7 machine has 1 single user account which is an Admin that I use to log on (let's say it's 'Joe').

    I turned on the remote desktop via computer > properties > remote adjustment > "allow connection of computers running any version of office (less safe) remotely. Then, to be sure my account has access, clicked "select users...". "and above the"Add..." "and 'Remove' buttons, he bed 'Joe already has access."
    The client machine that I use remotely to the Windows 7 machine runs Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (let's call it "Joe-notebook").
    When I run Remote Desktop Connection program, I tried using the "Joe-Win7" computer name and address local static ip that I assigned to the Windows 7 PC  When prompted I provide the username of the account Admin ("Joe") and the password. At this point, the remote desktop connection goes full screen and I can see that it starts to log on to the Windows 7 computer. A few seconds, the blue spindle stops, and a few seconds later, I get the error message "your Remote Desktop session has ended." The connections to the remote computer was lost, possibly due to network connection problems. Try to connect to the remote computer again... etc"
    I tried:
    1. Disable all the non Microsoft Win 7 PC via msconfig services.
    2. Rename the computer Win 7 PC name.
    3. Assign a static ip address to the Win 7 to use the ip address.
    4. Made sure that RDP was on the list of exceptions to firewall on PC Win 7.
    Things to note:
    • I am able to the RDP of the Win 7 PC to PC Vista Ultimate on my home network.
    • On the network, I have a Windows XP computer that is also unable to RDP to Windows 7 PCs.
    • I recently installed Windows 7 on this PC and RDP has not worked yet, so this isn't a problem 'suddenly '.
    Thank you for your help,
    P.S., so far, I am very impressed with Windows 7. Keep up the good work.

    I found the problem with my inability to RDP to my Windows 7 computer.

    On my desktop Windows 7 Pro, I use a card (Rosewill RNX-G300EX) wireless network. When I installed the drivers for this card, she also installed software GUI of own Rosewill (Ralink Wireless Utility) to connect to wireless networks. This setting overrides Windows 7 is built in the GUI to connect to wireless networks.

    On a wild guess, I uninstalled the drivers and software for my wireless card and then reinstalled the drivers only and used Windows 7 built in networking and it works now.

    I hope this helps.

  • Desktop HP Pavilion - p7 1549: problems with my desktop HP Pavilion - p7 1549

    I have problems with my desktop computer, do very strange things.  A few weeks ago, it would not start and complained no found boot device.   I went into the bios setup and just reset the values by default and it worked for a few weeks.  Now it does not start at all.

    I tried to access the system with F11 recovery and he complains about some secure boot options, I tried to disable secure boot and it still does not work.

    I tried to put another disc in and install Windows on it, but I could not.  Is it possible to upgrade the BIOS by booting to a USB port?  I tried to download the new bios file, but it didn't do anything after that I ran it (he didn't not create a folder for me).

    Everything seems really slow, takes a few minutes to get into the bios or boot options.  I took out the hard drive and plugged into another computer with an external enclosure and my other computer recognizes the drive.

    I tried to do a system restore to factory default start repair/restore and all have failed.  I deleted very recently on the main partition on my drive to try to install 10 Windows on the drive.  The computer appears to be frozen for a long time before continuing with the guests of installation.

    I took out the CMOS battery and you press the power button with the computer unplugged.

    Don't know what else I can try, I'm starting to think that something is wrong with the motherboard.  The computer starts up fine and I can boot a USB Windows install and the keyboard, mouse and video work.

    I think the next thing I will try is tent to start on a standalone update or ubuntu USB boot bios.

    Not really concerned about my data, I just want to get this computer working again.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

    Thank you for the additional information.

    No, you can create a copy of the recovery media.  However, you can purchase the HP media .  If you decide to do a full install, check here first to make sure that the software and drivers are available.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

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