Problem with ssl on ISA Server 2004 traffic shaping


I use "Bandwidthsplitter" addon for ISA Server 2004 (Enterprise Edition) for shaping traffic and quota control. I have a serious problem with it. This addon does not take into account the ssl traffic user, and I need to restart the Microsoft ISA Server priodically Control Service or allow the users to be connected via ssl until they themselves kill their session.

I will be grateful if someone help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance




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    How do you connect to the Internet (method/ISP)? What is a stand-alone computer or a corporate work station? What is the status of virus/malware of the machine? Please give us more details so that we can help you.

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    If there is no Internet when your computer is connected directly to the cable/DSL modem, call your ISP because something is wrong with the cable/DSL modem or your Internet service.

    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • wrt160n with cisco pix and isa server 2004 config


    I am installing a configuration to which my wrt160n router should work, but it is not at present

    .. the is the problem:

    Internet proxy - pix cisco - ms isa 2004 - 4 network cards <> lan1, lan2, dmz and wlan networks

    The wlan network card will only be my lan wireless for internet access interface. The isa server wireless lan nic has been configurered with an IP / 24

    Configure the interface to internet wrt160n with static ip / 24 and bridge 2 i'net addresses of dns.

    My dhcp server config is 192.168.100.x / and the same dns addresses i'net 2. NAT is disabled because isa server nat for all networks

    where is mistaken or do I forgot something... Help, please

    Activate NAT on the WRT or add a static route for to on your isa server computer.

    Of course, you only want wireless, there is not need to use the WRT as a router. You can set the WRT back to DHCP on internet settings. Set the address LAN IP of with a mask of Disable the DHCP server on the WRT. Then one of the LAN wire ports of the WRT to the ISA Server. Do not use the internet port on the WRT!

    Now, you have configured the WRT as simple access point. So you should use your ISA Server to serve DHCP IP addresses inside

  • Problems with outgoing mail / STMP server after has worked for a LONG time...

    Recently I started having trouble with sending an outgoing message. Beyond out lickety split with no problem. Now, once I click on SEND, I get window to send the Message reading "status: connected to» "but the progress bar continues just to go and go and... rather than a telling me the message has been sent."

    Sometimes the email finally gets sent, after taking in "shipping time E-mail" what's FOREVER, sometimes by that email is not to all and I get the message "send message failed. The message could not be sent using SMTP server for some unknown reason. Check your SMTP server settings are correct and try again or contact your network administrator. »

    I looked in my SMTP settings and noticed that, in aid of Primus, he said the outgoing server port is 465 while mine has been implemented (and worked for ever) 25. I have also noticed that help Primus said connectivity should be set to SSL/TLS, while that mine has been set (and has worked forever) to zero. I made these changes (first simply by changing the port #, then both) but this does not solve the problem.

    I've recently updated Thunderbird to 31.7.0 and I think that these questions CAN coincide with this update, but I am not sure of the time. If this is the case, is it possible that I could get back to the old version of Thunderbird... or move in this way another? ID of the update was not the questions, someone has an idea or an idea on why this would suddenly be a problem with Thunderbird?

    Or should I contact Primus technical support and try to sort it out with them?

    Thanks a lot for listening.

    Your anti virus got an update. We get a rash of these every time updates to Thunderbird. The cause is always an anti virus program. usually, Norton or Alvira, but they all get a mention.

  • Problem with the primary dns server, get the error "There could be a problem with one or more network adapters on this computer."


    I was all of a sudden having problems connecting to my wifi at home. When I was diagnosed, he says cannot communicate with primary dns server. I tried all methods in similar positions, but nothing works. I am also unable to connect to internet with my iphone and the itouch. It's really frustrating, because I've already tried all of your suggestions. I just ran another ' diagnose connection problems and it says the following:
    "There could be a problem with one or more network adapters on this computer." Help, please!
    Thank you!

    Thanks for your help, but I have tried this before. In the end I just unplugged my modem and plugged in again and it worked? I feel a bit silly not to try first.

  • Problem with Windows Media Player: "Server execution failed" and "files needed to display video are not installed or do not work properly.

    I have a problem with Windows Media Player on laptop Lenovo G780. My laptop is under warranty (bought a month ago), but technical support Lenovo told me that the Windows Media Player program is not covered by the warranty.

    And this is a problem:

    When I click on Windows Media Player - to about 0.1 sec I see it opens and closes the window and nothing happens.

    When I select a mp3 or wmv file and right-click with the option open with Windows Media Player - I get a message: "Server execution failed" - I checked that all services with 'Media' in the name are running.

    When I select a mp3 or wmv file and right-click with the open option with Windows Media Center - Windows Media Center opens with the message: "the files needed to display video are not installed or do not work properly.

    When I select a file mp3 or wmv and right-click with option open with Windows Movie Maker life - see the video

    I tried to turn / WMP and WMC - did not help
    Tried to run as administrator - did not help
    I don't see something suspicious under events

    What can I do else?

    Thank you


    I had the same problem and then by chance, I tried a video on YouTube and it worked for me. Here's how I went on this issue and solved my problem:

    1. go to the computer, then OS (C).
    2. you will need to open Program Files (x 86) and Program Files.
    3. go to Windows Media Player in Program Files (x 86) and open the folder.  Then, remove the wmplayer file.  You may need to work around the error TrustedInstaller.  I'll tell you that, in a moment.
    4. in Program Files, go to the same folder for Windows Media Player and select the same file again. Wmplayer.  Copy the file in another window open.  Copy ensures that if the question comes up again you can at least try to fix it again.
    This should be the end of your problem.  If you need to circumvent the TrustedInstaller question is how:
    1. right click on wmplayer and select Properties > Security > advanced > owner > Edit > other users and groups.
    2. Enter your username and then click on check names.  Click OK.
    3. close the dialog boxes as he has requested.
    4. open again the properties and click Security.  Select your username from the list and click on edit.  From there, select full control.
    This should give you full control over the removal of the original file for WMP and easily allow you to copy the other files (x 86) programs.
    Please let me know how it goes for your problem.
  • Problems with PIX 501 and Server MS Cert

    Hi all

    I have two problems with my PIX 501:

    1. registration works well. The pix has a certificate and use it with SSL and VPN connections. But after a refill, the pix certificate is lost and it has regenerated again self-signed certificate!

    Yes, I wrote mem and ca records all!

    2. at the request of ca CRL , I get the following debugging:

    Crypto CA thread wakes!

    CRYPTO_PKI: Cannot be named County ava

    CRYPTO_PKI: transaction GetCRL completed

    Crypto CA thread sleeps!

    CI thread wakes!

    And the CRL is empty.

    Does anyone have any idea?

    Bert Koelewijn

    Not sure about 1, but 2 is usually caused by the COP (Point of Distribution of CRL, basically the situation where the PIX can download the Revocation list from) listed in cert CA is in a format the PIX does not, generally an LDAP URL.

    Check the following prayer:

    Open the administration tool of CA (Certification Authority) then

    (1) right click on the name of CA and choose 'properties '.

    2) click on the tab "Policy Module".

    3) click on the button "configure."

    4) click on the tab "X.509 extensions".

    > From there, it can display the list of the "CRL Distribution Points".

    Turn off everything that isn't HTTP.

    You need to reinstall the CERT in the PIX, I think, but then it should be able to download the CRL through HTTP instead of LDAP.

  • Newbie problems with getting a local server from the BFC set

    It started in another post by me about what I thought, it was a problem with port 8500. I had looked at the getting started with video CFB, and on that, he used localhost as the server name and as the host name. He then assigned port 8500 as the Port of the Web server.

    When I do that it is in the windows as stopped servers. If I try to start it the error I get is

    'Start-up localhost' has encountered a problem

    Make sure that the server is not already running or any application does not use the port of the Web server.

    So as an experience, I changed the port 80, because the admin page doesn't work in

    The server at the bottom of the BFC window then shows a server running.

    I create a small "Hello World" index.cfm page and when I touched one of the tabs of the browser, Firefox and IE in my case, I get the following error.

    Error during preview generation:

    There is no server configured for the project myproject , to which belongs the index.cfm file. Configure a server in ColdFusion in ColdFusion server settings before you continue.

    What Miss me?

    Thank you


    You must specify the BFC BFC server must use in order to preview the file.

    If you need to associate a server with this project. To do this, right-click on the project-> properties-> ColdFusion server settings.

    Here in the "Server" dropdown list, select the server that you have added in CFB.

    Once this is done, make sure that your project is in the root of the document from the server in your case, that could be the Inetpub\wwwroot.

    Once this is done, the preview should work.


    Adobe ColdFusion team

  • easconsole problems with SSL


    We install and configure an EPM v11.1.2.2 system. We have configured the OSH as the SSL transcoder and it works perfectly for the Shared Services administration console and SmartView: -works perfectly -works perfectly.

    Problem comes at the launch of easconsole via the web: Receive a «cannot start the application»

    We can see he's trying to start the application from , which is obviously not correct, because the standard SSL port is configured in OSH (443). A little, jnlp is not well "created" and selecting port 80 instead of just.

    We don't have any problems at the launch of the easconsole with non - ssl to

    What is important, we also applied the latest updates of patches: for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (Patch)





    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: The platform is W2K8 (x 64)

    Take a look at the doc Oracle Support - "Essbase Administration Services (EAS) does not open when using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to the load balancer or Web/SST (Doc ID 1346806.1) server layer"

    Workaround says but it is still valid on later versions

    See you soon


  • problem with integrated start weblogic server

    Hello world
    I used jDeveloper and used to run my applications (JSF pages) without any problem
    But today I faced the following error when I tried to run an application by integrated weblogic server:

    from weblogic with the Java version:
    Java version "1.7.0_02".
    Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_02 - b13)
    Java for 64-bit Server VM (build 22, 0 - b10, mixed mode)
    WLS starting with line:
    C:\PROGRA~1\Java\JDK17~1.0_0\bin\java-Xms256m-Xmx512m - XX : MaxPermSize =\Oracle\Middleware116\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\\Oracle\Middleware116\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\DemoTrust.jks-Dweblogic.nodemanager.ServiceEnabled=true-da-Dplatform.home=C:\Oracle\Middleware116\wlserver_10.3-Dwls.home=C:\Oracle\Middleware116\wlserver_10.3\server-Dweblogic.home=C:\Oracle\Middleware116\wlserver_10.3\\Oracle\Middleware116\oracle_common-Djrf.version=11.1.1-Dorg.apache.commons.logging.Log=org.apache.commons.logging.impl.Jdk14Logger-Ddomain.home=C:\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~ 1-Djrockit.optfile=C:\Oracle\ Middleware116\oracle_common\modules\oracle.jrf_11.1.1\jrocket_optfile.txt-Doracle.server.config.dir=C:\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\config\FMWCON~1\servers\DefaultServer-Doracle.domain.config.dir=C:\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\config\FMWCON~1-Digf.arisidbeans.carmlloc=C:\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\config\FMWCON~1\carml-Digf.arisidstack.home=C:\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\config\FMWCON~1\\Users\eslami\ AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\ config\fmwconfig\\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\servers\DefaultServer\tmp\\--Dweblogic.alternateTypesDirectory=C:\Oracle\Middleware116\oracle_common\modules\oracle.ossoiap_11.1.1,C:\Oracle\Middleware116\oracle_common\modules\\Users\eslami\AppData\Roaming\JDEVEL~1\SYSTEM~1.92\DEFAUL~1\oracle\store\ weblogic. Server
    Error: Could not find or load the class main weblogic. Server
    Process is complete.

    could someone help me with this problem?
    Thank you so much.


    System folder:

    Change the setDoaminEnv (bat / sh - depending on your OS) and change the JAVA_HOME accordingly.


  • problems with the IPCC monitoring server port

    I have 4.0 (4) IPCC Express Premium with Call Manager 4.1 (2). I have a server with two NIC a 'normal' IPCC and other oversight bodies. I have configured the port monitoring with a few other IP ( and I set up RSPAN on switches. I see a call between officers and the appellants.

    But, after a reboot of the server, I get the error that my server will stop after a minute. I cann't see ane packages from monitor port. When I disable the port monitor and restart the server everything is OK and then I can activate the monitor port and everything is OK.

    I have nothing in the registry settings.

    What should do?

    Thank you

    I had the same problem as you and this has solved my problem.

  • problem with the ios certificate server does not update the CRL

    Hi all

    The background is that I'm putting a DMVPN solution with tunnels ipsec between the rays created by using certificates.

    I use a cisco 877 as the CA server (its 12.4 (6) T5) running to provide certificates for the spoke routers. This part works very well - rays can apply for a certificate and get a number very well.

    The problem is CA, life of LCR is set to 24 hours, but the CA is not updated the LCR so when the rays see CRL (as defined in their trustpoint) they point to a mistake that the CRL is obsolete and does not connect.

    If making a ' #sh cryptographic pki server ' it lists a ' CRL NextUpdate timer. It has a timestamp that is 24 hours after the last certificate was revocked. The only way I can get the LCR to be rebuilt must revoke a certificate.

    So, my question is, am I missing something here? I thought that it would automatically generations a new CRL list file every 24 hours.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

    Hey Marc (?)

    This seems to correspond to this bug:

    CSCsy95838    AC IOS: LCR of the not updated, update timer not started

    However, it does not mention if 12.4 (6) T5 is affected, only that it was found 12.4 (15) T3 and resolved to 12.4 (15) T10 and other more recent versions.

    I suggest trying the last 12.4 (15) Tx, 15.0 (1) Mx or 15.1 (4) Mx version if you can.

    I assumed that you have much of it, but just in case: as a workaround, you can disable CRL checking on all routers DMVPN, of course they will still allow connections from routers with a revoked RADIUS.

    As (temporary?) substitute for a Revocation list, you can use a 'certificate ACL' with which you can create kind of a 'local CRL Manual:

      crypto pki certificate map certACL 10    serial-number ne    serial-number ne    etc. 

      crypto pki trustpoint myTP
       match certificate certACL
    (note the "ne" stands for "not equal" so you are permitting any certificate whose serial number is not listed)
    Of course, you would have to configure (and maintain!) participating on each router in the DMVPN so it's heavy, but I guess if you revoke often certs, that it might be an option.


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  • VPN you have problem with ping to a server after you configure a NAT

    My VPN worked very well until the Exchange Server client has added and changed my setup.

    Once the customer added the Exchange Server and edited my setup, my VPN you problem.

    I've corrected some but there's always a them that I can not ping to exchange the local ip address of the server (

    One thing I notice, is that I can ping this IP if I remove ' ip nat inside source static extensible 116.xx.xx.xx.

    Someone please check the configuration below and advise me.

    I would be very appreciate any kind of suggestion.

    Thank you.

    version 15.0
    no service button
    tcp KeepAlive-component snap-in service
    a tcp-KeepAlive-quick service
    horodateurs service debug datetime localtime show-timezone msec
    Log service timestamps datetime localtime show-timezone msec
    encryption password service
    sequence numbers service
    xxxxx host name
    logging buffered 51200
    recording console critical
    AAA new-model
    AAA authentication login default local
    AAA authentication login ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1 local
    AAA authorization exec default local
    AAA authorization ciscocp_vpn_group_ml_1 LAN
    AAA - the id of the joint session
    iomem 10 memory size
    Crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-3333835941
    enrollment selfsigned
    name of the object cn = IOS - Self - signed - certificate - 3333835941
    revocation checking no
    rsakeypair TP-self-signed-3333835941
    TP-self-signed-3333835941 crypto pki certificate chain
    certificate self-signed 01
    30820240 308201A 9 A0030201 02020101 300 D 0609 2A 864886 F70D0101 04050030
    2 060355 04031326 494F532D 53656 C 66 2 AND 536967 6E65642D 43657274 31312F30
    69666963 33333333 38333539 6174652D 3431301E 170 3131 30353134 30313034
    35315A 17 0D 323030 31303130 30303030 305A 3031 06035504 03132649 312F302D
    4F532D53 5369676E 656C662D 43 65727469 66696361 74652 33 33333338 65642D
    33353934 3130819F 300 D 0609 2A 864886 01050003, 818, 0030, 81890281 F70D0101
    810094A 1 7C2D79CE A6BEE368 3EB0B5B7 9A2CFE42 6A 145915 E67EF01D 350558E3
    040B 6379 E6360CB3 4 D 0360DA61 184225 AAB44CA5 6BE23D05 55DAA45A 4647 5 FEB
    6F143346 6BF18824 EFC3A31F 2A48AD8D 524F2324 EB331E50 8407577F E751DFF2
    DD926D88 25 23143 11 C 66750 68267 C 61 C38B62C4 3B16E5AE AC91B2F8 ABA3546D
    02 30203 010001A 3 68306630 1 130101 FF040530 030101FF 30130603 0F060355 D
    551D 1104 08466172 45617374 50301F06 23 04183016 8014E95E 03551D 0C300A82
    66B6A8C2 CF1BD38F 684FD4DF C3854AEB ACA7301D 0603551D 0E041604 14E95E66
    B6A8C2CF 1BD38F68 4FD4DFC3 854AEBAC A7300D06 092 HAS 8648 86F70D01 01040500
    03818100 6CA43C42 F0116A56 DD0B98B9 05C3BB3C 5B39172A DF35F9B9 12F8534A
    75CB8043 60BD9E0A 832ED1A5 7034E6F6 55A522E0 14FBD1E4 16C8D186 72FBAB3E
    EE4C0858 C9C9B87D 0449BE9A CB71AB29 A1B0BF18 7DA6CE07 49E40F7D C 32, 66187
    310AC5B1 BF8D0D67 B024AFCD 0956FB68 BC385CC1 B6406466 1C1A8AA8 EFBA279C A 546599, 5
    quit smoking
    no ip source route
    DHCP excluded-address IP
    DHCP excluded-address IP
    dhcp pool IP CCP-pool1
    domain Fareastp
    default router
    no ip cef
    name-server IP
    name of the IP-server
    No ipv6 cef
    license udi pid CISCO881-K9 sn FHK142971LH
    username admin privilege 15 secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    synwait-time of tcp IP 10
    crypto ISAKMP policy 10
    BA 3des
    preshared authentication
    Group 2
    ISAKMP crypto group configuration of VPN client
    key xxxxxxxxx
    fareastp field
    pool SDM_POOL_1
    ACL 101
    max - 20 users
    Crypto ipsec security association idle time 3600
    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-SHA-ESP-3DES-3des esp-sha-hmac
    crypto dynamic-map DYNVPN 1
    game of transformation-ESP-3DES-SHA
    market arriere-route
    map clientmap client to authenticate crypto list ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1
    card crypto clientmap isakmp authorization list ciscocp_vpn_group_ml_1
    client configuration address map clientmap crypto answer
    clientmap card crypto 65535-isakmp dynamic ipsec DYNVPN
    interface Loopback0
    interface FastEthernet0
    interface FastEthernet1
    interface FastEthernet2
    interface FastEthernet3
    interface FastEthernet4
    WAN description $ ES_WAN$
    IP address 119.xx.xx.xx
    penetration of the IP stream
    NAT outside IP
    IP virtual-reassembly
    automatic duplex
    automatic speed
    clientmap card crypto
    interface Vlan1
    LAN description
    IP address 116.xx.xx.xx secondary
    penetration of the IP stream
    IP nat inside
    IP virtual-reassembly
    pool SDM_POOL_1 local IP
    local IP POOL_2 pool
    IP forward-Protocol ND
    IP http server
    local IP http authentication
    IP http secure server
    IP http timeout policy slowed down 60 life 86400 request 10000
    IP nat inside source static tcp 16000 16000 FastEthernet4 interface
    IP nat inside source static tcp 16001 interface FastEthernet4 16001
    IP nat inside source static tcp interface FastEthernet4 591 591
    IP nat inside source static tcp 2399 interface FastEthernet4 2399
    IP nat inside source static tcp 3306 interface FastEthernet4 3306
    IP nat inside source static tcp 1433 interface FastEthernet4 1433
    IP nat inside source static tcp 5353 interface FastEthernet4 5353
    IP nat inside source static udp 5003 interface FastEthernet4 5003
    overload of IP nat inside source list 101 interface FastEthernet4
    IP nat inside source static tcp 1723 1723 interface FastEthernet4
    IP nat inside source overload map route SDM_RMAP_1 interface FastEthernet4
    IP nat inside source static extensible 116.xx.xx.xx
    IP route 119.xx.xx.xx
    recording of debug trap
    Note access list 101 = 22 category CCP_ACL
    access-list 101 deny tcp 116.xx.xx.81 eq smtp host everything
    access-list 101 deny tcp 116.xx.xx.82 eq smtp host everything
    access-list 101 deny ip
    access-list 101 permit ip
    access-list 101 permit ip any
    access-list 101 permit ip host
    access-list 111 allow ip any
    allowed SDM_RMAP_1 1 route map
    corresponds to the IP 101
    control plan
    Line con 0
    no activation of the modem
    line to 0
    line vty 0 4
    transport input telnet ssh
    max-task-time 5000 Planner
    Scheduler allocate 4000 1000
    Scheduler interval 500


    NATting is done before the encryption.

    So if you want to access the server via its private IP address you must make sure you exclude the traffic to and from users VPN to be translated (route-map on the instruction of NAT is a typical way).

    Otherwise move to DVTI database solution that should not be affected by this problem.


  • Problem with Log in user server behavior

    1.) ok, I'll build a basic login page. I am trying to use this built in server called 'User login' behavior that comes with Dreamweaver 8 box. and I use my local ColdFusion as my server (http: http://localhost:8500 /). I have a Table in an Access database called Employee. Basically, I built a registration.cfm page that allow the employee the opportunity to register. Two of the fields on my registration page are called obviouly "username and password". When the employee enrolled, this information is inserted in the Employee Table. It works very well because I checked simply by opening the table in Access to verify that the data were inserted correctly in the fields after that I joined a fake employee.

    2.) now to the login.cfm page that seems to be the problem. Two fields on this page. username and password... These are obviously linked to the username and password fields in the Employee Table. "When I get the username and password that I registered with I must be addressed to index.cfm if the validation is successful and if it does not then the login.cfm page should update with an error message valid' valid username and password (for now). the works of the defective part. The problem is alhtough b/c work every time THAT the data that I registered with is in the Employees table, as I said earlier, I'm never able to connect. This is true for all the false emplyees I recorded with so far. If it helps, I do not use AccessLevels option in my page login.cfm, only the user name and the password. That is to say here are my values, when I click on the "Log In User" dialog box when I chose this server behavior:

    Getting the form entries: LoginForm
    Username: username
    Password: password
    Validation using the source: connDorknozzle (my datasource)
    Table: C: / Dorknozzle.Employee
    Column of user name: user name (this is what they are called access)
    Column of password: Pass (this is what they are called access)
    If the connection is successful, proceed to: index.cfm
    If the connection fails, go to: login.cfm
    Restrict access based on: user name and password (checked)

    I also am attatching the code on this page below...

    Help! It does not work

    Bad HA... This article explains everything. Basically, if you want to use this behavior, you create a file called Application.cfm and place it in your directory with a minimum of code tree. Something to do with the Session Variables.

    See this article from docs direct:

    Minimum amount of code, you must have in this Appliation.cfm file is the following:

    Otherwise the user serverbehavior log is useless.

  • Problem with URL localhost Web Server page

    I can not open my Web server via the browser page, but he had a different address when I click it?

    When I click on it it gives me:


    If I want to open it, it should be sufficient to write:


    or should I write more about after "localhost".

    Thank you

    You named your file mytestwebsite with space at the end which turns into URI mytestwebsite % 20. You must delete the space between the name of the folder or try to use localhost/mytestwebserver%20/index.htm or create the virtual host.

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