Problem with the bluetooth on my mac

Hello everyone,

I am a french and I have a problem with the bluetooth on my mac. My Magic Mouse has been suddenly disconnected from my mac. So I decided to reconnect my mouse. But this time, I couldn't do that because my mac (I think) did not detect the mouse. I said 'I think' because I am trying to connect this mouse on my son's mac and mac knew the mouse: it's only a problem of my mac.

I went on the 'system preferences' to see if my mac know my mouse again, but no. While my mouse is light and bluetooth enabled. I tried with another mouse and it's the same result.

So, what can I do?

Thanks for your help,

Merry Christmas!

Roland Matt


See "your device is not recognized by your Mac" here:

If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad doesn't work as expected - Apple Support

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    I would update the drivers of BT:;-; Longs % 20V3 - 772G

    Select windows as the operating system 8.1

    Check if you have Broadcom or Atheros

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing problems with the Bluetooth device on your pc. I will try to help you with this question.

    Please answer these questions to get more clarity on this issue:

    • What is the brand and model of the pc?

    • Have you installed all the updates waiting and also updated all the device drivers on the pc?

    • What is the error message you get when you use the Bluetooth device?

    • The problem is specific to this device?

    Suggest that you refer to all the steps in this article to check if that helps.

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    Keep us in the loop to help you further.

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    my laptop is HP G42 Notebook Pc... Windows 7 64 bit operating system...

    Please help me... Thank you a lot =)

    Click on the link below:

    Introduction to Bluetooth wireless technology

  • Re: Satellite U500-115 - problem with the bluetooth mouse

    Hello everyone,

    I use a bluetooth mouse Saitek mouse with my Satellite U500-115 (OS: windows 7) and a have a real problem that is boring:

    Every time that I do not use the mouse for 10 or 20 seconds the pilot (or what ever) rocking in a kind of 'sleep', and it can take up to 1 minute until the mouse is available again. It is defenitely is not a mouse problem. I tried the mouse with a laptop LG and a windows xp sytem and it worked perfectly.

    I tried the following:

    1 put in place the current on the site of Toshiba bluetooth stack--> having not caused no difference in behavior.
    2 put the mode to 'Full Power' energy saving--> that seemed to have some positive effect, but not always. Sometimes the time until the sleep mode begins seems to be a little more but not always. In the "Full power" the mouse seems to go back a little more quickly when he woke from the mode "standby mode".

    Test: as I wrote this text, the mouse driver began the "sleep mode", now I'll move the mouse and take the time needed until the mouse will respond again a moment):
    45 seconds

    Is it possible to put the bluetooth HID in some sort of "permanent way"? At least the touchpad also reacts independable mode of energy of the laptop; This is why I think that it should be possible to use a bluetooth HID in the same way.

    Thanks for any help!



    Go to Device Manager, click Bluetooth radios and choose the generic bluetooth adapter. Then, right-click and select power management properties, umark, allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and press Ok.

    I don't have a bluetooth mouse, so I can't check if works. Just assume...

  • I have the problem with the Bluetooth on my Qosmio G20


    I have problem with Bluetooth.
    I can't use it because it is always disabled.
    (Why the Bluetooth settings report "Bluetooth is not ready.")
    I was in Pro.Center in our region and it side (you remove your...) Definition of Bluetooth!
    But how!
    How to get a new definition of the Bluetooth?
    Is this possible?
    Please help me... and learn about all things Bluetooth...
    My pc is (TOSHIBA Qosmio G20)

    I'm waiting...

    You should take a look at:

  • I have a problem with the bluetooth on the computer being lost.


    In a search of my volume indicator I refresh my settings of the icon as expected my instructions from microsoft.

    But now my bluetooth icon is missing. Pls help for the same thing.

    Mine is series of Acer laptop Aspire E1-531.


    Hi Anugamini,

    1. are you referring to the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar?
    2. you talk about internal control of bluetooth device to the computer or is it a separate bluetooth device you installed on the computer?
    3. will Bluetooth listed in the list of devices in Device Manager?

    4. What were the Microsoft instructions followed by you. Please clarify?

    If you're talking about only the bluetooth on the computer icon:

    1. click on start.

    2. tap bluetooth.
    3. you will get the results for bluetooth.
    4. If you find the bluetooth icon, you lost.
    5. right click and restore returned to the location that you want.

    If bluetooth is completely removed from the computer. Check if the bluetooth function is running in Windows Services:

    1. press Windows key + R both together on the keyboard key.
    2. in the control run, search box type "services.msc" without the quotes and click OK.
    3. Locate the service Bluetooth service is present in services.msc and started.

    Check if the Bluetooth is listed in Device Manager:

    1. press Windows + X key bot together on the keyboard.
    2. click on Device Manager.

    3. check if you see that the Bluetooth device is listed and to update the latest manufacturer's driver.

    To download bluetooth driver:
    Drivers and manuals

    Update the latest version of the driver for the bluetooth on your computer:

    1. press Windows key + X key together on the keyboard.
    2. click on Device Manager.
    3. right-click on the Bluetooth adapter.

    4. update the drivers.

    Now check if the visible bluetooth on your taskbar of the computer.

    Additional reference:

    How to display the Bluetooth icon in the Notification area

    Add a Bluetooth device or other wireless or network device: frequently
    frequently asked questions

    Hope this helps, please reply with the status of the question to get help on Windows.

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    There are several ways to go with this. We need to put all the files in a book,

    temporarily and being one with the correct as style definition the value the

    source, and then synchronize the paragraph styles. This will change all THE styles

    with the same names across all documents and add styles

    are present in the source, but not in any other files, so it's a bit

    risky, especially if any models are based on or [base

    Paragraph] itself is used in one of the files, and it is not already defined

    exactly the same thing in all the files.

    You can also open any file and go to the paragraph Styles Panel menu and

    Choose the command charger load styles, and then select the style you want to load, and how

    dealing with conflict (incoming use), which will give you more control over what

    is happening.

    Or whenever you open a file and get the warning of missing fonts, you can go

    Find font and select the missing font, then pcik your substitute, check the

    redefine the styles box, and then click all change. It would be probably the best

    choice since it is not the style names to make the correct changes.

  • Problem with the bluetooth software

    Hi everyone, I have can´t connect my BlackBerry 8520 with my laptop through bluetooth! can someone help me?  It can connect, but I can't Explorer my Blackberry´s files in my computer! in other words, I can make calls to my cell phone but I can´t explore files which means that I can not add or remove files from my camera! Thanks for helping me!


    If you believe that it is a matter of Blackberry, ask in a forum of Blackberry.  I don't know that their offer of RIM.  CAH you also visit .

    It could also be that your particular implementation of Bluetooth does not contain the FTP function.  Mobile providers are free to disable some features Bluetooth they choose.

  • The response of the cmd + 0 does not work. Is a problem with Safari or Opera or Mac Mail :)

    Try harder. But don't feel put out. The Mac never falls down. I have used them for decades and prefer the Mac. But I fell it twice before last weekend. Try to load Imaging Neuroscience with Matlab Run Time software. At the Apple machine. Nice guy, Henry. Could not diagnose the problem. Did a clean install. Migrated to OS X10.10. Do not like. I always have problems with the machine. But I love the machine. I hate using my machine BACK. Next to neuroscience, software that I use is an open software and UNIX oriented that meets the very good command line. A large part of the software is not ready pour.10 big but worked sur.9. Well, that is until the breaks down. Of the accident, well is the lesson for me, if you crash, debugging and do not go on to the next task until you have solved. Work with Apple with the report of accident in front of you.

    You know, in the part of Oscar Wilde, the Importance of being consistent, he tells Lady Bracknell that he lost both his parents. "For losing a parent can be regarded as a misfortune." But lost both parents statement of negligence. "Yes, two accidents. Shame on me.

    Well, we have all learned, don't we?

    Great to have this forum, however. Yay! Snoop by clicking his heels in glee.

    Instead of a completely clean reinstall, consider trying a drink first. It will at least save your bookmarks and passwords that you may be saved. This article has more information: Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons.

    If you really want to divert your existing settings, you can use the Profile Manager to start a new settings file. This article has the info on it: use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox. I suggest NOT to delete your old profile immediately in case you realize is there irreplaceable data.

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    Have you tried:

    Portable Apple computers: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters - Apple Support

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum.

  • Problem with the Honda CRV and IOS 9.3.1 Bluetooth

    I just bought an IPhone more than 6 s and connected to my Bluetooth CRV Honda's.  No issues yesterday, but today it is really strange.  When my phone connects with the Bluetooth car on car monitor, that he acts like he's trying to call my phone.  However on my phone it shows not everything what is happening.  It displays the button in the car to disconnect the monitor from the car, but none of the logout buttons work.  It is just like that on the monitor.  The only way to get this removed from the screen of the car is to cut the Bluetooth phone.  That defeats the purpose of having the connection car Bluetooth. Mathilde be an IOS 9.3.1 deliver it worked fine in my iPhone 6 and the prevoous IOS and it worked the first day of my connection!  How can I fix?

    Others with Honda CRV have reported similar problems recently and not solution

    See outside the forum here

  • anyone had problems with the Mac taken hostage by ransomeware?

    anyone had problems with the Mac taken hostage by ransomeware?

    Hey portogermano,

    I have not had problems yet, but I've heard that sort of ransomware is distributed through a program called Transmission.

    If you can, try to avoid this software!

    If you are installing applications from one other source other than the Mac App Store, make sure you can check the original source and always go to the site of real editors, so that you know that you are getting the real thing, not a bad software.

  • Problem with the Toshiba bluetooth stack

    Hello, I'm having a problem with toshiba bluetooth stack. I had windows vista installed in my laptop. I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I got a bluetooth mouse attached to my toshiba bluetooth stack in windows vista. After the upgrade to windows 7 my bluetooth mouse is not working any more and it is not listed in the list of devices. But, when I turn on my mouse, the system battery bluetooth bar turns green as when the device is connected, but it does not work and the device is still not listed. I'm trying to redetect, but it is not detected. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the bluetooth stack, but in the reinstalling my devices are always listed.

    Can someone help me or tell me how to manually remove all connected devices? Thanks in advance.

    You have selected the option to remove all device configurations?
    If not, then please try it and then reinstall the Bluetooth stack.
    You can also do this via command line.
    Just run the following command as an administrator:
    MsiExec.exe /x "{CEBB6BFB-D708-4F99-A633-BC2600E01EF6}" / qn DELETEALL = 1

    In addition, remove the batteries from the mouse for several seconds.

    Right click on the Bluetooth system tray icon > Options... > Security > view paired devices
    Remove your entry for the mouse device when it exists.

  • Windows 8 "There is a problem with the driver for bluetooth hands-free audio"

    There is an X symbol by the sound icon, when clicked, it shows "There is a problem with the driver for the audio blue tooth hands-free". Troubleshooting has not been set, said that there is a bluetooth hands-free audio driver problem. In addition, when you look at the audio in Device Manager, error code 19 lights during all the points listed under ' audio, video and game controllers ".


    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    We need more information about the issue so that we can help you better.

    What is the brand and model of your computer?

    Thank you for details on the question and your efforts to resolve.

    This problem may occur because of corrupted audio driver or settings.

    I suggest you run this Microsoft fixit and verify.
    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Automatically, he diagnoses and fixes problems with the hardware. Keyboard and mouse are not detected by the Manager of devices or when they do not work.

    I would also say that you uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers under "Audio, video and game controllers" and check.

    To uninstall the driver, please follow these steps:

    a. press Windows + R keys, type devmgmt.msc in the run window and press ENTER.

    b. Click to enlarge "Audio, video and game controllers", right click on the device, and then click Uninstall.

    c. restart the computer.

    Now, reinstall the drivers from the computer manufacturer's website and check the.

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

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