Problem with the driver for the monitor (HP Mini)

Hey, I'm new here, I searched this forum, but I have found a solution to my problem.

HP Mini 210-3000 sv, I bought about half a year ago and because my Windows is in Greek and I did not understand a Word, I have re-installed Windows. I am currently with Home Premium 32-bit, if it's important. My problem is that in the monitor drivers that I don't have another generic PnP monitor, but it makes my computer slow and uses a lot of memory RAM and I remember that before reinstall, there was another monitor driver, but I don't remember the name, and now I can't find - or in HP support (it is said that my model does not yet exist) , or an internet forum... I installed the latest graphics drivers from HP (Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, the newest) site, but I'm really confused because there is no place I can find tells me which driver is good for my monitor and I have big problems. Sometimes Windows says I have problems with graphics, that close and reopen again. Can someone help me, please?

Thank you!


Download and install the latest chipset driver Intel here.

Restart the system.

Uninstall the Intel graphics driver (if it has been installed).

Uninstall software in Windows 7

Uninstall or change a program in Windows 7

Download and install the latest driver HP Intel graphics from here.

Restart the system and check the result.

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    I have a Satellite A500. He has a problem with the monitor for a while, when you turn it on it's all lines etc. and you can not read but once the laptop to boot completely it is fine. My problem is that I wanted to do a restore, but I couldn't because the screen problem it started so I plugged into an external monitor and perform the restore. That has worked well.

    But now the laptop recognizes any my laptop screen. When you go to view it offers no other monitor choice other than external, I used for the restoration. I downloaded the display driver but nothing has changed.

    Thank you

    (I have the disks for the restoration, if that helps.)

    > There a problem with the monitor for a while, when you turn it on it's all lines etc. and you can't read
    If I understand you right you can see when laptop starts and you see Toshiba welcome screen. Is this good?
    When you enter the BIOS settings you see thise lines too?

    Later, when you see the desktop on the external monitor, you can use the FN + F5 key combination to switch between an LCD and external monitor. Please try to use it and post comments if it works or not.

    What operating system do you use?

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    Although largely in the max. PrPro range, which is always likely to much larger size than that required. This ARTICLE will give you general information and a workflow possible.

    Coming from the camera, JPEG should be RGB already, so no problems with CMYK.

    Good luck and hope that helps.


  • Error message indicating the problem with the monitor of devices in Windows XP.

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    Error message indicating the problem with the monitor of devices in windows xp. How to fix?


    1. when exactly you receive this error message?

    2. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    3. What is the exact error message that you receive?

    Please provide us with more information about the issue so that we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

  • Problem with the monitor Panel and display driver - first Elements 9

    9 PE worked fine since I bought it two months ago and then this week I opened the program, he stated "we have detected an incompatible display driver. For better playback performance and faster, update your driver. View the details of the driver. ATI ASUS AH450 series 3.0.8673 technologies. Then when the open program of the monitor Panel was not working properly. If I click on the Panel, I can see an image of the video, but when I click to play the video, the sound works well, but nothing happens in the monitor Panel. It justs keep showing the same image without change.

    It was the latest driver but I reinstalled it just to be safe, and he still has the same problem. I have updated first Elements 9 but still the same problem. I am running the application on Windows XP.

    I'm at a loss to know what to do. Why all of a sudden he does it when it works fine?

    Try the suggestions of this FAQ from the library to the right of this forum:

  • When you use two monitors Media Player will not playback on screen #2 video (not a problem with the monitor #1).

    I'm sorry for the long post, but this is the type of problem that is easy to explain in person but if transported by writing it might take a little longer for the sake of the definition. Please read on without fear because this problem is not as complicated as you might think, I hope.

    I use two (2) screens of computers with the same system but why Media Player does not work on a single monitor and not the other monitor?

    I use two monitors with my PC thanks to the CLONE function and things last a lot. #1 monitor is a computer 19 "monitor. Monitor #2 is at the end of the piece. VIZIO, the manufacturer, markets a monitor #2 as a computer screen, nope, it's a 47 '' Vizio HDTV that I use as a computer screen. I use the installation without any problems for over a year now until yesterday. The problem: now, when I use two monitors to play a video, the sound will play but not the video. What I see is a black screen empty. This negative situation applies to only monitor the #2 and does NOT monitor #1.

    > very important Please note... when I have both monitors running and I play a video that you can actually see the video play on the #1, the 19-inch video monitor! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video player when it runs on the small computer screen 19 inch. But when you turn your head to look through the living room where I Monitor #2 placed you won't see the video running on #1 monitor as you normally would before that dysfunction appeared. (No, instead of this you will see the Windows Media Player (or Nero or RealPlayer) readers 'playing' a black screen blank even if 1) both monitors are indeed cloned and 2) video plays without any problem on monitor # 1. Monitor #2 with media work (sort of) because the volume level is adjustable, and you can see the bar jump up and down and all around media player progression but the problem is that there is simply no video when you try watching the video on a monitor #2.

    > except to play videos through a Player multimedia, I can use my Vizio TV as a monitor for what is related to the computer, there is no another negative question. I can surf the web, edit videos, etc. When I run a video from Youtube to my computer the monitor #2 TV Vizio, the Youtube video plays well. Ditto for Netflix, no complaints there. In fact, I just typed this post on and displayed using Monitor #2... But if I want to watch a video that I saved in a folder XP then the only option is to use the #1 monitor.

    Thanks in advance for your help :)

    Do restore of the system as a first step. If this fails,

    1. uninstall all software of Monitor 2

    2. unplug the monitor 2

    3. restart the computer

    4. connect the monitor 2

    5. install all the software monitor

  • Windows 7 RC: problem with American Driver for camcorder DV Sony iLink

    I installed Windows 7 RC and Corel Videostudio X 2 (Version 12) in German on my computer. When I connect my DV-camcorder Sony DCR-TRV22E with I.Link (IEEE 1394) windows 7 recognized the equipment and loading an American pilot with NTSC Videonorm. But my videos are saved to the PAL-Videonorm, which is usually in most European countrys. So my import do not work properly. In Corel Videostudio will be recognized at the camera, but I can only start with the codec DV in NTSC. This was not the case under Windows XP, everything works fine.
    Please can someone help me with this problem, and my second question is: in the official version of Windows 7, go down in Germany to 22. October 2009, is this o.k problem.?

    This is a forum for Windows Vista, so you might not get an answer here.

    I recommend that you post your question in forum Windows 7 hardware compatibility .  Steve Winograd, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience)

  • Hall 20: problem with the monitor

    I put my pc screen on my tv and I can't get back the process, I see nothing in my tv and the pc, what can I do, to see the screen on my monitor again?


    > If your using windows 8 hold CTRL + C you sick get a windows select devices and only change the projector to the display device

    > or otherwise just disconnect the cable connected to the computer

    > or trying to make Windows + P

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  • Problems with the monitor program size?

    Hi all

    I was editing a sequence and things were dandy until the program screen size has changed for children.

    Here's a screenshot if you want to take a look:


    Here, plays the same video, but in the source monitor, the width of the screen is longer while the width of the screen of the program monitor is also enlarged and lower.

    Can someone help me get both screens, the same magnification and width?

    They have the same magnification (both on the adjustment) and have the same resolution if that helps...

    Thank you


    The sequence settings match the layer source footage?

    You seem to have HD or source on the big screen and a sequence of DV (SD or 4:3 aspect ratio)

  • T420 (4180 - 1 G 8): problem with VGA output for external monitor

    Followed by:

    I tried the latest driver Intel "generic" after you completely uninstall the device from Device Manager driver: without success.

    I tried a different monitor from another manufacturer: no chance.

    To remove the device driver as a cause as possible, I tried to boot from a boot Unbuntu CD: no chance.

    I activated the home screen on the VGA port in BIOS: screen stays black.

    I suspect that the VGA on my new Lenovo Thinkpad T420 port just does not at all.

    I opened a call with my material support.

    Kind regards

    Stéphane B.

  • Keyboard Apple A1016 model. Are there problems with the new mac mini

    I have a new Mac Mini and an old keyboard A1016.  How can I get to pair?

    The Ko was odd what it was connected to before?


  • Problems with the Display Mode target on end 2009 27 "iMac

    Used late 2009 iMac 27 "in the view target in conjunction with a Dell XPS tower with i7 processor, Windows 7 and the best graphics card I could afford at the time connected by HDMI to mini display port cable.  Worked well for years.  Set aside Dell for a few months and the update of the iMac to El Capitan OS 10.11.3.  Recently tried old setup with same Dell PC and was able to move from Mac to PC, but the PC screen resolution was at the lowest setting. I got an error message when enabling/disabling to PC who said there was a problem with the port causing mini display of the system back to the lowest resolution. Impossible to reset at a higher resolution.

    I tested the Dell PC on another monitor, and it works very well at higher resolution (2560 X 1440). Now, when I reconnected it to the iMac (which works fine), the screen becomes black.

    Is it possible that the operating system upgraded (El Capitan) is not compatible with the targets using mini display port Display Mode?  Any ideas?

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode , also consider having a bad cable or connection. Does not hurt to try different cables, they can and will the bad!

  • Satellite Pro A120: I have problems with the installation of the graphics driver for W2k

    I installed windows 2000 on an A120, the system is fully packed and service updated before I even start to install the necessary drivers, I am unable to restart the system. I once, install as recommended drivers that I have problems with the graphics driver because it will not be installed because it requires a reboot and then I can't install new programs that require a restart that the driver has not been installed correctly.

    The laptop is a Pro A120, age of 1 week and came with XP home, because of this toshiba will not offer me support I changed the o/s even though they obviously support 2000 on this laptop, because they provide the drivers.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you use and install the drivers from the Toshiba driver page right?
    The drivers of Toshiba W2k for Satellite Pro A120 have been published and are ready!

    But please pay attention to the Toshiba drivers.
    There are two different sets of Satellite Pro A120, with different drivers W2k!
    After choosing the good laptop and download the drivers please follow the proper installation order that is indicated in the document "installation instructions"! Check it!

    I think that if you follow this guide line everything works and runs correctly. Good luck

  • Problems with the graphic driver for Elitebook 8460p


    I m of the problems with the Elitebook 8460p driver display. The latest version (, published on 16 June 2014 have some problems on the laptop. When the laptop is running on battery screen suffers from flicker and damaged graphics, as you can see in this video:

    (you can see the flickering between 0:20-0:22)

    I contacted with support local hp and send me a COMPUTER technician, who has changed my motherboard and CPU, but nothing worked. I tried to contact with intel for support (the issue is present with drivers intel non - oem), but they are sending me to the OEM. I would like to have a real driver that works with the system (3347 is a driver of the year), is it possible?

    This isn´t of question at all in linux drivers, more change motherboard I totally ignore a hardware problem.

    I can provide feedback to any solution.

    Thank you!

    Another update:

    Found a solution to this thread (which I started) in the forums of intel:

  • Issue of 'no networks detected. Problems with the AR5BWB222 driver for WiFi adapter. Help, please!

    Hi all

    I need your help!

    then a few days ago my wifi started playing on my acer Windows 8 V5-552 and I have decided to update the driver for the card. I did this by unistalling and re-istalling the driver for the Atheros AR5BWB222 map I downloaded from this site acer very (it turns out it's the same version), now I have no WiFi connection at all (I am currently using ethernet cable but I need to be mobile around the House!). Troubleshooting does not help and said "there could be a problem with the driver for the WiFi card" and when I click fix problem there is no NOTHING (why did even give the option?). Did a system restore and that didn't work because of my antivirus and there still nothing when I turned antivirus off the coast. Then I read a lot of forum preveous questions on this driver and no solutions helped, maybe because everything is last year.

    I really want to avoide a factory reset as I have some programs here that will be very difficult to acquire again.

    If you're still here after my speech, I am greatfull and also want your knowledge and advice about this superior! Please help me!

    What antivirus program you are wrong with turning off? I know that some may be stubborn. If the AV program refuses to turn off this feature with a selective startup in MSCONFIG, then you can try to uninstall it completely in the PANEL. Then try to restore to the previous new date

    Jack E/NJ

  • Cannot install Vista service pack 2 is 800f0a09 error code with the message that there are problems with the driver for dell latitude

    Original title: why I get error code 800f0a09 to upgrade to windows vista service pack 2

    I have a laptop del that is running on Windows Vista Edition Home Premium. I tried to download itunes but it requires service pack 2. Whenever I try to update to service pack 2, I get the message following error code 800F0A09. He also mentioned problems with the driver for dell latitude. What can I do to fix this please.

    Thank you


    Please join Microsoft Community where you can find the necessary information on Microsoft products!

    You can not install Vista Service pack 2 and get the error with code 800f0a09 and the message that there are problems with the driver for dell latitude.

    The problem may occur if some of the components of the update are corrupt.

    What is the full error message that you receive?

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below to check if the problem is with the update components:

    Method 1: Reset the update components

    See the site:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Warning: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Method 2: Run the system update readiness tool


    See the site:

    System update scan tool corrects errors of Windows Update in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008

    Method 3: Turn off the antivirus software


    See the site:

    Disable the anti-virus software

    Important note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, let know us and we would be happy to help you.

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