problem with the hp pavilion dv7 1195eo


I buy Pavilion dv7 1195eo in Sweden. Reinstal Windows and now I have little problem. I can't find drivers for Ethernet controller. Now I have six unknow devices. I found the drivers on the Hp page but I can't install it. I have procesor AMD Turion X 2 dual-core mobile RM-72, main Board HP 30FD, BIOS HP F.21, 3 GB of RAM and Windows Vista Home Edition SP1. Where can I find the correct drivers. And the chipset drivers.



Then use these drivers 32 bit:

Chip set:

The rest:

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    My computer laptop Marc regularly of me. I think it's because of its metal chassis. Every time I accidentally push the chassis, 50% of the time, I feel a slight current. This is also visible on the area of coverage/monitor to laptop. Any ideas in this regard? Thank you.

    The I recommend you find a shop or and the person whose skills trust you to know why it is internally grounded to the case.

  • Problems with HP laptop Pavilion dv7-5004tx with the sound and video is this laptop being recalled?

    Hello I desperately need help.

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion dv7-5004tx, which is about a month.

    It's a really highy specced machine, 8 GB mem 1 GB card video etc.

    The problem is that when it video or audio playe he stutter along. I sent to hp about this problem and they do not come back to me? It is currently running windows 7 64 bit home edition.

    The model number does not exist when I search the site of HP?

    I noticed on some laptop computer review sites that it was be recalled, but it was the only information I could get. No specefics.

    I would really appreciate help from anyone out there? It seems as if HP tries to hidden it? There is no information about this laptop on any one of these sites (that I could find) and model number doesent exist on their site either.

    I think I have found a solution to my stuttering audio and video playback. I disabled the HP 3d drivegaurd software and so far it seems fine. After a search in any of the HP forums support I discovered a number of people have had similar problems with various portable computers HP.

    The solution seems to be to disable the car care software? HP aware of this and they do nothing to solve the problems with the drivegaurd software?

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion e033tx-15 Notebook shutdown/restart/sleep

    I had windows 8 OS 64-bit working fine with my HP Pavilion Notebook 15-e033tx.

    I had problems, so I decided to update my drivers. I already had BIOS VersionF.08 and the hp support page has shown that there is an update of the bios to VersionF.21.

    After updating the bios the problem started when I stop lighting and the laptop into sleep mode kindof. I have to hold the switch down to foce him close. If I restart it, it says "reboot pc", goes blank and then all power off, and it's not stopped.  and if I SLEEP, he's not waking up.

    I rolled back the bios and it fixed the issue.

    Then I freshly installed win pro 8.1, and it has only VersionF.21 of the bios available.  Same problem again.

    HP Support Assistant showed that a new bios update Insyde F.22. But the problem is still there.

    I searched other posts with similar problem and I can't seem to solve this problem. Help, please.

    Henrico Hello and welcome on the HP Forum!

    I understand that you have a problem with the BIOS.  I'll try my best to help you solve this problem. I suggest following the procedure described in this document for the restoration of the BIOS .

    If this does not resolve this problem then restores the version F.08 driver it should always work for Windows 8.1.  Here is a document for more information of the device to Windows 8 Manager which explains how to roll back the driver. It will be the same steps for Windows 8.1.

    I suggest Using HP Support Assistant (Windows 8) to change your settings for manual update. This allows you to choose what you want updates.

    I hope that this information help, please let me know how it goes.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion dv5-1015ea

    Someone had problems with the dv5-1015ea model?  I recently had an and it seems to make a humming/rattling noise (but this is not the fan) especially when your running a program or on the internet?  Any comments will be useful

    Maybe it's just the hard drive.

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion Bluetooth and Windows 8.1

    I have a new HP Pavilion (approximately 6 weeks) 15-n205AX running windows 8.1.  Can I connect my android phone with it, but when I try to send a picture from phone to the laptop it says failed to connect.  (But I can do okay on my old laptop so doubt the problem is the phone).  I removed the device and re-paired several times, apparently successfully, but still cannot send pictures.

    Any thoughts?

    Hi NellyG. I understand that your Bluetooth will pair, but fails to connect when you try to send a photo. Read this for tips or tricks for using Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Windows 8) devices use.

    Let me now if this is useful.

  • Problem with the hp pavilion g7 1150us intel graphics driver for microsoft windows 8 x 64 bit os

    I tried to install this or no available

    I get an error stating that my computer did not meet the requirements of the software drivers?

    who has any sense at all

    my computer is a

    HP Pavilion 1150-US G7

    1600 x 900

    uses and graphic driver intel

    and has 8 x installed on 64-bit windows

    I want to get this to work so I can play without them crashing as my graphics driver is out of date, and when I try to install a new one, it tells me that my computer does not meet requirements when it does

    Oh I forgot to mention using MI

    Windows 8 x 64 bit Pro

    not the regular version

    who can help to shed light on the problem

    Oh I also 8 GB of ram

    2 dual core processors? someone told me that was weird, but I don't know

    I have a screen shot somewhere

    Imen im will provide 4 screenshots

    If you look at site driver from Intel, it is no all W8 drivers for the graphics card in your laptop, so I don't know even how HP can have one.

    My advice if does not work driver W8 would install the W7 of Intel driver - manually if auto installation does not work.

    Use it for automatic installation: * & DownloadType = drivers

    Use this one for the installation manual (unzip and navigate to the driver folder, as you did with the W8 driver). * & DownloadType = drivers

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion G6 VGA Driver

    Hi dear customer service I bought a laptop model: HP Pavilion g6. I had some problems with my VGA driver after I installed windows 8 on it.

    I have downloaded my driver VGA of ATI in the link below

    It is installed successfully, but does not work properly. For example in the windows screen resolution setting 8, that this device is not registered when it is listed in the device handles as indicated.

    In this regard, you please help me find a certified HP driver for my laptop.

    Best account.

    Go to and when clicked on

    'Download the latest AMD Catalyst Software'. You will be redirected to Click

    Detection and automatic installation

    AMD has downloaded a piece missing and restart of Catalyst Control both Switchable Graphics has worked.

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion tx2000 drivers!

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to find a solution to my problem for a whole day, now and until now I Don t have nothing!

    My problem:

    Last week, I installed Windows 7 Profesionall on my laptop and I have a problem with drivers for graphics cards, shortcut keys on fingerprinting and monitor drivers.

    I installed win 7 drivers on your page (sp45823) and nothing fundamentally heapened. The most important are graphics drivers for me now. As I said I installed the HP driver pack drivers and also page from Nvidia, but still nothing. When I go to display properties whenever the name of the graphics card graphic VGA Standard.

    I would ask you if you could help me how to find the drivers or if you could tell me what to do.


    Please try to get the driver using Windows Update in Device Manager. This will search for the most appropriate driver.

    While I am an employee of HP, I'm not an expert on all our products. When I offer advice, I do not speak for HP.

  • Problem with the hp pavilion dv6 2155ee wireless adapter after upgrading to Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

    Help me my wireless was working well and I have formatted my laptop windows 7 sp1 to windows 7 and I installed all the drivers and all

    work well only the Wireless does not and his permit and I can access the internet via cable (ethrnet) and when I troubleshoot say: problem
    with the wireless adapter or access point. Please help and thank you

    Thanks Nicolas and Hula, but Nicholas I told you my router works well I can access internet from another laptop and my mobile problem with my laptop however I formatted my laptop and I think that the problem was because I installed a driver that I can't install it and now my without wire is to find networks and I can access internet again however thanks for your help

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion tx G62016 LESS

    Hi, I have a laptop computer object with Windows 64 - Bit version of home base,

    Recently my laptop has been restored to laptop, since then the sound is very than lower compared to previously.

    Please specify the driver for the resolution.


    Hi again G62016TX,

    Given that Windows 7 is provided with your computer, I recommend that you follow this document on the no sound on speakers (Windows 7). This should help to enable your computer produce the desired quantity of the sound of your laptop.

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your response!


  • I have a problem with my HP Pavilion DV7-4047ea.

    About a week or two ago I accidentally dropped my phone.  Now, when I start it, it happens to the Windows screen but then just a blank screen and nothing else happens.  I ordered HP recovery discs that do not help with it.

    I changed the boot order so that the disk drive will be first analyzed.  Unfortunately, it seems that a blue screen appears, as if it starts the recovery procedure, but nothing else happens.

    I did the memory and disk test hard (when you press ESC at startup) and it is said that there is a failure with the hard drive.  As far as I know that it is still under warranty.

    Nice to wander if I could do something to fix it or if I need to contact HP. Is there a way to talk about HP outside phone calls. I have anxiety over talking on the phone.

    There is also support e-mail and chat available. Please see the link below for contact information

  • problem with the hp pavilion st 11-e100sf

    Hi all.. .Please I have hp pavilion touchsmart 11-e100sf when I want to install win xp (32-64 BIT...) and:

    -with external cd player... .no

    -J' I change the version of bios and setting... .no

    -J' I change xp version... .no

    I like to use the version of xp for my programs (programming and archetect prog... does not) in win 8 or 8.1 victory.

    Please helpe.

    thinX for all.                                                                                                                djams.

    Hello @RALFCOLLO ,

    Welcome to the HP forum!

    It is a wonderful place to learn and to find solutions that have helped other people.

    I understand that your laptop came with Windows 8.1 and your architect program is not compatible and you need to work.  I regret that it would not work in compatibility mode for you.

    You can certainly install XP.  If for any reason any, you need to use the warranty on the laptop, they should remember the laptop factory.

    That being said, the first thing to do is create your recovery disk if you don't have already done.

    Backup personal data, that you do not want to lose.

    You must then change the boot order in the bios.  Configuration of the system BIOS Boot order

    You should also disable secure boot. Secure Boot (Windows 8)

    Now you should be able to boot from your XP installation disk and complete the installation.

    Please be aware that XP is not an operating system on your laptop, HP will have not all recommended drivers.

    Download or update of software and drivers for HP computers

    Good luck!

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion dv6563cl


    I have a HP Pavilion dv6563cl laptop (GA406UAR #ABA), who was supposed to have a GeForce 8400 M GS graphics card.

    However, after a failed repair, I realized that the graphic chipset on the motherboard is a G86-730-A2, which corresponds to a GeForce 8600 M, can someone confirm this for me?

    I suspect that there is some kind of (junk) replaced by the maintenance company.

    Thanks in advace.


    As mentioned above, this means that during the refurblishing process, they exchanged the mother card motherboard. You can check the part number to find out.

    Kind regards.

    PS Please note that the chipset is soldered to the motherboard.

  • Problem with the HP Pavilion p6301it driver

    Hello everyone, I introduce myself my name is Ciro and I live in Italy, five years ago, bought an HP computer and after that I got the virus, I forgot the "Recovery Manager" program to format the disk and without formattai with DVD... What l ' I formatted say PC should not be greater, but every now and then is crushed and games go in spurts... There is no way to recover the "Recovery Manager"? I formatted the hard drive, if not all, that I was sure to get it back... Thanks for the help

    Have you installed the latest graphic driver AMD directly from AMD? & OS = Windows % 207% 20-% 2064

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