Problem with the installation of Windows XP on the Satellite A200-1RK

I ve you have a problem with my laptop.
I would like to install Windows XP SP2 instead of Vista, but I had a problem with the hard drive,
Windows XP Installer cannot find the hard drive. It is problem with drivers disk, but the site of tohsiba I canĀ“t find my laptop and the disk for XP drivers.
Can someone help me?

Maybe I can use drivers from another laptop A200 series, but which?

a good explanation how to install XP on a SATA machine can be found here:

Welcome and good luck

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  • Problem with the Satellite A200 and Windows Vista startup

    Yesterday, my laptop had some mistakes and tried to stop.
    He remained on the screen closed for quite a long time, so I decided to push the power button until it turns off.

    When I went to turn it back to the a started going through the normal screens, the Toshiba screen and then the white screen with the Microsoft flag down. At this point, the screen goes completely black and rest that way.

    Through starting initial power cord, light is turned on, the power supply is on the HARD drive light and then when the screen turns white HARD drive light turns off and stays off.

    I tried to do a system repair using the F8 key at startup and it goes into the Advanced Boot Options menu when I select 'Repair your computer', the light of the HARD drive temporarily, I go through the screens and select System Restore, I selected a date a few weeks and then click Next on the screen indicating the (c :)) system disk is ready to be restored then it returns an error -" (c) drive has errors. Windows has detected corruption in the file (c) system.

    You should check the drive for errors before you can restore it "- and at this point, I can only click on the 'check' the drive to find errors, and then click Start, as he chose the option 'Automatically fix file system errors'."

    When I click Start nothing seems to happen just on the same screen, the HARD drive light does not come on at all and there is no internal HARD drive noise. The only way I can get out of this screen is to turn the computer off again.

    If someone is able to help I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you!

    Hi Cazza68,

    Looks like Windows is confused upward

    Can you start Windows if you perform an installation of Toshiba Recovery disk recovery?

  • Problem with the Satellite Pro 2100 and new modules of RAM


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100 and I have a problem with the memory upgrade.
    My notebook of startup only if a plug-in module to a ddr, but if I insert the two modules IN CC led orange flashing start when I try to turn on the pc. The stop led not blinking unless I take out the battery and the dc adapter.
    Here is the code of the modules:
    KTT3614/256 (original)
    256 MB pc2100 both.
    Starting the PC with any of them, as well as the modules are both compatible.

    Any ideas?
    (Sorry for my English but I'm Italian: D)

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    the second location of memory perhaps is the problem.
    Try to start with a module in the second slot, first an empty slot.

    Good bye

  • Cannot retrieve the Satellite A200-1RK - error: 18121 COMPONENTS. SAV


    This is it, I got a laptop TOSHIBA Satellite A200-1RK for only less than a year and currently just started to experience problems in this regard.
    So I decided to restore the computer to factory settings using the recovery disk supplied with the notebook. After that the following instructions which recommended that the process started to get succesfull until after 100% invites it commond came suddenly with the following error:

    [Error: 18121 C:\Windows\System32\config\COMPONENTS.] SAV

    Error image restoration.

    The specified image file did not contain a resource section.

    ERROR: ImageX could not apply VISTA E:\05241XP.swm Index 2 weird to C:\.
    Press a key to continue...

    Then, when I press a key, it remains on a white screen and with TOSHIBA down right and don't turn...
    Then I restarted using the power one button came the following:

    Windows could not start.
    A recent hardware change followed by instructions to use the vista DVD and recover the PC using that...

    Help would be greatly appreicated as the laptop does not work... Thanks in advance...


    Hmm strange I have never seen anything like it.
    But according to the error message that imagex could not apply VISTA E:\05241XP.swm Index 2 of ODD to C:\ there was a problem copying some files from E to C (from HARD disc to disc).

    Have you tried to boot from the recovery again disk? If this isn't the case, then try it!

    If you will not be able to restart the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery then disk you should check if it s possible to boot from the other bootable discs like Win XP or similar.

    But if none of these disks will work then a hardware problem is possible. In this case I recommend you first HARD drive.

    Good luck

  • Someone at - it problems with the Satellite Pro C650 battery?

    Any other owners have problems with their batteries?
    Even when completely loaded - then unplugged and not on internet, I get less than an hour out of her life.

    Has been using MS Word in the last few days - and had to plug the laptop in an hour!


    We need to change and optimize battery usage settings.
    This is possible in power management.
    You can decrease the screen brightness and can change another option which is located in the Windows 7 power management.

    The point is that the battery depends on its use for laptop and you will still notice different battery due to the use of different software and different settings working time.

  • Connection problem with the satellite C660 - 24L

    Hello world

    I have a Toshiba satellite c660 - 24L running windows 7 and have had a problem with internet connection in the last two days.

    Marketing, the internet works very well for around a minute and then I lose the connection. The computer says still connected but the network map displays a problem between the computer and the Wi - Fi router. After that restart the internet works fine again, and then disconnects after ~ 1 min.

    A few times, the computer froze, and gave me a blue screen and memory dump, and then a forced restart.

    Computer behaving the same way when connected and disconnected from the mains.

    All other devices will connect to the router talk-talk with no problems.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.


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    Have you noticed a few problems if you use the local network connection?
    Original Toshiba WLAN driver is pre-installed on your computer?

    To be honest, it is not easy to say why this show is starting to happen so suddenly.
    Try to back up OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool just to see if the problem will still be there.

  • Problems with the Satellite A665-11Z

    Hi all!

    I have problems with my laptop, the problem occurs for the most part, any time.
    (start cold upwards) on the screen with the AC is plugged and the battery to connect, the laptop stops receiving power and battery light flashes orange. I re plug the AC several times and this until the battery dies

    which gives it a while it stops then when I play a game (Team fortress 2 to be exact or ETS2) play for about 15-20 minutes until the same symptoms recur...

    I replaced the DC Jack inside the motherboard and the problem persists,

    I have baught a new real charger from ebay

    I also have repasted CPU incase of heating, but is not the issue, as it happened on a cold start upward on the screen it just completely cut to connect.

    I also installed windows 7 ultimate sp1 and update all readers
    I just installed windows 8 pro and updates installed etc.

    I removed the battery of the laptop to see if that was the problem, but it still happens, but obviously there is no battery in the laptop just turns off completely without blinking light orange on the sign of the battery

    The battery is weak it holds for 10 minutes at full load, but this isn't the question why the laptop shuts down with the charger because I removed and still...

    anyone has any idea what it is? :(

    Thank you

    I agree with you that isn't related to malfunction of the accumulator.
    The laptop should work correctly even if the battery isn't inserted.
    That's why I think there must be something wrong with the motherboard or the part connected to the mobo

    However, its really hard to talk about possible troublemakers, because he could make almost any part that affect the functionality of the laptop.

    In the case where the motherboard is affected (a kind of power provide electronic malfunction) repair will be expensive affair because the new motherboard is one of the portable computer expensive parties.

  • Problems with the Satellite A-210 camera

    Hello. I have a problem with my webcam, sometimes it's not ok. Sometimes I can use in the Messenger, but sometimes show me a problem and I can't use it. Display a message as I am using the camera in another program but is not fair. Can you help me? If is posible, response in Portuguese or Spanish, my English is terrible. Thank you. Antonio

    Have you already installed Vista SP1? Help with questions web cam.

    But let me ask you, what is the exact message when windows says that the camera is already in use? Perhaps you might find on the other program that way.

  • Problem with the Satellite C855-2EU for departure


    When I start the computer the toshiba logo comes then she turnes
    All gray and then sometimes a clear blue screen with the text, but I can't read because
    It disappears fast then the toshiba logo comes up again and again
    Once again!

    Please could someone help me?

    I think you're talking about the blue screen (BSOD) shortages and the laptop crashes somewhere in the loop.
    In my opinion, this loop can be caused only due to hardware problems.

    I put t think its a software problem because Windows 8 includes a feature called auto repair recovery trying to automatically diagnose and fix common problems that can cause Windows 8 not start correctly. Auto repair starts automatically when Windows cannot start properly. Once launched, it will scan the various parameters, configuration options and system for settings files and corrupted files. If it finds anything, it automatically attempts to correct for you.

    Have you changed in the past something in the hardware configuration?
    Maybe a few upgrades of memory, etc.?

  • Problem with the Satellite C850/c850D touchpad


    I just bought a PC toshiba laptop c850/c850D this week, and the third day, when I was watching my touchpad mouse with chrome starts to panic.

    I could barely control the mouse with the touchpad, it kept "shooting up" at the top of the screen.
    I rebooted the system to get the touchpad working not all (mouse key on laptop included).
    When I plug in an external mouse via USB, it works very well.

    I tried the shortcuts F5 (turning the touchpad on the laptop market)
    I have the mouse controls. Where the mouse USB and the touchpad is visible. He said only that it works properly, which is obviously not.
    has taken a printscreen:

    I even went as far as restoring the computer to the factory settings by pressing f8 whilest reboot etc etc.
    The touchpad mouse doesn't always work...

    It works under windows 7.

    Could someone please help me understand how to get my touchpad working again?

    See you soon,.

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    The F5 turns the touchpad on and off
    Please check if the touchpad is not disabled.
    You can also visit the Toshiba UE driver page to download the latest driver for touchpad
    The update of the touchpad driver solves many problems of touchpad.

  • A few problems with the Satellite U920T-100

    Hi guys,.

    my girlfriend ordered a Toshiba Satellite U920T-100 about three months ago and she had problems with it since. We're not quite sure what causes because they seem to happen randomly.

    The questions are:
    -It starts, but it freezes at the Win8 connection with a blue screen (a rather hot blue, no blue screen of death)
    -It starts not at all, only after a few attempts
    -It will not stop
    -It freezes all by organizing files (for example copy of files from A to B, but not yet large amounts of files)

    New: these questions seem to be completely appearing randomly, I wasn't able to reproduce them in any way.

    Also: WLAN connectivity is really bad.
    The laptop is not able to find networks, while my laptop has no problem with it.
    And when he finds them and connect, the connection be lost - once again: no idea why.

    That surprises me the most, because in tests and comments that I've read that connectivity has been praised everywhere.

    I have reset factory?
    Run through some specific tests?
    Or is is hopeless, because there are so many problems with it?

    I'd appreciate your help!


    > I should factory reset it?

    I think you should do that because the issue described can be related to system problems, but also hardware problem (HARD drive for example). The resumption of the factory allows you to check if its software or hardware related problem.

    Usually, all the problems of software (System) could be solved by the recovery process. Hardware problems would continue.

    From my point of view, the recovery of the system is the first step, you should try to solve the problem.
    In case this is not enough, a hardware problem (RAM or HARD disk) is possible, and given that the laptop is still under warranty, I recommend you contact the service to check the unit.

    Hope my advice might help you a bit

  • Problem with the Satellite A300D - 14 p

    Hi all!!

    I have problem with games Test drive Ultimate and Need for speed pro street, when I press the button run, don t car, when spending the same time, car will lead, then I run the button, but my car don't stop at the same time, then the car stops! When I play this games keyboard button will stick, but when I work or play other games, my laptop works properly!

    Maybe that's the problem of processor, and I need to update drivers...! What do you think?

    I look at my CP CPU load is 100% the two core, when I play this game!

  • Some problems with the Satellite A210 - 11 p

    I bought my laptop Satellite A210 - 11 p in September last year, but over the few months Ive had some problems with it.

    1. it seems to be overheating to the point of not being able to touch the bottom of the laptop whose total stop me use it as a laptop. Is - this usual?

    2. the screen turns off after approximately 2 minutes after the connection.

    3. any ideas where I can buy a new charger?

    Can you help me?

    Thank you

    1 could be an accumulation of dust in the radiator. An FSL can remove it for you, or you can blow with a can of compressed air.
    2 power settings? Perhaps the Toshiba Power Saver is set to decrease intensity when loading in the system tray.
    3. I think an ASP can sell you a.

  • Several problems with the Satellite A100-569

    Hello comrades toshers :)

    I had a portable 569 a100 in one last catalog can, last month he had to go off for repairs as the continuous screen empty and had to use the power button to shut it down and reboot again, also questions of excessive paging as well as my computer screen with a kind of mini earthquake... then it is gone and back a week and I these problems are still produce , I understand they have installed a new hard drive and a printed circuit board.

    I also noticed that I can't get the toshiba updates more about expansion memory... this laptop is not yet one year old so would appreciate any help this forum may be able to give me.

    I would sound Toshiba first thing tomorrow on the laptop being faulty, also the ease of online security does not recognize my serial number? very strange.

    long live the people


    Obviously your laptop, one of the first models comes with the Vista operating system. To be honest, I agree with you on the RAM. 512 MB is certainly not enough. 1 GB is OK, but for me not enough. I recommend you to upgrade the RAM with 2 x 1 GB module. With 2 GB will be the laptop works well.

    The compatible RAM 1 GB module has PA3411U-2M1G part number. Use this number in Google and you'll find enough shops where you can order online.

    Good bye

  • A few problems with the Satellite L300D-243


    would be very grateful for help as soon as possible with my laptop. IM of the problems a little with it including:

    -All keys work intermittently and are rarely and when they do they print about 5 or more at the same time or just Don't stop.
    -Constantly locking me (so with the key to deliver its impossible to get in half the time)
    -Seems randomly reboot without doing anything
    -Regularly crashes
    -Uninstalls programs for example. Google chrome and itunes.

    As soon as you turn it on, it does not work and comes up with the black screen with white writing to tell you if you're lucky, it will allow you to click it and system repair

    However, most of the time it used to let keys work and so not let you do anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    I have so many courses and for studies but can't without my cell phone.

    Thanks in advance :)


    How old is your laptop or how much time does the system work on this unit?
    You has never updated the OS?

    I guess that the laptop has not been restored since the purchase. Right?
    Probably the OS is simple confused upward.

    Before you begin the recovery process I recommend to test workarounds bit.
    -Try to clean the system using the software CCLeaner. The CCLeaner is a freeware program that allows you to remove all temporal files and to repair the registry.
    -As a next, you should check the background processes that are running in the background. This can be checked-> the Startup tab in msconfig (in run type msconfig)
    In many cases, the system may be slowed down due to the high amount of processes that are running in the background. But be careful and don t turn off the process that are not known to you.

    But if you are not experienced in these system settings, you should ask someone for assistance or as suggested by Timox, recover the laptop back to factory settings.

    But beware: back up the data before you start the restore!

Maybe you are looking for

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