Problem with TV recording with databases store

Hi all

someone might know the explanation when I want to record movies, memory is apparently complete, even if I remove little by little my programs it's always the same problem

for some time, I can not save more,
It automatically stops, the fact that there are still titles that take the memory on my external hard drive?

You can use this HARD drive properly as part of a computer?
If so, the HARD drive seems to be OK and it should be another problem, why you are not able to save the recorded TV programs and shows.

Tags: Toshiba

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    Any help is happy.
    Thank you



    Did you check and test the drive external DRIVE with other computers that provide the eSATA interface?
    I think that this should be done because theoretically the problem might be related to the laptop s / s computer eSATA port.

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    Thanks in advance

    Hi David,

    1 have had any changes made on the computer before the show?

    2 are you able to navigate without any problems with Internet Explorer?

    3 are you facing problems when you access other applications?

    Method 1:

    First of all, I suggest you to run the app store that would check if there are problems with an application.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to follow these steps and run the troubleshooter for Internet connections :

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    d. in the list of options, click Internet Connections.

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    If the problem is not resolved, please provide more information to help you best.

  • Problem with the store and several questions.

    I tried all the methods listed below:

    Method 1: Make sure that User Account Control (UAC) is enabled.

    Press the Windows key and from the splash screen, type "UAC" and on the right, select settings.
    Select change user account control settings and check here.

    Method 2: Check the date & time zone is correct:

    Follow these steps to change the time.

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    d. press on apply, then OK.

    Method 3: Run the network troubleshooting and check if you can connect to store.

    Follow the steps to run the network troubleshooter utility:

    a. press the keys Windows + C on your keyboard to show the charms.

    b. type Troubleshooting , and then clicksolving problems under settings.

    c. now, tap network troubleshooting in the optionSearch .

    d. clickutility troubleshooting networkto run the troubleshooter.

    Method 4: If you use a proxy connection, then try to disable the proxy and then check if the problem persists.

    Follow the steps to disable the proxy:

    a. open Internet Explorer

    b. click on the Tools buttonand then click onInternet Options

    c. click on the Connections taband then clickLAN settings

    d. uncheck it Server Proxy use.

    e. click on apply then Ok to save the changes.

    Now, check if you can access store.

    Method 5: Cache reset Store.
    Follow the steps and check out them.
    (a) right click on the start screen
    (b) click on run
    Type c) in WSReset.exe
    (d) press enter
    (e) restart the computer and check.

    Method 6: analysis Run SFC
    (a) right click on the lower left corner of the screen and select 'Admin command prompt.
    (b) type following command, and then press ENTER: "sfc/scannow".

    Method 7: I suggest that you disable the antivirus installed on the computer.

    Method 8: CDevil Windows Firewall settings


    (a) Type in the Panel on the Start Page.

    (b) on the left side, click on Control Panel.

    (c) click on Windows Firewall.

    (d) in the left pane, click "allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall."

    (e) under the features and applications allowed, look for store.

    (f) make sure that you have a click in private or Public.

    (g) then see if you can open the Windows store.

    Not a SINGLE one of these methods have worked. When I go to my home screen and click on store, he told me 'we could not connect to the Bank. This could have happened due to a server problem or a network connection has expired. Please wait a few minutes and try again. "I did it on my network troubleshooting, all right, I am able to connect to everything, but I've NEVER been able to connect to the store. Not only can I not connect to the store to upgrade to 8.1 Windows, but I can't create restore points. Not only that, but the backlight on my keyboard, no matter which option to choose, is always on when I type, even if I say it stays off. In addition, with Windows 8, I was promised the "quick start" where he takes no time to start, it takes more to start my computer windows 8 as it did my 4 years updated to the windows computer 7. Also, I can't start in Safe Mode or the clean boot. Whenever I try to perform the clean boot by using the options in the window manager and the configuration tasks system, when the computer reboots, everyone who opens are reset to zero and it doesn't work. I can also perform an update of the system. I want to just upgrade to 8.1 windows, but I'm not without the WS and NONE of the methods I have found work. I'm about to say the hell with windows 8 and make a downgrade from the system to an OS that actually works. I had nothing else problems since I bought this computer with windows 8. I don't have time to deal with these questions. It is clear that appropriate testing procedures were followed before the release of Windows 8. Please help, I am very frustrated with all of this.

    I also tried before asking this question. I don't know what happened, or how he did it, but the store has started working when I was on other networks, he didn't always works at home well. I finally download and install windows 8.1 and it fixed the issue together.

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    Thank you..

    It is the expected behavior.

    If you want to see the input controls, you need to have a new or existing line at the British Colombia correspondent

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    I'm working on a project where we have a service of routing and database adapter service. The interface worked great until we have included the parmameters (attributeFormDefault = "unqualified" elementFormDefault = "qualified") in routing service xsd. After we have updated the service of routing with these settings, it has stopped working, the BSE is simply greyed out without raising any error message.
    I tried all possible ways (recreated the services / removed from BSE and registered them again) but nothing seems to work.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you

    JDeveloper with SOA included elementFormDefault = "unqualified" in the generated XSD. This has been changed to to "qualified" so if you have a JDev and you use SOA (or you will encounter problems (usually of namespace issues) because the two are incompatible. The solution is to synchronize your JDev and SOA with the same version. You can mix with, but you cannot use with both versions.

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    I have reviewed the Boot sequence in the BIOS, and it seems OK (dvd, C...).
    Any ideas. Thank you.

    just don't not tied him at the start, he thinks that the disc is actually in the system

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    The code contained in the appeal. transaction() in my method. writeDatabase() is not executed. He reached the alert call (dbChecklistInstance.db.version), but nothing else happens. It fails my call alert('1') and it does not generate an exception to the (e) alert call either. I get no error message popping up. Any ideas on where is my bug maybe?

    Thank you

    dbChecklist = function()
        var dbChecklistInstance = {}
        function onDBCreate(dbCreated)
            dbChecklistInstance.db = dbCreated;
        }; // end onDBCreate
        this.readDatabase = function(arrChecklists)
            if (window.openDatabase)
                    dbChecklistInstance.db = window.openDatabase('dbChecklist', '1.0', 'Bashbored Tasks database', 1*1024*1024, onDBCreate);
                alert('This device does not have HTML5 Database support.');
            } // end if
            dbChecklistInstance.db.readTransaction(function (t)
                t.executeSql('SELECT * FROM dbChecklist.tabChecklists', [], function (t, r)
                    for (var i = 0; i < r.length; i++)
                    } // end for
                }, // end function(t, r)
                function(t, e)
                } // end function(t, e);
                ); // end .executeSql
            }, errorTrans, successTrans); // end .readTransaction
            catch (e)
        }; // end this.readDatabase
        this.writeDatabase = function(arrChecklists)
            dbChecklistInstance.db.transaction(function (t)
                t.executeSql('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS dbChecklist.tabChecklists', [], function(t,r){}, errorTrans);
                t.executeSql('CREATE TABLE dbChecklist.tabChecklists (sDecription TEXT)', [], function(t,r){}, errorTrans);
                for (var i = 0; i < arrChecklists.length; i++)
                    t.executeSql('INSERT INTO dbChecklist.tabChecklists VALUES (?)', [arrChecklists.sDescription], function(t,r){}, errorTrans);
                } // end for
            },errorTrans,successTrans); // end .transaction
            catch (e)
        }; // end this.writeDatabase
        function errorTrans(err)
            alert(err.code + " " + err.message);
        } // end errorTrans
        function successTrans()
            alert("successful transaction");

    There was a lot wrong with this code. So much worse now.

  • Problem with database SQLite 20 MB


    I m developing an application with SQLite and I need to attach a large database, 20 MB. I have can´t generate the relase, I get the following error.

    Take a look:

    I downloaded a database of 250Mb in this way (of course 50 MB zipped)

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    The polling option treats all rows from a table at a time rather than use the polling frequency. I used an option to update a field (logical deletion) where I've initialized unread value = ' n "and read the value = 'Y'." Now, the problem is that I have to query a single row in the table for every 60 seconds (the second row should be transformed only after 60 seconds), but all the lines are treated at the same time. Can someone let me know what could be the problem?

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    The VIM_VCDB database is set to simple recovery mode.

    My environment is 6 esx servers and 30 virtual machines.  VCenter is led on a physical server using sql express 2005 for the database.

    VIM_VCDB.mdf file size is 640 MB and VIM_VCDB.ldf is 688 MB

    I dropped the log file and it reduces to 1 024 k but after about 30 minutes, he pushes to 688 MB size and I get the error again.

    Any ideas?

    Could you please try to increase the limit more?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, it worked! Thanks a lot for helping me!

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