Problem with VMWare Tools and the virtual drive


I installed the test version of "Workstation" and installed a windows 7 x 86 non-virtual DVD drive mapped, which is mounted on D:\.

Subsequently, I installed all Windowsupdates and after that I tried to install the VMWare Tools.

But every time I get the message that I should look on the 'virtual' drive on D:\.

But there is no virtual drive, it is my DVD of the hostsystem.

Is there a way to mount a virtual drive with tools or install them in another way?

Thanks in advance




You can directly install the VMware tool configuration by copying the setting in the machine and manually install the same.

Try VMware on another machine tool in which you will get the installation... Copies on disk and then move it to your new VM and do a manual configuration.

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  • Problem with VMWare Workstation combo, .vhd virtual drives and physical disks in the sector of size 4K?


    I suspect something wrong with some of my virtual machines.  I have been using these virtual machines for a while, and I see some weird behaviour recently.

    I see a lot of corruption in the virtual hard disk (.vhd based).  CHKDSK automatically gets performed many large files such as Oracle datafiles get damaged etc...  It all seems quite random and inconsistent, but I am using .vhd virtual machines in VMWare Workstation for years without problem.  This problem is new, and hard drives are basically unstable.

    I * think * (and I'm totally off base) that is perhaps the issue with my new external hard drives.  These discs have a 4 KB sector size, without e512.  Thanks to this architecture of hard drive, don't mount not the tools of Microsoft or manupulate .vhd files on these disks.  The questions seem to go away if I switch to vmdk or switch to the physical hard disk size-one-sector 512kb.  Because errors are not compliant, that I don't really have a way to document/prove that is the case, but it seems to be.

    I use version 9.0.0 on Windows 7 Workstation, and the guest is Windows Server 2008R2.

    My question is:

    (1) what meaning?

    (2) how I prove/document, since it is a contradiction?

    (3) is this a known problem?

    (Btw, switching HDD's vmdk is not an option in our case due to an obscure legal agreement with Microsoft.  I have to distribute my VMs in vhd format, even if they are designed to run on VMWare...)

    -> Adam

    These discs have a 4 KB sector size, without e512.

    (I've highlighted "without e512" in "BOLD" to key in my answer to the host operating system.)

    -L'OS is Windows 7 Enterprise

    According to the political support for the 4 K sector hard drives in Windows, Windows 7 does not support the native 4 K (logical 4 k sector size) but it does not support Advanced Format or 512th (size of logical sector physical and 512 bytes of 4 K) and that is can be the question.

  • 7 - fusion '3D Acceleration requires an update of the VMware tools in the Virtual Machine'


    I installed the free Fusion 7 trial this week on my iMac and subsequently installed Windows 8.

    The resolution of the screen under Windows is very low compared to the Mac OS.

    In addition, I have the warning message in the Windows display settings:

    '3D acceleration requires an update of the VMware tools in the Virtual Machine'

    I also note that the display driver in Windows is the display driver database with Microsoft.

    A few weeks ago I installed version 6 of Fusion and it worked very well.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Take a look at the installation and the use of the VMware tools and more spicifically to manually install or upgrade VMware Tools in a Windows Virtual Machine.

    If by chance, VMware Fusion is not properly mounting image VMware Tools windows.iso file then you have to do it manually.  It is located in "/ Applications/VMware" and will have to be copied, not moved, in a location that is accessible out of the bundle of VMware as the office.  If you need to do this, you can right click on the bundle of VMware see the content of the selection box and access its location to copy.  To assign the windows.iso on the CD/DVD image, take a look at: Connect and Set Up a CD/DVD Drive

  • Anyone having problems with Windows 7 and the HP LaserJet P2035n?

    It seems, after a few months of service, there are several problems with this printer and Windows 7 only.  We have several offices that use this printer and almost each one has similar problems.  It will printer randomly disappear, not being able to print anything at random times of the day, to the spooler crashing every two minutes or more.  There is no problem at all with Windows XP or Vista, only 7.  Reinsalling the printer driver takes care of the problem for a few days, but the questions up all over again.


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  • VMware Tools and the vMA


    I noticed that VMware tools shows as obsolete for vMA 4.0. I ran the command ' sudo vima-implementation to date update "to update the vMA.

    The reason is that I need to install a script for our UPS on the vMA to stop customers automatic and host when AC power is lost and before that sinks in the battery, this script needs VMware tools running and I guess he wants to the most recent version.

    Anyone know if VMware tools is supposed to be a part of the updates? and if not can just download the rpm and execute it?

    Thank you


    Vima-update is update patches on vMA and has nothing to do with VMware Tools. As long as VMware Tools is running, you will be able to make a stop of comments, it does not require the most recent version. The reason for which the tools of vMA is outdated is probably due to when it was released, the Tools version was the latest version and compatibility purposes, they kept to that. If you want tools to update, just right click on the VM and install VMware Tools.


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

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    Twitter: @lamw

    repository scripts vGhetto

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    Getting started with vSphere SDK for Perl

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    VMware developer community

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  • Problem with PSE - 2 and the new 1.5 TB drive

    Hi all. First of all, I use my PSE - 2 recorded for several years without problem. AMD Athlon 7750 2.7 Ghz, 2.0 G memory bicoeur. WD 1 .5TB primary and WD 500 GB secondary drive. Win XP SP3. I recently had a disk fails and installed a new freshly formatted WD 1.5 TB as my boot drive. New installation of Windows XP and updates. When I install the elements, it now seems to install fine. The problem comes when I try to run the first time that I get "could not initialize Photoshop Elements because scratch disks are full '. Then elements shut, not allowing no not me nothing to do with configuring internal program. I tried unistalling and installing on the 500 GB drive, but still not the same error. I increased my page file memory does anyone know of a problem with the installation of the elements on a large drive or can anyone offer a possible solution to what I see? Thanks in advance for suggestions...


    I think Barbara meant photoshop 7, which was a little before pse2.

    If you hold them Alt + right Ctrl keys after starting pse2, a dialog box

    should appear allowing you to choose the drive working (keep holding

    keys until the dialog box is displayed)

    If you have a recovery partition on your hard drive, try this to choose

    the drive working, then exit pse2. Then restart pse2 and

    Preferences > Plug-ins and Scratch Disks choose your hard drive regularly to the scratch disk.

    Newer versions of the EPS, the newer less than 3 or 4 don't seem to have this problem.


  • Problem with a VM server: "the virtual disk parent has been changed since the child was created.


    I have a problem with a server that does not start.

    We had a virtual machine running on VMWare Infrastructure 3 with two hard drives and an instant backup of them.

    This machine has been removed from the inventory, but when it has been recreated, the secondary hard drive is mentioned for the basic-disk vmdk
    instead of being referenced to the instant vmdk and used for a few days.

    All changes made after the snapshot, were kept in the delta snapshot file, which is not loaded.

    We are with difficult to reference the secondary disk for the snapshot file. We tried to edit the .vmx and hard disk files
    to correct the CID made reference, but when we try to start the virtual machine, we got this error:

    "The virtual disk parent has been changed since the child was created.

    I think it happens because we made a blow-up of a secondary drive a few weeks after the backup snapshot. We spent 30 GB to 50 GB.
    And because it has been referenced and used in another vm.

    *** Log is attached

    Thank you


    It is a bad sign

    next step in the usual forest is to use "testdisk" since a LiveCD to set the tables MBR and partition - if possible

  • Problems with external monitor and the Satellite U200 - 10 d

    I have a Satellite U200 - 10 d running Vista Business Edition. When I attach an external display screen flickers (horizontal lines on the screen)... It's worse when you move the mouse on the screen. The monitor on the laptop is fine I just have problems with the external display.

    The screen that I is a model VG1930WM viewsonic (widescreen) here is the specs of res for this screen...

    PC VGA up to 1440 x 900 non-interlaced
    Analog analog/digital RGB (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vc - c) / DVI - D

    Anyone have any ideas? I checked the graphics driver for vista and this is the latest version...

    HM, it's a nice solution, I have a friend with a similar problem.

    We will try your suggestion, snipe and perhaps give feedback if it worked for us.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P300D - problem with reboot after update the HARD drive


    I have laptop Satellite P300D - 12 c and recently, I put a new hard drive, the Seagate momentus 7200 RPM 2.5 "500 GB. It works well, but I have a strange problem; normally when I reboot the laptop when it will close something sounds, in the figurative sense I could say "something moves" for a bit in the DVD - ROM drive and shuts down and then restarts.

    Now, when the reboot happens to the part of the dvd - rom drive, I described above it stucks there... "something is happening" on the dvd - rom drive as trying to permanently access a dvd or something and he does the same thing until I force it to shut down by pressing the appropriate button. It happens once in two attempts to restart.

    Does anyone have a solution or a tip or something? If you do not understand something to tell me,

    Thank you very much


    I agree with Akuma. Maybe the drive is loose and so you should try re-allocation of places there.
    Maybe it works

    And updated the BIOS, you can find the Toshiba site: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Good luck and give us feedback! :)

  • Problem with Windows Explorer and the recorded files

    When I save files from the internet and then open the folder with Windows Explorer in the backed up files, I find that WE consider not save them on my hard drive "change" more. I know it's strange, but I tend to retain files roughly in the order that I saved them, rather than by the name of the file or anything else. So now to manually change the files in a certain way, then save them to get them organized as I want. Of course, this can become very painful and long if I have a lot of files to organize this way. My question is: How can I get Windows to consider saving a file on my HDD as change? I use Firefox and updated recently, which may be the cause of the problem.

    Hi Flingle,

    Were you able to save and access files correctly before you update Firefox?

    You can create a new folder & try to download the file inside of Internet Explorer & check if the problem persists.

    Hope the helps of information. Please post back and we do know.

    Joel S
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Windows 7 starts problems with black screen and the cursor because of power failure

    I'm on a Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OS. Start-up problems arose after the power failure (accidentally unplugged the charger, the battery was not in place) during a video call in Skype. Accessories attached to the laptop at the time were a Logitech Webcam, a dongle Bluetooth, microphone and headphones.

    When starting my laptop Asus N81VP, he'll go as far as the 'Starting Windows' logo, then I meet a black screen with a mobile cursor. I don't then right click, CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

    I tried the things:

    Start Up Repair = "cannot automatically repair."

    System Restore = no available restore points

    Windows Memory Diagnostic = at 100%, no screen of detected problems, then black with mobile cursor

    Networking Mode Safe Mode/Safe = black screen with cursor mobile

    Activate video low resolution (640 x 480) = black screen with cursor mobile

    Good known Configuration = black screen with cursor mobile list

    Start Windows normally = black screen with cursor mobile

    Please help me. I've had this laptop for less than a year, and it would break my heart to have to re - format.

    You seem to have exhausted most of the options available in such cases, except two:
    D ' log in under a different account.
    -To restore your registry files manually. See below for more details.

    On your heart that could get broken: have you considered using the imaging facility that is integrated with Windows 7? You can find it in the control panel / backup and restore. This is somewhat marginal in the feature and it can be finicky, but it saved my butt several times.

    You can restore your registry files manually to a previous point through the steps described below. The process is complex and requires some careful typing. Ask a computer-savvy friend to help you if you lack experience in this field. Note that it may reset your password to a previous value.
    1. keep tapping F8 during the first phase of startup.
    2. Select repair in the menu that looks like this:
    3 log in as administrator if you are prompted.
    4. Select repair when prompted.
    5. Select the command line in the menu that looks like this:
    6. identify the correct drive letter for your Windows installation. It could be one drive other than c, but it will not X:. You do this by typing commands
    DIR C:\Win*
    Dir D:\Win*
    dir E:\Win*
    until you find the Windows folder.
    I'll call this "Q:" drive
    7 type these commands:
    CD /d Q:\windows\System32\config
    xcopy *. * Q:\MyRegBack\
    CD RegBack
    8. review the dates of the software, system, and SAM files. The files created before or after that is your problem?
    9. If they were made before the problem appeared, you can then type these commands:
    copy software / y...
    /y copy system...
    /y copy Sam...
    (the two points are part of each order)
    10. restart normally. If things don't work then you can go back by copying files from the original register of Q:\MyRegBack to Q:\Windows\System32\config.

  • I was wondering if there were other problems with Adobe CC and the last IOS El captain?

    I've recently updated to IOS Yosemite to El Capitan, when I went to launch Premiere Pro for the first time, there were a few very visible differences of how things went, if not, the program has worked very well.

    Thinking that this might just be a problem after installing just El Capitan, I thought that a reboot would clear things up. When I went to restart, I could not go beyond the initial start-up of the grey Apple screen, I ended up having to wipe the drive and reinstall El Capitan, nd, then migrate my data from my backup of TM, what a shot, it took hours to complete.

    Anyone else having similar problems? Anyone know when Adobe get out their CC to CE upgrade?

    I don't know about Apple (I'm on Windows), but I read that Microsoft has a way to restore the previous operating system if an upgrade to Win10 does not work

    I don't want to know about it, because my Win8.1 works with all my current software... I have read Win10 problems with the software that I have now, so I will NOT go to Win10

    If Apple does not offer a way back to the BONE you had before, I think you're stuck with problems until 'the 3rd party vendors' make changes to work with El Capitan

    And, if you do a "time machine" backup before the upgrade, be aware that TM backups do NOT work with Adobe because of... hidden folders software then you would need to uninstall and reinstall

    And just so you know, Microsoft has also problems with Mac 10.11 El Capitan


  • Unable to connect to the internet more with vmware fusion on the virtual machine

    Run Windows XP on my mac with Vmware fusion 3.1.3. He worked for always fine... recently started my virtual machine to the top and no internet connection. Generally bridged connection is what I use. The network card went to XP. do not know what to do... If you have any suggestions please help. Thank you

    Ajd3575 wrote: How can I add the NIC?

    You can try the search in the help file!

    Take a look at: VMware Fusion (menu bar) > help > Search > type network , then select: Add a network card

  • I was referred to this site. Problems with installing Windows on the new drive.


    I just installed a new hard drive on my Mini 311 1037. I bought the HP recovery discs. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium (I guess it was the correct operating system for that computer). The installation seemed fine, but after installing the drivers, I get the message, "Windows Setup could not configure windows to run on a hardware on this computer."  Then after the restart, after the initial windows screen, I get a message that says "Windows cannot complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, run the Setup again. "I atempted to iireinstall 3 times. All diagnostic tests are good: the hard drive, the memory. I have no idea what to do next. Help, please?

    If you can read the Microsoft Windows 7 of 25-character license key, you can download a Windows 7 ISO file to burn to a DVD or USB flash drive. The version must match that's installed on your PC as shown on the sticker COST Microsoft fixed on the bottom of the laptop. Like Windows Home Premium.

    Links to downloads of Windows 7 ISO files:

    Use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to convert the ISO file you download. Link and instructions below. You need to a DVD + R or DVD - R. Or a flash drive 4 GB to use the USB method.

    Use 25 characters on the COA key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then, go to the page support and driver to install the drivers you need.

  • Problems with configuration properties and the java plugin


    I have test the java plugin from the hyperic documents. Autodiscover works very well. Now, I had the problem if I want to change all "configuration properties" I get following error message:
    ' The configuration has not been set for this resource due to: invalid configuration: error reported by Agent @ java.lang.NullPointerException.
    Wait I use properties by default, then I don't get any errors.

    What is the problem?
    SerializableAttribute public class MyAutoDiscoveryServerDetector extends ServerDetector implements


    public list getServerResources (ConfigResponse platformConfig)

    get {PluginException}

    Server list = new ArrayList();

    Server ServerResource = createServerResource ("My Auto-Discovery Server->" + (x + 1));

    ConfigResponse productConfig = new ConfigResponse();

    productConfig.setValue ("myTimeout", String.valueOf ((x+1) * 1000));
    productConfig.setValue ("myUrl", "http://127.0.0." + (x + 1));
    productConfig.setValue ('Description', 'Description - my Auto Discovery Description->' + (x + 1));
    productConfig.setValue ("myValue", 10);

    server.setProductConfig (productConfig);

    Servers.Add (Server);

    return of the servers;


    HQ - plugin.xml
    <? XML version = "1.0"? >
    < package = "com.citytechinc.articles.hyperic.plugin plugin" >

    < name of the filter = "domain" value = "My Auto Discovery" / >

    < name of the server = "MyAutoDiscoverServer" version = "0.1 c" platforms = "Unix, Win32" >

    < plugin type = "autoinventory" class = "MyAutoDiscoveryServerDetector" / >
    < plugin type = 'measure' class = "MyAutoDiscoveryServerMeasurementPlugin" / >

    < config >

    < name of option = 'myUrl '.

    Description = "Enter the URL for this resource"

    " default = ' "/>

    < name of option = "Description".

    Description = "enter a description of this plugin"

    default = "default my Auto Discovery Description" / >

    < name of option = "myTimeout."

    Description = "time-out for something in my plug-in.

    default = "0" / >

    < name of option = "myValue"

    Description = "a metric value.

    default = "10" / >

    < / config >

    < name metric = "availability".
    alias = 'availability '.
    Template = "System.avail:type = Platform:Availability"
    category = "AVAILABILITY".
    indicator = 'true '.
    collectionType = "dynamic".
    units = "percentage" / >

    < name metric = 'value '.
    alias = 'value '.
    model = "" MyPlugin:Type = value: value ' "
    category = 'USE '.
    indicator = 'true '.
    collectionType = "dynamic".
    units = "none" / >

    < / Server >

    < / plugin >


    This must be due to an incompatibility between the definitions of plugin in the server (and/or of the database) and the agent.

    First of all, always check the server log, errors that appear it should lead to the cause.

    The plugin xml initialized ok on the server, or any error appear?

    You go to Administration-> default trace and see your plugin (Server Type: MyAutoDiscoverServer) and everything is there?
    If this isn't the case, errors occurred when starting the server, check the log.

    Did you start to shave - created the plugin, added to both server and agent, autodiscovery, the platform/server added in Hyperic - or you already had the server/platform added in Hyperic and who has made some changes in the xml plugin that may be in conflict with what is already in the Hyperic database?

    Generally the pitfalls that come from these errors.

    Been there, done that.

Maybe you are looking for