Problemas ao import um site layout of em PSD para o Adobe MUSE CC - import of site layout problems Web in Photoshop from Adobe Muse CC CC

OLA! Estou e perdido had preciso ajuda!

EU estou tentando criar um site no Muse, disposal e o Adobe don't do site todo feito no Photoshop CC, ultimativa o Ctrl + D e para o land PSD, ambos em camadas put maximum import Photoshop. The I tried import o conteudo gets uma vez e eu nao could... then I tried um por um EU, e import uma determinada camada apareceu o erro ao: [BD / ctor] ArgumentError: Error # 2015: invalid BitmapData.

O that devo fazer? Aguardo resposta.


Hello! I am lost and I need help!

I am trying to create a Web site in Adobe Muse, and the layout of the site is done in Photoshop CC, used the keys Ctrl + D tool to import the PSD file, both made separate into layers in photoshop. I tried to import all content at once and I couldn't... then I tried one by one, and during the import of a layer specific pops up the error: [BD / ctor] ArgumentError: Error # 2015: invalid BitmapData.

What should I do? I await response.


Could you please check the similar thread

Data error invalid Bitmap #2015 - help?

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