Problems after update IV calls AudioMaster step

I'm about to deploy the system to my test, and I ran into several frustrating problems.  After trying to update VI calls, I'm more able to run my Audiomaster steps.  I also can not change the treatment of signals, change the graph limits or change the key settings in the AudioMaster steps.  I am able to change the configuration.

I have attached an error one of the AudioMaster steps.

Error running substep "function Keyparameter".
Open in mxLT VI reference is measured in> mxLT function of key parameters for> mxLT function key for parameters
Error loading VI ' mxLT vector result viewer
LabVIEW support 10 error code: version VI (8.2) is too old to convert the last version of LabVIEW (10.0f2).

The VI path: C:\Program Files\microLEX Systems\Common Files\PrivateCommon\mx
LabVIEW: Version VI is still too early to convert the last version of LabVIEW.

6.2 AudioMASTER (current version) is built in a dll, except the plugin LimiTEST (parameter Key, signal processor, limiter chart) that must run in LabVIEW 8.2 (Run Time). In the next version AudioMASTER 6.3 (projected release 4th quarter 2011) LimiTEST is included in the dll (build in LabVIEW 2009).

The trick in Teststand deployment is to build the application (the operator + sequence interface) on the developer machine without including the AudioMASTER components in the build, then installing the sequence and AudioMASTER (using Installer AudioMASTER) on the target computer. This will ensure that the correct registry on the target computer settings for AudioMASTER.

AudioMASTER Vi should not be compiled LabVIEW 2010.

Tags: NI Software

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  • Prirnting problem after update to 8.1 Windows

    Hi all

    I am a single user on my laptop using a HP Laserjet 1018. Just updated to 8.1 and seem to have problems similar to many others. Printer worked fine on Windows 8, but not now.  A ran printing HP and doctor Scan and the printer worked fine. I then removed the cable to the USB port on laptop, she and tried to print again. Nothing. Turning the printer off it back and tried again. Nothing. Removed from the printer, added again and new trial system. Nothing. Downloaded the latest driver from HP site and tried again. Nothing. I also made sure that the print spooler and the Notifications and Extensions are running. Still no joy. I find it hard to believe that such a widespread problem has not been examined by Microsoft, HP, or both. I guess it's possible that some printers are no longer supported under 8.1, but would love to be told if this is the case. However, it seems that many users cannot use their printers and I was just wondering when this issue will be resolved by the person who is responsible. If anyone can enlighten me, I would be very grateful.

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    Hello @Bobbler,

    I thank very you much for the detailed response. I'm sorry to hear that your situation has become worse after trying some of the steps I have provided you and a few extra steps of your choice.

    One thing I want to clear up is because the printers Laserjet 1018, 1020 and 1022 are all in the same series, to continue the research I found that the installer is labelled 1020. The package install itself is labeled: LJ1018_1020_1022_Full_Solution.exe . So, to finally try to remove the Laserjet 1020 that appeared in the list programs and features, you might then see the two installed copies of the Laserjet 1018 on your system. It is strange that after removing one of the entries, both seem to remove it from your computer.

    I have to start by ensuring that the Laserjet 1018 is completely removed from your computer. I think at this moment that we need to focus on getting a clean slate to work.

    Uninstall the drivers:

    Please unplug your USB cable

    1. I would like to you launch by clicking on the following link: Microsoft: the problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled and running the tool by selecting the "Run Now" option on the right side.
    2. This Microsoft tool will run on your computer and remove all selected software and drivers who fail to uninstall in the traditional way.
    3. Let the tool to run and when you are prompted to select Uninstall
    4. A list of programs is now complete, do scroll down and look for anything related to the Laserjet 1018, 1020 or 1022. Delete them if they appear.
    5. When the tool has finished, you can open your start screen, and type "Notepad".
    6. Click the notebook to start the program
    7. When Notepad opens, just go to 'file' and select 'Print' and take a look in the print dialog box to ensure that a Laserjet 1018, 1020, 1022 or does not appear. If they don't show, simply close the window.

    Sometimes on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 printers may not appear correctly in the file devices and printers. An easy way to see if there are duplicates of your product installed is by opening Notepad and simply check the print dialog window to see if they appear in there. If everything looks fine, so there aren't any duplicates installed.

    Solve printing problems:

    1. Then I'll have you click on the following link: Microsoft: solve printer problems
    2. Once the site opens, select 'step 2' on the left side and then click on the "Printing Troubleshooter" link in the middle of the page.
    3. This tool from Microsoft will find and solve different problems on a computer that could potentially cause printing problems. It will also identify and resolve the various problems of the registry on the computer.
    4. When the tool has finished, then we are ready to install the printer.

    Install the printer:

    Note: Leave disconnected USB until prompted

    1. Please select the following link to download new drivers for your printer: HP LaserJet Full Feature Software and Driver
    2. Click Download at the top left and just start the download
    3. Once the download is complete, simply follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall your product
    4. Connect the USB cable only when prompted
    5. Once the installation is complete, try to print!

    Note: The installation should appear with an 'install' option and not a new camera 'Add' or 'repair' option. Should 'add new device' or 'repair' appear it indicates that there are still drivers and software HP hides somewhere on your computer.

    Please let me know if the tools that I have provided and reinstall it solved your problem. Fingers crossed!

  • Premiere Pro 2015.3 problems after update 2015.2

    I'll have a lot of problems after the update to 2015.3.  It is a project which worked perfectly well, a few days ago on 2015.2 (or whatever the previous version was).  Now, audio is de-energized, it does not play smoothly, and everything hangs after a few minutes - I can't move the timeline, it does not meet the up/down keys to navigate to the previous/next item, it is totally insensitive.  Everything worked well until the update to 2015.3.

    I'm running Windows 7 Pro on a 6-core i7 Extreme with 24 GB of RAM and a Quadro 4000 (v354.35).  I have a 500GB SSD for Windows and the creative cloud, 2 TB RAID 0 HDs for swap/cache/work/etc., 1 TB HD for project files, 2GB RAID 0 video source HDs, 1 GB HD for video output (5 logical volumes, 7 physical disks).  This system has flown before installing 2015.3.

    Help, please!

    Published by: Kevin Monahan

    Reason: more concise title


    Please mention the operating system you are using?

    For Windows try the step below.

    Please go to Edit Menu of Premiere Pro > Preferences > Media and uncheck the option "Enable accelerated h.264 decoding Intel."

    Note: It is necessary for the Windows Machines

    Once done restart Premiere Pro and check the performance.


  • Huge problems after updateing to 31.1.2


    I encountered several problems after the update to 31.1.2.

    1. I can't send emails from one of my accounts, or it only downloads the messages from this account. When I connect to this account's web e-mail messages are there. When I try to send the mail, I get the message:

    The message send failed.
    The message could not be sent using SMTP server - for some unknown reason. Please check that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again or contact your network administrator.

    I have control over the mail server and reflected on the Messaging log and it said:

    2 Oct 17:08:37 droplet postfix/smtpd [10916]: connect from unknown []
    2 Oct 17:08:37 droplet postfix/smtpd [10916]: lost connection after unknown STARTTLS []
    2 Oct 17:08:37 droplet postfix/smtpd [10916]: disconnect from unknown []

    When I try to send mail.

    2. the update of enigmail and ligntening had stuck somhow. In the Add-ons Manager window, I see the old versions and new (lightning 2.6.3 and 3.3.1 enigmail 1.6 and 1.7.2). However, the new versions has dimmed. Restaring Thunderbrid does not help.

    3. all my entries in the missing calendar which is a very big problem for me.

    Best regards


    Close Thunderbird and go to your profile folder.
    There is a subfolder "extensions".
    Find the folder for both the lightning and Enigmail under "extensions" and delete them.

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    After updating the BIOS, I have now two problems:

    1. whenever I start and join the office, I get an error message "record of Vista has stopped working". This problem has been identified as toshibavistaregistration.exe here: [link:]

    2 Control Panel > system now shows the processor and the memory (RAM) as "not available". Execution of the diagnostic PC Toshoba tool and looking at basic information show also no information on the memory (RAM) Although the processor information here. There may be pieces others missing too under the eyes of list shorter than before the update of the BIOS.

    Basically, I want to get everything working again as it should, but cannot find any information on these issues.

    After further review, it appears that the update of the BIOS is not the cause of the problems.

    Immediately after updating the BIOS, I had a major system crash. It turns out that this is what has caused problems.

    After a system restore to a point before the update of the BIOS and the major system crash, now everything is working again with BIOS version 1.8 in place.

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    Your Wifi stop working on the iPhone 5 after update of iOS 9.3?

    My WiFi is fine

    To solve problems

    Settings - general - reset - reset the network settings

    (You have to re entry will save WiFi password)

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    I've recently updated my product to 8.1 of Windows and even if I have material for a sound SRS surround, I can't find the software patches necessary to return my sound quality to its original levels of Dolby. I have already installed the IDT audio drivers available in support of the Web site forums always the his qualityy is very poor.

    In addition, after installation of the Qualcomm Atheros Wireless card driver from the support forum, my light on the adapter does not turn Orange and stays blue all the time.

    Kindly help me to solve these problems.

    Hi @Yuvraj_Gupta ,

    Welcome to the HP support community. I saw your post about the problems after the upgrade to Windows 8.1. You encounter some problems because there is no driver Windows 8.1 to your model, only Windows 7 and 8. This Driver de Audio IDT high-definition is the most recent that I can find, but I can't guarantee that it will work.

    For wireless light trying to install this Driver HP wireless button.  Once installed, you should be able to switch it off and on again.

  • HP Envy M6 64 bit problems after update to 8.1 windows

    Last night I updated to windows 8.1 8 and have had problems since. I have a 64 bit HP ENVY #C2L94UA # ABL m6 after update, I tried to play Devil may Cry game that worked perfectly under 8.0 and then he comes to start charging the computer turned off. I did research online and exhaustion possibilities why including the abolition of the xbox drivers and reinstall the game but nothing doesn't always turns off the computer. I then opened AMD vision, to try to adjust the settings, I noticed I was now just as 3 options of things to settle. I could just adjust power consumption on the processor dependimng on if the computer was plugged in or not. Went a whole optiuon to adjust graphix and all the things to do it graphically disappeared. Then I redownloaded the catalyst drivers and tried to reinstal. Once the computer off again. Every time I have try and update the graphics it stops. Site Web HP says that all my drivers are up to date. Then, I rebooted the computer by pressing ESC and tried to do a system refresh. He failed. All the options of wiping my computer clean and refreshing failed. I said that it lacked a partion for one of them. Even system restore will not work. It shows my Ati video card in device manager. Please help me ty

    OK I solved my problems that I did start the computer in safe mode and then I uninstalled my cards video from Device Manager. I then restarted the computer and installed the version of catalyst that was said to work with 8.1 and switchable graphics cards. I have restsrted and have more no video issues at all.

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    Is anyone having problems with their wifi connection after updating to the pacifier. Mine was working fine before the update. A move 35mbps ookla speed test download when connected to my home fibre broadband before the update, but now even hit 1mbps after update. Keep buffering when watching videos. Home broadband Checked speed on pc and getting 34mbps so it's not my Internet problem. Would appreciate ideas. Thanks.Using xperia D6603 z3.

    That's what I'll do, fix the phone with PCC

    PC Companion (CCP)

    Bridge (for Mac)

    Alternatives on how to backup Xperias

    and uninstall any antivirus > check again.

  • Problems after update "BOLD" 9000 blackBerry Smartphones

    After update BB Bold 9000 to V5.00.681

    Bundle 1137

    Platform 52.064, there are no Applications available in the application launcher (DM Version on Windows 7). The Smartphone works very well but unfortunately Memopad and ToDo is missing. As part of the Planer DM, these two applications are marked as not installed. Please help me how to install these applications. In the application launcher, there is ONLY "Blackberry App World"


    Try the following.  Download the operating system of your carrier's Web site and install it on your computer.  You can do this by selecting your operator from the list here:

    Once you've done that, see if necessary applications will appear in the desktop software.  If this isn't the case, then there is another method which should work.  Just to be sure, make sure you back up your first device using Desktop software first.

    On your computer, go to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader and run the Loader.exe file.  (Note: on computers 32 bit, should no (x 86) in the Program Files folder because the Program Files folder).

    Once you start the Loader.exe file, simply follow the steps until you get to the point where you can select the applications.  Now you should see the option to check the Documents To Go, notebook and any other software that has not been installed.  Once you have all the apps you want enabled, simply press next (note: leave everything that is checked as checked, unless you want to uninstall).  This should now load the applications on your BlackBerry while keeping the rest of your BlackBerry file system.

    I hope this info helps!

  • Problems after updating to Windows 8

    I had some problems with my new laptop so I decided to try the «Refresh your PC» function Doing so brought on a slew of new problems which I had no chance to solve on my own. I hope someone knows what to do with this mess.

    After "refreshing" to my PC, my laptop wouldn't let me:
    Install anything (downloads are OK, though)
    Programs open (with the exception of Internet Explorer)
    Applications open
    Open C: /.
    Open the laptop settings
    Solve problems ("an error has occurred during troubleshooting.")

    It became obvious to me that the majority of these problems were because the updating of Windows me rid of my administrative privileges.

    I tried to solve this problem with every idea that I had and every suggestion I could find online. The problem is that my phone won't allow me to do anything to capture administrative privileges.

    Here are the solutions I tried:
    'Change the Type of account' in the user accounts: parameters show that I am already administrator.  The 'Standard' option is greyed out. Nothing to do here.

    Using a command prompt: everything I try, I get the "Network Error" result... "Windows cannot access to ' if I get" net user administrator / Active: Yes "I received the reply"the system 5 error has occurred. Access is denied. "I can only assume this error occurs because I'm not an administrator. If I try to do "sfc/scannow" it says "You must be an administrator." However it won't let me run cmd as administrator.

    Exchange User Account Control: the bar is set on "notify me only when...". ». I can drag down to "Never notify", but when I try to click on 'OK' will not just pass by. I could click OK all day and nothing will happen. No error message.
    Create a new user: hit this button head to PC settings, which does not, as previously stated.
    Clean boot: Msconfig will not open, I get the error message "network error". Windows cannot access.
    Switch to the Microsoft account: 'Users' directs 'PC settings", which is an application that does not open.
    CHKDSK: whatever it is, I have no idea, but it does not open.

    If I try to "Run as Administrator" on any program, it simply doesn't. No error message.

    I reached the end of my rope after trying several solutions more that hasn't worked and tried to do a system restore. System Restore does not open. I get the error message "System Restore could not start." I would try to solve the problems, but as I said troubleshooting will not, work almost everything also, runs to the PC settings application, which does not open.

    None of these problems existed before I did the update of Windows, so I can only assume what caused their - which is a little disconcerting.

    Any ideas on what to do?

    I had this problem after that refreshing of my pc, if yours is the same (if it could even be your best solution) you will need to make a new account

    Windows + x

    go to "Control Panel".

    go to "user accounts and family safety."

    Press 'user account '.

    Press 'manage other accounts '.

    In light blue shades near the bottom, it says "add a new user".

    Follow all instructions after that to make your new account

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. If all else fails, it's the only way I know how to deal with it

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

  • Pathfinder problems after update Illustrator CC

    Is anyone else having problems with the tools of pathfinder after updating to the latest verstion of CC? I can't join, split or cut paths with generally predictable results. Any advice?  Is there a way to disable the living corners?

    Hi Panka-

    Problem solved... (Pilot error). I was working on a work plan that has been way too small 145px x 145px and recovered a few funky alignment problems after dividing paths. I brought everything back to a size of reasonable and everything work fine. Too many hours behind the screen today.

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