Problems after update of Windows 8

I have 3 HP Sleekbooks same spec, 2 are running Windows 8 64 bits and 1 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - Bit.

On one of the Windows 8 units that he started having unexplained problems with the internet, when you first start internet would work. Trying to play Club Penguin crashed the browser, no error it just stopped responding. Also try to connect to my router config page would do the same thing. Once IE has stopped responding that you couldn't go to any site, on the desktop a browser just empty page would be displayed without address. Running of the subway I / f the big E is displayed on a blue background for about 10 seconds and then returns to the metro I / f.

I tried allsorts to solve the problem, but ended up reloading of the laptop. Everything worked great until I did the updates of Windows and then the problem comes back. As a work around Club Penguin worked fine on Chrome, I thought it must just be a strange problem with the laptop.

The 2nd laptop Windows 8 worked very well, Windows Update had not been performed for about 2 weeks on this laptop. I was installing a new software and decided to update Windows as well. Exactly the same problem occurred, but IE had trouble to access almost all sites. I have restored the PC before the updates and it works again.

The Windows 7 machine has all the updates and works very well.

Is there a problem with the last batch of updates for Windows 8?

Anyone else had similar problems?


I did a little test and I think that I found the cause of the problem.

Laptop 2 - this is the one I restored to before the updates. I've installed every update, one at a time and not a whole lot. So far no problem.

Laptop 1 - I removed the patches that I have installed on the computer laptop 2, the problem was still present. I then installed to each update one by one. I still have the same problems, internet intermittent and unable to use Club Penguin or connect to my router. I had already tried resetting IE but still made once without success.

I then looked in the error log and the only error that seems to occur at the same time was the following:


The settings of SSL certificate created by a process admin for endpoint:

Did a search online above and found a reference to 360 from Symantec, we use Defender antivirus but we use Norton Family for parental control.

I uninstalled Norton Family and everything started working again. What is really strange, is that these laptops are for my children and I was connect using my account admin but Norton Family does not monitor this account, but still problems.

I have re-installed Norton Family and the problem came back.

All thoughts, I don't want to leave children unprotected online.

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    I had some problems with my new laptop so I decided to try the «Refresh your PC» function Doing so brought on a slew of new problems which I had no chance to solve on my own. I hope someone knows what to do with this mess.

    After "refreshing" to my PC, my laptop wouldn't let me:
    Install anything (downloads are OK, though)
    Programs open (with the exception of Internet Explorer)
    Applications open
    Open C: /.
    Open the laptop settings
    Solve problems ("an error has occurred during troubleshooting.")

    It became obvious to me that the majority of these problems were because the updating of Windows me rid of my administrative privileges.

    I tried to solve this problem with every idea that I had and every suggestion I could find online. The problem is that my phone won't allow me to do anything to capture administrative privileges.

    Here are the solutions I tried:
    'Change the Type of account' in the user accounts: parameters show that I am already administrator.  The 'Standard' option is greyed out. Nothing to do here.

    Using a command prompt: everything I try, I get the "Network Error" result... "Windows cannot access to ' if I get" net user administrator / Active: Yes "I received the reply"the system 5 error has occurred. Access is denied. "I can only assume this error occurs because I'm not an administrator. If I try to do "sfc/scannow" it says "You must be an administrator." However it won't let me run cmd as administrator.

    Exchange User Account Control: the bar is set on "notify me only when...". ». I can drag down to "Never notify", but when I try to click on 'OK' will not just pass by. I could click OK all day and nothing will happen. No error message.
    Create a new user: hit this button head to PC settings, which does not, as previously stated.
    Clean boot: Msconfig will not open, I get the error message "network error". Windows cannot access.
    Switch to the Microsoft account: 'Users' directs 'PC settings", which is an application that does not open.
    CHKDSK: whatever it is, I have no idea, but it does not open.

    If I try to "Run as Administrator" on any program, it simply doesn't. No error message.

    I reached the end of my rope after trying several solutions more that hasn't worked and tried to do a system restore. System Restore does not open. I get the error message "System Restore could not start." I would try to solve the problems, but as I said troubleshooting will not, work almost everything also, runs to the PC settings application, which does not open.

    None of these problems existed before I did the update of Windows, so I can only assume what caused their - which is a little disconcerting.

    Any ideas on what to do?

    I had this problem after that refreshing of my pc, if yours is the same (if it could even be your best solution) you will need to make a new account

    Windows + x

    go to "Control Panel".

    go to "user accounts and family safety."

    Press 'user account '.

    Press 'manage other accounts '.

    In light blue shades near the bottom, it says "add a new user".

    Follow all instructions after that to make your new account

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. If all else fails, it's the only way I know how to deal with it

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

  • Dell Inspiron 3442 Maxx Audio problem after update of Windows 10

    I have seen a lot of posts on this same problem with Maxx Audio in Windows 10, however, I tried to fix it by trying different solutions, that users have given and I had no chance. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the Dell expects W10 and Maxx Audio controls do not work. Someone said that they have installed the old drivers for W8.1 and it worked again, I tried it and the controls are there, but when I try to disable Audio Maxx, it does nothing and I close the window, open again and the bar is activated if, it turns off. No idea if I'm doing something wrong? It's a problem very annoying for me since I work with many audio and now it sounds just awful! :(

    Much to my anger and regret, Dell didn't send any form of notification NO update to the platform Windows 10 and I did, then reverse it after seeing what a nightmare Windows 10 has, however, not only is now my audio DOES NOT WORK, but my departure to the top and stop sequence is ruined as well as on my laptop Dell.  I tired many times to count to reinstall the drivers for the audio, but it doesn't seem to recognize the audio driver of Dell on Microsoft which is also... UGH... Help... I WANT ONLY THINGS TO WORK AS BEFORE...


  • Pavilion DV6 6154 TX: Problems after update to windows 10

    I upgraded my OS from windows edition laptop home premium windows 10. Then, I am facing so many problems with OS (black screen, striking cursor before start up and bluetooth disabled and not able to update to the new version of Bluetooth).

    So I think going to the earlier version of windows, but I have some doubts in this regard. Please find me answers to the following questions.

    (1) if I come back to windows 7, will solve my problems?
    (2) if suppose I have restored to windows 7 to 10, I was able to again update windows 7 10 may?

    dabbada wrote:

    (1) if I come back to windows 7, will solve my problems?
    (2) if suppose I have restored to windows 7 to 10, I was able to again update windows 7 10 may?


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support.

    REP 1) If you didn't have a problem with Windows 7 but only with Windows 10, probably the problems resolve and will not happen on Win 7. I can't guarantee 100% but it seems normal.

    REP 2) Yes, if you go back to your previous operating system (aka Win 7), you will be able to try to Win 10 later if you wish.

    A few tips:

    > > If you want to try to solve your problems of Windows 10 without going back to Win 7, you can try to download/install HP Support Assistant

    Please, download it, it's about 39 MB, run it and update all the drivers and all of the HP software.

    Please, go to the control panel and make sure that your Windows is fully updated

    > > If this is not enough, here are the instructions how to return to Win 7 (they only work if you upgraded to Win 10 in the last 30 days):

    Once you return to Win 7 and if you later decide to reinstall Win 10, note that the free update will be available until the fall of 2016. Here are the instructions how to upgrade to Windows 10 (please use the USB/ISO method) > >

  • HP 17' want i5: accelerator.exe wit problem after update of windows 10

    After you install the new version of windows 10 February 2016, I get an error message on startup accelerator.exe. When HP will fix the problem of driver?


    See if it works...

    Download and save this driver.  Do not run it immediately.


    Go to Device Manager and expand the category system devices.

    Find the HP Mobile Data Protection sensor.

    Right-click on the device and select uninstall.

    Also check the uninstalling the driver box.

    Restart the PC and then install the driver that you have downloaded.

    Restart the PC again after installing the driver.

  • HP pavilion p184ca 15: hp pavilion p184ca 15 limited wifi connection problem after update my window 8.1 for windows 10

    Please help me to solve this problem from my computer, that my hp Pavilion 15 p184ca is now limited WiFi connection after my window 8.1 for windows 10. hope you guys can help me and I know that many more hp customers are waiting for your response to my problem. Thanks in advance guys


    Please install WIFI drivers and restart the device

  • Problem after update of windows 8


    I refreshed win8 and now winexplorer show that I have most of my hard drive space taken, but none of the programs that take this memory (since before the discount) are currently not visible in programx86.

    How can I clean my hard drive?


    I understand that looking for ways to clean your hard drive and clean space on it.

    Please refer to the below section that will give you suggestions for cleaning hard drives:

    Answer please if you still need help.

  • battery problem on sony vaio z3 after update of windows 8

    I had to disable the utilitiy ISB in the Task Manager, because the system wanted to put the computer into hibernation because of a battery problem.  I had the same problem after updating the driver control of battery.  How should I proceed?

    Hi user 975909,

    That is right.


  • The PC HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15: Blurred and static Audio after update of Windows 10

    I was using Windows 10 quite a few months now with no problems. My sound has been clear until this morning when my computer automatically updated itself. After the update, I noticed that my sound (which worked perfectly fine before the update) was blurred and subdued, with a noise static when the music I listened to hit a higher mark. This had not happened before. Not until I've updated. So far, I checked to see if I need to update something new for my audio device in Device Manager, but I was told that everything is up to date.

    Previously, a few years ago I had a similar problem when updating from Windows 8, but rather my audio is completely out. Waiting to see if something like that happen again. I'm not sure what to do on my audio now, but I'm afraid to uninstall my sound card where I can bring him back despite says he's coming back. In addition, I don't know what to do for my specific product. I've read that many others have had similar problems, so if someone could help me I would be very grateful.

    Thank you in advance.


    You can update driver Audio IDT high definition (HD) and check?

    Version 6.10.6425.0

    Also, I suggest you to disable all the improvements in the properties of speakers and check out. See the steps below:

    1. Press on the key Windows + X.
    2. Click on Control Panel.
    3. Double-click the sound icon and click on speakers.
    4. Click on Properties.
    5. Click the enhancements tab.
    6. Now, click on "disable all sound effects.
    7. Click OK , and then check if the problem persists.

    If the problem still exists, as a solution, I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the sound drivers in compatibility mode and check if it works for you,. Refer to the steps below:

    Follow the steps to uninstall the audio driver:

    1. Press the Windows key + X key , and then click Device Manager.
    2. Expand 'Audio Video and Game Controllers'.
    3. Right-click on the audio device listed and click on 'Uninstall'.
    4. Select the option to remove the software driver.
    5. Restart the computer after its uninstalled.

    Now download the drivers from the manufacturer's Web site and install it in Windows 8.1 compatibility mode. Follow the steps below to install the drivers in compatibility mode:

    1. Right click on the driver configuration file and click on 'Properties'.
    2. Click on the "compatibility" tab and check the box ' run this program in compatibility mode for "and select operating system Windows 8.1 since the menu drop-down."
    3. Click 'Apply' and click on 'OK' and run the file to install it.

    Hope this helps you...

    Click on Bravo and accept as a Solution if my answer was helpful and answered your question.

    I am an employee of HP!

  • HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n013: touch not working after updates on Windows


    My touch screen stopped working after updates of Windows on my laptop froze. I went through all the parameters of the pen and touch, and others to resolve this issue, and unfortunately it still does not. I also rebooted the laptop to factory settings and update all the necessary things in the software updated and updates on the HP site recommended and I've updated the BIOS, but still the touch screen does not work.

    I hope you can help.

    Thank you

    According to the message that you have recently published, I want to confirm that this could be a hardware problem and I highly recommend to Contact HP immediately technical support by phone for further assistance immediately to get your Notebook diagnosed and repaired by an authorized HP Certified Engineer

    You can also check your warranty here to check the status of the guarantee

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

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    Thank you

    K N R K

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  • HP Color LaserJet MFP M176 Pro: No printing on HP Color LaserJet MFP M176 Pro after update of Windows 10 anniversary update

    My HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M176 does not print after update of Windows 10 anniversary update. I've updated two computers (HP Compaq Elite SFF 8300 and E6320 Dell), Hp with 2013 installed Office and Dell with Office 2010 installed. The printer is connected to my network. The latest "complete solution drivers' HP was installed before the upgrade. Printer does not printer-> Printtest properties, error notification appears and asks me if I want to troubleshoot the error. I can see the printjob in the spooler, but it is immediately deleted. Does not print any programs I've tried, with the exception of the notebook HP Print and Scan Doctor! When I troubleshoot with Windows printtroubleshooter, no problems found. Same thing with HP print and scan the doctor.

    I uninstalled all the drivers and the Hp programs, rebooted and installed "drivers complete solution." Same problem!

    On the Dell computer, I made a new clean install of Windows 10 Anniversery update, from a USB key. Office 2010 installed and 'full pilot solution again'. Same problem!

    On August 18, 2016, I found new drivers on Hp. new downloaded web pages "complete solution drivers still" uninstalled all the drivers and the Hp programs, rebooted and installed "drivers complete solution." Same problem!

    Among the many solutions, I tried turning the firewall. No help.

    I know that brother Corp has sent an email to their customers, there are big problems with their printers/drivers and the anniversary 10 Windows Update. Same problem with Hp printers/drivers?

    Someone who has a solution?


    Thanks for your suggestion of a solution!

    First of all, it fixed my problem of printing when I tried with a new user on both computers. Yet, I was a little confused that two updates and an installstion clean "updated anniversary" should lead to a curropted user profile!

    Then when I did what I always be with new computers/users, to the environment variables 'TMP' and 'TEMP' C:\Temp for the new user. Printing stops again. Extract a little more and found that users on C:\Temp needed to be 'total control '. 'Change' was not enough. Perhaps one of the new things in birthday update?

    In any case, there where the pleasure with your help!

  • USB mouse does not not after update. Windows detects that usb is connected

    after update to windows 8 my usb mouse stopped working drivers are up to date and clean. tried turning off then turning, resettlement, but nothing does. After a few minutes that its connected it also plays the "detected usb device" then removed "usb device" ringtone It can be connected to my problem.


    Thanks for the info and sorry for the late reply.

    I suggest you to run the Microsoft fixit and see if it helps:

    Diagnose and automatically fix the Windows USB problems

    Please reply with the results, in order to help you solve the problem.

    Thank you

  • Hello! I can't open my NEF in Nikon D750 files in photoshop, which I used it without a problem after update 2015 cc adobe photoshop

    Hello! I can't open my NEF in Nikon D750 files in photoshop, which I used without any problem after update 2015 cc adobe photoshop...

    Just installed 9.4 ACR it works for my RAW files. Camera Raw 9.4 now available

    And the following cc 2015 windows updates installed.

    Updates Windows Photoshop CC 2015
    File download Size Date Notes
    Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 (64-bit) 352 MB 20/01/2016 16.1.2 release
    Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.1 (64-bit) 352 MB 14/12/2015 16.1.1 release
    Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1 update (64-bit) 352 MB 30/11/2015 16.1 release
    Update Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.0.1 (64-bit) 258 MB 03/08/2015 16.0.1 release

  • ASUS laptop computer: touch screen does not work after update of windows 10

    My touch screen does not work after update of windows 10 in Chrome. How can I fix it?


    Welcome to the HP support forum. Asus and Chrome are not HP, touch screen works on my machine HP with IE, Firefox and the new browser Windows 10 called Edge. I think that you need to update to Chrome.

    Kind regards.

  • HD T410s graphic problem after update

    A few days ago, I decided to update my 2011 T410s by Lenovo
    Toolbox. I was looking for solutions to improve the battery life. I have
    has chosen to update all 'important' and some option updates
    those I thought that could have an impact on the battery life (BIOS update, Intel HD graphics driver, thinkpad power management driver and a few others)

    Since I have lived a graphic break several times when I watch videos online such as or The first time a
    a message on the graphics driver (or something like that)
    has stopped working and has been restored but the next second the
    ventilation was repeated, monitor would go black and the
    graphics would begin slowly reappear, I'd still get a message
    on the graphics driver and the other second monitor would again
    black and so on... Now, I only get the message more difficult when it happens from the computer retrieves before leaving black. The only way to break the cycle is to restart
    the computer and everything works fine. Until I have watch another video. ! I tried uninstalling the driver HD and reinstalled (both reinstalled as Lenovo and Intel), and it still does not work.

    Suggestions? Is someone else had problems after updating?

    Please uninstall the display driver, and reinstall.

    Also, install the latest player adobe flash.

    Please watch the video file online and then check it in.

    Best regards


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