Problems installing SDK Webworks

Hi, I had my first application on air, but I'm now playing with Webworks. during installation it asks the path the air sdk and I then point to the same directory as when I installed the SDK TabletOS.

I get an error saying that the selected incorrect AIR SDK. Visit a few ADOBEURL to get the latest version of the sdk...

I tried following the form of suggestions on this thread...

Has anyone encountered this same problem on a mac?

Thank you


I got this error when I tried to point to the path of the sdk of Buritto Flash. I had to download and install Adobe AIR SDK from here:

And pass it the new way.

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  • Problem with SDK WebWorks, get a compile error...

    Well, at a time given, I had a fully functional software development kit, but it seems that he fell in some way and I hope that someone here has seen it, so I don't have to track it down.

    This started after I installed my signature on this system keys, don't know if it of related or not, but it's the only thing that has changed.

    Here's what I mean:

    C:\Program Search SDK WebWorks Motion\BlackBerry to Tablet
    \bbwp>bbwp 'c:\Projects\tbs\Hello World\ '.
    [INFO]                  Parsing of the command line options
    [INFO]         analysis
    [INFO]                  Validation of archive WebWorks
    [INFO]                  The analysis of config.xml
    [WARNING]               Cannot find an element of
    [WARNING]               Can't find the item of
    [INFO]                  The application of filling source
    [INFO]                  Compiling applications WebWorks
    webworks\loadingScreen\ col: error 13: access undefined
    property Tweener.

    Tweener.removeTweens (loadingScreen);

    I then quite a few mistakes more is to say everywhere where Tweener Vienna of is not included...

    Tried to uninstall and ensuring that all records have disappeared, twice, without success.

    Someone at - it a good idea to place to look?

    Found my problem!  When I installed it I was pointed at the 4.5 for the AIR SDK folder, I reinstalled it with the weapon at the level of the blackberry-tablets-sdk folder - 1.0.1 and live now!

    Now, I come to cross the failure 500, unsigned bar file error during the deployment with a token of debugging...

  • Problem installing SDK in a new installation of Momentics

    Hi all

    I'm all new to this Yes please forgive me if this has been answered before, I searched but did not find anything similar.

    Problem with MT is this.  I installed the latest version of Momentics without problems.  Then I put my Z10-STL-3 in development mode and plugged into my computer.  Then, I started Momentics place and let it run through the configuration and started to download the SDK.  At halfway through the download it fails with this message.

    There was an error in updating software development kit. Press the Details button to review the error.
    SDK or update installation failed: an error occurred during the installation elements
    An error occurred during the installation elements
    session context has beenprofile = DefaultProfile, phase is org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand = null--> [R]

    bbndk. Win32.indexes. 1.0.0 action is
    error in opening zip file
    error in opening zip file
    An error occurred during the installation elements
    session context has beenprofile = DefaultProfile, phase is org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Install, operand = null--> [R]

    bbndk. Win32.indexes. 1.0.0 action is
    error in opening zip file
    error in opening zip file

    Hope this will make more sense for someone doing it for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dan Gordon

    @MisterMom please ignore adesdev it seems to be ad just for fun to post everything not being able to understand the op.

    It of a well known problem and can usually be solved by clearing your download cache or by reinstalling Momentics...

    JI: 526021

    If you get the message "error in opening zip file" while updating or downloading the Momentics IDE or the API levels, you may need to disable your download cache.
    Solution: Delete /p2/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core/cache/*

  • Problems installing SDK on Mac Tablet

    I'm trying to move my development environment on my Macbook Pro.   10.6.8 running.  I installed the Adobe AIR sdk and downloaded and unpacked the directory.   When I try to run it, it starts and left silently.   When I try to run it from the terminal (using 'open') I get a message on LSOpenURLsWithRole failed with the error-10810 which seems to be based on permissions.   I tried to install as root.  I manually deleted property of quarantine to see if that helped.  No go.   Has anyone else seen elsewhere?

    Thank you.    This newspaper had enough information for me debug the problem.   The content of unpacked without Execute permissions.   Once I added the Execute permissions on these three files, the run installation program.

    I don't know why this happened, but it happened every time.

  • Cannot install SDK WebWorks on windows 8

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the installation of the WebWorks SDK on my computer (64 Win8).
    When I run the .exe just freshly downloaded, the InstallAnywhere charger appears, 'charges' to 100% (but without cluttering the bar integer loadiing... weird) and then closes just without saying anything.

    I have redownloaded the installer, tried in Win7 compatibility, given the administrator mode mode,... same problem.

    If someone could give me a clue about the problem I understand that a lot!

    Thank you

    OK I found my path later: I had manually extract the Setup program for the sdk folder.

  • I tried repeatedly webworks install SDK for 10 BB and BB OS 7 or an earlier version, but failed to launch the SDK succesfully.

    I tried repeatedly webworks install SDK for 10 BB and BB OS 7 or an earlier version, but failed to launch the SDK


    Finally, Iam able to build the package correctly on google chrome emulator Ripple by following the instructions

    Now, I asked for signature keys. But how to operate the get nd of emultor my ex helloworld application

  • Why I do not have icons sdk Webworks?

    Hello dear members,

    I downloaded and installed adobe AIR sdk and Webworks SDK but after starting I have not found and icon to start the sdk webworks. Please somebody guide me how can I use the SDK.


    Is it installed successfully then its installed.

    There are no icons.

    1. You must install extension ripple in chrome of the Tools page.
    2. You must click on the wave button and click on 'enable '.
    3. Accept the agreement and to choose the platform that you want to develop on
    4. You can now begin to develop... you need help more far away?
  • Installation of SDK Webworks


    I try to install the SDK WebWorks and in the penultimate stage installation... it crashes just here showing the Popup 'WebWorks BlackBerry PlayBook SDK configuration'. Hung there for 30 min.

    If anyone has experienced this before?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Can view you the details of your operating system, i.e. Windows 7 64-bit, Mac OS x 10.x

  • Cannot download the latest SDK WebWorks (2.1)

    Cannot download the latest SDK WebWorks (2.1)

    After I click on "Download Blackberry Webworks SDK for Tablet OS for Windows" on the next page

    the Web page appears to be stuck, "Blackberry Developer Zone Loading" screen... »

    It seems to navigate between index.jsp and SWDLRegistration... pages

    I tried this from Chrome and IE.

    A little frustrating because I need to install a new debugging since the old token has expired and can not get the latest version of the SDK


    YES he got working 2 hours ago. Could not download 2 days - tried different browsers and different PCs / networks at home and work.

    Anyway, finally got it work on Firefox with my disabled Proxy.

    Guess it could be related to the:

    -specific browser

    -the proxy settings

    -security settings (e.g. cookies)

    Tried on different networks (work and home).

    different browsers (Chrome, Opera, IE) without success.

    Not sure if I had turned off before proxy.

    Hope that points you in the right direction.

    . H

  • The 2.1 SDK WebWorks for smartphone update?

    When I download this SDK Update on this link:
    and install it. It's still an old version ( - 18)
    At any site update via eclipse update? Please help:)

    As stated in the declaration of the end of life and Associates blog article, The WebWorks Plug-ins for Visual Studio and Eclipse only support 2.0 SDK WebWorks and low.

    These tools plugin does not update to support the latest versions of the SDK WebWorks.  Use the versions the latest SDK you should not use the command-line for now, and when the ripple is upgraded you will be able to build and deploy from the emulator.

    You will be able to continue to use Eclipse and Visual Studio to build applications WebWorks in the same way as you would for the construction of a local Web site.  More details are in the above referenced blog post.

  • New SDK Webworks error during Application of packaging

    Everything worked fine until I updated to the new SDK Webworks. Now I get this error, then I reinstalled everthing. I went through the process of setting up environmental variables pointing to the SDK and jre, but nothing helped. I reinstalled all components at least 3 - 4 times always with administrator privileges but cannot make it work. I try to compile my application with the new SDK and submit it so that it runs very well update the OS of the Playbook.

    The error I get is:

    OK, so I solved the problem by setting the name of my loading screen (thats why the error said SplashScreen). I never noticed that my background image has 2 i in since version beta SDK never threw any errors. I would have thought more of said error; He would have led me to how to fix more quickly (an image not found problem with splashScreen).

  • PlayBook Simulator included in the SDK WebWorks for Mac does not start

    Hi, I downloaded and installed the WebWorks BlackBerry SDK for Tablet OS for Mac from . I have VMWare Fusion installed 3.1.2. I used the beta3 .iso Installer to create a virtual machine, and it worked very well. Open the bbwp/blackberry-tablet-sdk/BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator-1.0.1/BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.vmx file load VMWare Fusion and adds a virtual machine named "BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator" in my VM library. When I try to 'turned on' virtual machine, nothing happens. The power seems to be on for two seconds and turns off the virtual machine. I can't find all the lines from log in the 'Virtual Machine'-> 'Force Start Up' menu is no help either. I download the stand-alone "BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator for Mac", that is also marked v1.0.1 but I am not optimistic if it is delivered as a set of folders VMware. Please do not make me run the PlayBook Simulator in a virtual Windows XP machine!

    Hi jaschroe,

    Try to manually copy the folder BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator - 1.0.1 to another location on your Mac and then try to open this copy of the VMX file in VMware Fusion. (No need to re - install).

  • Problem installing device a1530n

    Running Win XP Media Center Edition.  Had minor graphical problems at the top of the IE bar periodically endangered.  Decided to remove the Intel (r) 82945G Express Chipset adapter in Device Manager and then do a scan for new hardware.  And now I get the message of the new hardware detected that says.

    Cannot install this hardware

    There was a problem installing this hardware:

    Intel (r) 82945G Express Chipset Family

    An error occurred during the installation of the device

    Access is denied.

    I am connected to the computer as an administrator.  I tried to install this even in safe mode and get the same error above.  Any clues on what do I do?  The computer runs only in VGA mode.

    Thanks in advance.

    Link to screen shot of the error message.

  • Satellite P300-133 - problem installing Win Xp


    I have a problem installing win xp to Satellite p300-133.
    To resolve this problem, I have tried the solutions:
    switch to ahci mode in bios and incorporating storage drivers compatibility intel to the installation cd xp with nlite, but none of them solved the problem.

    Laptop computer starts from the cd of xp and xp installation says "program Setup inspects your hardware configuration" and then a blank black screen comes.
    After that, the installation does nothing and waits indefinitely.

    Any ideas on this problem? Thank you.


    > switch to compatibility ahci mode in the bios and the integration of the storage drivers Intel to xp with nlite installation cd, but none of them solved the problem.

    The two methods are good!
    You can install the Win XP without drivers Intel Storage Manager (SATA drivers) but in this case the SATA mode must be on compatible mode.
    It works for sure!

    The second method is the installation of the SATA drivers with nLite (drivers can be integrated into the new drive Win XP).

    I put t understand why this doesn t work on your laptop. I think it's a problem with your Win XP drive. Contains this Win XP SP2 or SP3?
    If this isn't the case, then you should use nLite to include min the Win XP SP2.

    Check it!

  • Problem installing PCI-6220


    I have problems installing a PCI-6220. The card has been installed a couple of years on a PC and rarely used. I withdrew from the it and connected to a new PC (Intel core i3 2.93 GHz, Windows7). After installing the card on the new PC in a first time, I could read the name of PCI6220 under 'Devices and interfaces' (in the program MAX) but I´d not been able to define it as a device. So I tried to remove the card and plug it in again and now the situation is even worse, I only see an "unidentified PXI system" in the program of MAX.

    Any idea what bad and what can do to make sure that the card does not work properly? As a reference, I need to connect to a CA-1000 enclosure housing a CB-68LPR device.

    Thanks in advance,


    Install the latest (9.3) DAQmx-drivers for your PCI, which could help.

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