problems of Microsoft silverlight

I'm having a problem watching Netflix.  Netflix asked me to update the silver light.  I clicked the button to update on Netflix, but the update is I already downloaded it last year.

I also noticed this message in my Safari preferences under security so Internet plug-ins.  That's what he said:

The version of 'Silverlight' on your computer has critical security problems.

Only set to 'Always allow' Web sites is allowed to run this plugin.  To protect your system, the use of this plug-in is OE blocked for all other Web sites.

When visiting other Web sites: ALLOW

I would uninstall Microsoft Silverlight and get a good market condition one.  How can I do this?

I noticed in the last months, that I'm not able to watch videos embedded on Facebook.  I guess it's because of problems with Microsoft Silverlight?

Thank you!!


Tried to drag and drop Silverlight for my trash, but that has not worked.

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  • Problem install Microsoft silverlight

    Hello world

    I want to use the generator of the user Web interface for my application. To use what I install Microsoft silverlight. I downloaded it and I installed it. But, in this website , if I'm clicking on the "Try it Now" tab, once again, he was asked on the "install the Microsoft Silverlight". When I check in my program files, I see this Silverlight program is already installed. So what is the reason why I couldn't get to the generator of the user Web interface. You could someone guide me...

    The best way to use the generator of the user Web interface would be to access with Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

    Recent versions of Chrome don't allow plugins NPAPI based (like Silverlight), see here:

    There is a workaround solution listed on this page (a way to re - enable Silverlight in Chrome), but ultimately this option will disappear (in future versions of Chrome), Internet Explorer is probably the best bet.

  • Problem with Microsoft silverlight with MAX


    I am trying to connect laptop directly to Compact Rio 9073 and trying to figure out the IP through Max first time, MAX shows not all of the parameters because he know that "you must install microsoft silverlight..." Ok... I downloaded and now it says something errror script on the web page (due to the installation of silverlight?)

    I've tried versions of silverlight 4 and 5. The system is Windows XP and the version of labview 2009.

    Any help, please?

    What version of MAX do you have?  If you have a version 4.7, I strongly suggest upgrading to 5.0.

  • I have a problem with Microsoft Silverlight on Vista.

    My problem is that I don't even know what is Silverlight, or how I had and whenever Vista asks me to allow or not allow Silverlight my computer freezes and I have to restart the computer. This seems to happen almost every time that I try to open an attachment or try to send a new email.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


    1. did you of recent changes to the system before the show?

    2. not the problem only occurs when checking e-mail?

    3. What is the exact problem that you face with Silverlight?

    4. what Web browser do you use?

    5. What is the exact error when you receive a prompt for Silverlight?

    6. do you have security software installed on your system?

    Method 1:

    Follow the link below, run a Virus Scan and check if it helps.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2:

    Also, I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight and check if it helps.

    Access the link to learn more about uninstalling Silverlight.

    Access the link below and download the latest version of Silverlight and reinstall.

    For more information about Silverlight, see the link below.

    Let us know if it helps.

  • Internet or problem connecting home network prevents playback of microsoft silverlight N8103-106 error code

    Internet connection or home network problem prevents microsoft silverlight playback... N8103-106 error code someone help please!

    Hi DanielleGripentrog,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall Silverlight and see if the problem still occurs.

    Uninstall or change a program

    Method 2: Perform a clean boot to see if there is a conflict of software like the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the link step 7 to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

    If the problem persists always, post your question in the Silverlight forums for more help and information.


  • Microsoft Silverlight: uninstallation problem

    Hi all
    It's the month because I had problems with Microsoft Silverlight, but I cannot solve, because I just ignore them. Now, the guard computer breaks down updated when I start it up and takes a long time before you start.

    The thing is that I tried to uninstall Silverlight, but it has not been removed because of an error. Now, if I try to look for the program, it does not, however, update security for Silverlight remains visible, and the system cannot update something about security for Silverlight.

    What should I do?

    There is a removal guide in How clean a corrupted Silverlight installation and then reinstalling Silverlight that should help you - it worked for me, some time ago.

    When you set & reinstalled, this page contains a Silverlight video, so you can use it as a test - page example Silverlight

  • Microsoft Silverlight cannot be activated. There is no option to select only activate because it is impossible to select the drop-down list even if it is the most recent version

    I can't activate Microsoft Silverlight. I've attached a screenshot of control. This is the only plugin that says "disabled" next to him. I've updated to the latest version and there is no option on the page of the plugins to acivate because he says 'never activate' and no other selection is selectable.

    Unfortunately, your screenshot is not come through. You can link it to a reply in this thread if you wish.

    If you exit Firefox and it starts again since installing Silverlight, please try this in case a file is locked.

    Can also see you in the editor preferences as follows:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the npc and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) If you find a preference for the plugin.state.npctrl preparing to something other than one, try to double click on it and set it to 1. For reference:

    • 0 = > never activate
    • 1 = > ask to activate
    • 2 = > always activate

    If the preference has a different status from 'the user game' as 'locked', which would indicate a different problem.

  • Microsoft silverlight

    yesterday I went on skygo to watch tv and I was told I had to download/update to update silverlight to watch. I downloaded 7 times and still nothing. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make it work again, or if there is a problem with silverlight for the time that my father has the same problem with his computer.


    What web browser do you use?

    What version of Windows are you using?

    How to know the version of Windows you are using

    How to know the version of Internet Explorer you are using

    How to tell the difference between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows 10

    If you use IE11 desktop, please check that you do not have active ActiveX filtering :

    1. open IE.

    2. press Alt + X on your keyboard

    3. Select SecurityActiveX filtering does not have a tick against it for Silverlight work.

    If this isn't the issue please try:

    1. open IE.

    2. press Alt + X on your keyboard.

    3. Select Manage Add-ons.

    4. Select toolbars and Extensions on the left.

    5. Select all add-ons from the drop-down to halfway down on the left.

    6. search for Microsoft Silverlight in the list and make sure it is active. If it is not checked, select it then press the Activate button.

  • Microsoft Silverlight does not work

    Microsoft Silverlight does not. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it but the screen is always black without any control of player on my netflix account when I try to press play. Help?


    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. what version of Internet Explore do you use?

    3 have there been recent changes to the computer before the show?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you follow these steps to turn on ActiveX of Netflix and check if it works.

    (a) double-click the Internet Explorer desktop icon to start the browser. Click on the Tools menu option
    (b) click on the Security tab in the Internet Options window. Click the Internet icon, and then on customize the level to start the security settings - Internet Zone window.
    (c) scroll down to the section ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
    (d) check enable for download signed ActiveX controls and run ActiveX controls and plug-ins check fast to download unsigned ActiveX controls.
    (e) click on OK to close the window and then security settings on OK in the Internet Options window.

    Method 2:

    How to clean a facility damaged Silverlight and then reinstall Silverlight:

    Method 3: If the problem persists, try to optimize Internet Explorer by following the steps mentioned in this link.

    How to optimize Internet Explorer:

    Important: Reset Internet Explorer to its default configuration. This step will disable also any add-ons, plug-ins or toolbars that are installed. Although this solution is fast, it also means that, if you want to use one of these modules in the future, they must be reinstalled.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Microsoft Silverlight, Flash Player etc. are installed, but do not seem to work on my laptop

    Microsoft Silverlight, Flash Player etc. are installed, but do not seem to work on my laptop Pavilion dv6. What should I do to him? Have no idea of computers!

    Moved from feedback

    Original title: System Update updates microsoft windows


    I suggest you check out the link uninstall Silverlight completely and re-install:

    Uninstall previous versions of Silverlight on Windows

    Also check out the link to install Microsoft Silverlight:

    Download Microsoft Silverlight

    If the problem is not resolved, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

  • Used to install Microsoft Silverlight

    I uninstalled all previous versions of Microsoft Silverlight, and then I downloaded the latest version of Silverlight 5. When I was installing the Silverlight, I spent the introduction and license. I had problems in theDestination section. He gave me a place to install (Macintosh HD), but then when I clicked on it so I could click on continue and be able to complete the installation of silverlight, a yellow triangle with an exclamation point came and he said "Microsoft Silverlight Browser Plug-in cannot be installed to this disk. A newer version of this software already exists on this disc. "What--what this means and how do I get rid of this"new version"so I can download the version I have now? Your help would be greatly appreciated!


    The question you have posted it will be better answered by Forums Silverlight for Mac. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.


    Thank you

  • message repeated on Hotmail "" but you must first install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight ".

    Original title: problems with the installation of silverlight

    Here's what I'm getting it quickly "but first of all, you need to install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight". so I install this & go to see the slideshow of pictures to hotmail & I get the same prompt? then I uninstall/reinstall nothing works, HELP! I tried to understand this for 2 days now! It was working fine & then one day decided not to work, you know he has decided to not work after I upgraded to IE9... all help would be greatly appreciated: o)


    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. it happens that on the Hotmail Web site?


    Method 1: Try to play any other Silverlight video on another site and see if it happens here as well.


    Method 2: Select the Silverlight module and see if that helps.

    See the following steps:

    a. start Internet Explorer and click the Tools icon and then click on Internet Options

    b. click programs , and then click the Manage Add-ons button

    c. from the Show drop-down list selection, select run without permissions

    d. ensure that Microsoft Silverlight module is enabled.

    e. If disabled, right click and enable it.

    f. click on close to close the window.

  • Microsoft Silverlight is stuck in an infinite loop

    This morning I got an error message telling me that I needed to uninstall and reinstall Silverlight of Netflix. I deleted all the files on my computer and went to reinstall. After reinstallation, I was told that I could not reinstall because a new version of Silverlight is already installed. I'm stuck in an infinite loop of H E L L. Microsoft seems to only provide help for Windows users. I'm running on a Macbook OS 10.6.8 with 4 GB of memory. So, it is not a question of space or an OS problem. I don't know what is happening! Please advise!

    Hi Ari,

    I suggest you post your question in the Microsoft Silverlight forum and check if it helps.


  • installation of Microsoft Silverlight to watch Italian TV?

    So is safe for my computer install Microsoft Silverlight to watch Italian TV programs?


    1. you receive an error message on the computer?
    2. which version of the operating system you are using on the computer?

    There is no problem to install Silverlight on your computer. To learn more about Silverlight, you can see the provided article.
    About Silverlight
    You can check this link before installing Silverlight on the computer learn more about system requirements, procedure of Installation etc.
    Also install the latest version of light of silver medals by using binding.
    You can also access the link below and post your question in the Silverlight forums for help on this issue.
  • error code 0 x 663 I'm unable to download updated 2416247 (microsoft silverlight despite repeated here.

    Get an icon for the update ready, click on it, it initializes and the installation of the update begins. It ends with impossible to install Microsoft Silverlight. When I try to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on my computer, it won't uninstall. He says"the patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows setup hotfix package. HUH?

    Hi JohnnyJoe,

    (1) what is the complete error message you receive?

    (2) that Windows edition\version you use on the computer?

    I want to clarify if the package update KB 2416247 or something else

    Method 1: Follow the steps mentioned in the link below for the difficulty of installation of Silverlight broken

    Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    Method 2: Download and install Silverlight from the link below

    Thanks and greetings

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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