Problems reading images and sounds DVD satellite A110-276

A couple of months my Equium A110-276 has stopped playing DVD correctly.

The sounds and images on the DVD are slow, sometimes jump and are generally not synchronized.
I downloaded the latest drivers, but it made no difference. If I stream a youtube video for example the image and the sound are both very good.

Everyone think of something I can do about it?

Thank you



If the video stream seems ok so everything seems to be ok with the graphics card.

I think that either there is a problem with the CD/DVD driver or the software itself.

I studied a bit in this forum and found this thread about a very similar problem:

Check the solution provided in this thread and your results.

Best regards

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  • Equium A110 - DVD image and sound appear agitated & scratchy

    Hey guys, for the last two days when I insert a dvd/cd in my laptop and try to play it, the image and sound both seem choppy and rough. also when I try to copy and burn a dvd, it takes forever (2-3 h) whereas before it took barely 15 minutes.

    Is it possible to fix this?

    And another question, I want to try to restore the laptop to its 'factory settings '.

    Someone knows how to do?

    Cordially m1lz

    > Can I want to try to restore the laptop to its 'factory settings '. Someone knows how to do?
    If you want to define the notebook to factory settings, you will need to recover the operating system from the recovery CD Toshiba delivered! But beware, the recovery procedure erases the entire HARD disk. Create a backup before you start the installation from the recovery CD

    Now something about the issue of sound and video:
    Maybe that STRANGE is malfunctioning, it is not impossible but incredibly.
    Laptop you supports acoustic silencers request try to remove it.

    But after the installation of recovery everything should work fine... I hope ;)

  • Touchpad does not work on satellite A110-276


    Im having trouble with the touchpad on my satellite A110-276.

    I just installed Vista Home Premium and spent in section Vista drivers and downloaded and installed the driver Vista ALPS.

    The touchpad works fine until I restart, then the installation to come again touchpad screens and I have to re - install before it will work.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled, but the installation screens go up every time that I reboot.

    I even uninstalled and reinstalled Vista a few times. (Product recovery disc install XP and the problem persists if I installed XP and then switch to Vist and then install the vista drivers)

    Please can someone help?

    Thank you very much

    Check if it works in Windows XP? Perhaps you should try and install the drivers for the touchpad with the admin rights.

    Have you tried to download the drivers again? I can sometimes happen that packets are corrupted during the download.

  • Internal speakers not working not not on satellite A110-276


    I bought this satellite A110-276 a few months ago. I understand that the connection of the external speakers automatically turns off the internal speakers. I have been using external speakers for quite awhile, but now when I disconnect them the internal speakers are no longer working.

    Any ideas what I should do to get my internal speakers work again?

    Thank you very much.


    the socket where connect you the external speakers generally used a suspended metal contact to disconnect the built in speakers when the plug is pushed. Removal of the plug in external speakers is expected then suspended contact return to its normal position which will return power to the built-in speakers.
    It is possible that the plug of the external speakers folded contact suspended so that it is no longer completes the circuit to the built-in speakers. You will have to remove you nnotebook to have access to the outlet to check.

    You could ask your local authorized service partner to check for you so that you do not invalidate your warranty.

    Kind regards

  • Can I add images and sounds more on DVD in Movie Maker?

    Time ago, I made a DVD of windows Movie Maker. My question is: can I add more photos and sounds on the DVD I made?

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    Please repost to section photos and videos:

    Basically, you will need to copy the DVD on your computer. Then, re - import video into movie maker.

    Here's a way to copy the DVD to your computer.

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  • External sound with Satellite A110-195 is the lower lock

    When I connect with my Toshiba Satellite A110-195 speakers the sound is low lock. How can I change?


    Please use the advanced Forum search option and put bass A100 as search terms. You will find some very interesting topics on the same theme.

  • Driver (s) download and update for Satellite A110


    I have a laptop Satellite A110-152.

    I know that the drivers have not been updated for at least 6 months.

    How can I find out whitch drivers need to be updated?

    I am running Windows XP.

    Windows XP Home edition's old operating system, and it is no longer supported. I imagine that your mobile phone works well and there is no problem with the feature, right?

    You n t need no updates except Windows updates if they are offered by Microsoft.
    Era WXP is finished. Everything you need to work well for laptop is on the Toshiba download page.

    Do you want to update? Which driver?

  • When I make a video call, the image and sound frequently burst

    Original title: I.M video calls

    When I make a video call the image and audio break-up often so that the link falls down and I have to again open the link that can be very frustrating

    Hi geraldmallinder,

    1. What instant messaging program that you are using?

    2. were you able to make video calls before without any problem?

    3. you will remember to do recent changes on the computer before this problem?

    If you use Windows Live messenger, you can consult the following articles and check if that helps:

    Impossible to establish a webcam with Windows Live Messenger conversation

    Free chat: use instant messaging and webcam to stay in touch

    With the help of your LifeCam with Microsoft Live Messenger

    Hope this information is useful.

  • problem with image and pdf files to print


    When I want to print images and PDF files in windows 7, it takes too much RAM space so small capacity it has (for example, the file has 52 KB capacity, but it takes 21 MB of RAM)

    and I have to wait until this file (image or PDF) completely buffered in RAM, and that is problematic for me.

    Help me please.

    Thank you

    Hello Amirafshari,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    We need to know the following information to isolate the problem:

    1. When you print files no PDF, you have the same problem?
    2. What are the specs of your PC?
    3. Where are the files located? Is this an internal or external storage device?
      • If the file is located in your external storage space, you can transfer into your internal storage space first before printing.
    4. Have you tried the activation and deactivation of your print spooler? If this isn't the case, please follow the steps below:
      • Go to CMD.
      • Type "net stop spooler" and press ENTER to stop the spooler.
      • Type "net start spooler" and press ENTER to re start the spooler.

    Let us know how things are going.

    Kind regards

    Jamille Nar

  • Central folder for images and sounds for use or NOT?


    I produce a lot of graphics and sounds for an online e-learning course.

    Can I just confirm something please?

    Should I put most of my graphics which will be shared with other sovereign funds in its own dedicated swf.

    As it is cached, I guess this would be the best idea.


    Isn't it also take longer for a game or a loading screen if it must import the special mc inside the large resources.swf.

    In addition, exactly how to get that mc.

    For example I want mc mountain (which resides inside the resources.swf) in my flyingGame.swf.

    Must FlyingGame import resources.swf and then ' search in ' mountain mc everytime.

    Is it good or bad.

    I have getconfused on how best to go about this. So ebody mentioned RSL - which is better or I am actually already libraries are cached and shared anyway?

    Libraries that nest within other will do exactly as you said, do load unnecessary things. It also creates a dependency that might be very useless. If a game is updated using a shared resource, all other games updates for nothing.

    For example for (other than sprite sheets) fast web design, it has always been strongly suggested to limit the number of HTTP requests. If you need to load 50 images, audio files, 30, etc., this will not work terribly effective assets as well as external.

    If you manage to get the assets on the sprite sheets, I think that these more flexible overall, especially with an atlas. Keep in external files spirit are easy to change, do not have the SWF indigestion and are also cached.

    The only thing THAT SWF gives you is perhaps an advantage of speed and the speed of development if you load dozens and dozens of foreign assets. If you went outside and found you had to load 50-100 + assets then pack in a single SWF file is much more advantageous.

    Audio is an ideal target for group into SWF, if you can because each file must be a separate download. That said, it's did nothing to make the audio is smaller that you could do with similar settings in any other audio encoder to the right settings SWF. MP3's MP3, etc...

    Your answer could lie between several game strategies. Fund rulers for some games, if possible assets elsewhere and a combination of the two institutions. It really depends on your game.

  • Windows media player 11. I have sound when playing cd audio, but when playing DVDs, I have picture but no sound. Have the same problem on 2 computers.__I also have Nero showtime and image and sound works fine with it. __

    I have re installed the drivers
    I set Windows as default player media player
    On a computer I've just updated Media player 9 to media player 11

    Hello Russ3220,

    Thank you for your message.  Your problem is probably caused by a Codec conflict.  Try to download and install the Codec from the link below.
    Please let us know if it did or did not answer your question.
    Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Problem with rich podcast images and sounds

    using the iphone 6, all updates applied, podcast app.

    When reading improved podcast image FOLLOWS the chapter for which it was intended. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix?

    He's supposed to follow/change with the chapter.

    Or did you mean that he does not follow?

  • Problems with images and files.

    After a computer no serious crash a few 6 months or so there are certain details applicable to each image below the icons of my photos turned the black normal script in blue and it is only in a few cases, although it doesn't bother me too much and they can be used, can it be reversed as it is annoying? recently, another point when I load more new photos to a new folder, if some require clock or anticlockwise, I sometimes get this notice of refusal, "cannot rotate this image that this file can be used or opened in another program or file or the file may be read-only." but none of this can be good as I just placed it new pictures in this folder. How to correct these problems?

    Hi J MVP, volunteer

    Thank you very much for the information that informed me of the files compressed, I asked several people about what it could be, but nobody seemed to know, your solution worked a treat, I've heard of file compression but has never had the need to use this method at all for a reason, and it was only caused initially by the computer crash.

    To answer your question above, the source of the images are directly from the camera, a Sony DSLR 550, via a USB cable, they are loaded into the computer, directly in a set end folder, there is reason for the type or the date at which the photos were taken, which is located in the folder "my pictures."

    Then I get to work with it on Photoshop, after I saw what I want to keep or discard, it's when I have a few photos activate in order to view properly, this problem only comes to occur for the first time as yesterday.

    At the same time I could turn several photos at once 3 or 4 + at a time, but it will now allow me only to make an at once it does not account for the rest, too, sometimes in the past when I turned a picture turned it the image on the screen but the icon remained impassive (this can happen sometimes at 3 or 4 in a row) When I then performed the same maneuver to the next image in the sequence, the previous icon also then becomes his main image returns to its initial position, but this happens only rarely.

    Only when I turn it dose it then right and eventually become stable, these odd little blips, I put in place with for some time, but this last problem, the fact that I can now have a soft image to look at, but can not turn as the computer says 'No', I must confess a again becomes quite painful.

    I've never confessed to be a computer buff, I want only to work on the photos for me and my pleasure to families and our web site, but when things like this crop up I admit that I have no idea where to start and so the reason I am looking for assistance.

    Thanks much again for all your help.

    Best regards


    Nice camera...

    OK... with regard to the question of the rotation... I don't know exactly
    answer, but will provide some info that may help you solve
    the question. I'm sorry that the message is so long but here
    is a lot of things that could be involved. I'm sure you
    know your system well enough to forget useless
    steps: o)

    Since you're using Photoshop to rotate your images...
    It is possible that the solution might be found in Photoshop

    Adobe PhotoShop help and Support

    Personally I do not download photos via a USB cable...
    on the one hand, it irrigates the batteries from the camera. But the
    main reason is that corruption can develop in the photos
    If the batteries are low when the download is triggered.
    An example of how this happens download photos
    immediately after a session of photos long when batteries
    are low. I suggest to use an internal or external
    Media Player.

    Given that the question of the rotation recently developed... make one
    Restoration of the system Mode without failure for a time before the
    problem began could be worth a try.

    See the following articles:

    (306084) how to restore Windows XP to a
    previous state

    How to restore a Windows XP system to a previous state using system restore

    (315222) a Description of the Safe Mode
    Boot into Windows XP options

    How to start safe mode in Windows XP

    Also... the regular system maintenance can improve
    some of the issues. Maintenance of sufficient free space on your
    hard drive is also useful. I keep my free to at least 50%.

    Empty your temporary Internet files folder.

    (260897) how to remove the content of the
    Folder Temporary Internet Files

    Run Disk Cleanup, error checking and
    It is a good idea to defragment regularly schedule.

    (310312) description of the disk cleanup
    Tool in Windows XP

    (315265) how to perform disk error checking
    in Windows XP
    (check two boxes... "automatically repair the file.
    System errors' and ' search and try to.
    recovery of bad sectors"), the utility will run
    the next time you restart your computer.
    (run check several times until it finds errors
    no error)

    (314848) how to defragment your drive
    Volumes of disk in Windows XP

    Sometimes Thumbs.db files can be damaged...
    personally, I have remove and disable their creation.

    What is thumbs.db, and can I delete it?

    Shut down Windows to save the cache of thumbnails (THUMBS. DB)

    What is the thumbs.db file and how it remove?

    Next... it can be interesting to try to run the following command:

    Open an image in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer...

    Hold your Ctrl key and close the Viewer... (X on the title bar)

    You should see a dialog box stating:

    "Any rotation warnings that you have deleted."
    zero prior and can reappear when you
    Rotate an image. »

    Now, you may need to run the following command:

    Reach... Start / run and type
    (or copy and paste):

    regsvr32 /i shimgvw.dll

    (Yes, the space after the 2 and the)
    After the i is necessary)

    Press on... Come in...

    You should see a dialog box stating:
    DllRegisterServer and DllInstall in successful shimgvw.dll
    Try to turn your photos...

    To reset the rotation dialog box... try the following...

    Open an image in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer...

    Hold your Ctrl key and close the Viewer... (X on the title bar)

    You should see a dialog box stating:

    "Any rotation warnings that you have deleted."
    zero prior and can reappear when you
    Rotate an image. »

    Now, you may need to run the following command:

    Reach... Start / run and type
    (or copy and paste):

    "" REGSVR32 SHIMGVW. "." DLL.
    (without the quotes) (Yes, it is)
    a space between 2 and S)

    Click on... Ok.

    A dialog box should include the following:

    "DllRegisterServer in SHIMGVW. DLL succeeded.

    Try to turn your photos...

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Problem loading Z2 and sound problem


    I was facing this problem recently where I'm wrong took the magnetic cable sony and plugged incorrectly on my Z2 xperiz.

    This was after the 5.1.1 update.

    All of a sudden, my phone did not start using my power of sony Bank and a charging cable quick, that I got afterwards upward and running.

    But the battery drains now how anyone, regardless of the use less.

    A battery that is used for the last days 1.5 with me now barely lasts 9hours without doing anything.

    The battery keeps fluctuating when it reaches 90%.

    A change in two outlet stores, z2 specific cables have not helped

    Three repairs, a new image, two complete resets didn't help at all

    Second question

    The sound is all of a sudden considerably low,

    I have the sony mdr-nc31e, which seems to be much lower than what it was in.

    Once again the repairs did not work, the Equalization does not seem to work any longer.

    and the sound does not seem to come from a speaker from a two, this is the model D6502.

    What is your opinion on that?

    Although the Sony forums have failed.

    I ran a check with the voltmeter.

    What has been found, it's my battery did not receive enough power and this kept fluctuating.

    Given a sony Center who said that I need to replace a battery.

  • Problem - Windows 8 and Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8C2 with touch ideapad P400


    I have a touch ideapad P400. I have Windows 8 and a drive Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8C2. The drive is not showing in my computer and do not read any disc I put in. In the devicemanager, I get an error code 19. "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) ». I've updated the drivers. Re-installed drivers. Restart the computer. Removed and re-installed the drive. None of this has worked. Know what to do now?

    If you installed the latest version of the attempt of drivers gear once again, uninstalling the drive through device and then Manager reinstall the drive.

    If still a problem, uninstall the drivers of material from "Uninstall a program", and then restart the computer.

Maybe you are looking for