problems with. ARW files and invigorating auto

problems with. ARW files and invigorating auto

I'll try to explain this, because this has happened in past and never found a way to solve, but I lived with it

now that I have a Sony A7R the problem is more serious

First I'm proud he realize the image in camera, I use DRO lvl 5 to get enough light, as when I'm shooting at dusk. DRO desire to do HDR but in a single file, it lightens the dark colors. in my camera, I'm happy with the results

but when I download on lightroom, they come out almost black.

Let me explain

Let's say I have import 100 images

I'll double check my preferences and everything is turned OFF when you want to import options, there is no auto toning, nothing.

import the images I see glimpses in miniature that looks very good.

I double click on one to enlarge, we go out so grid view.

for a short 1 or 2 seconds, I see the full image in all its glory but that lightroom is doing something funny, it darkens the image

an as she inspects every image, it was a DRO picture, it's too dark.

to make this clear, the image is perfect, as it was in the beginning but after a few seconds, lightroom for some reason some think should be corrected.

How we prevent lightroom to do this, I want the image exactly as it is, why lightroom must apply a correction >?

I think we should do something with the interpretation of the raw file and lightroom applies its own algorithm.

but here is what I get... until lightroom makes the change that I am able to testify the image exactly as he took and want unchanged...

now, I have to edit each file or find a profile to which is added the work.

any ideas how to prevent the ruin my lightroom images and just leave them as they were during the first time...

There are 2 phases... it is when it imports initially and they look very well

second are analysis each image and application of some type of toning that it darkens too.

Thanks for the help


Sorry, it's the yahoo email auto-reply message.

I've now disabled

thing is, there is no DRO jpg to download from the camera

his only ARW. so my understanding is when I use the DRO setting, the camera makes changes to the ARW lightroom this bed somehow the ARW.

but he comes back and unfortunately no DRO setting.

because I noticed that if I take a normal image in his dark raw mode but if I apply dro to it, it comes out more bright, yet when I d/l the camera image in lightroom, which is an ARW - there no jpg files. Lightroom decides to BUMBLE

So actually there is no interest to use DRO because when I download lightroom deletes.

is there a way to tell lightroom to preserve the jpg preview as seen first.

his right blade, image appears perfect... that lightroom do something, that bam, its ruin.

What should I do to prevent ruin the image of lightroom? If it was good in the first place.

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    the best thing if you are a user of creative cloud is to store the files in a folder in your account of cloud instead of transferring the files from one computer to another.

    If you are not a Subscriber cc then Dropbox or iCloud will work as well.

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    What is the destination folder that the date be underneath?  In the top right it says users who suggests, you try to put the photos on top of your username instead of under your username.  Maybe that's the problem.  So change your folder in the drop-down list at the bottom right of what it should be rather than users, and if you're going to show us the destination of your photos at least scroll through the list of folders down right so that we can see which is the white highlight.

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    What I'm trying to do, is make 3 or more system axis 2d in the report, each displaying a part of the data of 2 channels (x = ch0, ch1 = y).

    With only 1 graphic I get what I want, but when I try to add the 2nd or the 3rd, they show without my defined x-scale and with the offset x different from the first chart.

    I tried everything, but I could not remedy

    I added as attachments the .csv file that I use to ch0 and ch1 and 2 screen shoots "what I get" (about the problem with the script) and "what I hope to get" (done manually, is what I'm trying to get the report)

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance


    I'll post my code here:

    Dim Xscale, Yscale
    XScale = Array (0,25,0,5,49)
    Yscale = Array(-0.2,0.2,-0.2,10,4)
    Call PicDelete()
    Call GraphObjNew ("2D-Axis", "2DAxis1")
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("2DAxis1")
    D2AxisTop = 1

    D2AxisBottom = 70
    D2AxisLeft = 1
    D2AxisRight = 1
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("2DYAxis1_1")
    D2AxisyScaleType = "manual".
    D2AXISYBEGIN = Yscale (0)
    D2AXISYEND = Yscale (1)
    D2AXISYORIGIN = Yscale (2)
    D2AXISYTICK = Yscale (3)
    D2AXISYMINITICK = Yscale (4)
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("2DYAxis1_1")
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("2DXAxis1_1")
    D2AxisxScaleType = "manual".
    D2AXISXBEGIN = Xscale (0)
    D2AXISXEND = Xscale (1)
    D2AXISXORIGIN = Xscale (2)
    D2AXISXTICK = Xscale (3)
    D2AXISXMINITICK = Xscale (4)
    D2AxisXTxt = ""

    D2AxisXColor = 'black '.

    D2AxisXTickAuto = 1
    D2MTickLineWidth (1) = 0.1
    D2MTickLineType (1) = "solid".
    D2AxisXTickSize = 60
    D2AxisXTxtAutoCo = 0
    D2MTickColor = "red".
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("2DXAxis1_1")
    Call GraphObjNew("2D-Curve","New_Curve")

    Call GraphObjOpen ("New_Curve")

    D2CCHNX = "[1] / [1]" "

    D2CCHNY = "[1] / [2]" "

    D2CurveColor = "red".
    Call GraphObjClose ("New_Curve")
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("2DAxis1")

    Dim Xscale1, Yscale1
    Xscale1 = Array (25,50,0,5,49)
    Yscale1 = Array(-0.2,0.2,-0.2,10,4)
    Call GraphObjNew ("2D-Axis", "grafic")
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("grafic")
    D2AxisTop = 40

    D2AxisBottom = 37
    D2AxisLeft = 1
    D2AxisRight = 1
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("2DYAxis1_2")
    D2AxisyScaleType = "manual".
    D2AXISYBEGIN = Yscale1 (0)
    D2AXISYEND = Yscale1 (1)
    D2AXISYORIGIN = Yscale1 (2)
    D2AXISYTICK = Yscale1 (3)
    D2AXISYMINITICK = Yscale1 (4)
    D2AxisYTxt = "" ' testo asse label y
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("2DYAxis1_2")
    Call GRAPHObjOpen ("2DXAxis1_2")
    D2AxisxScaleType = "manual".
    D2AXISXBEGIN = Xscale1 (0)
    D2AXISXEND = Xscale1 (1)
    D2AXISXORIGIN = Xscale1 (2)
    D2AXISXTICK = Xscale1 (3)
    D2AXISXMINITICK = Xscale1 (4)
    D2AxisXTxt = «»

    D2AxisXColor = 'black '.

    D2AxisXTickAuto = 1
    D2MTickLineWidth (1) = 0.1
    D2MTickLineType (1) = "solid".
    D2AxisXTickSize = 60
    D2AxisXTxtAutoCo = 0
    D2MTickColor = "red".
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("2DXAxis1_2")
    Call GraphObjNew("2D-Curve","New_Curve1")

    Call GraphObjOpen ("New_Curve1")

    D2CCHNX = "[1] / [1]" "

    D2CCHNY = "[1] / [2]" "

    D2CurveColor = "red".
    Call GraphObjClose ("New_Curve1")
    Call GRAPHObjClose ("grafic")

    Hi lerman,.

    Here is an edited version of your code that works on my computer.  A problem that I know that I fixed it was that your presentation of the STATE was in the name-oriented mode but you use the variables based on the number to assign it X and Y channels.  The execution of these commands in a loop FOR makes it much easier to debug the code and to avoid any annoyance at first.

    Brad Turpin
    Tiara Product Support Engineer

    National Instruments

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    The problem starts to appear when I put my mp3s in my playlists (VLC, WMP, media player in my cell phone). The old file name keeps showing even though I have already changed the original/source file.
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    Is it possible for me to keep my desired/preferred file names when using the Media Player files? It's really so frustrating.

    Usually, media players like WMP does not show the name of the file of the song, but display the title and artist in the song tags (also known as metadata). To change these tags in WMP, add your songs to the library WMP library, right click on the tag you want to edit, and select Edit.

    You can also change the labels of the song with external tools such as Mp3tag.

  • Problems with Windows Update and load XP SP3

    I had a problem with my system and had to replace my HARD drive and reload XP and all my applications and data.  Now, I installed SP2 and try to install SP3. Windows Update does not work (get the 080244019 error code x) and when I try to install the SP3 files from the Microsoft site, it'll run about halfway through and then stop and hang, displaying the message "Finish Installation" with bar at halfway of the progression.  I tried the MSRT and FixIt nothing helps.  I checked services.msc to see all the required services are enabled or started.  I read that some malware will be stop some services without notice.

    After a few attempts to load the file SP3 failed, check Add/Remove programs in Control Panel Windows XP Service Pack lists 3 but no file size or to update the date information as with other programs.  My browser is IE8 and I was doing some Hot fix for Windows XP downloads, this adventure started about 3 weeks ago, but no other automatic update downloads.  I use the following McAfee provided by my ISP for protection AV and firewall with regular full scans.  Scan today revealed there is apparently a single trojan file that cannot be deleted, but there were no further details.  My system is also fully functional; I seem to get the updates for McAfee and other applications OK but not SP3.  I received or otherwise installed following updates or Hot Fix for XP downloads in the past 3 weeks:



    KB915800 v4



    KB2618444 (Windows IE8 security update)

    I found an answer on another forum on editing the registry for the "/ Edit EDWARD CSDVersion value ' but have not yet tried waiting for any response to this request.  I'd like some useful suggestions.  Thank you and happy new year!

    Thanks for the quick response.  I did some checking on my system, I have XP Home Edition ships with the system bought in July 2007.  Add/Remove Programs shows that the aborted install XP SP3 and IE8 installation; I tried to load the SP2 file but it doesn't show here as an addition, so it may have been part of the original XP CD and I just crush.  Even for IE7 so I am not able to drop back to all recommend you.  I will try your solution later today and post my results. I saved SP2, SP3 and IE8 in my office and a flash player to reload later according to your instructions.  Stay tuned.

    It would be unusual for a CD of Windows XP (official) to have integrated Internet Explorer 7.

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