Problems with error Windows Media Player, that Windows Media Player is not installed on the computer.

We have a computer that is running Windows 7 and (I think) Windows Media Player 12.  When I start ==> all programs ==> windows media player, the program starts and it seems to work.  It is a work computer, so no video or audio file is saved.

We have an online seminar that the user wants to participate in, and when we click on the link to get the webinar, an error message appears saying that Windows Media Player is not installed on the computer.

We use Firefox (version reasonably updated, but do not know which) for internet.

I used the "fix it" tool on the website of Microsoft, but that does not solve anything.  He said it sets some configuration settings.  I thought that maybe uninstall and reinstall it can work, but I can't understand completely uninstall because it isn't in my list of programs in the control panel.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any ideas you may have.


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Uninstall and reinstall could be done by searching for and opening the option "turn on or off Windows features", but I don't think it will help.

Instead, what you need is a Windows Media Player plugin for your browser (Firefox).

But before you spend effort on it, I would test to see if it's really the solution.  Try to join your webinar with Internet Explorer (where the WMP plugin is built).  If it works, you can be reasonably sure to know how to make it work with Firefox.

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    Installation of AVG is when the problems started, I would start by undoing that.  Since the normal uninstall did not help, use system restore to return to a work situation.  Check here and use the #1 option.

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    The quick test to check if you are administrator must right click on the button 'start '.  If "Open all Users" is one of the choices that is displayed in the pop-up window, then you're probably administrator.

    You seem to be confused in regard to access to the files and folders as authorities apply to administrators.  Permission-Wise, directors are like any other user and can be denied or granted access to any file or folder.  The only feature that administrators have that standard users are not is the ability to change the permissions on any file or folder.

    The most common problem that arises when power is disconnected unexpectedly on a computer is damaged disk sectors.  If the computer just happened to write to disk when power is interrupted, this sector and those who surround him he might have been damaged.  Therefore, the first thing to that after such an event is to perform a disk check complete with repair options (or/r option specified on a chkdsk /F).  Procedure for that is here:

    "How to perform disk error in Windows XP check"
      <> >

    Note that for the system disk, verification will be made at the next reboot of the system, can take hours to perform, and can not be interrupted.  Do during the night or when you won't need the computer for awhile.

    About the inability to move the UPS folder...  Is not unfamiliar with this 3rd party software, it would be useful to know what the UPS Directory directory resides in and the error message you received when you tried to rename it.  Remember that if the directory is already used by an active program, it could refuse to rename even with permissions.  You will need to start safe mode and rename it from there.


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    Philip Goddard.

    I'm having the same problem, I think I'll call dell and see what they say, I integrated 5.1 audio so I guess that there is no sound card. I'll post my results

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    This disc that says the Applications already installed on your computer IS NOT a recovery DISK.  Its a driver disc.  Dell is not provided recovery media and hasn't since about 2006.

    I recommend you to get a good SHOW of 16 or more USB Flash drive and make a usb boot DBAR flash recovery.

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    I recently increased my RAM from 4 GB to 16 GB but decided to revert to the original 4 GB sticks, hoping to solve the problem. There can be no! I did no other hardware or software changes.
    Question: How can I turn the SuperFetch (and I have to do this... I'm not sure that it was never activated).
    What programs are required to start Windows 7 (I did not bring any changes).
    Also, I booted from my program disk and ran the repair program... no improvement either.
    I would appreciate your help,

    Thank you



    Press Start then type services.msc

    Press enter

    Press on continue in the UAC window

    When the services window scroll of superfetch

    Right-click on it and select Properties

    Under Startup Type, select automatic

    Under Service status, press Start

    Press on apply, Ok

    Close the window

    If problems with the boot, you can perform a clean boot to determine what is causing the problem.

    There's a Fixit here: perform a clean boot to determine if background programs interfere with your game or program

    Use Msconfig to disable startup items which are not necessary for windows startup

  • Windows 7 Aero does not work after the computer and Lync 2010 screen sharing session force shutdown

    Hi guys,.

    I can't activate Aero, my theme is stuck on Basic after that I got a power issue and forced stop running Lync 2010 screen sharing (this disables Aero but it turns on when the sharing is stopped).

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 on a workstation with the following specifications:

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X 4 955

    RAM: 16GB DDR3 Corsair

    GPU: nVidia GTS 450 (1 GB of GDDR5 memory)

    My Windows experience index is 5.9 (determined by HDD SATAII, the rest scores are higher than 7).

    Troubleshooting I executed before writing these lines:

    • Updated my nVidia drivers
    • Checked the themes and DWM Session Manager services, both started, both the Auto value
    • Ran the store built, the problem cannot be resolved
    • Running the Wizard Microsoft Fix It, he pointed out that my graphics card does not support Aero Glass

    So the GPU is not the problem, I've been running Aero until this problem has occurred.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


    It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the TechNet Forum.

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    It turns out that there is a CMOS bug with my motherboard.  What I did to solve this problem is I have reset the settings in my BIOS AND I cleared the CMOS to its default (see the manual of the motherboard manufacturer for instructions on how to reset the CMOS settings), for mine, I used a jumper.

    Now, my computer stops correctly and goes off as it is supposed to.

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