Problems with (films) coating of the lens on the surface of the canon lenses.

I read many comments here about how to clean the surfaces of the lens... I wonder if canon films that they promote as do wonderful things for development are not so great for cleaning? I bought an expensive lens not for long and cleaned with either lens clothing tending my opthomologist after my appointment to look for my glasses... I collect these sweet little squares, whenever I have an appointment to the eye because they are made for the purpose of cleaning of lenses... Houston is a very humid climate and after doing some night shots the lens seems sticky and so I polished with the soft cloth... I have not added any sort of cleaning liquid... but I noticed when I had finished there was a blue smear on the entire surface of the lens... Really? I have not used any more pressure than the kind of pressure that you can use to clean your glasses.  This bluish smears can be removed or is permanent damage to a dear surfface...? Now I must say that I didn't notice that this smear has affectd of my photos... I found one in post processing which presents a particular lighting problem which could be linked to the surface of the lens... Other people have had problems with the 'coatings', which are added to the surface of the lens? I would like to add at least two lens more... but I'm afraid to invest again if I rish damage the surface of the lens even Polish with a soft cloth?


Well, I think because I became so addicted to photography... I can't stand that a week shoud go I'm not shooting and post processing... then the most important investment I did in a lens so far is 800 dollars... so as you say the investment of 50 million dollars for the protective lens cover is my best insurance...

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    Table: digital_val

    SNO cl C2

    1 San1 11

    2 22 San2

    Actual result: expected to A         B

    A            B                                                                           11        22

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    Hi Matthew,

    If you use Bridge CC, update to the latest version 6.2. Adobe Bridge CC 6.2 version now available! Adobe content corner

    1. Please, do a right-click on the bridge on the desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator".
    2. If this does not help, reset the Bridge preferences and then try it.

    Steps: -.

    Start Adobe Bridge, and immediately press Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or command + Option + shift (Mac OS down) until the dialogue box reset settings appears.

    Select all three options - reset preferences, reset Standard Workspaces and all miniature Purge Cache - and then click OK.

    Reference: troubleshooting errors, freezes | Adobe Bridge | Windows, Mac OS

    Let us know if it works.

    Kind regards


  • problem with bind variables in the SQL query view object

    Hi all

    I use JDev

    I have a problem with bind variables in the SQL query view object.

    This is my original SQL

    SELECT sum(t.TIME) , t.legertype_id
    WHERE t.nctuser_id = '20022' 
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    In my view .xml object query tab, I am writing this

    SELECT sum(t.TIME) , t.legertype_id
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        AND to_char(t.insertdate,'YYYYMMDD') in :dddd
    group by t.legertype_id

    Davis here is a variable of Type liaison: String, updatable and necessary.

    I try to deal with Davis as ('20130930 ', ' 20130929') hoping the view object, run as my original SQL.

    But failed. The view object retrieves 0 line after that I run.


    Thank you! ('2original SQL0130930', '20130929') ('20130930 ', ' 20130929')

    A variable binding cannot be used as this is why you must use years table. Check decompilation binary ADF: using oracle.jbo.domain.Array with ViewCriteria to see a solution.


  • problem with adujstments applied to the image after I click it to preview in Bridge

    I used the bridge to view my RAW images and open them in ACR for years... yesterday I downloaded a map full of images in a new folder on my computer and open as usual, bridge view.  For some reason any now when I'm in Filmstrip mode and I am interested in the large preview image, and then click on the preview of the image with the magnifying glass tool to display a small area, it seems to apply some sort of adjustment to the image.  My pictures you more light in the Center and more dark on the edges, almost like a spotlight/edge Center burn setting... and these changes are carriers through more cab when I open the image there.

    I checked to make sure that the automatic adjustment checkbox is unchecked in Bridge and ACR.  Everything in ACR seems to be to default settings.  I restarted my computer.  Don't know what to do, else, I am very frustrated!  Hoping someone here might have some ideas for me.  I'm under Bridge CS6 and PS CS6 with Camera Raw 8.1.  Thank you!

    It's so strange, because he has recently started to happen and I didn't modify parameters of any where... camera, bridge, ACR, or CS6.

    If something happens out of the blue a reset of the prefs would be an option (bridge of restart now pressed the CTRL key and choose Reset prefs in the menu).

    But here are a few observations of your screenshots:

    First, you set the option for thumbnails for 'embedded use' (you can see the Council left checker icon used for this parameter is selected). This means that the thumb of your al files show the preview jpeg generated from your DSLR camera, it is also confirmed by the black border showing around thumbs, which means that it only shows embedded. The moment that you select to display in the preview window, he begins to build a preview HQ and applies the default settings of RTAs, hence the difference between the embedded and the HQ preview.

    You can use the icon of Council right checker and select always HQ, this begins to build previews HQ for all files, takes some time, but after just as cached, you can easily scroll through all files without problem.

    Integrated thumbs (the originals of the camera) also show a beginning of vignetting. Not knowing not the quality of your goal, it seems to be a good but you use the measurement spot and full aperture at F2.8 lens and maximum zoom which could cause a bit of vignetting himself, when the ACR settings are applied a lot of contrast seems to be applied where more facts highlights vignetting and brighter.

    You should be aware that Adobe has chosen to use the default settings for each type of camera, but this does not mean that agree you with that

    There is always a way to settle in ACR by using different options such as exposure and contrast, etc by image or a series of on the same images.

    But you can also watch other tabs of the ACR settings window to create a personal preset of cab. The other with the curves icon has a few options to look at. To the point, you have a few options with different contrast settings, personally I use them, because I find a lot to fort, I put it to linear which gives it a much more neutral appearance (as said personal and I do most of my work in PS itself using adjustment layers and channel masks). If you check under the camera icon (calibration of the camera), you will find versions of various processes (2012 and especially 2010 are advised, 2012 is by default and has its advantages and disadvantages. More big difference is the way in which they handle highlights and shadows in the exposure tab).

    A second option to check is the profile of the camera itself with its different options. Here, I also checked the option neutral Adobe who seems a result of dull, but in the end he gives you the closest result of the original raw and a very good start for your personal result, just check all the other profiles one by one and select your choice. If you're happy save it as a new Camera Raw default with a proper name so you can always return to it in the presets window.

  • Mocha & Keylight: problems with a greenscreen on the iPad

    Hey guys,.

    Currently, I am doing my first project with an iPad (and TV) greenscreen. But I have some problems with the turbulent film.

    In the first picture you can see the path on the iPad with Mocha. Everything's moving really well in the final result (see second photo). But there is a lot of green left in the face of the person and around the screen that I need to get rid of.

    So my first question: How can I get rid of these green diffuse borders around the screen and green face?

    I tried several effects masking including keylight etc - nothing has worked. Either the green of the plants around dissappeared or it looked really sharp. Is the only possibility help move masks? Or is there a more accurate method?

    Second question: How can I isolate the greenscreen hand while interacting 'above' of the iPad? I have a few sequences where the hand of the person interacts on the (green) screen. So I need to get the screen behind the hand that everything is moving :-/ Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot for your support!



    You will need an image quite high contrast black and white face of Grandma with glasses on front Sockets. If this is not possible try to find one.

    Superimpose the black-and-white image on the screen of the ipad and, if there is a motion on the ipad, then you'll have to animate a motion on the filtered photo. Something like this series to be a 3D layer with the blending mode set to screen and the opacity adjusted. You are also likely to warp the image and blur, perhaps a little more.

    Gives you something like this:

    This needs a lot of work with the scale and distortion and should probably be anime, but you get the idea.

  • Problems with Mail running under the Sierra

    Mail does not display / download (PDFs, etc) attachments in emails that are sent to my e-mail account. The correct size of the email received is indicated, but the ether attachments are not visible or are not complete. This problem occurs only with the emails that are sent tony hotmail account, another account of e-mail (gmail,, mail etc.) are not affected by this problem. I already deleted the account and reinstalled, resynchronized the account, check the correct IMAP - settings, nothing worked. Now, I demoted via Time machine to El Capitan. Now, everything is shown correctly without attachments are missed under El Capitan. Because the time machine really not added some attachments I ve some files lost unfortunately! Very good performance! I really disappointed m from Apple!   Is there a solution for this problem?

    Often, with large attachments; I could not find a systematic reason I don't have a hotmail account, but just a normal IMAP account.

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    Everything was working fine until today. I don't like having tabs on top, and I would like to have in the classic position of firefox, as many people as well.

    I hope you'll solve the problem with the next update.

    You can watch this extension:

    You can set "Tabs not on top" in the options for the extension on the subject: addons page.

  • Problem with Mail storage on the iPhone 6.

    OK, I have a problem with my mail. That is, it uses 1.2 GB of data. I cleaned all my emails and deleted all the big files. Nothing has changed. So I deleted all e-mail accounts. Still no change. When I plug my phone in iTunes, it says there 2.49 GB free yet my phone says I only have 337 MB of free space. Yes, I tried to sync and see if that has nothing and he did not. No idea what continues?

    Try to reset your email account in this order.

    First close your Mail application completely from the window of the selector app by double clicking the Home button and drag the email preview pane up until it disappears from the display. Then go to settings > Mail, Contacts, calendar > find your e-mail provider and click on the account. On the next page, delete the account. Then perform a forced reboot. Hold down the home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds , until the Apple logo appears. Then go to settings > mail... and to add the account.

    iTunes and iPhone storage almost never fit. The amount of iTunes is an estimate, the phone is the exact amount.

    Different amounts of 'Available' reported by iPhone and iTunes

    If the above is not enough, you may need to do a system restore. First save your device via iTunes. Also import your photos on your computer and copy all the important data. Reconstruction of the support first test and test. If this does not help, you may need to restore as a new and reconfigure from scratch as the backup may be damaged. It is important to have your photos and your saved data separately from the backup. Here are the steps for a restoration:

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    I have a Satellite U200 - 10 d running Vista Business Edition. When I attach an external display screen flickers (horizontal lines on the screen)... It's worse when you move the mouse on the screen. The monitor on the laptop is fine I just have problems with the external display.

    The screen that I is a model VG1930WM viewsonic (widescreen) here is the specs of res for this screen...

    PC VGA up to 1440 x 900 non-interlaced
    Analog analog/digital RGB (75 Ohm, 0.7 Vc - c) / DVI - D

    Anyone have any ideas? I checked the graphics driver for vista and this is the latest version...

    HM, it's a nice solution, I have a friend with a similar problem.

    We will try your suggestion, snipe and perhaps give feedback if it worked for us.

    Welcome them

  • Some problems with Toshiba 40LV933G using the Serbian language settings


    I have Toshiba 40LV933g TV a few months already.
    The firmware version is finally a 1.00.08.
    And I have some problems with it, which I think can be corrected in some of the new firmwares (if there is one).

    First of all, when I select Serbian language 'Move' in media player is not translated.

    Secondly when I select the Serbian country in the menu I can't automatically scan for DTV and ATV ATV just of channels.

    Third and the greatest problem is medial Player do not support these last Serbian latin in subbtitles as:? šŠ?? žŽ
    and there is no possibility of changing the size of this last subbtitle. Things like this other brands are already supported.
    * also the time between changing channels is long enough *.

    Best regards.

    I noticed the same problem with subtitle on my TV Toshi when I use the media player (movie recorded on USB key). These Latin letters are not displayed correctly.

    I also hope that this can be corrected with new firmware.

    By the way: do you know where you can download the latest version of the firmware?

Maybe you are looking for