Problems with Knockoutjs & webworks?

I have a piece I've been debugging for the whole weekend and I just can't understand what is wrong with it. As far as I can see everything is as it should be. The HTML code I have is

div class = 'networkItem' x-blackberry-Focus='true'=onmouseover " ='#444444 '; '=onmouseout" =' #010101 ";

x onUp-blackberry-=' netNavUp ($index ()) ' x-blackberry-onDown=' netNavDown ($index ()).

bind data = ' click: changeNetwork.bind ($data, no()), attr: {'id': 'nIf' + $index ()} ">".

It is part of a foreach knockoutjs model. $index () is the index number 0 -? list

the attr section creates an ID of this item to the nli0 format, nli1, nli2 etc. depends on County look.

I can inspect the HTML code that it creates in the debugger chome and IDS are set correctly. And I suppose, at this stage, which is irrelevant in any case, as I have commented little bits in the code that woud use anyway. It seems that the call to netNavUP and netNavDown are causeing the exception.

My js code is as follows:-

function netNavDown ()tmp( )


goID var ="";

blackberry.ui.dialog.standardAskAsync ("to:" + goID, blackberry.ui.dialog.D_OK, tmp);

tmp ++;

    if (tmp is


goID = "nliEnd";


on the other


goID = "NIF" + tmp.toString ()";


blackberry.focus.setFocus (goID);


As you can see the standardAskAync should give me some information, but never gets fired. No, I know it's asynchronous if she fell into the code. That's why I removed the call to set the focus. So indeed it would fulfil this function and return control to the html code.

The error I get in the Simulator is - App error 104 - Eception RuntimeException

I tried to lose the $index () and replace it with a number directly I can see if that was the problem, but no, I still get exactly the same error. Then there is a problem with X-blackberry-onDown? and onUp than also causes the crash. Note that I use navigation everywhere else without too much problem, but it's the only place where I "force" of a specific focal point, setting the focus is also not a problem I put emphasis in the code when it starts first, and that works. The fixed focus is commented, so it hangs a little on the call of the function as the first line of the function is an alert (of sorts)

I solved this by sending not anything to the function, but rather when I get to the function to get the item currently developed. not the best solution, but it works.

var id = blackberry.focus.getFocus ();

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    Thanks for your reply and your interest.

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    Please update this topic as fixed or solved.



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    Thank you!

    I accidentally duplicated the subject, and the problem was solved in

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    Hello tneil,

    Well, I found the problem and a solution.

    The thing is: my project was not limited by the size, this is the number of files (200).
    I realized that BB has released an SDK 2.0 (I used 1.5) and I tryied to compile with the 2.0 and everthing works fine!
    The problem is how bbwp.exe communicate with rapc.exe, maybe he tryies to send files by command line and it has a limit. With the new sdk, it uses a file temp with all orders. This is why it works.

    The maximum size of 7MB, I can't say anything, because my apps are about 3-4 MB. But good to know, if I can put in my documentation.

    That's all.

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    Hi all

    I am currently trying to implement a context menu that is customized with my webworks app. So far I'm not creating a normal webworks / bbUI app, but I'm trying to add some features of bbUI. So to speak, I have a few different elements in my application, each of them triggers the context menu, as expected. So far so good. But now I have some problems to detect which element / div has triggered the call from context menu. How can I get this information?

    I add the context menu like this:

    var contexts = [blackberry.ui.contextmenu.CONTEXT_ALL];
    var itemRead = {
        actionId: 'actionRead',
        label: 'Read Article',
    blackberry.ui.contextmenu.addItem(contexts, itemShare, function(arg1) {
        console.log("itemShare: " + arg1);

    But as I have already described arg1 is null, and I have no idea on how to detect the appellant.

    Can someone help me, please?

    I thank very you much in advance!

    See you soon,.


    You need the feature called custom context. This will give you that you the information on that DIV has been pressed. When you set your DIV, add a tag called:data-webworks-context

    Thus your div would look something like this:

    blackberry.ui.contextmenu.addItem(contexts, itemShare, function(id) {
        console.log("itemShare: " + id);

    You are passing a JSON for the CCM object and asking him to come back to you, the ID of the item that called the context menu, so you can do a job. Let me know if that helps

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    Hello AspDesigns,

    I understand that, since the upgrade to Mac OS Sierra, your Mac seems to have trouble staying connected to Wi - Fi. Fortunately the diagnosis built-in wireless can help identify the source of so much trouble.

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    See you soon!

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    After having recently upgraded to macOS Sierra, I am unable to read my mail.

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    The server returned the error: Mail could not connect to the server '' using SSL on the default ports. Verify that this server supports SSL and that your account settings are correct.

    What does this error message mean and how can I solve this problem.

    Thank you

    Hi Michael,

    I see your message that you get an error in the mail indicating that there is a problem with the mail server or the network.  To help get this problem resolved, I suggest that you follow the steps below:

    If mail refers to a problem with the mail server, or the network

    Mail will say that it is impossible to connect due to a problem with the mail server or the network. For example, the message may refer to a connection that has expired, or too many simultaneous connections:

    If you are connected to the Internet, but the connection has expired, your email provider might be affected by a discontinuance of service. Contact them or see their status Web page to ensure that their e-mail service is online. Examples of status pages:

    If the message indicates the number of simultaneous connections, too many of your devices is check your e-mail account at the same time. Quit Mail on one or more of your other devices.

    If you are still unable to send or receive e-mails

    1. Make sure that you have installed latest version of the Mac software updates, especially if the problem occurred immediately after the installation of a previous update.
    2. In OS X El Capitan or later version, you can see a status icon and the short error message in the upper right of the Mail window, under the search box. The message may indicate 'Network offline' or 'Connection failed', for example. Click the message to see more details on the issue.
    3. Check your connection to the Mail connection doctor. It might be able to say more on the issue.

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    Take care.

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    reset the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

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    (1) go to settings/cell phone/cellular data Options/enable LTE and select ONLY the DATA. This seems to solve the problem (as a temporary solution) for most of the people affected by this problem. The bad part is your request might not be as clear (since they cannot use the highest LTE signals) and you can make calls and data at the same time. But it does not solve the issue.

    (2) there are rumors (but you didn't hear that from me that we only are not supposed to discuss beta software program Apple in this forum) that the new version of Apple Beta for iOS (which also includes an update of the software carrier Verizon to 26.0) seems to solve this problem. So, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe you are looking for

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