Problems with LZ32.dll

I get a message "C:\Windows\system32\LZ32.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error." when I reinstall McAfee to the point where starts the part of virus scanning. The rest of the McAfee product installs successfully, but it leaves me without virus protection. I had the same result with many trials to uninstall and reinstall McAfee. The people of McAfee did not all the solutions for this specific problem. I have McAfee since almost a year before the virus protection suddenly stopped working.

I also searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Although I found some mention of LZ32.dll, I have found no solution. Is it possible to repair or replace LZ32.dll?

I use a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Windows Vista Home Premium laptop.

Hello cke.

Take a look at this link: to reinstall this dll file.  I suggest also running sfc/scannow link: Also download MalwareBytes link:

.html? tag = mncol install, update, and then do a scan of your system to make sure that it is indeed clean.  Let us know if this helps you. Make it a great day!

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    Method 1:

    I suggest you uninstall all third-party software and then try to perform the system restore.

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    Method 2:

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    Post back with the results for further directions.

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    In general, it is not a good idea to download dll files.   See, for example,

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    (1) what exactly is the problem that you are facing with Sophos & DLL?
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    I suggest you to contact QuickBooks support for assistance.

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    Hi JKittleson,

    1. What is the exact error message?

    2 did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Follow the suggestions below for a possible solution:

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Start in safe mode and check if the problem persists.

    Start your computer in safe mode


    Step 2: If the problem does not occur in safe mode, you can put your system to boot (in normal mode) to solve the problem.


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    Note: After troubleshooting, be sure to configure the computer to start as usual as mentioned in step 7 provided in the above article.

    Method 2: Try the SFC (System File Checker) scan on the computer.

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    Let us know the results.

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    ·        When you encounter this error message, at random, or whenever you try to open any application?

    ·        Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·        Remember to make any change to the system?

    ·        What is the exact error that you are experiencing?

    I suggest you follow the steps mentioned below.


    Method 1:

    I suggest opening the applications in safe mode with network and check if the problem persists. Follow the steps mentioned below.

    a. restart the system and keep tapping F8 until you reach the start menu.

    b. Select safe mode with networking from the list and press ENTER.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you todo a SFC scan. Of file system (CFS) when checking that all the Windows XP system files are where they should be as they are by default and not corrupted, changed or damaged.

    a. Click Start, click principally made programs, accessories, right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator.

    b. click on continue or provide administrator credentials if prompted.

    c. in the type in the following command prompt window and press ENTER:


    d. you should see the following message on the screen:

    § Begin the analysis of the system. This process will take time.

    § Beginning verification phase of system scan.

    e. audit % complete.

    f. once the scan is complete, a test to see if the problem you are experiencing is resolved or not.

    For more information, see the article mentioned below.

    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)

    Method 3:

    If the problem started recently then, I suggest you do a system restore to the point when the system worked very well and see if the problem is resolved. Follow the steps mentioned below.

    How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    So here's the problem: I just replaced my jacked up Intel motherboard with a new ASUS P5G41-M LX2/GB. Before, in my device manager, it looks like "ACPI Multiprocessor" or something along that line, but now, under computer, it just says: "Standard PC". In addition, the "processor" tab does not exist, disappeared somewhere in limbo to replace the motherboard. My taskmanager would simply say that there is a kernel, and not both (and don't ask me to click on the ' show one graph per CPU ", it does not work). When I check my Hal.dll file, instead of saying that Halmacpi.dll was original, I would say it was "hal.dll", the Standard PC. Same thing for the other knrl.exe files. I really don't want to wipe my HD with a system reinstall, because 1. I don't want to lose one of the gigantic piles of stuff, that I worked on the computer and 2. I lost my XP Professional (but has the home edition for some reason any) CD. If you guys need my characteristics:

    ASUS P5G41-M LX2/GB motherboard

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8 GHZ

    Windows XP Professional

    NVIDIA GeForce G210 1 GB

    2.0 GB DDR2 RAM

    You have loaded all of the drivers that came with the new MB? Windows should be the CPU as being a multi-core, as soon as it recognizes the new chipset drivers.

    SC Tom
    -There is no such thing as TMI if you request technical support.

  • Problem with Updater.dll

    I get this message that is displayed in a box indicating - there was a problem starting C:\Users\NEWOWN~1\Appdata\Local\PLAYTO~1\Updater.dll the specified module could not be found.  I have no idea what this DLL and I don't know if it was something that was deleted accidentally or intentionally.  I know that your computer has a virus called playtopus, but I don't know if this has something to do with the message that I get now.  I also can not download anything because the computer gives me the message that my security settings do not allow the download.  Help, please.

    I had the same problem...   Click 'Start' and select 'help and Support '.  Search for "Task Scheduler."  Windows should return information about tool - Scheduler tasks.   Follow the instruction and "click to open Task Scheduler.

    The list of "active jobs".  Have you seen the 'Playtopus Updater' task?  His regular schedule is probably compatible with the 'Pop Up' message you received.

    Get rid of this task!

  • Problems with external .dll

    TestStand 2010 (

    Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate 10.0.30319.1

    .NET framework 2.0


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    Now, in TestStand, I created a step with the .NET adapter. I added the Assembly, class and selected create a remote object invocation of .NET area. With respect to the parameter name, I tried a dozen things but no luck. At runtime, I get the error message 17500 (see image). See also BackPlane_seq.jpg for the simple sequence file I created.

    Thank you

    Mathieu Bazinet

    This happens because the module is loaded into memory.  Go to file"unload all Modules to unload.

  • my laptop has a problem with diagpackage.dll

    Mr President.
    I found that my diagpackage is not working plese help me

    Hi akishhr,

    First of all, let's try a simple solution:

    (1) go in the beginning, select run and type:

    (2) regsvr32 DiagPackage.dll

    3) press ENTER

    (4) restart and see if that solved the problem

    If this does not work, try to run a file system check using these procedures:

    At this point, the best solution would probably be a repair installation:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!


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    Hi markeads,

    What is you receive the exact error message?

    I suggest you to uninstall the software from kix since Add / Remove Programs. If the problem persists, reinstall then it & check:

    Hope the helps of information.

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    I'll just run you through my problem, I installed a windows 8 skin pack which I initially thought was a product of windows (but it wasn't) after installation it forced me to restart my computer, it worked well but it didn't look right and my windows program of customization wouldn't work, so I used the uninstall program to uninstall files , but it was recommended not to remove the uninstall program so I didn't, after uninstalling it prompted me to restart my computer again once I did, when he got the login screen, a window popped up saying my authui.dll has been deleted or missing, and caused the logonui.exe to plant or does not work properly , so I turned off my computer in the only way that seemed possible that was to hold down the power button for 5 seconds, then I have it turned on and tried to get the menu of the OS and when it did my off usb keyboard so I couldn't choose Restore my pc, is there any other way to restore my pc? I have another laptop and a USB 4 GB if that could help. Also is it possible to re - install or recover windows uses a USB?
    OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit


    Often, we see errors at startup as the result of a program of loading during the startup process.

    To solve these, we use the clean boot troubleshooting.

    The following article describes this process:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Please note that after refine us the cause, it is important that we return to a normal startup and manually delete the startup program.

    Best regards


  • Problem with ifsutil.dll missing.

    no idea how process

    Hi Steve,

    Ifsutil.dll can be easily infected with the virus. Viruses and spyware can reset DLL files to download and install malware on the affected machines.

    I suggest you to run the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check:

    Refer to:

    Microsoft safety scanner

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Thank you.

  • problem with MSVCP110.dll

    I can not open Photoshop Elements 13 . With the right mouse button on the picture, I can Choose to open with Photoshop Elements 13.
    Then the following error message (missing MSVCP110.dll):

    Error: "msvcp110.dll missing file.

  • How to solve the problem with AdbePM.dll?

    Do not click on open pictures directly to Photoshop because of a missing AdPM.dll file.

    How can I restore it?

    Thank you.

    Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall?

    Uninstall... to run vacuuming... Restart your computer... Reinstall

    - (and uninstall)

    -using the vacuuming after uninstalling and before reinstalling will usually help


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