problems with tecra A2

My tecra a2 crashes sometimes. The screen turns blue, and he said "beginning dump of physical memory. There is no consistency in what I do when this happens. The last time it was because I opened a pdf attachment, the time from before when I was using msn. Last time that the message was: problem caused by: ialmrnt5.
All drivers are uppgraded.
I also have some problems with the screen. Both when running on batteries and adapter. The screen seems to "blink" (black towers) for about a half second. This happens fairly regularly and independent of this program that I use.

When I turn on the computer again everything seems to work normally, but it's really annoying.

The computer was bought in August, and had this problem all along.

I am grateful to all those who have comments or suggestions as to what is causing the problem.

OK, that first of all, the problem occurred while you were playing a game, it is very likely related to your video card.

Visit the Web site of the manufacturer for a driver update. If that doesn't help, check your RAM.

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  • Power On problems with Tecra M11 - 10Z

    We have problems with our Tecras.
    When they are used in the field, the problem is the same on 75 machines and they cannot be turned on at all.

    It is sometimes useful to remove the battery, sometimes it it dosent and the laptop cannot turn on the next two days, and then it works well again until it does it again...

    How can it be, its starting to be a very big problem...

    We have tried to turn off the TPM and they perform the update to the newest bios, they are all running windows 7 pro 32-bit...

    I hope this is enough information because my English is not that great, and I hope that someone has solved this problem...


    I noticed that the new BIOS has been released for the Tecra M11 series.
    Try to update the BIOS and check if it could enhance the functionality of s for laptop.

    Good luck

  • Problem with Tecra M1.

    I have a Tecra M1. I get a blue screen when I try to run a .mpg file in Windows. Takes place the following message:

    STOP: 0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0XBF9CA867, 0XB032AC50, 0X00000000)

    tridxp4.dll - address BF9CA867 Base at BF9C3000, DateStamp 3fbd47b6

    Dump of physical memory... early etc.

    I have tried to find any solution to but came up with nothing. I also had a "search in google session", but nothing came. I've also been on the phone with the Toshiba Norway and they told me that I can download the Checkutility. I did, but nothing came.
    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you.

    David Paulsen


    Operating system you have on the laptop is the original or have you installed another?

    The "tridxp4.dll" file is in relation to the display driver so that you can download and install the latest driver from

    See you soon

    P.S. If you have installed the operating system from an original cd, you will need to follow the order of installation (for all OS) link below

    ECRA + M + series & FID = TIU0000002b85

    See you soon
    Once more :)

  • Sound problem with Tecra 9000 on Win XP SP2


    First! Excuse me for my English!

    I am trying to install a Tecra 9000 with Windows XP SP2. The problem is the noise. My XP does not recognize the sound card, I am trying to install the drivers, but the system answer me 'the driver was not installed' and I don't know how can do to his works.

    I read a few post on the forum, but I can't solve this problem.

    Could someone help me.
    Thank you!

    I think this doc Toshiba should help you:

    [Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2 incompatible with existing Yamaha driver sound | 91xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 54976777 & stateId = 0 0 52121258]

    There is a link to a driver that should help to address this problem.

  • Known problems with Tecra R850?

    I am considering buying a laptop Toshiba Tecra R850, in 2011, and although it's been refurbished by a reputable local computer company (and comes with a 3 month warranty) I would like to know if there were known issues with this particular model. The other main specification with this laptop is that it's i5 2520 M 2.5 GHz. 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HD
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Someone there with useful answers?

  • No audio problem with Tecra S1

    Hello everyone, I have a Tecra S1 with Ms Windows Xp Pro and SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio, and my laptop has not been utting all sounds for two days.
    What can I do to re-have my sound?


    don't take this wrong, but first check the volume button.
    Even the best sometimes forget.
    Then check the devicemanager to see if device SoundMax is fine it.
    Then check the mixer control panel to see that the output devices are not rejected or muted and important channels are not rejected or cut.

    Hope this short helps you!



  • Toshiba Tecra A3 - problem with Port Replikator III


    I have a problem with a Toshiba Tecra A3 combined with a Port Replikator III. Both work very well together until you disconnect the laptop computer. After you start the Toshiba Tecra A3 without the Docking Station, everything is always ok. But when I anchor again and start it, Win XP is not able to display the logon session on the external monitor screen. All configurations, I did (for example only display on external monitor) with the mobile extension module are only available after login. But when I don't see the logon screen, I can't do that; (o). so, does anyone have a solution how can I use the external screen after the boot (without using the FN + F5) key.

    any help is much appreciated
    Thank you


    As far as I know logon window can be displayed on the primary monitor only. Computers laptop LCD is set to a primary, and it cannot be changed. As you can see this option is grayed out in display properties.

    Good bye

  • Reader of SD with Tecra M2 driver problem


    I formatted my laptop: TECRA M2 PTM20E-0R1LZ-FR / PM 735

    I found all my drivers for all execpt for the SD reader componet.

    It was very difficult to find the SD host controller, but I finally found it:
    Toshiba Secure Digital host controller
    oem17.INF:Toshiba:SDHost:6.0.4058.0:pci\ven_1179&d ev_0805

    But now, when I insert my SD card, I have a problem with the SD reader driver.

    So, if anyone has an idea...

    I did all the forum, all the driver toshiba support page and nothing on that kind of driver.

    Thanks for your help.
    Kind regards

    What type of problem do you have when you insert the SD card?
    Do you use drivers from the Toshiba support page?
    Do you use took in charge a card SD (support capacity)?

  • 2 problems with my TECRA M2

    I have a Tecra M2

    I have 2 problems with the laptop.

    1 - when I put a second drive (slim) pc not the first choice to open. I get the F1 key to open windows xp.

    2. Another issue that the key (2nd @) do nothing
    When I put on them.

    You know this problem and the solution method.

    Thank you.



    verified that you you locale and regional keyboard? In the control panel you can find!

    Also a keyboard cable might be the problem! Can conntact Service Toshiba partner!

    Sammy Bye

  • Re: BIOS version 3.30 Tecra A11/M11: problems with Ubuntu systems?

    I just got the updated BIOS version 3.30 on my Tecra A11/M11 invitation.
    I'm still under Win7 now, but plan to add a dual boot with Ubuntu when the next LTS strikes in April.

    Is anyone having problems with the new BIOS?
    Should I upgrade or leave intact 3.20?

    I don't find any evidence of trouble with 3,20.

    Why upgrade BIOS if everything is OK?

    In addition to as much as I know that Toshiba can't stand not the Linux operating system, and I doubt that the new BIOS would improve any Linux performance so, if you are satisfied with the version 3.20, stay with that

  • BT Broadband Huawei Modem 3G with Tecra M5 or XP problem

    Please can you help me?

    I have a USB of Huawei E180 key for mobile broadband access that has been issued by British Telecom (BT). I want to use it with my Toshiba Tecra M5 (model PTM 50F - 013013EN) laptop running XP Professional (SP3).

    When inserted is recognized by XP as a Huawei device, but its software pre-installed driver does not load automatically.

    When I manually install the downloaded drivers for separately via BT connection manager software, I get a warning from Windows hardware conflict specific generic/no and the device will unfortunately not complete install and function.

    I spoke at length with the support of BT, but despite sending me a replacement unit and USB power control problem, and they were unable to help solve the problem and left the problem with me to try to resolve simply say that I have a problem with my laptop!

    As far as I know my Toshiba laptop and the XP operating system has the latest updates published and other devices such as flash storage and Tuner WinTV USB all works perfectly when it is installed, so please can you advise what I can try or what other information I can provide to you help me?

    The unit installed and works as expected in another computer Windows Vista Home Premium.

    > I talked at length with the support of BT, but despite sending me a replacement unit and USB power control problem, and they were unable to help solve the problem and left the problem with me to try to resolve simply say that I have a problem with my laptop!
    I think that all 3rd party would be to put the blame on the laptop if the don t know what s wrong and how the product in addition

    I put t know this modem but if there s a USB device, and then she runs as a plug & play device.
    This means that you need to install first the software/driver of modem before you would connect it to the laptop.

    Therefore, install the driver/software of modem.
    Then restart the laptop and after new reboot connect the modem to the USB port.
    After that you should see something on the screen and more often that the modem should be detected also in Device Manager.

    If you will not notice anything then I would recommend going to the Device Manager and remove (mark and uninstall) USB host controllers and hubs USB in the list of devices. Reboot the laptop (the modem must be disconnected!).
    After the laptop has rebooted again, wait that the USB ports were resettled.
    Then connect the modem to the USB port.

  • TECRA A10 - 11 M - problem with TOSHIBA accessibility

    Hello to the forum.
    I have a TECRA A10 - 11 M (a Greek market system) and after I faced many problems with Windows VISTA
    I installed with Windows XP Professional, the legendary Microsoft OS recovery CD.
    Here I have faced a problem with my buttons of accessibility. My function keys do not work!
    The message is: this system cannot be used "TOSHIBA accessibility.
    I uninstalled and installed again the feature, but nothing happened.
    Y at - it a program known that affect my system and prohibits any accessibility to work properly?
    Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you in advance,

    _ @ dvass66_
    The FN keys need to installation of common Modules and Hotkey utilities for display devices.
    Common modules must be installed first!
    Also I recommend the update to the BIOS too

    [email protected]_
    > I think that problem on this laptop is Wifi Atheros card
    I put t know why you think this, but I put agree t
    I have Atheros WLan card and since I use the latest BIOS and WLan driver everything works perfectly.
    Vista turn too stable, but indeed it needs MS patches and update my Vista updates more than once a week...

  • Keyboard with Tecra A10-112 problem

    I got my laptop Tecra A10 - 112 today and the first thing I noticed is that the keys 'L', 'R' and 'Y' makes very annoying loud clicking sound whenever they are turned on.

    There is no quick fix for this?

    > Toshiba has begun to moderate the Forum now and already denied my last post about the tightness of the A10 to publish screen
    Do you hear this announcement? I think you're a bit confused

    This user forum is free and you can post anything you want, but I think you should be objective.

    > The model number you have listed is not yet available in the United Kingdom as far as I know. I was a happy with Toshiba customer, until I bought A10 - 112.
    Looks like you n t know that Toshiba offers different laptops in the different countries and each can series supports of different specification.
    So maybe this A10-112 is not distributed in the United Kingdom, but in other countries. I don't know that other A10 with similar specs can be purchased in the United Kingdom.

    Sorry I m not owner of the A10, but one of my friends bought this laptop and he asked me for the configuration.
    So I know that it is a laptop really good for the market with new features

    I respect your opinion, also because everyone can have different opinions, but don t forget to be objective
    If there is a hardware problem with your keyboard, ask for replacement!

  • Tecra A8: Problem with the USB printer connected to the Port Replicator III

    Hi all

    I have a problem with my Tecra A8, year Advanced Port Replicator III and a USB printer. With the printer connected to a USB port on the Port Replicator, I have to wait 2 minutes for printing to start. When it is connected directly to a USB port on the laptop and the laptop disconnected from the Port, printing starts immediately. I have the latest drivers from the Isensys of Canon LBP 2900 installed and Windows Vista professional as the operating system.

    I called the technical support of my country, but her is not recorded similar problems.

    A person with similar problem? Some help would be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Seems like a strange question... Already done the standard procedure in the event of such errors? :)

    The standard procedure is somehow similar to the following:

    -Update your BIOS
    -Update all the drivers for your machine
    -Update your printer drivers
    -Update your operating system

    If all else fails, then try an another Portrep if available, maybe you need to contact your dealer for an another portrep for the test.

    Something like this should be your way. And then you sucessfully made a TROUBLESHOOTIN´ ;)

    I'd be happy to hear feedback from you on your situation...

    Welcome them

  • Tecra S2: Problems with Linux Live CD after upgrading the BIOS

    Hi all

    A few moments ago I flashed the BIOS on my Tecra S2. Now, my current BIOS version is 2.80. Unfortunately no, I had problems with booting of Linux Live CD like Knoppix or Kanotix. The freezing of the startup process, when the PCMCIA module is tried bo be started.
    What I want to do now is to downgrade my version of BIOS. Is anyone know how it works, and someone has an older version of BIOS of 2005? I couldn't find any older versions on the Toshiba support sites.

    Thanks for all replies!


    You re right. On the Toshiba page you will find only the latest version of the BIOS and the older versions are not available on the page.
    In my opinion if you want to downgrade the BIOS question using the service provider authorized in your country.

    But have you checked this site useful:

    There you can get help with installing box machine
    It provides some useful advice to the configuration of the device

Maybe you are looking for