problems with the battery?


I just got a new Sony compact Xperia z3 and this is a great device, but as I turned it on today, the menu battery bottom turned from blue to orange, what that means is the damaged battery? How can I change this back to blue?


Blue was KK theme and style and the new LP style color theme orange

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  • Problems with the battery / Satellite A100 - 151 (PSAA9)


    My Toshiba laptop 3/4 years, has had problems with the battery. Battery does not charge properly and to start windows, the laptop down even when the battery is at 70%. Normal use without AC is not possible. The first 3 months, the laptop worked well with no battery problems.

    I hope to get help for my problem.



    Hi Sebastian

    Maybe is the problem on the battery itself. Without a lot of discussion, I recommend you contact the Service partner in your country. I hope you will get free new battery due to valid warranty.

  • Problems with the battery drain on iPhone 6

    Hello! This is my first time posting but I had some problems lately with my iPhone while keeping a charge.

    So, this has started to happen a month ago (exactly one year after I bought my iPhone) and my battery drains just exponentially and evacuates it sometimes when I'm not using it and the internet is not on. For example I'll fully my phone until I fall asleep and I'll put it on airplane mode before going to sleep. By the time I wake up, the battery will be down to 60%. I do not use it during this time, I don't get notifications because all data and the internet is disabled. I do not understand why it is empty.

    Anyway, I've taken to the Apple store Genius bar twice now and they have not been able to fix it. They have tried to restore it... I did that before I went to the Apple store, but they decided to do it again and the second time the guy just told me to turn off all the background app refresh or anything I did but it we continue to attract.

    When I was at the Apple store, they also checked my battery and everything was normal. I got 100 below the number of average cycles since the age of my phone and the battery was in the green at 94%.

    I am really frustrated after two trips to the store person has managed to fix my phone and I have the impression that they will try to coax me to pay for something that won't fix my phone. Also if there is a problem with Apple hardware and nothing of what I've done so why should I pay for it when it started to happen at the level of the one-year mark. It's so boring, but if anyone else has had a similar situation for advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    a4annalisa wrote:

    When I was at the Apple store, they also checked my battery and everything was normal. I got 100 below the number of average cycles since the age of my phone and the battery was in the green at 94%.

    I am really frustrated after two trips to the store person has managed to fix my phone and I have the impression that they will try to coax me to pay for something that won't fix my phone. Also if there is a problem with Apple hardware and nothing of what I've done so why should I pay for it when it started to happen at the level of the one-year mark.

    Yes that is exactly what they are trying to avoid. As you explained that you have visited it there twice to attempt to solve this problem, they could have offered to replace your battery for $79 that with your current battery showing 94% of its original capacity, that would not have done much for you at all.

    Have you been having problems with the reception of your carrier recently, when all this started happening? Were you see 1 or 2 points of service when you used to see 3 or 4? When you have restored your iPhone, you restore it as a new iPhone or restore a backup top later? Just try to refine some possibilities for the continuous emission.

  • [Z510] Problems with the battery not charging

    I have ideapad z510 for almost a year. and now my unit still shows that it is at 0% battery. and she indicates that she battery level does not increase. and for this reason I could not use my unit when it is not plugged. What should I do about it?

    Comment to Moderator: New thread is created. The topic is edited to include the model.

    In response to customer relationships of unexpected problems with the performance of the batteries portable Z500 and Z510, Lenovo made an update of the firmware of battery available via download on the Lenovo Forums.

    This battery firmware is intended to solve unexpected load following symptoms when a Z500 and Z510 mobile phone is turned on:

    • Battery is dead

    • Battery is not detected

    • Battery is detected and charged 100%, but when the power is removed, the laptop turns off immediately

    • When the battery is fully charged and the AC power is removed, the battery level falls considerably less than 10 minutes

    Please note a procedure step by step for the upgrade of the firmware is included in the .zip file, found in the file "ReadMe".

    The battery firmware update can be downloaded here:

    Thank you

  • Satellite L300 - problem with the battery and with the FN keys


    Please help me with the following 2 problems:

    1. I bought 10 L300, 2009 with Vista, and then I switch to Win7. After that the FN do not work. I can use a couple of access keys, but anyway, they do not appear on top of the scr4een as if it was on Vista. You have the solution to work again?

    2. after the upgrade to Win7, my battery is almost dead. I use 230V taken to work on my laptop. I used my laptop properly and it is really surprised that the battery had a life so short. You have a similar experience or you may have a solution to work again?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    (1) install VAP (value added package) and Flash memory card Support utility.
    For example, you can find the driver area L500 software.

    (2) you can try to define some battery saving options in the power management Windows 7 in order to reduce the working time of battery.
    I switched to Windows 7 and the battery still works fine.

  • Problems with the battery in Windows 7

    Original title: battery

    Hi... I have serious problem right now... and this is the first time happened to me or anyone else in my more close...

    This evening I installed new windows for my laptop to another... I installed windows 7 service pack 1 64 bite complete edition for that... and my other laptop is sony vaio PCG - 811114L... but after installing I found the new problem!

    I have this caveat every time when my battery is attached. :

    the battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be COMPATIBLE with the computer.

    Click 'OK' to enter hibernation mode, and remove and reinsert the battery.

    See the guide to using electronic vaio (R) for more information on the use of the battery...

    but I did everything said on this cation... my average I removed the battery and even I cleaned battery and... and then I reinsert that... but every time that planning will come again...

    but when I removed the battery and I use my laptop with direct supply (plug in) I have no problem...

    and I forget I have installed the drivers (power management drivers) of the battery and also I checked Device Manager and battery everything seems ok...

    and I should mention that I don't have this problem before changing Windows so this problem is directly linked to the evolution of windows, and all things in this environment... .so please help me please... I need to fix this immediately!

    You're my only hope now... .thank you


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you get an error message.

    I suggest you refer to the suggestions of Stanysteve responded on 23 December 2011 and check if that helps.

    You can also check:

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • Problem with the battery under warranty

    It is the 4th month of my laptop (Pavilion dv6 3050tx) & the battery is not working as it should.

    Problem: *

    CASE 1:

    1. when the power adapter is connected: no current charging

    2. showing hp battery check: change the battery, failure ID: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    After a certain time (like 2, 3 or 5 min):

    CASE 2: *

    1. when the power adapter is connected: recharge

    2. showing hp battery check: Status OK

    * Somtimes works well (status ok) & sometimes (poor condition).

    * Then after somtime CASE 1

    Please sombody help, what should I do ?


    First, stop the laptop, unplug the AC adapter unplugged, remove the battery and then press and hold the power button for a minute.

    Now, plug in the power adapter and start the PC without the battery inserted, start Notepad, open windows control panel, open Device Manager, expand the entry for the Batteries, do a right-click on theMicrosoft ACPI compatible with battery control method and selectUninstall - do uninstall not something else here.  When the uninstall is complete, shut down the PC, unplug the AC adapter, reinsert the battery and then start the PC on just the battery.  Windows will automatically reinstall the driver - let Windows for a few minutes with nothing running. Then shut down the PC again.  Plug the AC adapter / back in and start the laptop to see if it contributed to the issue.

    Best wishes

    DP - K

  • The problem with the battery on the Libretto U100


    The problem is the following: shortly after the start of the loading of the battery starts squeaking (or whistle, subtle signals coming from somewhere inside the laptop or battery) and after a while, stop the load! Windows displays a message, "Battery" unknown, to continue the exercises, you must remove and insert again the battery and so 5 times until the load is complete. And the absence of such an accusation, not more than 1 hour and 45 minutes.

    That's happened?

    Libretto U100

    Capitalist salvation,
    Remember john lennon? "It's easy".

    I think that this little piece of Tech is a bit old...
    and has been used for a period of time to stay...

    the battery disappeared, some cells can't hold not more fresh...
    therefor the voltage misscounted, leads to the "unrecognized".
    We must exchange the battery...

    but no problem for a capitalist you don't ;-)

  • Satellite A660-17 t - PC Health Monitor shows the problem with the battery

    I have an A660-17 t I've had since November 2010, I used a good amount, but not always on the battery, I believe that the battery has between 10 and 20 on this charge/discharge cycles.

    I have updated the BIOS to v1.80 when I got the laptop, everything seemed to go well. Recently, in the last 2-3 weeks health monitoring software reports that the battery is in poor health, showing that the capacity is reduced to 40% of the original capacity. I do not believe this like when I work on battery I get several hours of use.

    I have today updated BIOS v1.90, although there is no changelog that I can find, he says just "enhanced features" or similar.

    Is this really a faulty battery, or it is somehow that the software correctly reads the value of the capacity of the battery due to a change in Windows or another change in the system? I don't see how a battery can work for the same amount of time it has always done and actually have a fault.

    Any thoughts? Should I return it to the retailer and report an outage, or is it worth the wait to see if a future update of operating system or driver solves this problem?

    Thoughts welcome!


    > I do not think this as when I work on battery I get several hours of use.
    This means that you have the same time remaining on battery as before you saw the error of the integrity PC monitor?

    In this case, it seems that the battery is ok and it's maybe s simply the wrong tool of Toshiba information. Then I recommend to reinstall PC Health Monitor, which you can download from the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads

  • I have problems with the battery of my M305-S4826

    In my computer, the battery light flashes, and hovering over the windows, the power icon indicates that the battery is not detected wath could be

    Hello FershoMk1

    Update the computer BIOS to version 3.00 or higher for this problem.

    Click on the following link to download and install the BIOS version 3.00.

    You can also browse for the latest version of the BIOS available at

    I hope this information help you.

  • BlackBerry Z10 problems with the battery while using the LTE

    Given that I am connected to LTE (4 G) battery is not longer than 8 hours. Is this normal?

    Use of the battery can vary from one user to another, based on dozens of factors, including running applications, intensity of the mobile signal, the overall health of battery, use of data, etc. There is no use of a normal battery without comparing many factors.

    But 8 hours use of the battery can be normal that Q10 with moderate to heavy use in an area with a great LTE signal at least.

  • Problem with the battery on the Satellite A300-247

    Hi all... For six months I bought a laptop Satellite A300-247 and the battery was holds me over an hour... now... .battery holds little coverage gerenty barely 20 minutes this thank you

    Is this just a report, or you have questions?

    In any case, contact nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and ask for help. The warranty will cover the replacement of the battery.

  • Problem with the battery and the power cord.

    Computer past power cord to the battery for power supply cord.  Battery recharges even if said 100% charged.  The battery light stays on when the computer is turned off.  If the power supply cord individual battery light turns off.

    You must contact the manufacturer of your laptop for assistance in replacing the battery or the AC/DC adapter.

  • Equium L40-156 - problem with the battery or the charger?

    Hi all, I'm new here and have a question about my laptop.

    My laptop does not turn on when I play and hold the thread at the back of the laptop where it charges and I have to hold it in place while the laptop charge upwards and once I connected, is that after a matter of a few minutes (if there are that) it says low battery and stops.
    Is it my battery in the laptop that has disappeared or is it the charger adapter?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.


    Of course it is not easy to say which is the reason why, but according to your announcement, there seems to be problem AC adapter.
    I mean just start the laptop when you place the cable in place and if Windows starts up, it says low battery, so it s not charging but in the worst case, it could also be a malfunction of the motherboard.

    So if you can get a new power adapter you should test. It s worth a try! ;)

  • A lot of problems with the battery after water damage

    Hello! I dropped my iPhone 16 5s in toilets and pay a repair man local £30 to repair rather than £205 from Apple.

    He managed to get the phone to run, but now I have the following problem:

    1. phone overheating and tells me to cool before I can use it.

    2. in the use of the app from tesco to run errands the other day, he went to blue screen and restarted on every 5 minutes.

    3. the witness of the life of battery does not work and if you re - start, he recorded a good level.

    4. all supported, he constantly re-boots.

    Help, please.

    This time, take it to Apple and pay what it costs.  Water damage to a phone apparently can leave dry on minerals on the contacts so that a simple drying will not work unless your technician who knows really what to do. the only problem is that if the phone was opened by a third party, that apple may bother on considering watch.

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