Problems with the help of control Edit Expression with tab control

Hi all

I am facing a strange problem when using Expression Edit Control with a tab control.

When I put the Expression of the RichEdit controls on several tabs in a tab control, and when I run the application, the Expression Edit controls in a single tab are visible, others get invisible! I do NOTHING with them, but they do not simply show upward!

I first faced this problem using Expr editing controls in Visual Studio c#. NET - with tab controls. For verification, I created a simple VI is LabVIEW to see if the problem is with my request / problem with Expression Edit controls in c#, etc. But voila!  A similar behavior in LabVIEW too! 

I'm doing something wrong? OR do not do something right? Ask someone for help please ASAP!

Thanks a ton in advance!


PS: Attached the VI here (LabVIEW 8.5) just download and run it, and you will see probably what I'm talking about!


Tags: NI Software

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    A good starting point would be to have your colleague to rebuild his CPD record. (In this order: make a backup copy of the project, check all of the files, close the project, delete the PCD file, and then reopen the project.)

    RoboHelp will rebuild the cpd file when it opens the project. Depending on the size of the project, it can go fast (almost imperceptible) to VERY slow (hours). Spin for as long as it takes this time - the following instances of the opening of the project should be normal.


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    To the OP, it is a kind of problem of permissions with the external hard drive for sure. Run repair permissions in disk utility and check the permissions to get information for the reader.

    Xda... the Edit function has always worked with PS or PSE depending on your configuration.

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    While my wife and I have our own autonomous computers dedicated, but when we travel, we use a portable Setup with individual profiles. I have, unfortunately, seems improved FROM Version 2 to Version 4 on said computer. On v-2 each user has his own profile OF within their windows profile. During the editing and placement on the first profile Windows, I could install and allow the credentials Adobe for this user, however I have problems with setting up the second user. I used the same login and PW which were used on the original installation, as well as the stand-alone version, but TO dislike it. When I try to move in an e-book that I get 'check the activation'. When I try to disable the profile in order to reactivate I get the message "Cannot delete permission". I also checked the username Adobe and PW - they work on the stand-alone people computer when you import ebooks in this unit. I profile 2 on the laptop. Suggestions?

    If for some reason you cannot withdraw the authorization of ADE, follow the steps below:

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    When I use the HELP TAB from the main screen, I can connect to any website but I am trying to access documentation crashes Dreamweaver.

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    Help (microsoft message asking to send the text of the error returns)
    Getting Started with Dreamweaver

    Whats's New in Dreamweaver (crashes without an error message)

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    Tony Prodger

    Update my problem - solved.

    Found the answer on Adobe TechNotes

    Problem with Internet Explorer 7

    Thank you

    Tony Prodger

  • problem with tabs and filter the lines of memory cache

    Dear all I have a problem with the oaf page has two tabs under two of them consists of a table and add the button to the row. Second tab, it's a detail of the first tab, which means that each line in the first tab may refer to one or more lines in the second tab, my problem is when I add the line in the first tab and go to the second tab to add lines to this line of the display of the page added all lines not only the matching lines.

    my code:

    1 - controller

    When press Tab of Lot lines (partial action)
    If (goLotsTab".equals (pageContext.getParameter (OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM))) {" "}

    String trxLineId = "38";//row.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString(); "
    AddLotParam serializable [] = {trxLineId};
    am.invokeMethod ("getTrxLot", addLotParam);
    What press Add button lines of lots (partial action)
    If (addLot".equals (pageContext.getParameter (OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM))) {" "}
    String trxLineId = "38"; row.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString ();
    AddLotParam serializable [] = {trxLineId};
    am.invokeMethod ("addTrxLot", addLotParam);

    When press Add a tab line (partial action)
    If (addLine".equals (pageContext.getParameter (OAWebBeanConstants.EVENT_PARAM))) {" "}
    am.invokeMethod ("addLine", params);

    Methods 2 - am

    public void getTrxLot (String pTrxLineId)
    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) getXXSiteLotsVO1 ();
    LinVo OAViewObject = (OAViewObject) getXXSiteLineVO2 ();

    Line linRow = linVo.getFirstFilteredRow ("SelectLineFlag", "Y");
    pTrxLineId = linRow.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString ();

    If (!) VO.isPreparedForExecution ())
    try {}
    String existringWhereClause = vo.getWhereClause ();
    vo.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    vo.setWhereClauseParam (0, (pTrxLineId) Number);
    vo.executeQuery ();
    vo.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    vo.setWhereClause (existringWhereClause);
    catch (Exception exceptionl)
    throw OAException.wrapperException (exceptionl);

    // }
    following line is commented, but I think that it will contribute to the memory of the filter
    cached data to be mapped.

    Rank [] lotRows = vo.getFilteredRows ("TrxLineId1", pTrxLineId);

    public void addTrxLot (String pTrxLineId)
    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) getXXSiteLotsVO1 ();
    LinVo OAViewObject = (OAViewObject) getXXSiteLineVO2 ();

    Line linRow = linVo.getFirstFilteredRow ("SelectLineFlag", "Y");
    pTrxLineId = linRow.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString ();

    If (vo.getFetchedRowCount () == 0) {}
    vo.setMaxFetchSize (0);
    // }

    VO. Last();
    VO. Next();
    Line = vo.createRow ();
    row.setAttribute ("TrxLineId", pTrxLineId);
    vo.insertRow (row);
    row.setNewRowState (Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED);

    OK, I'll share my latest code using other

    public void createTransaction() {}

    OAViewObjectImpl vo = getXXSiteHeaderVO1();

    If (! vo.isPreparedForExecution ()) {}

    vo.executeQuery ();


    If (vo.getFetchedRowCount () == 0)


    vo.setMaxFetchSize (0);


    String status = "incomplete."

    OADBTransaction txn = (OADBTransaction) getOADBTransaction ();

    • oracle.jbo.domain.Date currentDate = txn.getCurrentUserDate ();

    Line = vo.createRow ();

    row.setAttribute ("TrxStatus", status);

    1. row.setAttribute ("TrxDate", currentDate);

    vo.insertRow (row);

    row.setNewRowState (Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED);


    {} public void addLine (String pTrxHeeaderId)

    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) this.getXXSiteTrxVL1 () .getDestination ();

    VO. Last();

    VO. Next();

    Line = vo.createRow ();

    int linNum = vo.getFetchedRowCount () + 1;

    row.setAttribute ("TrxHeaderId", pTrxHeeaderId);

    row.setAttribute ("LineNum", String.valueOf (linNum));

    row.setAttribute ("SelectLineFlag", "Y");

    vo.insertRow (row);

    row.setNewRowState (Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED);


    Public Sub getTrxLot()


    LinVo OAViewObject = (OAViewObject) this.getXXSiteTrxVL1 () .getDestination ();

    Line linRow = linVo.getFirstFilteredRow ("SelectLineFlag", "Y");

    String pTrxLineId = linRow.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString ();

    linVo.setCurrentRow (linRow);

    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) this.getXXSiteLineLotsVL1 () .getDestination ();


    Public Sub addTrxLot()


    LinVo OAViewObject = (OAViewObject) this.getXXSiteTrxVL1 () .getDestination ();

    Line linRow = linVo.getFirstFilteredRow ("SelectLineFlag", "Y");

    String pTrxLineId = linRow.getAttribute("TrxLineId").toString ();

    linVo.setCurrentRow (linRow);

    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject) this.getXXSiteLineLotsVL1 () .getDestination ();

    VO. Last();

    VO. Next();

    Line = vo.createRow ();

    row.setAttribute ("TrxLineId", pTrxLineId);

    row.setAttribute ("RowKey", new oracle.jbo.domain.Number (1));

    vo.insertRow (row);

    row.setNewRowState (Row.STATUS_INITIALIZED);


  • Problem with tab panel

    I designed the Panel tab with tab 3.
    2nd tab contain read-only table, and user can select the folder and press the button "Edit", another page loaded for update record.

    The problem: when the user click on 'back' button in the edit page to return to the Panel by tabs, Navigation go to the first tab, which is false.
    How do I configure a second navigation or necessary tab?

    Technologies used: Jdeveloper, ADF BC


    You can set a bean to support for your tabs Panel and use it to set the tab appropriate, such that disclosed...


    I am disabling the tabs like that. You should be able to put the correct child "revealed" also with the same logic.

    Another way might be to use EL-all your point of show-detail to take his property disclosed in the EL and the EL should be smart enough to return true only for the release tab. For example, if you manage a hashmap in session matched with tab-names and value as true or false. So your show-detail items will be something like #{TabManager.tabDisclosure ['tab2']} in the disclosed property. GetTabDisclosure of your tab - manager must return a hashmap with true or false to tab2 keys... However, I would have preferred option-1...

    Kind regards

  • With the help of control and simulation module; e to get the time the MISO model Manager


    Please can someone show me how to find the response time of the system below using the module control and simulation?

    (y (k) - 1,7407 y (k-1) + 0.6236y (k-2) + 0.1782y (k-3)) =-0.0932 u(k-1) + e (k)

    where there is out, u came and e is a white noise.

    I tried to enter the CD construct MIMO model, then connect it to CD response time. * s vi.

    But what I really need to enter the model coeffs every time? and I still don't see the answer!

    Help, please...

    Kind regards



    you have the correct image... I used the Toolbox ID sys (Assistant)... to estimate the system model...

    and I tried all week last get the model of my system in labview for use the control on this module.


    I ended up doing... I saved the template to a file from the Toolbox id sys... (my model is in discrete form) then I loaded it in labview using load file pattern...

    so now I in labview...

    now for control parts... ..

    Thank you again...


  • With the help of a ternary expression inside the mxml tag

    I have a tag that looks like this:

    < mx:ViewStack width = "100%" height = "300" selectedIndex = "{(model. TemplateList.length > 0)? {0: 1} ">"

    Of course, I can't use the ' > ' sign inside a tag. Is there a way I can get away with this?

    You can pass around the expression so that it uses less-to the place of more - than. You can also use the entity > instead of ' > '.

  • With the help of sql filter expression

    Hi Experts,

    I have a question using "sql expression" in the filters in the responses. Let's say I have a date filter and I wish that the value for this date as max (tablename.colname). Please tell me the syntax for this passage.

    Another issue is that I have a date guest data are updated every week we'll tell the data refreshed like this * 01/08/11, 08/08/11 and 15/08/11 *. Now, if I select the 08/08/11 it will display the data
    populated on * 08/08/11 * which is ok, but if I select * 09/08/11 to 14/08/11 * it only shows * 08/08/11 * data. Similarly, if the option * 16/08/11 or 16/09/11 * it should show the latest up-to-date data which is * 15/08/11 *.

    Thanks in advance.

    OK, if that State is limited as of the last update when your selects a date in guest that is beyond / above the last refresh date.

    This can be a way to do as below:

    – Enter the last updated date in a variable repository. If this variable will always hold a value for the last date discount.
    -In guests, capture the date selected by the user in a variable of presentation and to apply the Sub statement in SQL advanced report.

    DateColumn = case when Timestamp ' @{RBAP} {2011-01-01 00:00:00}'<= valueof("lastrefdate")="" then="" timestamp="" '@{pvar}{2011-01-01="" 00:00:00}'="" else="" valueof("lastrefdate")="">

    RBAP following your presentation and lastRefDate var is your variable rep containing the last refresh date. What would this statement, if the user selects a date that is less than equal to the last refresh date, then report is filtered from this date. Otherwise, the report will be filtered by the value of the date of the last update.

    Thank you

  • With the help of control (Alt, windows key) in a vWorkspace session keys

    Hi guys,.

    My users and I have noticed that you cannot use the Windows key or Alt modifiers in a vWorkspace session.

    In an RDP session normal, that they work very well (as long as the RDP window is maximized), but not vWorkspace.

    examples: Alt + Tab, simply by pressing the windows key, alt-ESC

    Is there a way we can allow them to work inside the session?  It must be possible that the MSTSC.exe application allows it.

    Thank you!


    Hello Nick,

    This works in the same way as MSTSC.

    In respect of local resources, you have the keyboard mode.

    You can set this to the Local computer in full screen only or on the remote computer.

    From what you describe, your MSTSc is set "in Mode full-screen only.

    In AppPortal, click Actions | Manage connections | Local resources

    Then change the keyboard mode.

    If you use Web Access, you can set it in preferences on a per-user basis, or you can change the properties of Web sites in the Management Console.

    For example, open the properties of the Web site. Local resources | Apply Windows key combinations.

    This will fix it for you.

    Thank you, Andrew.

  • problem with tab structure control and event


    My program has a tab control. In each tab, I have an event structure to control some events.

    I encountered some problems. These are:

    1. in each tab, I set tab as an event control, to altogether from the structure of the event as tab change (for example, the image below). My first problem is that when I change the tabs, in the arch depending on whether my program is entered in the next tab environment, happening at the event: change value to main tab! And gives bad result.

    2 - I've scheduled two final tabs as below in the image. I had no routine in these two tabs. Simply, I want when I change the tab, it goes to the next case of the tab control. But when I run the program, it goes to something as busy after one or two changes tab and did not work properly.

    Could someone help me please?

    Thanks in advance


    Rebecca wrote:

    I want to have 4 tabs, each tab having 3 Boolean control.

    If in each tab all Boolean control wins 1, a Subvi should be run.

    I wrote this code with some time within each tab loop this case hase 3 for each Boolean control. The result is true.

    But I think that if I write it with a structure of the event within each tab instead of 3 cases, the cpu load will be lower.

    Is it not true?

    Make a unique Structure of the event.

    Add events for all controls (buttons, Boolean)

    When the event is triggeredcheck for active tab control and decide what void / vi to run

    It will work fine you

  • Problem with tab groups

    So I decided to try the groups to tabs, because I had never actually used the feature before. Now, every time I open Firefox the tab or tabs that belonged to the Group of open again. How can I stop this?


    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

  • can't turn on system restore I have tried the help menus but there is no tab click propertys system

    turn on system restore

    Please describe your problem in detail.

    If your question is about how to enable system restore, see the following:

    1. click on start

    2. click on all programs

    3. click on accessories

    4. click on system tools

    5. click on system restore

    6. click on settings of system restore on the left side

    7 uncheck "turn off System Restore".

    8. click on OK

    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


    If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • Problem with tab in InDesign CS6 stops


    I'm trying to align a large number (with stops) as






    in Indesign CS6. Obviously, I would like to align itself with the second point.

    After you choose OpenType > Tabular Lining in the character Panel menu, I am able to almost perfect alignment. However, looking more closely, I can see that the second point does not correspond perfectly as it should. Why is this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    DOSIS seems to be a font .ttf with proportional figures (and a glyph alternative available for the digit 1). It is not appropriate for work in a table where you want numbers aligned vertically.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I connect to a National Instruments OPC server. My simple test app uses an indicator whose ownership DataSocket hardcoded to a tag on the OPC server. This application works on some machines and on the other the DataSocket will never connect. I think

  • Programmicly rename a file not done by Labview

    I would create a VI to generate a file name and rename an existing file created by another application.  Is this possible?