Problems with the help of the keyboard of the computer.

Hi all

Before anyone asks, I checked on several threadS already existing and followed the advice here, and nothing has worked. I'll briefly explain what these were, but first, let me describe the problem. NB. my knowledge of the correct computer terminology is limited, but I tried to explain it all my best.

S key

AS you can probably until my S button works, but unless shift caps lock is enabled it will profit from "95% of the time. Surprisingly, it didn't when I typed in ' then comes. After restarting my computer, it won't happen because on the first 2 - 5 times, I press the of ', and then stops, past at random during anything I type. Also, if I'm holding down SHIFT and pressing on the ' key, nothing will come on the screen. Finally, sometimes by pressing on the ' key will lead to nothing on the screen.

NumLock key

Another problem is that whenever I have a browser open and press the NumLock key, it works as if I am pressing F11 and makes the screen go full-size.


When I go to capitalize some letters - including, possibly not exhaustive w, z and x - by holding down the SHIFT key, nothing letter will appear on the screen.

Keys combined

A number of keys, for example 0 key, hyphen, equalS, hooks and back SlaSh is combined to make the following respectively:

  • 0 (zero)
  • ---] (dash)
  • 0 = (equal)
  • [------(Hook)]
  • ---] (Crochet)
  • # (back SlaSh)

It of extremely frustrating and makes extremely tedious typing assignments.

No secondary function for key 2

If I want to use a double apostrophe or the at sign, I have to change the input language to either Americans or the British, press SHIFT and use the apostrophe key. Pressing SHIFT and 2 key results in nothing.

Attempted SolutionS

These problems have persisted for about a week now, and I've tried a number of things, such as MS FixIt (which found no errors) running, run a clean boot and uninstall a reinstallation of the keyboard. I use a laptop Acer ASpire 5253 G model and have Norton 360 installed, active and ran several ScanS. So far, nothing has worked, and I'm not sure what to do. I doubt also that it is a material also issues, as all affected keys work though having some with impaired or deffective operation or the problem is not present all the time (as with the s key).

If someone could offer some SolutionS, that would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards




It is a hardware problem.

Suggest that to contact Acer Support for help.

Acer Product Support select your location:

Acer | Support:

Acer Support - answers, E-Mail, Chat - find answers:

Acer Support community forums:


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    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing problems with the printer in Windows Vista.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will definitely help you with this.

    Please follow the steps in the link.

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  • How can keyboard and mouse issues - I solve them? Is this a problem with the computer or device?


    Recently (within the last week), I ran into a problem where my computer thinks certain keys/buttons are down.

    They are:











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    These are my most commonly used keys/buttons, so it can become very annoying. In addition, most of the F keys get stuck, but it's because there is something that needs to be cleaned under the feet.

    My questions are: How can I fix? Is this a problem with my computer or my keyboard and mouse?

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    Mad Catz Cyborg S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 keyboard

    Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 mouse


    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    This can happen due to wear normal use of the keyboard and the mouse, click on this link which has some steps and download the FIxit. Restart the computer and let us know if this changes anything.

  • Compaq Presario CQ56: a problem with the computer keyboard laptop presario CQ56

    All keys (F) Act as the FN key is been held down when it is not. This just started today. I have a free prog called "keyboard test utility. Now, I have discovered that I can get 1 clean tap of F4 and the prog to test keyboard shows only illuminated F4. The next time I hit the letter (P) F4 and the Windows key are lit. Now, if I tap the FN key, and then press the F4 key. Again, F4 is the only 1 who turned on the prog of test. It's almost like the FN button nosed. I just to confirm. Rather than hold down the FN key to get things under the keys (F) (as a volume-, volume +, cut and so on). Now, I have to hold down the FN key to get the regular F1 to F12 keys. The rest of the keyboard is fine. A regular toggle switch or a switch in a radio push button. The FN key acts like someone ripped the wires to the back of the switch and reverse the wires and the switch can operate in reverse. Beats me how this can happen to a laptop keyboard.



    Here are a couple of things to try.

    1. judgment of the laptop.  Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the battery and plug in the AC adapter.

    Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f9 to load the default values (sometimes it is f5, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    2. try to change the default action of the keys 'f' as follows.

    Shut down the laptop.  Tap away at the esc you key start Notepad to open the Start Menu.  Select the Bios ( f10 ) option, and then change the figure in the document at the following link. & DocLang = in & docLocale = en_US &...

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I have a problem with the computer is slow and does not file.

    1 of my pc and 1 another laptop, both with same OS - win 7 starter, atom and same ram and Ghz processor.

    The the Task Manager on the two of them performing at about 50%
    I use wifi and same place,
    always pages on my pc are load too late, manyatimes same gmail takes more than an hour to load or load never at all.
    Live TV on my pc crashes a lot and the clarity of the video is too bad, although the same graphics card, wifi, etc. are used.
    Any recommendation to get rid of these problems?
    2. some viruses had infected my pc,
    I tried to scan my pc and the USB with 2 antivirus free and pay different and even contacted the companies and sent them files. But I got no solution.
    On my pc, the files opens, show that a few errors before you open it then on my cell it do not open at all. Only shortcuts are displayed, while the USB is to have 4 GB of data.
    The companies had scanned all files that are intended for them and had recommended some solutions, but none of them worked and I was faced with the same problems.
    It was queries that I had sent to the antivirus company-
    10-20-bitdefender files that are
    > infected. They were initially on my USB, then I connected to another
    > pc. After that, when I connected to my pc, I scanned and that she was
    > no virus. Then the ameliiecouturiaux and the files whatever i seclect opened in a
    > new window and took that wasannoying time. So I copied all the files to my
    > pc, yet once scanned, formatted my USB and then comes the againNow copiedit the
    > problem - all the icons or folders remain the same with the name of the folders but
    > the files inside this foldergot automatically changed and I lost all my
    > data. Now, I can't find any of my files on my pc or my USB. PL send me
    > an email so that I canattach the files and send them to bitdefender. Dungeon of pl
    > secure these files. Some files have an another new error that I had
    > downloaded. More files will be downloaded once I have bitdefender recieveemail to

    > that I can answer. PL copy this message in its entirety and add this to your answer.
    According to my knowledge, 2 of my PC are infected and the virus are not getting detected by bitdefender on my PC1 but 4 threats have been detected on the laptop...
    The same files are include the other way on my other pc.
    Whenever I open the files, save option opens and a new file is saved with the file tha but they never get to open in word or powerpoint, only the backup option is displayed.
    The original files are protected by copyright and are lost. PL help me if possible to retrieve and delete all the files once the inspection is completed. You can forward this message to any authorized person.
    Attached files have changed to 1 or 2 k, but there was initially datas in a few MBs.
    201310131003535. I mentioned that somewhere I had formatted the USB key. Just before that, I had copied all files by selecting CTRL A and cut all the files in a directory on my PC. Then I opened the USB and no files were there. But always around 4 GB has been shown as being busy on the USB stick before formatting.
    My pc takes too long to restart, I tried a few 3 - 4 times and no updates have been installed or waiting to install after the 2nd time but when even he took more time than usual to restart and is compared to the other pc taking 2 X the time to restart, but two of them have installed bitdefender. Problem in my laptop toshiba, not pc lenovo, space time with more than 50 percent on the disk processor and Atom c.
    The files on my USB key are automatically replaced by shortcuts and so files open in a new tab and new cases opened are not those of origin who have been saved by me in this matter. Yet once I formatted and scanned, files, pc and USB but still facing the same USB key.
    1. all files are automatically displayed as shortcuts, even if I had pasted the original file
    2. once I click on open, I get an error and then after clicking on ok, some files get opened
    Before sending the email, I had formatted the USB scanned files on my HARD drive and then copied on the USB. The same problem persists. I think that when the files are displayed or open, the virus does something and change his behavior wrongly.
    1 bitdefender watch as new bitdefender is available, I click ok and repair wire starts and then it tells the system to restart.this cycle continues on the race

    2. 2 files are missing (attachment)
    3. could you send me the file by e-mail?  You can also download the link below.

    because the webste or browsers (chrome, firefox) are not respongding.
    4. I could get these 2 points. Browse your computer to locate the removable storage device and right click
    its icon.
    3. in the shortcut menu, point to Bitdefender and select immunize it

    I am able to open my pendrive ffrom on 1 pc but on my laptop, all the files don't appear as shortcuts 1-2 KB and can not access.

    zwhwenever, I click the icon, the window save under opens for all files.
    on this pci usingbitdefender antivirus am more 2013 downloaded from and the antivirus from bitdefender 60 seconds.
    my pc shows the USB key as safe, but laptop with 2 antivirus mentioned above are showing 2 virus - (bitdefender 2013)
    using bitdefendr 2013 more on laptop, I tried to immunize the file but an error was encountered.
    the error is in German-
    Der process nicht auf die Datei zugreifen kann, da sie von einem other process verwendet wird. I closed all the files and tried to immunize the USB of the my computer without having to open the USB by clicking on it.
    Itried to remoe and atach the pendriveagain and even restarted the laptop, but the same error message appeared.
    Properties - 5.10 GB ref 7.89 GB, but when the USB wasopened, all files were only 2 or 3 KB of size.
    1 more problem-i tried to delete the files in quarantine but bitdefender stopped working and went off automatically.
    I copied all the files from USB to pc, they were 2.22 GB, then again, I copied them back after scannig and formatting of topendrive and it was only 1.44 GB
    BitDefender Antivirus 2013 never works and always displays the message to restart the laptop so that it can start working, but it neverstarts. But bitdefendeer 60 seconds work.

    LOL - install software Registry Cleaner to fix damaged or broken registry entries.

    More likely to worsen the situation.

  • problem with the computer graphic

    I have windows 7 ultimate and have updated my directx9 to directx11 but when I run nfs game mw13 it says directx10 or best graphic is necessary. my windows version is also compatible with the game so now what can I do?

    Please... Help.


    Try to update your graphics driver. You can find the driver in your computer manufacturer's website. If you directx11 on it already, then it should be no problem with it. I suggest that you run the directx diagnostic tests.


  • Problems with the computer

    I have an E310. I almost had him for a year.  I started to have problems like get on the internet and to be very slow. In addition, I had dell and download of windows problems.  Who is slow in any case I haven't switched.  A couple of weeks before the problems started, I downloaded Windows Live One Care.  Installed the thought that this might have caused the problem, I have so installed. I still had problems.  I don't remember where, but someone told me to reinstall windows.  I did, but I've always had more problems.  I did a live chat and the tech said that I had installed it wrong.  They told me to reinstall and reinstall not online.  I did it.  But somehow when I boot it shows I have a floppy error, (I don't have a disk), then it shows that windows XP has been installed in 3 times.

    I let you know are how to have only a single windows xp on the computer.  Plus all my disks on the computer, I have no sound and several others are missing.  When I'm on the computer and a new material ask always shows this floppy drive.  Why?

    Please someone help me with these problems.  It must be in terms that I can understand that I don't know much about computers.

    Thank you for your time.

  • I got a call from people claiming that there was a problem with the computer.

    Original title: scammed by PCWizards?

    A few days ago I received a call from PC assistants saying they were Windows operating system support. They tell me that they have noticed that I had many requests from spam junk that was slowing down my computer. Unfortunately, as I had a big problem with my computer in time, I bit. I was very nervous about it at the time, but since I had so many problems with my computer and that you didn't know what to do, I fell prey to their plot. They talked to me in a 6 month contract for a fee of $99.00. After they have finished the maintenance on my computer, it worked very well, too gullible me thought: maybe they are legitimate.

    At the end of the interview I googled their business and came across an article that has been exposed as the crooks and claims that Wizards PC installs a spyware sophisticated by giving them access to the victim's computer remotely.

    To reassure myself, I decided to call using my Norton Security System. Their technician checked my computer and found a few things that their technology did not that he should have done; such that no detected restore points, the registry was not cleaned (35 detected registry errors) and it did not remove some software malware browers (toolbars).

    On his recommendation, I recalled PC assistants. The first tech I talked didn't seem to know what he was doing, so I hung up with him and sent their support line and ask them to address these problems or I would withdraw the payment from my credit card. Almost immediately after sending the e-mail, another technician called me. Unknowingly, I had all ready filed a dispute with my credit card company. I intend to cancel the service, but I am still concerned by some spyware detected on my computer. What is the best way for me to handle this? How can I get authenic proof that I was definitely scammed and I should report it to the Internet Crime Center? Using my computer for a few basic daily functions, must not be so stressful!  Any constructive guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    (Scammed in PA)

    After they have finished the maintenance on my computer, it worked very well, too gullible me thought: maybe they are legitimate.

    At the end of the interview I googled their business and came across an article that has been exposed as the crooks and claims that Wizards PC installs a spyware sophisticated by giving them access to the victim's computer remotely.


    It's a scam.

    Either these so-called "Microsoft" Tech companies want to sell you a worthless software, or remote access to your computer to try to steal your credit card and bank information and also achieve an identity theft on you.

    You gave them remote access and if you do Internet banking, contact your bank, explain, and change passwords.

    If you use your online credit card, cancel and get a new one issued to you.

    And the only way that willl you know that you are free to them is to backup your data and do a clean install of your operating system.


    And Microsoft does not contact you unless YOU have made prior arrangements with them to do.

    There is an article in the link I'm you provide at the end of this one

    Read this Information from Microsoft:

    "Avoid scams to phone for tech support.

    Don't be fooled of unsolicited calls. Don't provide personal information.

    Here are some of the organizations that cyber criminals claim to come:

    • Helpdesk Windows

    • Windows repair center

    • Microsoft technical support

  • Microsoft technical support

  • Windows Support Group Technical Department

  • Microsoft Research and Development Team (team of Microsoft R & D)

  • See you soon.

  • FixIt seen problems with the computer name NOT MINE I was HACKED?

    Virus or hacked? Correct name of the specified computer withSTRANGE name of the computer.  Appaarently MY computer has been HACKED and the hacker has INSERTED his name.  How can I get rid of him.  I clicked on DELETEi FIXIT page, but it has not REMOVED.  I had several problems which ddealt FIXIT with, IGNORING MY real computer name.  What now?

    Topics of interest:



    This 'as new' suppposedly RE - furbshided Windows XP computer arrived with ZERO discs of any kind.

    I want a disc of resettlement to the cables and reinstall contant of original file (1) in order to completely destroy the Virus or whatever that changed he clock time, destroyed almost all files including banking information and keeps of worry a "key logger" had attached to it, I refuse now the info online purchase of ot entry that severely limits the use online. Start-up and GAMES sections is empty, as are too many to count other important files and the phoos.  Section of games and start are also missssssing. I just loved currently off FREECELL game.

    My Windows Defender - becme corruptf, McAfee destroyed files and now FIxIT Center responds wihtERROR. ANF Microsot Essentials never reported any viral activity as it did on my other Dell computer (shown as Trojan - whichreportedly has been FIXED.)  But there webpage adverse change "/ / / ' an entry NOT made by me.  I am the only user of my two machines.

    You will need to get information from the company / the person who sold you the computer "re-burbished" on how to reinstall the operating system. The computer may have a hidden partition, or you may be able to get drives.

  • I have a problem with the computer work is not correctly after you install the KB2753842 update.

    This update of windows has been installed automatically today (22/12/2012) as the (successful with this date) shows on the Page update.  Since that it has been installed, the computer is constantly read/write on the disc at 100% at all times (i.e. non-stop).  Performance is significantly degraded.  I rebooted several times, whenever the system shows the updates are being configured on tap-dwon and commissioning.  I want to reinstall the update because I think that it was not successful, even if the display update Page shows successful installation.  When I try to find and remove the update under the Panel of control-> program and features-> Windows updates, this update is NOT displayed (latest updates are 13/12/2012).  How can I remove and reinstall this security update?  It is a BIG problem at the moment.  Computer is almost non-functional.  Thnx.

    Original title: update security for windows (KB2753842)

    Nirmal S, thank you.  System Restore did the trick.  I restored prior update checkpoint and then the system automatically re-installed the latest update (which is one I had a problem with).  Problem solved!  My computer working again 'normally '.

    Also, I learned a few new things about the updates and restorations, so...

    Bravo for Nirmal S!

    Kind regards...

  • Problems with the computer automatically recording of surrounding sounds and play loudly on Windows 10.

    Original title: Sound


    My laptop records the surrounding sounds and plays loudly and I have no idea how to turn it off.

    I hope someone can help me.

    ASUS X555L, Windows 8

    Hi Felix,.

    Thank you for your response with the current state of the question.

    I suggest you to make pregnant as default device and also keep microphone also disable.

    1. right click on the sound icon that is in the lower left corner of your screen under the system icons.

    2. Select the playback device.

    3. click on the Read tab, and then select a speaker from the list and then click set as default.

    Let us know if you need further assistance on related issues of Windows and we will be happy to help you.

  • I have a problem with the computer freezing.

    Original title: Extreme freezes

    Windows is loading slow as * and whenever I do any simple function like a right click or by clicking on an icon the computer hangs and I have to manually turn off. I tried the USB recovery and still nothing works! How can I solve this problem! I had win 8 for a long time now and it just started today

    Sorry, but 1 other question is there a chance that the virus is in other other partitions than windows one as in tools system or hp? And if so what I do these scores cannot be deleted

    As I suggested in my initial answer scan and remove any found object.

    Download, install, execute, update and perform analyses complete system with the two following applications:

    Remove everything they find.  Reboot when necessary. (You can uninstall one or both when finished.)

    Search online with eSet Online Scanner. Remove all lies.

  • I have a problem with the computer is shut down.

    Original title: shut down the computer

    I pressed the stop many times but nothing appears. What is the solution to this problem?

    I pressed the stop many times but nothing appears. What is the solution to this problem?

    Windows 7 now allows you to change the behavior of the action of the right power button in the start menu. No record no hacks without control panel. Go to the taskbar and start menu properties. Select Start menu tab and you will find the option to change the power button function on. You can change the behavior of power down for

    • Change user
    • Close the session
    • Lock
    • Restart
    • Hibernate
    • Shutdown

    This is a good option if someone tries to stop power button and it locks the computer nicely.

  • I had a problem with the computer it accentes im trying to re-download the software, but it isn't available any moe can you help me please

    I also have the file number

    Hi jq,.

    What version of Photoshop you trying to download?

    According to the notes of your case, you are looking for CS2 and CS3 download.

    CS2 can be downloaded from this link, and you must use the key to series mentioned in this link itself: Download Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2 products

    For CS3, use this link and your serial key to activate it: Download Adobe Creative Suite 3 products

    Kind regards


  • I have a problem with the computer's speakers.

    I installed a pair of Pioneer speakers to my laptop. I can't recognize. I have this problem since I installed, but could simply disconnect and reconnect. But now, it seems not to recognize. Is there something I can do? I can test and they work, so I know they work.

    Thank you


    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    I wish that refer you to this article-

    Also applies to Windows 8.

    We know if you need help.

Maybe you are looking for

  • My phone freezes again and again!

    whenever I try to play a video, use didctation, use the camera talk to siri and touch sometimes simply 3D, my phone hangs and turns! This is the case FOR many that my phone crashes sometimes 5 times in 2 minutes when trying to play a video! To replic

  • Trojan like Firefox?

    I bought this computer from a 'professional' repairman None of my other computers presents a Trojan infection, and MS Security Essentials is a Trojan horse in the cache of Firefox 6 / 6 d. I tried MSSE, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and Trojan Remo

  • HP Pavilion dv7 7008tx: HP Pavilion dv7 7008tx storage update

    Hello! product: B3K25PA #ABG series: GED-46507. I want to install an SSD. Currently, I have two drives of 1 TB 5400 RPM + 32GB flash drive. The 32 GB flash is somehow related to my boot drive to improve speed practice by keeping certain files on the

  • daemon.exe error message at startup

    I get the message preceded after I boot. I did a search on my hard drive and found two files two derivative named the demon. The file names are cidaemon with one located in C:\WINDOWS\system32 and C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache.  Help! Thank you very m

  • Display time of stay! -change the idle time

    original title: display time of stay! How to change the length of time of inactivity before the laptop stops.  Toshiba Satellite 205