Problems with the touch screen of HP all-in-One after upgrading Windows

I recently updated my version of Windows (64-bit) with system updates and then a full version updated to version 8.0 version 8.1.  After the update is complete, I started to experience a strange problem with the touch screen on my HP Envy Rove.  The screen would flash repeatedly one set of points in the right lower quadrant of the screen as if the simulation random screen button.  There is no way to stop this.  If the screen on a keyboard was pulled up, letters in the place of the flashes would be broadcast in the fields on the screen.

The only way to stop the flashes of screen has been to go into the Device Manager and disable the HID-Compliant device driver.  It stopped (system generated keys) flashes, but also disabled my touch screen input.  So now the system is usable, but without the benefit of the touchscreen.

Here is the information on the driver:

HID-Compliant device

Date: 21/06/2006

Version: 6.2.9200.16851


I tried updating the driver, but this seems to be the latest version available.  Go back to the previous version of the driver, could solve the problem, but I could not locate on the support web site.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem and re-enable the ability of my touch screen?



Downloaded drivers from the manufacturer will be the most tested and up to date available. The best place to download a driver is directly from the manufacturer of the equipment.

So I suggest you to install the driver that is available on the HP website for your model.

Troubleshooting of touch screen in Windows 8

Just reply with the results.

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    Nice day.

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    Kind regards.

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    I don't know why HP would recommend the upgrade to Windows 7 when there is XP drivers available for the printer, if it's the right model:

    Install all the drivers/software listed for their printer, and then try again.

    Check the troubleshooting steps provided in the article below.
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    Hello Ratshell,

    Thank you for your message.  To clarify, when you say that you cannot install your printer, you are not able to download the driver, or you are not able to load the driver after download?  If you try to install the driver from the CD supplied with your printer, try to download the driver from the HP site and installing once you have downloaded.  Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Hello everyone

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    I'm running El Capitan, and all wise OS is perfectly up to date.

    The other week, after a systematic restart, I have a gray screen and little else.  Another reboot and everything was "normal", so I did not concern me unduly.

    Today, after that the Mac had been idle for a time during a call, the screen fell asleep as usual (I do not SLEEP the computer itself), but during his return and touch the SPACEBAR and key "ESC", the screen remains black.

    So I made a forced shutdown and restart.

    I get the screen gray and normal startup (no other sounds) chime followed by the apple logo and the startup progress bar.  He gets to halfway through the long, and then instead of bring to the top of the login page, it's just going to a gray screen Uni.

    So I restarted in safe mode, OK and ran disk utility a couple of times - at the first crossing, he noted, there a problem with the map of partition which can cause problems starting, but on the second passes and the following, everything has been noted to be OK - and the SMART status of disk has been verified.

    After a reboot - the same question as above - of carillon, gray screen with the apple logo, progress bar and then just a gray screen.  I did another secure boot and re-run of disk utility, rebooted into recovery mode and run disk utility.  And again, no problems reported.

    Another reboot and the issue was always there.

    So this time I rebooted into recovery again mode and downloaded a new installation of El Capitan.

    Unfortunately, there is no set - it is always start on a gray screen after the startup chime, the apple logo and progress bar.

    I have also removed all my account account startup items and disconnected all USB devices.

    I'm a bit lost for what to do next to be honest!

    Is there anything else I can do software wise, at home, or is it time for the repair material re shop perhaps?

    Thank you very much for your words of wisdom and support

    Kind regards

    John... :-)

    John here again: :-)

    Just a quick update which may help to determine what the problem is: I restarted in safe mode, after the reinstallation of the operating system was unable to initialize properly - grey screen again.

    However, as I have a home network, I found that I can not connect on the network with my MacBook Pro to the iMac, see all my files user on the iMac and even copy them across to the MacBook Pro with no problems.

    Everything on the iMac is saved via Time Machine on a Western Digital Firewire HD 3to.

    I also have uncompressed manual 'straight' copies of my music, movies, documents folders, etc, for an old time Capsule, currently acting as a bridge to my ethernet network wireless, and provide additional backup for those critical files - my music for example is ripped 350 odd CD, all legally purchased in ALAC on iTunes on the iMac - which represents a couple of months of work... lol... no way I want to lose that!

    So I'm a bit of a loss.  Disk utility reported no problem with the drive... I can boot into safe mode and recovery, but normal mode 'mode '... I always get the chime, the screen with apple logo and progress of the gray bar, then goes to just a gray screen instead of the login page.


    My beloved Einstein had a hiccup!

    All comments appreciated and thanks again - hope this extra info helps

    Kind regards

    John... :-)

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    On this Cliq I had to pull the battery several times for various problems. I know that you might have already tried, but if he did no difference, as mine all the problems have been solved by that.

  • Problem with the print screen


    I have problem with my print screen - when I select a few lightroom present this does not - in my "work window" in the middle is nothing to do, so I couldn't paste here all the images. When I click on this and then go with my mouse away = is not selected, it is used "configuration page" settings. Where is the problem please?
    Printer - Epson L850, Lightroom 6, windows 7. Really thanks for some tips.

    Mouse on model + selected by left click of the mouse.


    The mouse on "Working Committee".


    Problem solved!

    All I had to do was: create a new account of PC - another user-> user-> start lightroom, connect

  • Help with the touch screen!

    Hello, I hope someone could help me.  I just installed Windows 8 Professional on my TouchSmart 520-1070, and now the touchscreen does not work. I tried updating the driver, but that didn't work. I'm not computer savvy, but it does not work?

    How can I solve this problem? If anyone from HP is there, please help! Heck, if someone knows the answer, please help!

    OK... no one answered, but I guess it's ok because I've solved the problem.  You must make the updates for the office and add the extras. It is the Extras where the updated driver is for the touch screen.

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    Not sure if it is related to the installation or if it is another problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

    The minidump file showed a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (d1) referencing the usbccgp.sys (common class generic Parent Driver USB):

    BUCKET_ID: 0xD1_CODE_AV_BAD_IP_usbccgp+ 1f20

    The spoolsv.exe (print spooler service) is the process that crashed.

    You have recently installed a USB printer?

    In any case there may be a problem with the USB stack in Windows XP Service Pack 3 so I recommend you to install the following fix can correct a problem of 'timing' of USB that can be useful for the error you receive:

    There is a link at the top of the article to request the hotfix.

    There was a driver of Synology (busenum.sys) loaded during the crash, but it does not appear to be involved in the accident.

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    Thank you!

    Exact pop-up message:

    There are problems with the configuration of static files in your environment.  Please see the section "Configuration static file Support" in the Guide of the Installation Application Express

    I figured it out on my own - the doc has a section "6.5.4 configuration Support for static file" which basically said yes, it is now supported for static files, then a "see also:" link to the dads.conf section, that I'm not good enough to see there are now 2 new parameters in your dads config file...  All is ready!  It works!  YAY!

  • Firefox works with the touch screen technology windows 8?

    Plan to buy all-in-one touch screen pc and want to know if Firefox browser works well with this technology.

    Yes it is on the right. as the article linked in my response earlier said that the touch interface is currently available in early development builds, which are mainly for the developers and users very advanced and not recommended for daily use. Firefox 26 will come on the aurora in mid channel one to beat late October - these build would give you the opportunity to test and to discover the new format in a more stable form (provided that the calendar holds).

  • I have a problem with the setting screen.

    I moved my computer from one room to the other. The screen now goes beyond the edges of the visible screen. I use a Samsung TV via the HDMI interface. I have two screen resolution options and doesn't solve the problem. I need to adjust the size of the screen vertically and horizontally in a few cms. TV doesn't have this adjustment, but can change the picture widescreen 4:3 when I do this the edges of the screen are black and yet the visible part does not always show the edges of what needs to be displayed. I have no Menu bars without scroll bar.

    Go to your computer manufacturer's support web site and search for Windows 7 drivers for your specific model number.
    If there is no driver, your PC may not work correctly (No. LAN or WiFi, Audio, USB, etc.) after the installation of Windows 7.

    If there are Windows 7 drivers, then to download to a folder on your hard drive and install all of them, starting with the card drivers mother/chipset, LAN, Audio, USB, Graphics, SATA, Webcam, Etc., and so on.

    Graphics/video card drivers:
    Check the download site of the manufacture of the graphics card for the latest Windows 7 drivers for your card.

    J W Stuart:

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