Problems with timing of analog input PCI-6111

I'm reading the analog input of a PCI-6111, who receives a square signal of 1 KHz with a cycle of 50%.  I put the sampling frequency to 1 MHz and wait until the data points are 1 usec outside.  When I check the signals received, it appears that the duration of each period of the square wave is 1.22ms instead of the expected 1.0 ms.

The following is a snippet of what I tried:

int NUM_SAMP = 10000;

DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChan (mTaskHandle,

"(/Dev1/AI0","",DAQmx_Val_Cfg_Default,-10.,10.,DAQmx_Val_Volts,null); "



Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hello SNL_NB_1167,

A good place to watch code you know works would be the finder of the example.  "" "" Open the finder example and navigate to hardware input & output "DAQmx" analog measures ' tension ' ContAcq - IntClk.prj

Run this code and see if you get the same results.  If so, then we would know that it's a hardware problem and not a problem with the programming.  If you see the correct behavior, then you have code that you can shape your out of.  I hope this helps.

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    Can I set the analog inputs of the PCI-6251 in configuration of mix (some in differential mode) and others in single ended mode. Because in my set up the differential option is grayed out.

    Thank you


    Yes, you should be able to do. You have 16 analog inputs. Differential, you will use two of them per channel. See the manual of series DAQ M. you can program channels on a M Series device to acquire with different

    reference to the ground. To allow m

    ultimode sweep in LabVIEW, use OR-DAQmx create

    Virtual channel.VI of the API OR-DAQmx. You must use a new VI for

    each channel or group of channels configured in another mode of entry.

    Don't forget that for a premium that you would for example wire HAVE 0 to the + side and AI 8 - side. So now you can not use the AI 8 for simple nerve. HAVE 1 corresponds to the AI 9 etc. until 7 AM, GOT 16.

    I hope this helps.

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    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from the Russia.
    A few days ago, I bought Satellite L30 - 10 X with W Vista on board. In my opinion, that this OS does ' t very good on this computer, so I install W XP.

    I have some problems with drivers. At first, I don't know which model I have: PSL30 or PSL33? I have download all the drivers for the two models. But after installation, computer doen't find the drivers for the Ethernet controller and PCI device...


    Satellite L30-10 X belongs to the series of PSL33E. This number located on the label on the bottom of the device!

    You must choose this number in the form of driver download for XP compatible drivers.
    I put t know why you are not able to install the LAN driver. I have the same laptop with Vista and I've install the XP and all the drivers will work perfectly.

    I assume that you have installed the drivers in the wrong order. Please take look in the Toshiba installation instructions txt file. In this order, install the driver! This is important.

    I think that you should install XP again to ensure that the registry clean, then download and install the XP drivers compatible as mentioned in the installation instructions file.

    Good luck

  • A fundamental problem with timing 1 DO

    Hello world

    I use a card PCI and Labview 8.5 6229 with XP.

    I need to generate every 10 seconds a digital output which is weak for 3 seconds low and high, the rest of the time. I have attached the VI that works very well with my previous values (500 ms and ms 2000). However, I get a weak State for 1 sec, 2 sec or 3 seconds but not permanently 3 dry when I used it with the values 3 s / 10 s.

    It works if I use the values 3 seconds / 15 seconds (15 seconds or more).

    There must be a problem with my loop, but I don't understant what is the problem, because the outside loop should be expected inside loop to finish before starting a new loop. I don't understand why my time low State is affected by the loop of the outer time...

    It is probably a pb of basis for you, but any help would be great,

    Kind regards


    It seems too complex. Here's an alternative. I used the delay function since there the error / mistake on connections to enforce data streams. I also changed the type of writing DAQmx since you seem to be writing on one line only.

  • problem with timing cRio and FPGA


    I develop software for measure the position of a device using some quadrature encoders.

    What I do uses the FPGA interface to acquire the position, then send usign real number of the meter to a host pc to create a data file. In the RT environment, I create a table with the position and the time that is acquired and using shared variables I send the array to the host PC.

    But I have a problem with the sync. The sampling time is unstable, I use a timed loop to control sampling but after some acquisitions, data sampling period begins to increase, as you can see in the image of attachment file. In the attached picture, I used a period of 250us and after some time gets twice and 3 times longer before you clean the table and begin to create a new table, during the period in 250us again. so the problem is that I should get a stable period in 250us instead of these steps in growing period

    You use the table of construction to add new data points? I suggest to use the function "Initialize the array" and "replace the array element. It will reduce the time it takes from the table of the construction.

    I can't open your code as I have LabVIEW 2010.

  • Windows 8: problem with NIC (marvell yukon 88e8042 pci - e fast ethernet)

    Product name: HP6730s

    OS: Windows8

    Error: Unidentified network

    When I connect to the internet via an adsl modem, occurs an error and can not network identified, when I disable and enable the wired ethernet card once again, it works well


    My problem is solved, I just set up my modem in PPPoE adsl.

    now I have Windows 8 poster

    but unfortunately when I want to connect internet via connection (bridge), I faced with an error

    Best regards

    Saeed Mo.Aghdam

  • problems with timing in a time loop in a structure of the event


    I'm using labview to control three motors stepper, running the three stages of different translation in different axes (X, Y and Z). Please see the attached VI, focusing on the structure of the event on the RIGHT side.

    In the Z axis, I am trying to run the engine for 5 seconds, after clicking on a button. I have attampted to do by adding a sub of elapsed time VI within a while loop, located in the tab 'Mouse before Z down' the structure of the event. A similar "elapsed time while loop" is also included in tab 'Z reverse the mouse down' the structure of the event.

    Separately these "elapsed time loops" work very well, BUT when I run a Z direction after another, say 'Z Reverse' and then 'Before Z' then they annoyingly interact. The calendar is gone, with the moment where we add, rather than rebooting.

    No idea how I can reset the time elapsed while loops? Or is there another method better do?

    Thank you very much


    charlieryan wrote:

    I take a wire from the 'i' of the while loop at the entrance of the Sub autoreset - VI of tiem will blink?

    No, connect you to the "reset", not "autoreset".

  • problem with dynamic text and input box area


    I'm doing a login to a game screen.  I imported the background image added 5 text boxes and 2 buttons

    the top one is dynamic and is supposed to show the message.   The user name or password is incorrect, as shown in the trace, but it's what appears instead.

    the two boxes on the left are static and seem to work well.

    2 boxes on the right are the input boxes for the user to enter their user name and password, but the alpha only characters that they allow a d e m n o p r s u w.

    all other characters alpha get ignored. and you n p are always in the capital.

    I realize that the only letters that seem to be allowed are letters in the username and password, but I have no idea why this is happening.

    Here is the code for the connection.



    import flash.ui.Mouse;

    import flash.display.MovieClip;


    import flash.display.Stage;

    loginbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, connection);

    function login(event:MouseEvent)


    If (usernametxt.text == "u" & & passwordtxt.text == "p")


    gotoAndPlay (2);


    on the other


    messagetxt. Text is a String ("the user name or password is incorrect");.

    trace (messagetxt. (Text)



    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Embed fonts for dynamic/input textfields.

  • Synchronization of two inputs frequency meter with several analog inputs

    Hi all

    I'm relatively new to LabVIEW and I'm trying to collect data from multiple sources with calendar sync on the acquisition, but I can't understand. My problem is that I have two inputs frequency meter, an optical tachometer reading one pulse per revolution and a max flow meter machines with a 12000 k coefficient. I can't find a way to synchronize the calendar with my multiple analog inputs. I tried to first get the speedometer to synchronize with the analog inputs following the example linked here. ( So far every time I run it I get an error on the DAQmx read timeout or an error "several sample clock pulses have been detected" (see image).  It seems if I slow the way to down to say 10 hz and make sampling rate ensure that the tachometer signal is more than 800-1000 rpm (13-17 Hz) before starting the VI then the program will run without error until the ROTATION speed is below this threshold, then the "sample Multiple clock pulses" error occurs.  The code is attached below.

    Does anyone know of a better way to synchronize the entries of frequency of the counter with analog inputs?  I would like to have a VI that can display 0 RPM (and possibly 0 flow as well, but I think I need to understand the timing of a meter before I have add another, because it seems that I can't have two counters to the same task). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    LabVIEW version 13.0

    Chassis cDAQ-9178 with NI 9401 for both counter inputs and NI 9205 for the analog inputs.

    Thank you!


    I know the error requires to restart the task at least (this particular error puts the material in a State that cannot be recovered from during execution of the task - I've been down this road before) but I'm surprised that you would have to delete and re-create the task altogether.  And then I had to do this to workaround other questions in the past.  It is awkward and should be considered a bug, if this is indeed the behavior.

    Honestly, regardless of this bug, the way the material dealing with the situation of several sample clock edges makes measures of sampling frequency clocked essentially unusable for purposes of synchronization (in my opinion anyway) If you encounter a more slow than your sample clock rate.  You are supposed to be "synchronization" of the measure, but it really no longer applies if you have to restart the task over and over again (if you must delete it or not).

    Workarounds can get kind of creation (which isn't really a good thing).  For example, you can configure a measure of implicit frequency to keep a buffer of frequencies and use a leader board task (source is the frequency signal, sample clock is the sample clock HAVE) to establish a correlation between the index of your buffer of frequency for singing HAVE sample clock.

    Best regards

  • Problem with the driver... Realtek PCIe Fe Family Controller

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983 and I have a problem with the driver for Realtek PCIe Fe Family Controller. What should I do? Thanks for your help.

    The program Driver Genius Professional are "junk" and must be avoided in most of the costs!   They will cause more problems than they find only the first available driver.  Most computer manufacturer can usually have 'rights' to customize pilots 'reference' for their offers of specific material.

    If your Toshiba has been sold with Windows 7 "pre-installed" then Toshiba is "obliged" to ensure the correct drivers.  You should check with the website of Toshiba and the hardware specifications of your model.  Then you should be able to download the necessary drivers directly from Toshiba.

  • Problem with the input query mode. FRM 41009, 40301

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the mode of input query. What can I say, I'm in the mode of input query, and I click on a button. I get the error THAT FRM-41009 displayed.

    Now, I've wanted handled. So I created a trigger of error in order to handle the error.

    IF ERR_CODE = 41009 THEN
    END IF;

    A problem is that when you use the null value, it will not terminate the mode of input query, and then I get frm-40301 error.

    Second, it's that I can't use exit_form in a trigger of the error.

    I am aware that I can press F4 to exit this mode, but I don't want to do whenever I'm sure I'll get the user complaints.

    Another solution would be to put the following code in the trigger when key pressed for each button in the form:

    If: system.mode = "ENTER-QUERY" then
    end if;

    But I don't want to reproduce this code in my form.

    Please can you give me an idea how to handle this correctly?

    Thank you

    PS: Version of the form = > ORACLE FORMS 10g (Forms [32 bit] Version

    I have a problem with the mode of input query. What can I say, I'm in the mode of input query, and I click on a button. I get the error THAT FRM-41009 displayed.

    What is the code in the trigger of your button When-Button-Pressed (WBP)? Maybe you should check to see if the form is in the Mode query in your WBP rather than try and remove the error? In other words, eliminate error - do not delete it. :)

    If you want instead to remove the error, there is a technique to built-ins call restricted to a trigger that does not allow them. Do this by the use of a millisecond zero Timer. For example:

    /* Sample On-Error Trigger */
      n_err_cd   NUMBER := ERROR_CODE;
      t_on_error TIMER;
      ZERO  NUMBER := 0;
      IF ( n_err_cd = 41009 ) THEN
        /* Create Timer to execute Exit_Form() */
        /* to Cancel Query-Mode. */
        t_timer := Create_Timer('ON_ERROR', ZERO, NO_REPEAT);
        /* Handle all other errors here... */
      END IF;
    /* Sample When-Timer-Expired Trigger */
      v_Timer  VARCHAR2(30);
      v_timer := Get_Application_Property(TIMER_NAME);
      IF ( v_timer = 'ON_ERROR' ) THEN
        /* Notice, the timer name is case sensative! */
      END IF;

    I am aware that I can press F4 to exit this mode, but I don't want to do whenever I'm sure I'll get the user complaints.

    Well, it's just standard features of Oracle Forms. If you switch the Mode request form - you must run a query or cancel the query Mode! This is how it works. Your users need to understand that and accept it - just as they accept the functional also for other programs. ;) Another option would be to add a "Cancel request" button to your form and make it so it is enabled only when the form is placed in Query Mode. Just a thought...

    I personally prefer to prevent the occurrence of an error rather than remove the error. :)
    I hope this helps.

  • A30 - problem with intel pro Wireless 2200bg - wireless always turn off


    I have a problem with the wireless card Intel pci mini. I installed in the connector mini pci and connected the 2 wires. I also installed drivers and software to Intel. But the connection is always available. I changed the wireless switch located on the left side of my toshiba, but said software, the hardware radio switch is off.
    I reinstalled operaiting system XP Home, XP Pro, but all the time I have information that this switch is off.

    Thanks for any information


    Please first check that when you the physical switch turn on wireless communication, you should also somewhere (probably near the switch) see an orange light.
    If this isn't the case, then there is something wrong.
    Did also attach you the antenna cables to the Wifi card?
    You use the Windows XP client or customer of Intel for wifi?



  • Pavilion 14-v202tx: problem with the driver


    I got a Win7 64 bit and I have a problem with a driver: network controller pci device and BCM43142AO

    My laptop HP Pavilion 14-v202tx

    Please help me


    Broadcom Wifi

    Broadcom Bluetooth software

    PCI device

    Kind regards.

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    I'm doing Skype works with tpt, but it seems to give the question in entry. Record is read with a high level of noise of throbbing, as if a machine is lit inside Skype. I tried this with the test of voice call and Skype through my 220 x. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Skype twice. Skype is not on lenovo appshop so I wonder if it is not compatible with tpt now? Anyone else having this problem with Skype? Any input Lenovo ataff why Skype isn't on appshop also would be appreciated. CM

    the last Skype is now available and the mic and volume will improve dramatically!

  • Problem with a precision of analog input on PCI-6111


    I'm reading an analogue signal which varies from 0-11 V using a card of acquisition data PCI-6111.  The signal comes from a Tube set (PMT) which is part of a microscope configuration, so it is very important that the resolution of the analog input signal be as wide as possible generate quality images.  According to the data sheet for the PCI-6111, the analog input resolution is 12 bits, which should correspond to a sensitivity of ~2.686 mV for my voltage range.

    To test this, I set up a task to analog input with a 0-11 V voltage range to read samples of an analog output, which I wrote a simple waveform.  Since the 16-bit analog output resolution that I assumed that it would not limit the accuracy of this measurement.  I have attached the VI I used for this measurement below.  The analog input data are saved not truncated in a text file.

    Analyzing these data, I found that the real input sensitivity is ~9.766 mV, corresponding to levels of voltage exactly 1126,4 and ~ 10 bits.

    Is there a reason why the resolution of analog input is much lower that it is indicated on the card?  What are some of the ways I could improve the sensitivity of this measure?



    Sorry, when you mentioned the specs, I thought you already had them. If this did not come with your Board of Directors?

Maybe you are looking for

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