Problems with touchpad on Satellite C

The touchpad is very sensitify about the klicks via the touchpad mouse. Is it possible to disable the mouse clicking on the touchpad (ony use the mouse left and right keys)? In the driver settings, I have not found such a possibility of configuration.

Thank you
Michael Rocholl


Yes, disable "Tapping" in the settings advanced mouse.

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  • Strange problem with touchpad on Satellite L500-19Z

    I have an older one month by Satellite L500-19Z running on Windows 7 64 bit.
    While using it to edit photos, he began to behave strangely. It was as if someone was quickly down the left button of the mouse. I have been unable to leave any program or use the Start Menu to restart.

    After turning off the power supply and the battery, I started it in Mode without failure, but the problem was still there. If I flew over any icon that he raised the window several times. By disabling the touchpad through Fn + F9, I was able to use a graphics tablet to re - start and it works normally. I hesitate to use the recovery of the system or the recovery disks that I created when I bought it because of the number of third party programs that I would lose.

    Everyone knows the problem please? What should I do to activate the touchpad see if it works fine now?
    Thank you very much


    Can you turn the touchpad by pressing FN + F9 as usual?

    In your case I would also update the driver for the touchpad. You can download it here: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    If an external mouse works but the touchpad is still problems, I think that you need to use the Toshiba Recovery disk to restore to factory settings. After that, you have the same settings as on the first day where you bought the laptop.

  • Satellite Pro C660 - on and off the problem with Touchpad

    Hey guys,.

    I had one on and out of the question with my touchpad at least a few months now. I tried to do the function + F9 thing with little effect. Also, I re-uploaded the synaptics driver, which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working sporadically.

    Currently my touchpad works from time to time, if it fails on the first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to do the job for a little long but after that it just stops working. I am a student and not having is not a fully functional laptop is often a major obstacle if any help would be great.




    My first question is: When did you notice this problem from touchpad.

    I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is a portable old and if this issue seemed to be in the first day of purchase, then something touched the touchpad feature in the past.

    The question is: is at - it something wrong with the software or touchpad maybe module.
    I think that can be answered only the settings of the notebook back to factory State.
    If you are recovering the using laptop computer Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same State as at the first day of the purchase.

    If the touchpad would not always work properly, well there is some hardware problem

  • Satellite M70-309 - problem with touchpad


    I have a problem with the touchpad of my laptop. When the laptop is charging, touchpad not working properly but if I unplug it work.

    What is the problem? I don't understand...

    I thank.

    Hmm when did you notice this problem?
    Since the first day of purchase?

    I'm not very well if it could be a software problem, but of course, you could try to update the driver for the touchpad to ensure that this problem related isn t touchpad driver m.

    If the driver update help doesn t then a hardware problem may be possible
    It is hard to say what role might be affected but a laptop computer technician could run tests and might be able to tell what's wrong.

  • Problems with multitasking on Satellite Pro P200

    I am the owner of a new Satellite Pro P200.
    I use this laptop to use software such as photoshop, indesign, etc.

    * Now I have problems with multitasking! *
    It is not possible to run 3 programs at the same time.
    That I have to restart my laptop again and again.

    Does anyone know what is the problem?
    Can someone help me with this problem?

    For two weeks I have P200D. I use it for work and use different applications at the same time. So far, everything is OK and I am very satisfied. Maybe you should try to optimize the operating system:
    -remove all software, you do not need
    -disable the startup of unnecessary software of automatic startup (MSCONFIG)
    -customize the appearance
    -information on the open performance and Control Panel tools and use tasks on the left side to improve the performance of computer s

    P200 is powerful enough and must be able to manage with a few applications running at the same time.

  • Strange problem with ODD on Satellite A300

    I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300-1EC, since a few days.

    Whenever I try to open a DVD or CD in the DVD drive, the disc is ejected.
    Please let me know the possible reasons. I have to approach the seller for repair because it is covered by the warranty or is der the possible ways I can try myself to use the CD / DVD-ROM, I mean as in checking the drivers etc.*

    Best regards Mathew

    Maybe you should offer the best explanation.

    Which player do you use?
    What happens when you put the DVD movie in the DVD player and close it?
    Usually, you should get the option to choose the player and after you click OK and film should start.
    You have any problem with original CD music and DVD movies or perhaps some self-made media?

  • PCMCIA.sys problem with Vista on Satellite M40 135


    (Sorry for my English)
    I tried to install Windows Vista on my Satellite M40-135. (I added the 512 MB of RAM).

    But, like all users, I have the problem with pcmcia.sys. Vista starts successfully when I delete the pcmcia.sys file.
    But I have a problem: I have a PCMCIA TV and I could not use it without the pcmcia.sys file...

    So I was wondering if Toshiba will download the new drivers for Windows Vista... This laptop is 'Vista capable' according to Microsoft System requirements...

    Waiting for your help...

    Unfortunately, it seems that the snipe is right.
    Can the hardware specifications of this laptop allows you to install the Vista
    but it seems that Toshiba has decided to publish no Vista drivers for each series laptop.

    In order to check this document:

    Not seem that your laptop series is not part of the list

  • Problem with keyboard on Satellite L500-128

    Hi all

    I'm having some problems with the keyboard on my Satellite L500-128 - essentially; 8, 9, i, o, k, l and comma and period keys do not work.

    All other keys are working perfectly fine (I use an external keyboard if people wonder!)

    I'm technically minded but I was wondering if its worth disassemble the laptop and have one eye or if someone has had this problem with this laptop before - or if someone has any ideas with what he could fix.

    I tried to do a reset of the laptop (battery and pressing power button) I reinstalled the operating system, but the keyboard still has problems in the BIOS too.


    In my opinion and as suggested by Liam, it looks like a simple keyboard malfunction and to solve this problem, the keyboard needs to be replaced.

    The Toshiba service in your country partner could replace the defective
    Otherwise, you could try to replace it yourself, but if you are a beginner and if you have no experience, ask a support technician.

  • Problems with graphics on Satellite P100-470

    Hi all

    Well... I had a little problem with my graphics card. Nvidia Go7600 has 'breaks' during the games, and I don't know what I have to do!

    I already turn off the firewall and all that! Can you tell me which driver can solve this problem!

    Thank you

    PS: Sorry for my English of wannabe! = P

    I found this article interesting in Toshiba basic knowledge:

    + The video image
    Some games display may seem "stutter" (image slows
    or stops intermittently) after that the game worked for awhile.
    under Windows Vista. The image of the video game seems in good condition when the game
    is started, but starts to 'stutter' after a while and continues
    to do so. +

    + Resolution +.

    + Update
    BIOS and display driver from the computer according to the instructions below. There
    need to update the BIOS first, then the display driver. +

    + Process +.

    * + * Update the BIOS of the computer to the version 4.20 or newer: * +.
    BQ + 1. Download [BIOS version 4.20: javascript: openSubDoc(1903197,'DL')] for Satellite P100. Save the file to the Windows desktop. + \\ + 2. Double-click the file on the Windows desktop to start driver installation. + \\ + 3. Restart the computer. +
    * + * Update the computer to version or newer nVidia display driver: * +.
    BQ + 1. Download [nVidia display driver version javascript: openSubDoc(1926096,'DL')]. Save the file to the Windows desktop. + \\ + 2. Double-click the file on the Windows desktop to start driver installation. + \\ + 3. Restart the computer. +
    + Games should now be displayed correctly (without 'stuttering'). +

    To find the drivers for your machine it just go to the main site of Toshiba computers and click on Support & downloads-> home page Support-> drivers download "Download."

    Basic hope solve your problem...

    See you soon

  • E5 - 511 problem with touchpad Acer.

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with the touchpad when I slide my finger on it, pointer does not move smoothly, it is very laggy. When I connect to my mouse, it works fine and smooth. I tried to find solutions on here, but none of them worked. Any ideas? Operating system is Windows 8.1.

    It solved! Found solution here, thanks for the suggestions. Win8 uninstalled and installed again with UEFI boot.

  • ENVY dv6-7320el: problems with touchpad


    I'm new here, so I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here goes:

    I had problems with my touchpad, precisely with the two-finger-roll. It would sometimes stop working, but then set a few minutes. Today that work completely collapsed. I have read suggestions on how to solve this problem, I tried the HARD RESET, it did not help, I tried to juggle synaptics in Panel, which did not help either. Now, I have managed to completely remove the synaptics and cannot install it back.

    Can someone please help? The two-finger-roll was my main way of getting around, I feel so lost without her.

    model: dv6-7320el

    Thank you!


    Dear customer,

    Welcome and thanks for posting your question on the Forum of Support HP

    Looks like you are facing difficulties to solve problems with your laptop Touchpad

    We will surely help you with this

    Steps to drain the static charge and load the BIOS default settings to solve the problem

    Step 01. Turn off the laptop

    Step 02. Disconnect the power/AC adapter and also remove the battery too

    Step 03. Press and hold the power button of the laptop for a minute

    Step 04. Now re - insert the battery back in and plug again the power supply/adapter

    Step 05. Start Notepad and keep pressing the F10 key during startup to access the BIOS

    Step 06. Once you get the BIOS, please press F5 or F9 key to load the default settings for the BIOS

    Step 07. Now press ESC/ESC. Save Changes and Exit - Yes

    Step 08. Now, please wait until the unit load the Windows operating system

    Now please download and reinstall the drivers from the touchpad for your laptop on the Site of HP Support

    Please click on this link to find several troubleshooting steps to solve this problem

    Please find the screen shot as shown below for your reference:

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the star of CONGRATULATIONS on the left to say thank you *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you

    K N R K

    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

  • Problems with product for Satellite L450 recovery


    I had a big problem with my L450 D and was advised by the provider of the guarantee to use the product recovery disc. I did it but I can't pass the following command:

    x:\Windows\System32 >

    Can someone tell me what this means and how I can get past to continue with the recovery of the product on my laptop please?

    Thank you very much


    have you tried to restore from image of hard drive?

  • Strange problem with LAN on Satellite P10 connection

    Since yesterday I get really annoying balloon popup (it appears at intervals a decade or less seconds:(qui dit: câble débranché, mais le réseau fonctionne très bien (avec quelques retards quand il montre)))
    I wonder is this a hardware in my laptop problem or a problem with the internet provider. I have Realtek RTL8139/810 x LAN card. I checked another cable and of the ToolTip always shows :(
    Help, please

    Post edited by: motomadness

    Hello Adam

    On this path, it is not easy to say anything. I recommend you test somewhere else to make sure if this problem occurs due to material.

  • Problem with read/write satellite U400 - 12 p PSU40E DVD on LG GSA-U10N

    Hello again,

    Another serious problem is the LG GSA-U10N DVD combo drive that comes with mine U400. For some reason he has serious problems with reading and writing to DVD. Doesn't depend on whether the media is expensive or cheap. It seems to read and write all the CD very well, however.

    I would like to avoid leaving service point (can take up to 3 weeks or more), because I need this laptop all the time.

    Is there anything we can do about it?

    My system - Vista Home Premium 32 bit has been restored to factory default and then fully update the site of microsoft, outside pilots. In addition, no other movements driver update has been made. It's just that you want it to be.


    > Doesn't depend on whether the media is expensive or cheap.
    Not really

    My notebooks drive can handle a lot of different CD and DVD from different manufacturers, there are cheaper and more expensive DVDs.

    I had a good experience with TDK DVD-R discs. In most cases, the burning procedure could be completed successfully
    But I had some problems with the other DVD writing.

    I think the whole issue is compatibility between the laser lens and DVD-surface and that's why I recommend you several DVDs from different manufacturers.

    Goodbye & good luck

  • Strange problem with on my Satellite A200-1 SD card reader has 9 & A100-338

    I have two Toshiba laptops, one for work (A200-1 to 9) the other for home (A100-338), both have the same problem with the reading of the internal reader SD cards.

    Most of the time when I insert an SD card (256 MB, 512 MB, 2 GB of varying sizes) laptops require the driver disks. It's VERY frustrating because the readers are standard build within these models. What makes this worse is the fact that every now and then, there is a map that can be read by both machines. If you read on one, he reads on the other always the same cards never changes. By so if the drive IS able to read SD cards without a driver, why is that it requires drivers for others. Drivers that are not provided, do not seem to exist and altermately mean that I can't use these cards.

    I just don't understand why there is a problem.

    There must be an answer out there, I hope someone reading this Post knows and is ready to share. Thank you!

    Hi guys

    -First check in the user manual which cards are supported! The cards can be used!

    -If you use Vista and have some issues with the SD card reader please check this Microsoft Knowledgebase document:

    -In addition, the information that there is no SD card driver is completely false!
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find the Flash Media Driver. This is the driver for your bridge Media Slot. This slot allows you to insert an SD card, Memory Stick (Pro) or xD picture cards.
    In addition, you will find the Support of Flash memory card utility. This allows your computers to Flash card slots.

Maybe you are looking for