Problems with UAC, Sims 3 downloader and original windows

Problems with UAC, Sims 3 downloader and original windows

I have windows Vista and have been using it for a while to play the sims 3 and download games via original EA downloader/store.  I had run a windows update and an original updated in the last days and therefore my sims 3 expansion packs ceased to operate.  I uninstalled all and have reinstalled the original game of the downloader of origin and now when I try to download my expansion packs I get an error message saying that windows has prevented the application creates a download directory, please accept the UAC prompt to start to download this game.  I approved the promt and they have same message came still high and so I disabled UAC altogether and still got the same error message, I looked on the EA forums and the only line I can find of them our it may be a windows problem (which I doubt)?  Can you help me?


Method 1:
Right click on all of the files and select run as administrator and try to install it.

Method 2:

You can try creating a new user account.

Note: select the Administration option while creating a user account

Method 3:

You try to run the system restore at the same time that it worked very well.

I hope this helps. Get back to us with results

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