ProBook 4530 s... Cannot find the driver for the Atheros AR5B195 WLAN card

I bought a Probook 4530 s with an Atheros AR5B195 WLAN & Bluebooth card, but I can't find the Win 7 drivers on the support page (or any work of drivers also on the Internet)...

I was looking at this page and can not find the necessary drivers:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Yes, I understand, that this card is also a bluetooth device, but * no * od drivers for the card.

This is correctly referred to in the description of the files (and I also tried to download these drivers, but they did not work).

But I was lucky to find even more of this forum and found this topic:

When it was suggested to try this file:


Although it is not listed specifically for my WLAN card model I tried anyway and works out of the box.

Thank you all!

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    Just visit the link given by Akuma and download Atheros driver for OS you have installed on your laptop Portege. Client utility is not so important, and you can configure the WLAN connectivity by using standard Microsoft settings.

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    Thank you for your message.  As seen HERE , Microsoft does not display a compatibility for your LBP 800, they show however, compatibility for the LBP 860.  Your best options will be either wait for Canon produce a Windows 7 pilot (who, if you call or post in the forums, they can tell you they are working or he does not intend to write a driver for this model), try the steps mentioned DeadManWalking86, or reach a new printer.
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    If you have recently installed Windows 7, you must also install the device drivers for your hardware.  Windows has some drivers shipped with the operating system, but away from it all.  They are not necessarily the best drivers.  For example, you may be using a generic video driver with limited capabilities.

    Looks like you need at least the network adapter and video drivers.   It is best to get their form your computer factory web site.  You need to get the Ethernet disk using another computer to get to the line at the start.

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    It seems that the problem was with USB 3.0 - for some reason drivers any, that none of the 3 ports did not run as 2.0 (())

    So I downloaded the driver and copied package on the SSD, and when prompet during the installation he merely indicated to the place with the drivers - worked well. Hope this helps someone as well

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    Well, today is your lucky day because this is where he's hiding. & ProdId = 3467 & DwnldID = 23734 & Keyword = USB + 3.0 & lang = eng

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    The printer drivers are available from Apple Software Update, those that are not downloadable as usual.

    You can download the whole package from the following link:

    Once this package installed, go to System Preferences > printers, Scanners & click on the sign more and add the printer.

    Kind regards


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    You can find your printer drivers on the HP website.

    Equip your model number of the printer there for information and troubleshooting for her.

    Or ask in the Forums of HP's Support.

    See you soon.

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    Thanks for posting the question. I've surely you will help find a solution on the issue.

    Have you tried the Canon Website?
    I suggest you to refer to this article and download any driver.  These drivers should work.
    Hope this information helps. Please reply back with the State so that we can help you.
  • Satellite P70-A-104 - cannot find webcam driver for Win 8.1


    I installed a 2nd HDD with Win 8 Pro 8.1.
    I've also downloaded all the drivers available for my model P70-A-104, but there is no driver available for the built-in WebCam FHD Toshiba. I also checked the other models from Toshiba with camera of 2 MBit FHD.

    Is there someone who knows where to download the correct driver? I know there are some tools for the driver updates (25-30 US$), but they do not display the missing web cam driver.


    As much as I know there is no webcam driver for Win and no driver webcam for win 8.1 because s webcam notebook module is controlled by internal Microsoft driver provided with 8 Win / Win 8.1

    Question: do you have any yellow exclamation point in Device Manager? I guess that the webcam is listed here...

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    I looked at the model of wireless card that your laptop has from the list of parts, and it is the driver, that he needs.

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    Please try the following driver for the card reader:

    Kind regards.

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