Process memory usage 99% Oracle


I'm working on a linux server:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server version 5.7 (Tikanga) Beta.

This server contains multiple instances use the same Oracle home all:

Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production

A few days ago, I have add 15 GB of memory for a total of 70 GB of memory and 40 GB of swap.

But the use of memory still and always 99% when I use the command "top":

CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

MEM: 70947372 k total, 70599172 k used, 348200 k free, 559640 k buffers

Swap: 41945704 k total, 191308 k used, 41054396 k free, 62598884 k cached

And when I check the process using more memory I got this list:


21948 oracle 15 0 oracle 8.9 0.0 0:52.53 9483 m 6.0 g 6.0 g S

21952 oracle 15 0 0.0 8:55.01 oracle 8.3 9512 m 5.6 g 5.6 g S

21956 oracle 15 0 0.0 9:05.64 oracle 8.3 9512 m 5.6 g 5.6 g S

10675 oracle 15 0 0.0 oracle 5.0 2:46.15 5678 m 3.4 g 3.4 g S

10679 oracle 15 0 0.0 oracle 5.0 2:53.15 5670 m 3.4 g 3.4 g S

21968 oracle 15 0 oracle 2.3 4.5 2:57.26 9493 m 3.0 g 3.0 g S

The process of PID 21948 (using 6 GB of memory) is:


Oracle 21948 8.9 0.0 9710892 6336604?     SS 2015 0:52 ora_mman_ORACLE_SID

and the second on the list (21952 PID) is:


Oracle 21952 8.3 0.0 9740328 5909300?     SS 2015 08:55 ora_dbw0_ ORACLE_SID

These 2 processes are on the same ORACLE_SID.

My question to is this normal? And if not, how can I reduce the use of memory on this ORACLE_SID?

I thank in advance for your help


BTW: I'm sorry for my bad English.



CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

MEM: 70947372 k total, 70599172 k used, 348200 k free, 559640 k buffers

Swap: 41945704 k total, 191308 k used, 41054396 k free, 62598884 k set caching

From above, you can see only ~ 62 GB on your 70 GB is cached in the OS. You can get the best idea using the free command.

also your server isn't swapping and it seems almost inactive.

It is normal that the OS to cache the free memory space and report as used (70599172 used, k ), but it may affect the oracle db performance as well (

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  • memory usage of Oracle on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2


    I installed a copy of Oracle db server software (Enterprise edition) on Oracle Enterprise linux 5.2 (32 bit)
    After installing the software, I created two instances db with DBCA.

    Now the question is that, after I start the instance db, after awhile, I see more than 95% of the 8 GB of memory on this server in use.
    The size of sga max of these instances collectively is not more than 800 MB. In fact, even after closing one of the instances of memory
    consumption do not go down significantly because the instance is not assigned too much memory in the first place.

    With the help of TOP does not give a clear picture at all. If I keep the db instance down after restarting the server, consumption of memory is quite normal - less than 500 MB for all internal servers OS treats. SHMMAX is a default value of 4 GB and swap memory occupies about 16 GB. Another point that I want to stress is that I don't see most of the 16 GB memory swap are allocated. Nearly 90% of swap remains free.

    I was wondering how I can solve this problem on a new server.

    Hi usr1298

    I've installed a lot of servers Oracle Linux 2.1, 3,..., 5, and in each of them, I noted that the same behavior. At first when I saw this behavior, I thought something was wrong, but it's the behavior of memory on Linux when Oracle works. I think that default Oracle software reserves all this memory (90%) and that it uses on request but really the software does not use all the memory in a real way in the proceeding does not heavy operations. As I wrote, do not worry about this and worry on this subject when the swap space began to be used more than 20% despite the SGA_MAX_SIZE and the sum of the other parameters of memory does not receive nearly the total amount of RAM.

    Joel Perez
    DBA Oracle
    Members AS

  • memory usage by a process of oracle on sun Solaris

    Hello forum,.

    I want to track the memory usage by a process of oracle on sun solaris 64-bit SPARC system.

    I tried to do it by the command of the PMAC, but I found that the output for each pid (process oracle) is even around 8GB. Please note that the 8 GB is the size of our LMS.

    Please let me know the command by which I can check that "how much memory that uses an oracle on Sun Solaris Sparc 64-bit server process.

    Thank you


    Hemant K Collette

  • Oracle 11g memory usage request

    Hi guys,.


    Platform: HP - UX

    I have a server with 10 GB physical memory game and Memory_Target and Memory_Max to 2g.

    Understand that this memory_target consists of SGA and PGA.

    With memory_target set to 2 GB, Oracle may use the > 2 GB?

    In my view, it is possible to use 2 GB > PGA is not a strict limit.

    If this is the case, how to find the total memory (sga + pga) used by the Oracle database?

    Thank you

    Vinod Nagpure wrote:

    Oracle cannot exceed MEMORY_MAX_TARGET. Your target max is 2 GB, so it can use more than 2 GB. This is a combined limit for SGA + PGA.

    Kind regards


    We have NO control on no tunable pga memory, then Yes, you can exceed MEMORY_MAX_TARGET

    Take a look on:

    @1037975 if this is the case, how can I find the total memory (sga + pga) used by the Oracle database?

    You can use the following queries:

    Total memory occupied by Instance (SGA + PGA)


    Select sum (bytes) / 1024/1024 MB of (select bytes from v$ sgastat union select v byte value $ s sesstat, v$ statname n where n.STATISTIC # = s.STATISTIC # and = "pga session in memory");

    Process memory (memory of individual processes)


    Select a.sid, value /(1024*1024), program v session $ a, v$ sesstat b where a.sid = select and b.statistic #= ("select statistic # v $ statname where name = ' pga session in memory");

    Kind regards



    OS: WIN SERVER 2008 R2 64 bit, 24G


    The daily schedule is running.

    However, an error occurs and the program does not run correctly.

    Journal to confirm the results, we were able to confirm that there is a PROCESS OF MEMORY.




    [Tue Jan 20 06:50:27 2015] [Memory usage ~ 780 Mb]

    [Mar 20 January 07:05:27 2015] [Memory usage ~ 2863 MB]


    -Default PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT = 1536

    -Default PROCESS_MAX_MEMORY to 2095054848

    PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT the value of 6000

    Job Service interactive starting declaration: at 21/01/2015 07:11:40

    The INTERFACE language is English




    [Thu Jan 22 09:01:31 2015] [Memory usage ~ 58 MB]

    [Thu Jan 22 09:16:31 2015] [Memory usage ~ 58 MB]

    [Thu Jan 22 09:19:31 2015] [Memory usage ~ 1782 MB]

    Process has reached the limit of memory 1536 MB!










    [Wed Jan 21 06:29:12 2015] [Memory usage ~ 113 Mb]

    [Wed Jan 21 06:44:12 2015] [Memory usage ~ 1652 Mb]

    [Wed Jan 21 06:59:12 2015] [Memory usage ~ 123 Mb]


    Refer to the documentation has been implemented the PROCESS MEMORY LIMIT.

    How to increase the limit of memory for interactive reports Services (Doc ID 1487440.1()

    But could not resolve the PROCESS OF MEMORY error.

    Please tell us how to solve the error of PROCESS MEMORY.

    -Default PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT = 1536

    -Default PROCESS_MAX_MEMORY to 2095054848

    And, if the default value of the PROCESS MEMORY MAX setting method, please help.

    Thank you for,


    I read this master document of IR on KB

    page 55. He mentioned to avoid executing multiple tasks simultaneously in order to reduce the memory usage.

    I know its hard and not a good solution.

    I guess you already tried to increase the PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT of the workspace.

    If you do NOT have to follow the following steps

    1. connect to the workspace-> Reporting and Analysis-> Services

    2. choose each service IR and add the value PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT

    3. According to article Manage-> dynamic properties

    4. Enter the value PROCESS_MEMORY_LIMIT = 2500 MB

    5. save the details

    6. restart the Reporting services.

    Thank you


  • Windows memory usage

    Oracle 10.2 on Windows.

    Is it possible to inspect the actual memory usage? The Task Manager Windows just says: oracle.exe K

    Thank you

    Stephan van Hoof says:
    Oracle 10.2 on Windows.

    Is it possible to inspect the actual memory usage? The Task Manager Windows just says: oracle.exe K

    Thank you

    In windows, all oracle running oracle under a wire process system which, according to its own ORACLE_SID (OracleServiceYourDB). And it gives you total exactly use of the memory of the instance. But if you want to that session and which exploit the quantity of memory then you must use (join) session $ v , v$ sesstat , v process $
    performance views.

  • At startup memory usage fluctuates around 140 MB

    XP Pro Sp3 current on all hotfixes!  'Hidden' processes or services can cause my computer suddenly use about 150 MB additional memory?  As a general rule, when starting up, the memory usage is of +/-285 MB... where it remains for 3 to 5 days.  So, once again, at the start, memory is up to +/-420 MB... where he stays for another 3-5 days, before to return to the use of the bass.  In both scenarios, memory use derivatives up with 30 MB or more during the day due to memory leaks... but this isn't the issue.  And the verification task manager no extra processes are visible.  That is what it is?  I turned off "optimize idle time" for XP... and Ditto fuller analyses of 2012 NAV system.   Any ideas?  Thank you.

    I am not necessarily Pro-Windows, but became generally anti-Symantec/Norton (anti-McAfee).  I understand that some people really like, but if you don't get the compound just right, you may have performance problems.

    Here are a few ways to share screenshots:

    You can download screenshot on your SkyDrive (everyone has a SkyDrive for files sharing) or to a third party image sharing site.

    Start with SkuDrive here:

    Once you get your downloaded files and watch them on your SkyDrive, you need to 'share' your folders/files so that others can see them.

    Here is a link that tells you how to:

    Then click on the button "insert a link".  When you click on that, a window opens that contains the link to your SkyDrive files.

    Copy the contents of the box "copy this link to share:" in selecting the content of the link (it will be all highlighted), press Ctrl + C (copy) and then come back to the forum and in your next message, press Ctrl + V to paste the contents of the link back here.

    What you paste the return will look something like this link on my SkyDrive:! 311

    To create and send/post/print capture screen or a screenshot:

    Press the Print Scrn button to copy your entire screen to the Windows Clipboard.

    Press Alt Print Scrn to copy the active window to the Windows Clipboard.

    Open MS Paint:

    Start, programs, accessories, paint

    When the painting opens, press CTRL + V to paste the Clipboard, save the new file in paint on your desktop or somewhere that you remember.  JPG files take up less disk space than BMP files and are just as readable.

    Make screen captures as much as you want.  Practice makes perfect.  Make sure that your screenshot does not contain personal information.  Practice the visualization of your images before you send them to make sure they agree.

    If there is no such function in your forum to download files, then use a third-party free hosting site WWW image.

    Create a free account on some free photo hosting website.  You can always delete
    your account later if you wish.  Here are some free image hosting sites:

    With your free account, download your screenshot (s) (JPG or BMP files) on the site and it is up to you to a URL (Direct link) for your new images that you can paste the link directly in the post message, e-mail, etc.

    Send this web address link live here in your answer, and we can click on the address of the link and see your screenshot.  After as many times as you need - the sites are free.

    When you are finished, what you post for others to use should look like these screenshots of my poor system:

    Process Explorer looks like this:

  • Memory usage high phys with SMB share

    I have a number of shared folder of the os on my computer, shared the old through the advanced sharing.

    The usual RAM load is 1.49 GB as evidenced by the Task Manager showing 4094 MB total, 2387MB cache, 2562 MB available 215 MB of space free.

    This morning I realized that my memory usage was 3.9 GB and do not add numbers, pull up of resource monitor don't add sweats or it was all the "in use" with less than 300 MB of cache and 0 MB of free space, he showed the usual processes of same...

    the thing I discovered with the computer Manager was that my brother had a 2.9 GB. ISO file mounted in daemon tools on his computer (shared mine), JUST mounted it was not used at all and which seemed weird. At the point where I told him to remove the ISO (and the time TI has disappeared from the list of open files) memory usage has dropped to normal.

    During the period of the high memory use, the computer is VERY slow paging left and right whenever I tried to open the windows, open the tabs in firefox, switch tabs, etc.

    I want to know how to solve this behavior horribly wrong as my machine has a ton of shared files and in any case I'll tolerate that eat all my ram (what happens if I want to start a game when usage is through the roof?, what to do if all users on the network to mount the same file?) , XP, I had no this question and use memoery did not budge even on the share.

    I disabled the offline files and the service as well.

    Specifications of the PC: Win7 x 64 pro, 4 GB of RAM

    OK, I thought you open mount the ISO on Windows 7.

    Therefore, a Windows 7 problem. I think that, in this case you must contact the support of Ms. I don't know how I we can solve it.

    "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

  • ESXi 4.1 - Question about the memory usage

    Hi all

    I am currently in the process of migrating from ESX 3.5 and ESXi 4.1.0 everything by making the upgrade of my equipment (3 x HP DL380 G7, 24GO RAM, CPU Intel X 5660 2 each).

    The boxes are installed with ESXi 4.1.0 Build 384481 and hpq - esxi4.1uX - bundle-1. 0a, hardware monitoring is done using HP SIM (V6, Windows).

    What bothers me, however, is that the VSphere Client (4.1.0 Build 345043) reports steadlily increases the memory usage in the Summary tab. The increase varies according to the system, ranging from 98MB in 1848 MB in the last 3 days, continues to grow.

    During this time the performance tab reports consumed memory exceeds granted memory.

    Everyone saw this behavior, too? Is this normal or am I facing a memory leak here?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    good no worries. Here's the jsutification who might come to our rescue.

    the reason to ask to the image is to understand tips on different time and or prabably model.

    officers of 3rd party as HP may be one of the reasons for these behaviours and this pumps memory when they perceive newspapers. I think it's side normal use would normally not go beyong 2000 MB for an esxi normal opertaing without no VM

    I suggest you to watch more than two days and see if it grows even more...

    hope this helps

  • IPad memory usage

    I made a start with Revel, but I am confused about the memory usage of my Ipad.

    When I moved away from my wifi zone, that the images were still available in full quality - I thought that he would return to "thumbnails".

    If I continue to download (from Lightroom 5) myIpad memory will become a limiting factor?

    The full size files are loaded into memory temporarily if you download from your ipad or if you choose to edit a file, but otherwise, they are in the cloud at full resolution, and you store the smaller sizes on your device. When your available memory is less than 500 MB, auto purge the cache, but you can clear the cache manually at any time as follows:

    Whenever your library is current (not not in the synchronization process), you can clear the cache and return to space. This is done in the settings of your library to Revel. Press 3 parallel lines (version 2.1) in the upper left corner. Then, press the i in the circle to the right of the library you want to clean. Then press the button "Empty the Cache" and give a few minutes to treat the files to Revel. This should serve originals who are already safely in the cloud.


  • Memory usage (%) vs. free memory (%)


    Why is - this grid control has 2 parameters to measure the host memory usage? What is the difference?
    should I have them both? :/

    user9182826 wrote:

    rp0428 wrote:
    You have not yet provided the information request
    Be more specific on what you look at.
    What measures are you talking about and what is the reference of the doc for them you use?

    grid has 2 parameters that are a bit confused, 1 use of memory (%) and 2 of free memory (%), if we shouldn't be sufficient? I dnt undretsand the need for these two. maybe im missing the point

    Thank you

    for many or most * systems NIX running Oracle RDBMS, the operating system to work normally with less than 5% free RAM; regardless of the total RAM.

  • How to calculate the total memory used by oracle under Linux?

    Hi all

    In one of my server have 148 GB of total physical memory and 12 databases are running. For capacity planning, I need to know how the Oracle server use.

    How to calculate the use oracle database? I was perplexed because Yop out his show off 148 gb 128 GB are used.

    Below for your reference:
    == > back to top
    top - 09:52:32 up to 151 days, 15:20, 3 users, load average: 6.11, 6.00 6.05
    Tasks: 7 running, 1314, 1321 total sleep, stopped 0, 0 zombie
    CPU: 37.8%us, 1.4%sy, 0.0%ni, 55.0%id, 5.6%wa, 0.1%hi, 0.2%si, 0.0%st
    MEM: 148290444 k total, 129368792 k used, 18921652 k free, 1450292 k buffers
    Swap: 50331632 k total, 1296188 k used, 49035444 k free, 114733336 k cached

    The memory allocated to each instance is: sga total == > 34 pga = > 48 GB gb

    4 GB 4 gb
    4 GB 4 gb
    2 GB, 4 GB
    2 GB, 4 GB
    2 GB, 4 GB
    2 GB, 4 GB
    2 GB, 4 GB
    3 gb 4 gb
    3 gb 4 gb
    4 GB 4 gb
    3 gb 4 gb
    3 gb 4 gb

    Thank you

    Try this - for each of your instances.

    As far as I know, different instances may share only the binary code oracle and using libraries, so you should be able to easily understand the amount of memory of all instances of 12.

    Lordane Iotzov

  • Too high on linux VM memory usage

    We have a linux virtual machine that uses so the amount of memory.  It helps to be on a physical server with only a gig of memory, now it's on a virtual machine with 1.5 GB of memory and it is often the sending of alerts that the memory usage is of the order of 90 to 98%.  Maybe something was wrong when we converted to a physical process to a virtual machine?  It runs only Apache 2.0 so I don't think I need to increase the memory.  Everything that I can check, or perhaps something that should be done after the conversion of a physical to virtual machine?

    • Make sure you have installed and after installation script executed vmtools

    • know what process consumes all this memory, you can get this data by using the ps command
      PS - eo mmtp, rss, vsize, args pcpu | Sort - k 1-r


    MCSA + S, VCP 3, 4 VCP, vExpert

  • How can I check the JVM memory usage?

    Hi all

    I had a number of applications that run in Weblogic running in the same JVM. Is there a way to monitor the memory usage of the JVM heap for a particular application?

    If I do
    ps -ef | grep java
    I can see the process, but how can I check the FMV of each of the applications memory usage? Thank you very much.

    No Linux command will be made available within a JAVA virtual machine running an application server and understand how much his memory belongs to a specific web - app.

  • SDO_GEOR. GENERATEPYRAMID - out of process memory

    Oracle 64 bit with 8 GB memory_target
    O/s Oracle Linux 64-bit as a virtual machine running Oracle VM (Xen 3.1.4) with 12 GB of RAM

    The raw data raster are a set of 48 GeoTiff files I have loaded no storage parameters (taking all the default values). The MOSAIC that results is WHAT BEEP intertwined with 990 096 lines in the RTD table with a length of average 44 049 rasterblock.
    BEGIN raster_loader.build_pyramid('SADR_CITY2_080502_GT8B'); END;
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-29400: data cartridge error
    ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 36888 bytes
    ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_GEOR_INT", line 563
    ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_GEOR", line 1305
    ORA-06512: at "BUCKEYE.RASTER_LOADER", line 107
    ORA-06512: at line 1
    My BUILD_PYRAMID procedure
     96  IDX NUMBER;
     97  STMT VARCHAR2(256);
     99  BEGIN
    101  STMT := 'select raster_id from '||MOSAIC_TABLE ;
    102  execute immediate stmt into IDX;
    104  STMT := 'select georaster from '||MOSAIC_TABLE||' where raster_id='||IDX ;
    105  execute immediate stmt into geor;
    107  SDO_GEOR.GENERATEPYRAMID(GEOR, 'rLevel=7, resampling=CUBIC, nodata=TRUE');
    109  STMT := 'update '||MOSAIC_TABLE||' set georaster=:p1 where raster_id='||IDX ;
    110  execute immediate stmt using geor;
    111  commit;
    meminfo after failure
    [[email protected] proc]$ cat meminfo
    MemTotal:     12574720 kB
    MemFree:       1741424 kB
    Buffers:         43320 kB
    Cached:        9653500 kB
    SwapCached:      11560 kB
    Active:        3244460 kB
    Inactive:      7002644 kB
    HighTotal:           0 kB
    HighFree:            0 kB
    LowTotal:     12574720 kB
    LowFree:       1741424 kB
    SwapTotal:     6225912 kB
    SwapFree:      5793468 kB
    Dirty:           53144 kB
    Writeback:           0 kB
    AnonPages:      538816 kB
    Mapped:        1152808 kB
    Slab:           238068 kB
    PageTables:      56696 kB
    NFS_Unstable:        0 kB
    Bounce:              0 kB
    CommitLimit:  12513272 kB
    Committed_AS:  3168628 kB
    VmallocTotal: 34359738367 kB
    VmallocUsed:      5372 kB
    VmallocChunk: 34359732987 kB
    I repeated this problem 3 times now with the increase of the memory_target allocations and memory of the o/s. It seems is not around to the place even.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Mark

    Published by: mmillman on March 23, 2010 23:16

    We will try to see if we can reproduce the memory leak.

    But first some notes for your reference:

    1. the image is more than 40 GB, which is not very small. but blocking size is 20000 x 1 x 3, that is to say, each block has a single line, 20000 columns, and 3-band. so it ends with almost 1 million blocks in the georaster object. who is a typical image of blocking file, but this is not a good practice for georaster object in an RDBMS. Given the size of this mosaic image, I would recommend 516 x 513 x 3 (best of SDO_GEOR_UTL.calcOptimizedBlockSize), 3 x 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024 x 3 for block size. Some recommendations and tips are discussed in the following article:

    2. the 48 images were 'loaded without parameters of storage (taking all defaults)'. so, of course, the original files have a 'blocking' of 20000 x 1 x 3, at least this is the case for image management. In general, you should always specify a size of block (at least 256 x 256 or greater) when you load the image into georaster data. There is a paradigm shift here from file system to the database system.

    3. When you do sdo_geor.mosaic, it is always important to explicitly specify parameters of storage as well, particularly the size of block, depending on the size of the mosaic of output.

    4. If you have enough space, maybe you want to try the following:

    (1) decomress and re - block Mosaic: sdo_geor.changeFormatCopy (gr1, 'blocksize = (516,513,3) compression = NONE', gr2);
    (2) generate the pyramid on the mosaic uncompressed: sdo_geor.generatePyramid (gr2, ' rLevel = 20, resampling CUBIC, nodata = TRUE = "");
    (3) compress the result in deflate: sdo_geor.changeFormatCopy (gr2, 'compression = DEFLATE', gr3); -This is not necessary if you have compression fist stage
    (4) make sure that you create a RTD for each gr1 gr2 gr3 and and use SECUREFICHIERS lob. After varification, drop gr1 and gr2 and their tables RDT.

    will update you the test result. Thank you


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