Process of sucking memory - C6100

I'm on an old Inspiron 5150 uses XP with a wireless connection to a Photosmart C6100.

Which following processes can I close (by using the Task Manager) or stop to launch at startup?

hpcmpmger (3. 5 k)

hpqimzone (2. 5 k)

hpqtra08 (1.6 K)

hpwuSchd2 (292 tiny memory usage)

hpzipm12 (244, still tiny memory usage)

I don't use the printer to print from Word, Excel docs.  I don't need any fancy for photo organization and sharing management software.

I've been onsome user forums and complaints are the same as mine: one or more of these processes keeps hitting my processor, as it calls for something and not get an answer if the system is bogged down.  Please advise who I can disable.  It is sometimes the .exe that use the smallest amount of memory that causes the greatest problem.

Thank you!


I suggest hpqtra08 and hpzipm12 running and close the others. If you do not want the State of the printer to be provided by the printer software, then you can close hpqtra08.exe also. hpzipm12 is important for printing.

Also, try turning off your firewall/security programs and see if the memory of pigs themselves.

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  • Computer suddenly sucks memory and does not release it

    I am running WIN XP SP3 and IE 8.  I have 1 G of RAM.  The computer will allow more RAM to be installed.  Lately, my CPU usage is 100%.  I think I understand the memory and not release it when a program is closed.  The main culprit appears to be IE8.  In the past, the use of the mem has about 200 000 to 250, 000 K.  Now, it's always more 350 000 K or even 400 000 K. I think that part of the reason is that I use yahoo mail and they have eliminated "Classic Mail".  I had to upgrade the e-mail program. I tried to use gmail, but it all works, he wants me to upgrade (or even change my browser) my browser. I'm limited to the updates because of the OP SYS and the age of the computer (at least 10 years).  I can't buy a new computer, rental of which is the cost.  I also had to set up a wireless secured to a modem in the next room.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can remedy this situation.

    Thanks in advance

    100% CPU usage does not necessarily mean that your memory is exhausted.  When you use all your 1 g of RAM and need more, Windows will go on the hard drive and use virtual memory.  Disk access is very slow (and your system will be slow), but because your computer is waiting for access to the drive (and not the CPU), your CPU usage will not be 100% but your hard drive access light may be on constantly.

    Do you still have the problem when you start Internet Explorer in "SafeMode (no Addons)?

    Start-> programs-> Accessories-> system-> Internet Tools explore (no Addons)

    If this is not the case, go to tools-> Addons manage and disable some addons and plugins until you find the one that can give you problems.



  • Several Chrome process uses different memory usage

    Separated from this thread.

    I often tabs up to 50 or more open in a browser, Chrome usually. When it's too performance slows down. Check in the process of task Mgr tab shows some of the Chrome.exe processes use only bit of RAM, less than 10 MB. A few show more than 100 MB and a 660MB.

    When clicking to end a process, he asks that you want to end Chrome.exe? Does this mean that it will close all tabs?

    Is there a way to know which particular tab uses a lot of RAM and end only dealing without closing others?

    It is a matter of Google rather than Microsoft, but as I understand it, a closing process stop not the whole browser because "Google Chrome creates three types of processes: browser, converters and plug-ins."



    I don't use Chrome so I can't experiment to you, but the second section says:

    Google Chrome can have its own manager of tasks (see below), you can join by right-clicking on the title bar of the browser.  This Task Manager allows you to monitor the use of resources for each plugin, and web application rather than the whole browser.  It also allows you to kill the web applications or plug-ins that have stopped responding, without restarting the whole browser.

    It's a little complex, but you may be able to use this Google Task Manager to get the information you're looking for.

  • Win 10 "threshold 2' very strong use of the processor by process"system and compressed memory.

    I did a clean install of Windows 10 threshold 2 (aka version 1511) on my MBP 15 "2015 and I encountered a problem. Well two actually:

    1. installing the Realtek driver hangs when you install the software in support of BC. This is easily fixed by killing the process RealtekSetup.exe.

    2. the process of "system memory and compressed" now use constantly one of the eight nuclei which ruins the life of the battery. I had to actually change the power management in Windows to allow the CPU to only go to the maximum frequency of 60%.

    Some research on Google, I have gathered many suffer from this problem on other brands and it is usually linked to a bad driver. I was not able to find the culprit yet unfortunately.

    Now, here's my question: did someone suffering from this issue as well and if so, where you be able to solve it?

    Thank you!

    Try / sleep or hibernation.

  • Process memory usage 99% Oracle


    I'm working on a linux server:

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server version 5.7 (Tikanga) Beta.

    This server contains multiple instances use the same Oracle home all:

    Oracle Database 11 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit Production

    A few days ago, I have add 15 GB of memory for a total of 70 GB of memory and 40 GB of swap.

    But the use of memory still and always 99% when I use the command "top":

    CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

    MEM: 70947372 k total, 70599172 k used, 348200 k free, 559640 k buffers

    Swap: 41945704 k total, 191308 k used, 41054396 k free, 62598884 k cached

    And when I check the process using more memory I got this list:


    21948 oracle 15 0 oracle 8.9 0.0 0:52.53 9483 m 6.0 g 6.0 g S

    21952 oracle 15 0 0.0 8:55.01 oracle 8.3 9512 m 5.6 g 5.6 g S

    21956 oracle 15 0 0.0 9:05.64 oracle 8.3 9512 m 5.6 g 5.6 g S

    10675 oracle 15 0 0.0 oracle 5.0 2:46.15 5678 m 3.4 g 3.4 g S

    10679 oracle 15 0 0.0 oracle 5.0 2:53.15 5670 m 3.4 g 3.4 g S

    21968 oracle 15 0 oracle 2.3 4.5 2:57.26 9493 m 3.0 g 3.0 g S

    The process of PID 21948 (using 6 GB of memory) is:


    Oracle 21948 8.9 0.0 9710892 6336604?     SS 2015 0:52 ora_mman_ORACLE_SID

    and the second on the list (21952 PID) is:


    Oracle 21952 8.3 0.0 9740328 5909300?     SS 2015 08:55 ora_dbw0_ ORACLE_SID

    These 2 processes are on the same ORACLE_SID.

    My question to is this normal? And if not, how can I reduce the use of memory on this ORACLE_SID?

    I thank in advance for your help


    BTW: I'm sorry for my bad English.


    CPU: 0.3%us, 0.3%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.3%id, 0.2%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st

    MEM: 70947372 k total, 70599172 k used, 348200 k free, 559640 k buffers

    Swap: 41945704 k total, 191308 k used, 41054396 k free, 62598884 k set caching

    From above, you can see only ~ 62 GB on your 70 GB is cached in the OS. You can get the best idea using the free command.

    also your server isn't swapping and it seems almost inactive.

    It is normal that the OS to cache the free memory space and report as used (70599172 used, k ), but it may affect the oracle db performance as well (

  • 10 Windows, system and process compressed memory & slow down the performance of Lightroom

    I use Lightroom 6.6 (non - CC version) and for months, I have noticed the degradation in performance on my machine Windows 10 the more Lightroom runs. LR restarts solves the problem for a while, but anywhere from minutes to an hour, Lightroom performance down to the level where it becomes unusable.

    Finally, I think I found a reproducible indicator in the Task Manager which may lead to the reason for this - it seems to be linked to the process "System and compressed memory" which is new for Windows 10. Maybe it's a coincidence, it could be the correlation instead of causation - but that's what I want to know.

    When I start Lightroom and edit some pictures, everything seems normal in the Task Manager:

    17-07-2016 00-59-41.png

    Lightroom uses about 6 GB of memory, which is OK, as I 24GO of RAM in my machine. The mentioned system and compressed memory process currently maintains that a low profile with the use of memory 204 MB and Lightroom performs well at this point.

    Some pictures later, however, things start to get worse:

    17-07-2016 01-09-15.png

    The system and compressed memory process increases its memory footprint and Lightroom memory footprint decreases. At this point, I think Lightroom is already slower - but this could be just imagination. It isn't so bad so I can be sure that it really is.

    But a few minutes and retouching of photos later, system and compressed memory past Lightroom in the memory usage and which are how things always become really bad:

    17-07-2016 01-37-54.png

    System and compressed memory draws a memory more and more away from Lightroom, and meanwhile, Lightrooms performance is killed. As I understand the system and memory tablet, it's intent is to compress the memory instead of disk paging-, but it seems he has high performance here and there of the implications would not even be necessary to page or compress memory because there were a lot:

    17-07-2016 01-38-08.png

    Perhaps a Windows problem, may be a Lightroom problem - chances are, it's a combination of the two. With 24 GB RAM and Lightroom be gourmet applications in memory just running, this should not occur or cause problems. I use other applications in memory such as Visual Studio, or sometimes first - this does not occur when you use this application.

    I can't believe I'm the only one knows than that on Windows 10 - yet I have not found much about it online, just a few remarks on this subject in some support threads here and there, but no solution.

    So-, here is my question d ' others have experienced this too? Someone was able to get this under control? It's really frustrating relaunch Lightroom every 30 to 60 minutes to get a good performance.

    Thanks for the tips


    There is a leak memory known in Lightroom 6.6. You might want to try to go back to Lightroom 6.5.1 and see if the problem goes away. See How do I restore a previous version of Lightroom? The Lightroom Queen and where it says Lightroom 6.1.1 you insert Lightroom 6.5.1

  • Massive memory leak to the Organizer 14 during the processing of faces


    I have observed the Organizer 14 huge memory leaks during the processing of faces. My scripts:

    1. the Organizer 13 database with 35 k photos and faces named ~ 45. After the upgrade to v14, organizer began treating faces anew (preservation face name assignments v13). Now, for each photo ~ 6-8 k he consumed ~ 6GB of memory which was not returned to the system, where message memory and OS closing the Organizer. I have confirmed, that it was process organizer who was consumed by memory. I just finished finally all batch processing, and leaks memory have been persistent between the the computer reboots/restarts and restarts organizer - always at the same pace.

    2. After finishing above, I'm done with 12 batteries face k (right - 12 thousand - I have many faces). I started treatment, deciding faces unconfirmed for named faces and piles of face. After an hour or two of work, I'm done with the memory low Message for the Organizer again. What happened only once so far, but I guess because it was my first batch of work after the re-scan.

    Have you noticed something like that? I have screenshots of the Task Manager for the first scenario, and I think that I can easily do some for the second.

    I would like to report somewhere as well?

    TIA & looks


    Ask your question in the forum comments:

    Community customer Photoshop family

    and include a link to this discussion.

    I can't help you, I do not use the automatic facial recognition. Only manual.

  • How to determine which process is using high memory

    Dear team,

    on the single ESXi host we have 192 GB of RAM and on this 5 VMs esxi host who r under tension and a machine virtual is turned off, IF I check ESXi summary and performance tab it show ESXi host uses close to 140 GB of RAM on 192 GB, on the performance tab it show current total current memory usage is 73% and troubleshooting further if I check each VM memory usage then use VM's total memory is not over 50GB then there is show 73% i.e. use of 140 GB, needs your help to check which process is high memory, please find the file attached lot ESXTOP output.



    Mr. VMware

    The memory consumed, it's affecting the VM (memory affected by the VM, more general memory pages), i.e. "the memory usage. Active memory is usually much lower and calculated by the hypervisor using a mathematical formula.


  • Out of memory in the process...

    Hi all

    Our database is Oracle 9.0.1 in Windows 2003. Our total session is about 200. Our server is a dedicated server.
    RAM - 6 GB. Oracle can use up to 2 GB in 32-bit Windows. The memory configuration is like this:
    The sharing pool size = 728MB
    Buffer cache = 592MB
    Java pool = 104MB
    Large pool = 60 MB

    There is no pga_aggregate_target in our database. Our Setup works for more than 200 users?

    Our database server is running in the replicated environment. Most of the time we get 'process' out of memory ' error. This error is in the replicate site. Error is like this:

    ORA-12012: error on auto work 1
    ORA-12008: error path refresh materialized view
    ORA-04030: memory of process when trying to allocate 1044 bytes (pmt, col pref alloc Alloc)
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_SNAPSHOT", line 814
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_SNAPSHOT", line 872
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_IREFRESH', line 577
    ORA-06512: at "SYS." DBMS_REFRESH", line 195

    And in the site main error is like this:

    [ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [qerrmOFBu1], [3113] [] [] [], [], []]

    What is the replication problem? How we solve it? Need all of your help. Please suggest.



    It is not easy, there are several ways.

    If I were you, I'll check the alert "log" maybe you have other interesting error and Trace.

    Otherwise, some article about these error ORA-12008 and ORA-04030 referred to a lack of PGA, which
    may be your case because you have 200 users.

    Here you will find an interesting link on this topic and look for Materialized View - Fast Refresh - ORA-04030 :

    So I'll advise you to check your PGA when the error occurs (select * from v$ pgastat;).

    If you need more PGA Tour then, you can lower the SGA (e.g. buffer cache) but it will affect performance.

    The * / 3 GB * parameter can help, but the best is to go to a * 64-bit server * (and if possible to support
    release of Oracle). So that you can overcome the limit of 2 GB (or 3 GB) process.

    Hope this helps.
    Best regards
    Jean Valentine

  • Space filling without reason for memory/hard disk

    I am working with a large file MS Word (currently, it is great close to 1 GB) and every time I use the file or open it in preview, my computer crashes, slows down, and the amount of disk space hard be used rapidly decreases.  I started with 10 + GB of free space, now I'm less than 2 and get the computer error messages telling me that my hard drive is almost full.  I do not know how to find the files that are clearly in place so I can delete them.  Display hidden files did not reveal anything.  It got to the point where I can open is no longer the large file the computer tells me that the file is damaged.  Reboot does not restore the lack of available disk space.  I am at my wit's end and that you have already removed many other video files and photo I can to free up space.  If not for this problem, I'm sure I'd have at least 20 GB of free space now.  What I can do to understand where space and eliminate permanently?  I need at least another hour to continue working on this issue!

    Starting with the system will create a swap file at least as large as the file being opened. If changes are made then these files will usually stick around as auto-enregistre until the file itself is saved or closed. It is also possible that the large file pushes the other system processes in virtual memory on the disk. That said, unless there are compression/decompression funky stuff going on that I can't imagine a 1 GB file to consume more than 10 GB in "temporary" resources

    I would like to check the status of the Application ~/Library/Caches/ and ~/Library/Saved / for the missing hard drive space (you may need to use the GoTo option in the Finder).

    Usually nothing deleted in the above locations will be automatically recreated when you next run of the corresponding application, but clearing out rarely used application files could release (temporarily) a little extra space. Destruction can also solve problems of application-specific file corruption.

    Otherwise double check that you remembered to empty the trash.

  • 222 process running

    There are currently 222 process gobbling up memory and CPU on my Macbook pro, causing it to heat up and turn on his current fan. This seems too much. I'm in iMovie, Firefox (one tab), dictionary and Activity Monitor

    I noticed this problem get worse after:

    (1) El Capitan install (at the request of Apple support)

    (2) turning in iCloud.

    I have Airplay and a bunch of other nonsense that I neither want nor need.

    In addition to being slow and running a bunch of unknown * that I don't want and probably need not, the internal hard drive of my 500 GB Mac is especially full of 'other '. I could not understand what 'other' was once the research. What is this and how can I free memory (I already turned on iCloud and deleted a bunch of stuff)? Why is my mac so busy? To identify other unwanted processes such as AirPlay, and al. and then uninstall them?

    Thank you.

    About this Mac

    Model name: MacBook Pro

    Model identifier: MacBookPro8, 2

    Processor name: Intel Core i7

    Processor speed: 2.2 GHz

    Number of processors: 1

    Total number of Cores: 4

    (By heart) L2 Cache: 256 KB

    L3 Cache: 6 MB

    Memory: 8 GB

    Boot ROM version: MBP81.0047.B2C

    Version of the SCM (System): 1.69f4

    Serial number (System): -.

    Material UUID: -.

    Motion sensor sudden:

    Status: enabled

    Explains, 'Other' > OS X: what is 'other' space about this Mac?-Apple Support

    AirPlay works on your wireless network, so all your cam devices be connected through the same wireless network. AirPlay is part of Mac OS X.

    "I'm in iMovie, Firefox (one tab), dictionary and activity monitor.

    There is no reason to open the activity monitor application all the time. It is the only application most use more system resources. iMovie is RAM intensive, which can cause your Mac heat. Firefox should not cause problems unless you have installed several modules.

    If you do not synchronize the data between your Mac and other devices, there is no need to have active iCloud. Open system preferences > iCloud then click: Logout

    Don't forget. The OS X operating system is running in the background when your Mac is on. Your Mac has 8 GB of RAM installed, so you really have nothing to worry about.

    Just enjoy the use of your Mac!

  • Leak memory running 32-bit application in 64-bit Windows 7

    I have an application that shows no signs of leaks memory (I am put on hold the berries of 10 MB and their queue to the file) under a 32-bit operating system standard.  Since then I tried to run in Windows 7 64 bit (as a 32-bit by using the 32-bit Labview runtime process) and incrementing memory noticed.

    Program takes 300 MB of memory.  If I've save 100 MB of data in a file, windows 7 64 bit will show it as 400 MB of memory (under windows on windows 32-bit)?  I don't think it would be, but you never know...

    Are there bugs in Labview 2010 regarding the queues of waiting and 64-bit windows?  I am tracking my use of the queue and is not increasing, so no real reason so that he can rise in the allocation of memory.

    I started turning off sections of code to track down it and found it to be a function call that I had left behind (somehow).

    Apology for a sparse description.  I found the problem and it was a creation that is hidden in a table in a loop every second or more (for example, rising constant memory), nothing to do with 64-bit related issues.  Problem has been solved!  Thank you all.

  • Too low Windows virtual computer memory

    I get a message balloon: the virtual machine Windows memory too low your system is low on virtual memory, Windows increases the size of your vertual memory paging file. During this process, the application memory for some applications may be denied. For more information, refer to the help. How can I fix it?

    Increase the amount of the page file in the system control panel > advanced >...

  • Number of customer monitor 4.1 BB processes

    Hi, we use BB4 to monitor a Windows Server. The installed client is BB4.1. The server is a Windows 2008 R2 server enterprise server.

    Recently, we begin to have a problem with the server. The application that we use on another server will call the Sapien service running on that Server 2008 and create a lot of VEAL. EXE process. Under normal circumstances, it will be about 20 SAPOP. EXE process running at the same time. Each process consume approximately 330 MB of memory. The server has 32 GB of physical memory. However, during the hours of peak demand, the number of SAPOP.exe shows up and force the server to run out of memory and then crash...

    Our goal is to use BB to control the number of CALF. EXE process. For example, if there are more than 50 x SAPOP. EXE process running at the same time BB will send an alert... Is it feasible with BB? for example, use external scripts? For the moment, with the normal BB client, it can only check if a process is running or not. Follow-up of the memory is not enough for the moment, because the server will already in a State non-health, when his memory more than 95%. We do not want to lower the threshold of memory to trigger unnecessary alarms, which can not be caused by the CALF. EXE process.


    the Windows client can check for a minimum number of process, but not a maximum number of processes. Regarding memory, it cannot check in process, but it can check for his use and commit for an overall physical memory

    in regard to checking for a particular process does not add an entry in the list of processes:

    SAPOP #50:Y:0

    This ensures that calf #50 process is not current process (0)

  • Reviews the process - report

    Wie use vFoglight to monitor our virtual environment and we habe too active processes.
    My question is this: we want to have a report about how the top on the hosts monitored (with the name of the process and CPU/memory usage). I have not found a model or a metric for this. Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance!

    This is not a canned report that comes with the system. Usually you can create a report of any dashboard vFoglight by using the action panel on the right side of the interface, if this is not possible, then you should contact your sales or account holder in Vizioncore in order to request a customization.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • 564XL or just ink cartridge 564

    Can I use 564xl in the hp7520.  I see some packages that say that you can not use the 564xl.  You want to get this right before you buy online. Thank you

  • notification of bb10 helmet

    Hi I was wondering if there is any support for notifications of headphones... I want to say do we receive any notification when we plug our headphones and also when we remove the helmet... or any event fires. If there is an event that fires at the mo