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So I have a product key for this part number ' X 15-37362 "OEM Windows 7 Pro X 32 if I download this number 'X 17-59186' pat, which is Windows 7 PRO X 64 is my product key book?".

Yes, it will work.

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  • Where can I find a "product key" for Microsoft Office Word 2007.

    When I try to open Microsoft Office Word 2007, which is installed on my computer, I get this pop up asking for my product key. I have no knowledge of a product key and I don't know where it can be located. Anyone has an idea about this 'product key '.

    Thank you

    Hello, the product key is normally printed in the retail packaging or is sent in the confirmation email in case you made a digital purchase. However there is a support forum for the mozilla firefox browser. If you continue to have problems to get the desktop software to work, please contact support Microsoft instead since it is their product.

  • Computer HP laptop-15: activation code/product key

    I have the hp to access my computer remotely to fix the webcam. (before 90 days of free support was up). I never received the product key/activation code for cyberlink power dvd 14 media player cannot play the dvd on my laptop When I called to ask for the code the Tech refused to give me the product key so that I can use the software indicating that it was not their software, but I see that you can download from their web page. They can give me the code that I have ever received at first for $50. Anyone know where I can get the product key to use the software?

    Hi @kat6973,

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of private messages of the Forum, this posthas instructions.

  • product key Windows 8.1

    I just bought a laptop HP from PC world with 8.1 Windows preinstalled. I have however no disc or product key. Could you please tell me if I need to activate Windows or how I would manage if I ever needed again to install windows 8.1 in the future without disc or the key.

    Thank you.


    You can create a set of drives for future use:

    You can also recover your machine any time using Recovery Manager:

    The key is in the BIOS of the machine and already active.

    Kind regards.

  • Can't see the e-mail attachment - it asks for a product key

    Hi everyone, I m at my wits end, when she open an attachment on s emails asking for a product key, I ve tried to type in the product key that of on the sticker on my laptop but it does not.

    It of a new laptop computer that I kind of won
    Can you all please help?

    Your ad is quite confusing.

    You have for Toshiba laptop?
    How old is it?
    Are you using the original Toshiba OS, you got with this laptop?
    Summer cell origin and properly packaged when you guessed it?
    Using preinstalled Outlook?

    Please post some facts that can help you understand.

  • How to find the original windows product key?

    I think I need something that is not really possible, but I give it a go anyway. Some time ago, I bought a new ultrabook with preinstalled windows U840W 7. I got this sticker on the back of my laptop with product key but who are off to a long time ago. The problem I have now is that I've recently updated to windows 10 and shortly after my HARD drive has failed. I replaced my HARD drive and reinstalled windows but product key to my victory 10 showed before is not valid as an activation key. I contacted Microsoft to see what my options are and they advised me that if I can provide key to windows 7, I had at the beginning, they can solve this problem for me. Are there opportunities that I can get it somehow? Any help would be much appreciated.

    I think I'm after something impossible, but I give it a go anyway. Some time ago I bought a brand new u840w ultrabook.
    It came preinstalled with windows 7 and there was a sticker with the product key to this topic. Unfortunately this vignette came out a long time ago without notice me so I did take a picture of him. I've recently updated to windows 10. The problem I have is that my HARD drive is dead. I knew that it was about to happen, so I took a photo of product key windows 10 showed. Unfortunately once I replaced my HARD drive and did a clean install of windows 10 I can't use this product key to activate my windows. I contacted Microsoft and they advised me that if I can provide them with the product key, which was on this thumbnail when I bought my laptop, they can activate my copy. Are there opportunities that I can find the product key? Otherwise it would cost me $199 and I certainly don't want to pay for this... Any help would be much appreciated.

  • How to find product key Windows 8.1 on the laptop?

    I have a problem since to do the windows updates. My laptop of seams to have erased everything off my hard drive, I have a legitimate windows disk 8 to reinstall, no product key, but it is anyway to find it on the laptop?

    I have tried to do the regedit, but can't seam to find it anywhere

    When you buy new notebook and get with preinstalled OS, you will get a valid version that includes a valid product key.
    With other words original version you got with your machine is properly enabled. Product key belongs to this original version only and you cannot use it for activation if you want to install the version of the OS.

    Your version of Win8 to pick up the product key of Microsoft.

    Of course, you have the original version of the new OS but you must order by Toshiba -

  • Satellite C660-1R1 - recover Windows 7 product key

    Dear Toshiba support,

    My Toshiba Satellite C660-1R1 bought in 2011. By the end of 2013, the original HARD drive died and I replaced it with an SSD. That said, I can't start the recovery with the original Windows 7 installation partition, or I can retrieve the product key from the registry. In addition, the sticker of the product key on the back of the laptop is almost unreadable. I read only a few letters.

    Is it possible for the support of Toshiba recover my Windows 7 Home product key based on the serial number and other details? I can send the whole of the back of my laptop with two stickers to the evidence.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi marcinziel
    You are lucky to have a product key sticker (COA).
    Some people have had success with the digitization of the AOC and using software to improve the image.
    This year I bought a R50 Pro of the Satellite with Windows 7 pro and I can't find a sticker (COA) about it.
    Toshiba help you with your product key problem?
    I'm still waiting for a response from Toshiba.

  • Where to find Windows 7 product key Pro for Satellite Pro R50 - B

    Hey there
    Where is the product key Win7 Pro on a Satellite Pro R 50 B?
    Microsoft Windows 7 is pre-installed.
    I looked in the compartment of the battery and the charger.
    I record all the numbers of model/series/product - before etc stickers are damaged.
    The absence of Microsoft product key can cause me problems later.



    After that reading posts of people lose their product keys and other numbers of their computers, I'm recordiing all the numbers on a Pro R50 - B satellite.
    However, I can't locate the Windows 7 Professional product key.
    I already looked in the compartment the battery and power.
    Windows 7 Professional came pre-installed on this laptop so she must have a product key.
    Does anyone know where the product key is attached to this laptop?

    Thank you

  • I need a product key Microsoft Vista


    I need a product key Microsoft Vista I don't have any disks or the original box and the label is unreadable,
    I have the serial number of the laptop if it is of any help.


    Image of Toshiba is pre-installed on Toshiba laptops and the Windows operating system has already been activated the serial key which has been placed at the bottom of the device belongs to this preinstalled OEM version and does not work in relation to other versions of Windows

    If you didn t create the drive recovery in the past or if you have lost the disc, then you will need to order the recovery disk. This page should help you:

  • Satellite L300 - need to Win Vista product key

    I have a Satellite L300. OS recently broke down and recovery CD does not work.
    I got another CD of instalation windows vista but windows at the back of the laptop dispelled the label, and I can't read the code.

    I can provide the invoice product or information of the laptop required for security reasons.

    How can I return the product key?

    Thank you

    Product key placed in the lower corner of your laptop is useless for you. Why?
    This product key is for the original version of recovery that you have with your machine and cannot be used for activation if you install Windows by using the original Microsoft facilities.

  • Word 2007 product key does not

    This has been happing for awhile, I finally found the product key for Microsoft office 2007, but when I type in it says its not valid Please retype someone can help?

    Where did you get the product key?

    You must purchase the product key of Microsoft, if you want to save the special pre-installed version of office.

    The key of product based on the portable computer is not for the office, it's only for Windows.

  • Microsoft Office S & T edition 2003 trial does not accept the product key

    The installer does not accept my product key. If I download the CD I'm going to lose all the information?

    Why do you want to use the OEM key from the recovery with Microsoft Office CD?

    To my knowledge Toshiba does not deliver laptops with Microsoft Office, but with only with OneNote.
    This isn't the same thing, and you cannot use OneNote key with MS Office software.

  • Satellite C650 - activation of Microsoft Office pre-installed product key errors

    I recently bought by Satellite C650 laptop comes with Windows 7 pre-installed. However, when I try to enter the 25-character, the sticker Windows 7 product key, in order to validate my Microsoft Office license, it says "the key is incorrect. Make sure you have the correct key, and then retype '.
    I looked on the Microsoft Web site, and the only advice he gives is that I'll have to buy a new product key. Contact microsoft or toshiba to be sorted?

    Thanks in advance


    When you bought your laptop you have been assigned to evaluate office m over 3 months, it was a trial version. Now, it should be bought if you want to use again. You can use Open Office:

    OpenOffice is a suite of open source leader for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers.

    Finally and above all the product key on the lower side of your laptop belongs to the pre-installed Windows version and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

  • HP 2000-2d28tu laptop PC: windows product key

    Where can I find the product key windows preinstalled for hp 2000 2d28tu laptop, if it has one? And can I install windows 10 in there, that's fine with it... Kind regards.

    OK, then try this other tool keyfinder: find product - key for Windows 8

    Good luck
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